White Safety and Heritage Zone — Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan will become the natural new center of the Aryan Movement. Here we can create white safety zones, legal reservations for Caucasian people where whites can be safe, reproduce with their own kind, and choose who lives on our land and run our own lives just as the Indians can on their reservations!

Gorgeous, cool weather even in “hot and sticky” August 8, 2017


A photo I recently took in the waiting room of a hospital in the Houghton-Hancock area…. three platinum-blond kids (black dots) and two dark-blond children (on the left).

Excerpt from: http://bridgemi.com/2016/10/among-rural-trump-supporters-an-america-that-has-lost-its-way/




UP of Michigan — 311,000 people, 99% white and the highest percentage of military veterans in the entire USA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upper_Peninsula_of_Michigan


Tops on a “racism map” (dark red = much more than average”) published by the Washington Post



Like going back in the Time Machine to the 1950s…. White vets, white kids, even white animals 😉


The house I am renting for a mere $350 would sell for just $17,000



Lupine and birdsfoot everywhere; photo I took behind the supermarket in Ontonagon



Drone video of Ontonagon and Lake Superior:


Lake of the Clouds, 10 miles west of my house





White people as far as the eye can see 😉


Many women up here have learned to hunt from their fathers


a typical local tavern




Four great seasons…. fall has fabulous foliage, better even, experts say, than New England! 


For doomsday we have set aside five chickens, and no gay chickens at that – two cocks (being very forward as usual ;-) and two hens  (The third hen was camera shy. :-) )


Winter is long and keeps the black and brown riffraff out ! Snow from November to April (five months). I took this photo from our back deck here, overlooking the sparkling Ontonagon River, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (latitude 47 and with a continental climate, because we are in the heart of North America)


Our snow-covered car, a ’96 Crown Victoria and once a constable’s car, heavy and good in snow and crosswinds



On the left the Lutheran Church, as the German-descended and Finlander folks remain true to their Luther even after 150 years in the USA . Note the road sign on the right edge of this pic, pointing to (LOL) “Greenland”!



A friend praised our 857-mile move to the UP of Michigan:


You made the right move by going to Upper Michigan. Despite your familial and upbringing ties to Penna., the situation is too convoluted there for pure action. To be most effective, the UP has Waaay more potential to break-off and go independent from Michigan.


It has an extensive international border and viable shipping ports. It is not nearly as corrupt as Penna. The “UP” should really be broken away from the Arabic and Black-dominated lower Michigan (Flint, Dearborn and Detroit).

http://photos.metrotimes.com/45-photo-montages-showing-detroit-then-and-now/#1  amazing photo juxtapositions: Detroit as a white city and Detroit now

Dearborn, home of Henry Ford, is now majority Muslim

English and Arabic Advertise Stores in Dearborn, Michigan

Detroit has lost over half its population; the blacks took over and Ford and GM moved out.


This is a sculpture to honor boxer Joe Louis that sends whites the wrong message.


..the UP has the potential to be MOST non-corrupt state in union, and it is not overwhelmed with liberal poison as is much of the Pacific Northwest.

The UP is about as pure as you can get, I would think, other than North Dakota. Minnesota was ruined by liberal socialists. “I LIKE da Nordern Midwest,” the only major drawback being is that well-meaning people are so naive.

Co-owners of the local micro-brewery



Coed soccer team at Michigan Technical U. in Houghton


A favorite local beer in Copper Country. (This area has fabulous deposits of copper, and mining may be about to make a huge comeback.)





Surfing on Lake Superior



the Northern Lights 


Margi on Twin Lakes



Birdsfoot trefoil is the new flower up here


Three typical young Yooper guys (“yooper” — denizen of the UP)


A yooper gal with a coho (or “silver”) salmon – incredibly delicious red salmon meat, $10 a pound in a can in a grocery store 


See also this blog:


  • John D. NugentI replied:
  • John D. NugentMy concern is that the Jews are triggering an ice age, and then this area will be buried under snow for good. Geoengineering is causing much lower temps in the east and greatly increased precipitation, and the opposite from Texas to California — heat waves and severe drought.
April 28 at 8:23 AM

Where do America’s most racist people live? “The rural Northeast and South,” suggests a new study just published in PLOS ONE.

The paper introduces a novel but makes-tons-of-sense-when-you-think-about-it method for measuring the incidence of racist attitudes: Google search data. The methodology comes from data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. He’s used it before to measure the effect of racist attitudes onBarack Obama’s electoral prospects.

[Data suggest Republicans have a race problem]

“Google data, evidence suggests, are unlikely to suffer from major social censoring,” Stephens-Davidowitz wrote in a previous paper. “Google searchers are online and likely alone, both of which make it easier to express socially taboo thoughts. Individuals, indeed, note that they are unusually forthcoming with Google.” He also notes that the Google measure correlates strongly with other standard measures social science researchers have used to study racist attitudes.

This is important, because racism is a notoriously tricky thing to measure. Traditional survey methods don’t really work — if you flat-out ask someone if they’re racist, they will simply tell you no. That’s partly because most racism in society today operates at the subconscious level, or gets vented anonymously online.

For the PLOS ONE paper, researchers looked at searches containing the N-word. People search frequently for it, roughly as often as searches for  “migraine(s),” “economist,” “sweater,” “Daily Show,” and “Lakers.” (The authors attempted to control for variants of the N-word not necessarily intended as pejoratives, excluding the “a” version of the word that analysis revealed was often used “in different contexts compared to searches of the term ending in ‘-er’.”)

[An entrenched racial slur is now more prevalent than ever]

It’s also important to note that not all people searching for the N-word are motivated by racism, and that not all racists search for that word, either. But aggregated over several years and several million searches, the data give a pretty good approximation of where a particular type of racist attitude is the strongest.

Interestingly, on the map above the most concentrated cluster of racist searches happened not in the South, but rather along the spine of the Appalachians running from Georgia all the way up to New York and southern Vermont.

[Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends]

Other hotbeds of racist searches appear in areas of the Gulf Coast, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and a large portion of Ohio. But the searches get rarer the further West you go. West of Texas, no region falls into the “much more than average” category. This map follows the general contours of a map of racist Tweets made by researchers at Humboldt State University.

So some people are sitting at home by themselves, Googling a bunch of racist stuff. What does it matter? As it turns out, it matters quite a bit. The researchers on the PLOS ONE paper found that racist searches were correlated with higher mortality rates for blacks, even after controlling for a variety of racial and socio-economic variables.

“Results from our study indicate that living in an area characterized by a one standard deviation greater proportion of racist Google searches is associated with an 8.2% increase in the all-cause mortality rate among Blacks,” the authors conclude. Now, of course, Google searches aren’t directly leading to the deaths of African Americans. But previous research has shown that the prevalence of racist attitudes can contribute to poor health and economic outcomes among black residents.

“Racially motivated experiences of discrimination impact health via diminished socioeconomic attainment and by enforcing patterns in racial residential segregation, geographically isolating large segments of the Black population into worse neighborhood conditions,” the authors write, summarizing existing research. “Racial discrimination in employment can also lead to lower income and greater financial strain, which in turn have been linked to worse mental and physical health outcomes.”

[White people are winning the ‘war on whites’]

Christopher Ingraham writes about politics, drug policy and all things data. He previously worked at the Brookings Institution and the Pew Research Center.





…..In the event of a full nuclear war

A comrade living near Marquette in the UP wrote:

I have lived in the UP all of my life and I just was remembering what was in the local newspapers at the time about fallout, which was carried by the winds and storm that started out west and passed through this region.

Sorry, nothing in recent internet publications to look up.

But if nuclear silos are hit in North and South Dakota we can expect fallout in the UP, and it will be coming from a closer source and would depend how many bombs are set off to determine how much radiation we would be exposed to.

Back in the days of above-ground nuclear testing, the explosions were infrequent and people who lived close by survived over the years.

All I am saying is that we would get some radiation but most likely it would not kill us.


I replied:

I understand.

Wiki reports (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGM-30_Minuteman)

“…the current U.S. force consists of 450 Minuteman-III missiles in missile silos around Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota; and F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming.”

The distance from the nearest, Minot Air Force Base, to Marquette in the UP of Michigan is 739 miles (and 655 to my Ontonagon).

Minot is well north of the UP, and if the radioactive fallout should drift only straight west-to-east, it would affect the Canadian upper half of Lake Superior, not the US side and the UP.

The greatest danger of long-term contamination would normally be east of nuclear power plants, unless a full-scale nuclear war disrupted wind patterns.


 So unless wind patterns are completely disrupted, I expect that the UP would not get too much radiation, and it would be much less dangerous anyway after 48 hours.


……Other great locations for white reservations are in western Pennsylvania, in West Virginia, and in most of Ohio and Kentucky.

Pittsburgh, the former French “Fort Duquesne,” founded 250 years ago,� is a wonderful city on three rivers.

The Allegheny on the left, the Monongahela on the right and the Ohio River begins at the point where they meet



Pittsburgh, named after a great British prime minister, is one of the whitest cities in America at 67%, and full of excitement, high-paying jobs, young white people (40,000 college students!) and high culture. My roots go back 150 years here on my late father’s side.

Gazing on this city from the “West End Overlook”



The surrounding area is 90% white and the exurbs 98% white!

40-top-US-metro- areas

This the politically incorrect but real reason — the white race –why Pittsburgh is consistently listed as one of� America’s best cities.


Pittsburgh spent 2011 as the Most Livable City in America, and was named the top “Large City of the Future” in fDi magazine, while National Geographic Traveler magazine listed us as one of 20 best destinations in the world for 2012. Financially we’re the seventh-best city in which to retire, and Forbes calls us the nation’s sixth-most recession-proof city for real estate. If that gets you thinking about moving here, lucky you: We’re the second-best city in America to buy a home (according to Forbes) and the 10th-most affordable place for renters.

If you want to talk jobs, we’re the ninth-best city in which to find one. In addition, we saw the 10th-largest growth in tech jobs, while coming in as the fourth-best city for working mothers. I think that means working moms in the tech industry have hit pay dirt here.

If you’re a single mother, we’re the eighth-best city in America for you — and better yet, you can feel safe here because Pittsburgh is the 11th-most secure city (of large metro areas) in the nation.

Says Sperling’s Best Cities to Relocate to in America (http://www.bestplaces.net/docs/studies/americas_top_relocate_cities.aspx):


The 10 Best Cities to Relocate to

  1. Pittsburgh, PA

  2. Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY
  3. Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA
  4. Fort Worth-Arlington, TX
  5. Austin-Round Rock, TX
  6. Des Monies-West Des Moines, IA
  7. Madison, WI
  8. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN
  9. Denver-Aurora, CO
  10. Indianapolis-Carmel, IN

1. Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh is an affordable city that offers the amenities of a megalopolis with added stability. With an average home price of $116,400 (the national average is $171,700) and a cost of living that is 12.2% below the U.S. average, Pittsburgh is an attractive city for many looking to relocate. The unemployment rate is 7.8%, whereas the national average is currently at 10.2%. Moreover, the low risk of natural disasters and low crime rate make Pittsburgh a safe city for homeowners and families. For entertainment, Pittsburgh is home of the multiple Super-Bowl winning team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sports are an important part of Pittsburgh, and they considerably improve the quality of life.


In 2008, when I moved back here, Pittsburgh’s teams won both the Stanley Cup, the world hockey champioinship, and also the Superbowl, the championship of American football. The “Pittsburgh Steelers” have won the Superbowl five times


Look at this white crowd at the 2008 Stanley Cup victory celebration…..300,000 fans and no crime.



This is partly due to the steel-mill and glass-factory closings in the 1970s, thanks to federal “free trade” policies with Asia.

A steel mill in Aliquippa, west of Pittsburgh, in 1941


This area was too depressed economically from 1970-2000 to attract any immigrants, who have been mostly from the Third World (non-white) since 1965.

This relative poverty (now no longer the case; the economy is good again here) is also exactly why Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance (http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/William_Luther_Pierce), for whom I worked 1981-84, chose neighboring West Virginia for his home base. Another reason why he chose WV (and I for similar reasons chose this whole four-state region) is it is close in to major power centers such as Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York. You cannot change America from Idaho!

You are not way out in the boondocks in our section of the country. This is a very relevant area to the power centers………and angry, white, armed, and right-wing!


The Duquesne Incline up Mount Washington, which towers over the city from the South Side. It was built by a German engineer in the 1880s.


In Pennsylvania we have also hills or real mountains (not as big as the Rockies, of course) everywhere and, unlike the flat country, very little stagnant water where skeeters breed. They also spray some supposedly natural insecticide so the critters cannot breed; it makes them actually become “gay.” ;-)

A comrade asked me:

Might I ask, Mr. de Nugent, what is your opinion on the “Northwest Front”? Do you believe that this organization would be dependable in the violent future, and is the NW USA a good place to build a specific base and homeland?

Northwestern states of the USA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northwestern_United_States)


I replied:


At the Children’s Museum, Northside of Pittsburgh


* * *

Well, there are some brilliant and idealistic people associated with the Pacific Northwest concept, among them Harold Covington, who is also a very gifted and incisive writer with many decades of service to our Cause. And it COULD work.

I do prefer my own four-state region, though, or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, for the same basic concept. What I call it is “white safety and heritage zones.”


As I warned a white lady comrade who moved out there (to her regret, as she wrote me a few weeks back), the Oregonians, Washingtonians and even some Idahoans are ULTRA-liberal. In fact, and I hate to say this, they are among the most brain-dead whites on earth, since many of them are white-flight Californians who after fleeing black and mexican terror STILL CONTINUE TO BE AND VOTE LIBERAL!!!

I spent a great deal of time up there in the period 1987-92, before the full Mexican-Chinese invasion hit, and white flight had already set in back then from “Cali.” The tri-state area was filling up with Californians and housing prices were skyrocketing, making life difficult for the locals, btw.

I just could not fathom why white Californians would flee Los Angeles with ITS black mayor, Tom Bradley, and then move up to Seattle and vote for YET ANOTHER BLACK MAN, this Norman Rice, mayor 1990-98! (PHOTO BELOW RIGHT)

Except for maybe the People’s Republic of Massachusetts ;-), you just do not find whites anywhere else in America who are as spaced-out about racial realities as Pacific Northwesters.



In my considered opinion, it is due to the heavy Scandinavian-Nordic element in the first settlers. Scandinavians are liberals wherever they settle. Sweden and Norway are nauseatingly liberal.

So people like Covington, who is a true North Carolinian and Southerner (like my Margi) with ancient racial values, are fish out of water there.

(Parenthetically, I will recall the theories of William Sheldon and body types. Scandinavians are classic “ectomorphs” –slender build and face –and individualistic by nature, not joiners. It’s a fascinating theory. Nowadays the jews claim his ideas are “discredited”….. yeah, right.)

As I have often written, Nordic whites can be hyper-individualistic, hyper-altruistic and totally naive. It is an Ice Age trait that worked well when we were only dealing with a harsh environment and each other. But in a mixed-race setting, these traits work lethally against us. (I grew up in New England among very WASP-y types, and it was the same fierce individualism and abstract secular-Christian moralism. Dr. Pierce used to mock it as “Love thy N—-.”)

However, the Pacific NW is indeed gorgeous and there ARE many good conservative white folks up there, especially in the countryside. Coeur d’Alene, ID has long been an elite hotbed of white nationalism.

So I am not at all against the Pacific NW concept, and Covington is a keen thinker.

This is what I wrote on the topic two years ago:

* * *
I truly believe that West Coasters represent a strange out-selection of white genes, one that exemplifies worse than anywhere else the three huge genetic flaws that have hounded our race since the times of doomed Solutrea:

1) hyper-individualism
2) hyper-trust in what we’re told
3) hypo-fertility (tiny families or no kids at all)



In addition to the liberal racial views of so many Pacific Northwesters, there is an equally toxic environmental crisis there. Some fear, in fact, a CANCER EPIDEMIC.


Former USMC Major Bill Fox, who rented office and living space from me in 2009-2011, was a 15-year Marine Corps officer, honorably discharged. He is also an honors graduate of Harvard Business School. Fox has a massive website full of hard facts exposing New World Order evil: http://www.amfirstbooks.com


Fox in Honduras in a combat intelligence support center in the 1990s


Fox and myself, December 2010


According to Fox, the whole Pacific West Coast is being BATHED in radioactivity from the ONGOING Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown! Unfortunately, though one can, like the ostrich, put one’s head in the sand, it seems that his report is all too true. He also believes that Israel may have deliberately caused it to harm Japan.

At his massive webdossier on the Fukushima disaster (http://www.amfirstbooks.com/IntroPages/NonToolbarTopics/Black_Ops/Japan_Quake-Nuclear_Catastrophe_2011/Japanese_Disaster_index.html), you can find these links by scrolling about 3/4 down:

2011-04-27 California Plutonium 43 Times, Hawaii 11 Times Highest Levels In 20 Years In Wake Of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, blog.alexanderhiggins.com.
2011-04-25 New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada (VIDEOS), enenews.com.

2011-04-09 Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk by Jeff McMahon, blogs.forbes.com.
2011-04-09 (Updated) Japan Nuclear Radiation In Drinking Water In 14 US Cities And In Milk ABOVE EPA Limits, log.alexanderhiggins.com.
2011-04-08 Canada: Local official advising residents not to drink rainwater after tests find increasing radioactivity � Under pressure from Gov�t to stop testing, enenews.com.


With each passing day I become even more rock-solid in my confidence that the UP of Michigan and four-state region of PA, OH, WV and KY are where the white bastions will grow best.

Western Pennsylvania has four distinct but not severe seasons, not arctic cold or tropical heat.


In this video, part of my God video series over at johndenugent.org,you can see Pittsburgh (on a rainy day) for the first 1 minute 19 seconds. (Pittsburgh is pretty rainy, like Portland, Oregon or Seattle, to be frank, and humid in the summer. But that is also why everything is so green.)

The angry White Rust Belt is between 88% and 98% white. Almost no Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Mongolids or other Asiatics have moved here. About thirty-six MILLION angry whites live here, many of them armed hunters and military vets, and ethnically German, Scotch-Irish, Irish and Eastern Europeans. Most of the region consists of gorgeous hills, rivers and mountains, and fertile soil.

Pennsylvania is overwhelmingly hilly and lined by mountain ridges (here Freeport on the Allegheny River).

Freeport Beach on Allegheny


Pennsylvania, population 13 million, is within striking distance of Washington, New York and liberal-misruled Canada’s huge metropolis, Toronto.

There are 1.3 million hunters just in Pennsylvania (http://www.huntingpa.com/Deer%20stats.html), more than the entire US Army (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army).


Pennsylvania father and son in fashionable orange;-) (Orange is for safety.)


Many women hunt here with their husbands, brothers and fathers, following an ancient Scotch-Irish mountain tradition of the first white settlers long before there were supermarkets and deli counters.

Politically, if the Civil War were refought, in view of the five years of political conversations I have had with the locals I suspect that two-thirds of Pennsylvania would side today with the South. This state is 80% white and without the one major city of Philadelphia (heavily black, jewish and Hispanic, and located in the extreme southeastern corner, thus bordering New Jersey in more ways than one) PA would be over 90% white. Here are some photos of cheerleaders in this mostly lily-white state.

Newtown High School


Freeport High School. Our “diversity” is the best kind– our ancestors came from many parts of EUROPE! From Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Italy and the Slavic countries….freeport-pa-high-school.spirit-night

Here you can see an “honor system” way to buy locally grown corn. Just take your corn and leave your money in a lockbox. You can see blond people working in the fields and stocking shelves at Walmart, and almost no fat people.

Honor Payment corn buying


For me as a WN, moving here to an area where people agree right off the bat with 75% of what you say was like dying and going to heaven. ;-)

For what it’s worth, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (whose name is German; his father’s father was an immigrant from Hessen) comes from western Pa., although his Air Force medical career took him down to Texas, where he now serves. He has that typical Pennsylvania combination of modesty and backbone. Everyone is competent, with usually immaculate lawns and houses, friendly but never “nebby” (nosy).


Doing a video in Freeport along the Allegheny, 20 minutes northeast of Pittsburgh


One strong economic asset here that even Jewmerica will need from us is coal, and this region abounds in it. Interesting that Frank Davis, Junior alias Barack Obama, as William Fox has pointed out to me, and on his brilliant website (http://www.amfirstbooks.com) Obama hated coal and clung to the carbon-emissions theories and wanted to, quote, “bankrupt” the coal mines”!!!!!! In 2016 coal enemy Hillary Clinton lost this whole area.

A coal barge steams past Pittsburgh’s South Side on the Monongahela.



Here are Google images of Pittsburgh buildings. The city has the biggest skyscrapers between New York and Chicago:

This is everyone’s favorite: the PPG Building (Pittsburgh Plate Glass)…..It’s so beautiful on a sunny, blue-sky day that you could almost cry….


But this one is pretty grand at night: The Cathedral Of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Art Festival time….

Cathedral-of- Learning-U-Pitt

There are three main industries in this region that ZOG has given away to China, Taiwan and South Korea since 1970: 1) steel and aluminum, 2) glass factories and 3) coal. (Well, Heinz Ketchup is actually another big industry. :-)). It is still doing well. ;.-)


ONLY coal has made a comeback, and now Obongo wants to shut down the one thing that — again — is creating jobs. (I see huge coal barges going up and down the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers every day.) He just hates these “racist rednecks,” as our longtime Democrat congressman, John Murtha, characterized western Pennsylvania in 2008.

But new industries have taken up the slack: robotics, medical technology, university research and specialty steels, paints, coatings and metals. The air is very clear nowadays, although invisible coal power-plant dust (“particulate”) does blow in from Ohio.

Carnegie-Mellon University is number-one in the USA for computer science! (http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools)

Computer Science

CMU is also tops worldwide for robotic design.


Another huge industry in this area is “fracking” — natural gas drilling by “fracturing” rock to release natural gas. Western Pennsylvania is enjoying an economic rebound due to fracking in the countryside, though environmentalists fear damage to the groundwater.

US fracking map


The 2013 movie “Promised Land” with Matt Damon dealt in an honest way with how a fracking company approaches a small town in western Pennsylvania. It was filmed at Avonmore.

A comrade wrote me:

Why not go ahead and tack my state, Indiana, at 88% White (compared to 84% for Ohio and 85% for Pennsylvania), to the group there? Once one is outside of Indianapolis or Gary and a couple of other bigger cities, blacks and Mestizos are few and far between in the Hoosier State.


I replied:

Interesting…..big areas of Michigan are also nearly all-white AND angry, and I need both qualities.

I’m also trying to sell states that have nice hills and mountains, whereas Indiana is mostly flat…. But that is not a top consideration. Angry and white are. Still hills and mountains are useful — for defense.

What more can you tell me about Indiana? I know you have many of the same ethnic groups WE HAVE IN THIS FOUR-STATE-REGION…. I sense the state may be “too” German…. that is, too obedient to authority…….

This region has the German orderliness and honesty, but the racial feeling and FEISTINESS of the Scotch-Irish (the main element in the South, btw) and the TRADITIONAL and deep antisemitism of the Slavs. You can talk about any politically incorrect topic here and not get guff as you would elsewhere. A winning combination!

Mozart mural and coats-of-arms of German regions in the Northside of Pittsburgh. Me with visiting poet Constantin von Hoffmeister.

Mozart-mural- Northside-jdn-cv-hoffmeister#

We also have many Italians here….

Columbus Day parade in the Italian Bloomfield section.


One tendency Italian-Americans also have is to stand up to the blacks. In fact, many whites, especially white WOMEN, of all ethnic backgrounds have told me they actually missed the Mafia (now in decline in this area) because “they kept the blacks under control.” New Kensington, up the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh, a major aluminum mill area (ALCOA, the center of it all, is now located out in a rural industrial area nearby) used to be virtually “crime-free” (except for Mafia stuff) when the Italian Mandarino family ran things. There are both southern Italians (Sicilians and Neapolitans) and many northern Italians here, often with blue eyes.


What makes western Pennsylvania absolutely TOPS though is that we have a major newspaper chain here owned by Richard Scaife, a true paleo-conservative billionaire. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Mellon_Scaife They run Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter columns ALL the time and are arch-enemies of Obongo.

James Carville, the Democrat strategist, once said of Pennsylvania that it was “Philly on the east, Pittsburgh on the west, and Alabama in the middle.”

But in reality, greater Pittsburgh is “Alabama” too. ;-)

And in case you were wondering, the economy kept growing long after the current downturn began, and unemployment here is much less bad than elsewhere.

In fact, a November 2011 study in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review stated that

14% of all new jobs added nationwide in this long recession that began in 2007 have been added in Pittsburgh!

The climate is moderate northern — snow in January and February, and somewhat rainy March-April and October-December. Nothing extreme.

Thompsons Meadow winter

Summer highs around 84, which is like the Pacific Northwest along the coast. Great foliage in the fall, like New England. http://www.visitpa.com/fall-pa

foliage07 PA

Most farmers are German ancestry, or even outright Pennsylvania Dutch. They build barns all over this area. I like them; in fact, they gave me a lot of ideas for the Aryans. 75% of Amish kids stay with the faith, as in the movie “Witness” — despite the secular temptations in the “English world” of jewish tv, drugs, venereal disease and divorce. ;-)


The Amish average six children, and speak a Rhineland German dialect. Married men grow a beard, but only under their jaw because they shave their face. This man (an actor in the movie “Witness”) is thus unmarried. They refuse to drive cars; but you can pick them up. ;-) They stand there shyly at bus stops too, traveling from here to the Midwest to build barns or furniture, or farm. They accept no government handouts, run their own schools, and usually have no need of police, social workers, divorce courts — or Obama speeches.

A scene from the movie “Witness.” The Amish can be found all over the state.




If you move here, you can help me build Eternal Solutrea.



A comrade asked about the danger of martial law taking place in the United States. I replied:

* * *

You raised the issue of martial law.

I think martial law is far less likely here for three reasons than in your country:

1) Americans are beginning to loathe Obama, esp. the white male conservatives in the military and police who would have to carry out martial law
2) guns everywhere and a Net buzzing with anti-Jew and anti-minority truth

It is time for US to become a factor in the news, and for us to stop reading what the others are doing to us.

* * *

There are some good comrades out in the Pacific Northwest and other areas west of the Mississippi, endeavoring to create a mass-migration of sorts to those regions so as to create white safety areas. I have pointed out that those areas are politically ultra-liberal, and besides, now they are filling up with Mexicans and Chinese. I had a white lady comrade move against my advice from the Washington DC area to the Pacific NW, and she wrote me recently to tell me I had been so right: the area was sickeningly liberal and even downright sinister. The NWO mentality has taken a fearsome grip on the minds of the majority.

Another comrade told me me that

“Every other car here in Seattle has an Obama bumper sticker on it!”

Well, let me tell you that Pittsburgh ain’t that way — quite the opposite.

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that this very “Judicial Watch” to which one of your emails today referred is funded by Pittsburgh’s rightwing media billionaire, Richard Scaife!

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judicial_Watch

* * *


In 2002, Judicial Watch received $1.1 million from The Carthage Foundation[27] and a further $400,000 from the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Both foundations are managed by Richard Mellon Scaife.[27] The year before the Scaife Foundation gave $1.35 million and Carthage $500,000.[27]
In all, between 1997 and 2002 Judicial Watch received $7,069,500 (unadjusted for inflation) in 19 grants from a handful of foundations. The bulk of this funding came from just three foundations � the Sarah Scaife Foundation, The Carthage Foundation and the John M. Olin Foundation, Inc.[27] According to MediaTransparency, “Judicial Watch is essentially a tool of Richard Mellon Scaife, who provides almost all its funding.”[27]

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Pittsburgh, due to Scaife, is an island of paleo-conservatism. Small federal government, free enterprise, states’ rights and the US Constitution. This is a natural “Tea Party” area.

Now look at this article in the June 1, 2010 issue of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. (http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/news/pittsburgh/s_684062.html):

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Elected officials say no thanks to Obama invite

By Mike Wereschagin
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Congressmen Jason Altmire and Tim Murphy have previous engagements. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and Rep. Mike Doyle are out of town on anniversary trips with their wives. Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato will be campaigning in Philadelphia.
When President Obama and Sen. Arlen Specter land at Pittsburgh International Airport today, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl will receive them by himself.

The rest of the region’s top elected officials declined White House invitations to attend Obama’s speech at Carnegie Mellon University this afternoon, their offices said.

The White House billed Obama’s speech as a follow-up to his economic address at Georgetown University on April 14, 2009, less than two months after he signed the $787 billion stimulus bill. In it, he spoke of laying “a new foundation for growth and prosperity — a foundation that will move us from an era of borrow-and-spend to one where we save and invest.”

Obama’s last trip to Pittsburgh was Sept. 24 and 25, when the city hosted the Group of 20 economic summit. He was in town 10 days before that to deliver the keynote address at the AFL-CIO convention. During both of those trips, elected officials didn’t greet him at the airport — as Ravenstahl will — but met up with him later, snagging a slice of the ever-present media spotlight on the country’s chief executive.

“It’s peculiar, to say the least,” Gerald Shuster, professor of political communication at the University of Pittsburgh, said about elected officials declining such invitations.




Best Cities to Move to in America

By Cindy Perman, CNBC.com
Oct 27, 2010
Provided by:

What people are looking for when they relocate changes from time to time. In the 90s, it was a city with low crime. Then, it was places with good schools.

“These days, you want a job and to make sure you can get a house there,” said Bert Sperling of BestPlaces.net, which helps people find the best places to live, work or retire.

Sperling crunched the numbers to find the 10 best cities to relocate to today. The list takes into consideration all kinds of data points from cost of living to crime rates, the number of colleges and how healthy the population is, as well as access to museums, shows, sporting and other events. Plus, one you might not think of – stability.

“We’re a big believer in the concept of stability, where there is modest, controllable growth,” Sperling explained. “Big booms lead to disruption, and ultimately big busts. Neither is good for livability.”

Here are Sperling’s Best Cities to Relocate to in America – Why they’re the best and who’s hiring there.

1. Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA, Getty Images

Pittsburgh, like Buffalo, has also made a major transformation from an industrial town – in Pittsburgh’s case, steel — into the 21st Century as a hub for education, health care, robotics and the arts.

Yet, it’s still surprisingly affordable: The cost of living is 12.2 percent below the national average and the average home price is $116,400, well below the national average of $171,700.

It’s repeatedly ranked as one of the most livable cities: The crime rate is low, it ranks high on both arts and colleges, and it’s at low risk for a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or tornado.

It’s also repeatedly ranked as one of the best sports cities, with the six-time Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team and the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team [JdN: 2008 Stanley Cup winners, ahem!!!]. You would be hard-pressed to find a city with more loyal sports fans – a fact that should not be underestimated when it comes to quality of life.

The unemployment rate is 7.8 percent, well below the national average of 10.2 percent. Indeed.com has named it the No. 18 job market, with two applicants for every job available.

Companies That Are Hiring Now: HCR ManorCare, BNY Mellon, PNC Bank, Ernst & Young and Westinghouse Electric Company, according to Indeed.com.


And God Created Pennsylvania …

God was missing for six days. Eventually, Michael, the archangel, found him, resting on the seventh day.

He inquired, “Where have you been?”

God smiled deeply and proudly pointed downwards through the clouds, “Look, Michael. Look what I’ve made.”

Archangel Michael looked puzzled, and said, “What is it?”

“It’s a planet,” replied God, and I’ve put life on it. I’m going to call it Earth and it’s going to be a place to test Balance.”

“Balance?” inquired Michael, “I’m still confused.”

God explained, pointing to different parts of Earth. “For example, northern Europe will be a place of great opportunity and wealth, while southern Europe is going to be poor. Over here I’ve placed a continent of white people, and over there is a continent of black people. Balance in all things.”

God continued pointing to different countries. “This one will be extremely hot, while this one will be very cold and covered in ice.”

The Archangel, impressed by God’s work, then pointed to a land area and said, “What’s that one?”

“That’s Pennsylvania, the most glorious place on earth. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and streams, lakes, forests, hills, and plains.

Blue Knob Mountain

The people from Pennsylvania are going to be handsome, modest, intelligent, and humorous, and they are going to travel the world. They will be extremely sociable, hard-working, high achieving, carriers of peace, and producers of good things.”

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration, but then asked, “But what about balance, God? You said there would be balance.”

God smiled, “Not very far from Pennsylvania is Washington, DC. Wait till you see the idiots I put there.”


(These videos will be available once donations come in. YouTube censors them. Trutube.tv and sonnenrad.tv are both gone due to lack of donations by readers like you 😉 )



John de Nugent Presidential Video 4A

American Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate who co-discovered DNA and ran the top genetics laboratory in the USA, says black intelligence different from white. British police then announce criminal investigation of Watson.

Two Britons arrested by US Homeland Security in Los Angeles for free speech about racial troubles in Britain when they apply for political asylum here.

Pre-judice means pre-judging; Dr. Watson caves in, cravenly apologizes, and recants the truths he had spoken  and is fired anyway from his own laboratory

White Marine on leave from Afghanistan and wife attacked at movie theater by racist black mob in Florida.
Racist black flash mobs attack white fairgoers in Wisconsin,

John de Nugent Presidential Video 4B

White women aid white child being stomped by racist black flash mob as white men wimp out.

Harlem black minister James David Manning on (he says!) 70% who act evil in the black community.

Barack Obama high on marijuana at a White House press conference.

Benjamin Franklin, great scientist, patriot, businessman and believer through science itself in God; he discovered that light is bizarrely both a particle and a wave, showing this material world can only be a God-staged, holographic illusion.

Franklin begs George Washington to start every day of work creating the US Constitution with prayers to God

John de Nugent Presidential Video 4C

London under King George took away more and more freedoms that its American colonies had long enjoyed, and imposed taxes for its wars.

Benjamin Franklin persuades France to support the Americans with French cash, troops and a huge fleet.

The German officer Baron Friedrich von Steuben patiently teaches discipline and bayonet training to American amateur soldiers.

Franklin defines a home as a place of family culture  reading, poems recited, music played and songs sung by family members together.

Confronting BOLDLY the iceberg of minority disaster for our nation that is straight ahead.


  1. Hi. I’m planning to move out of the Southwest to my ancestors area of western PA. I just can’t wait to get out of this filthy Mexican and Black sewer of the Southwest and live with white people. As for America in general, I think the best hope is to build strong white communities in certain states and then push hard for states rights. Then we can live our own way without affirmative action, so-called voting right acts, so-called hate crime laws, businesses will be able to hire whoever they want without fear the anti-American regime in Washington will go after them, etc, etc. We need to promote states rights and build white enclaves and then push hard for secession. We need everyone from laborers and farm workers to experts in genetics and nanotechnology to build the most advanced and prosperous communities in the USA, but most of all we need people whose desire to protect their own white race is stronger than any law.

  2. Hi John,

    Very interesting insight on Pittsburgh.

    I myself have been to Pittsburgh a few times when I was younger, due to my family (from Prussia) opened a company there in the 1980’s. I traveled to the area by bus a year ago to go to Indiana. I met a lot of Amish and after hesitating at first talking to them, I had some great conversations with young and old men in German! They know of the dangers “the English” bring. Hitler should have talked to the Amish before trying to establish an Aryan Alliance with them. 🙂

    As for making money there, many clinical research centers are located in Indiana and the Chicago area but also in Maryland and Connecticut. It’s an easy way to make a decent amount of money and you have lots of free time to study or prepare speeches.

    testwiththebest.com or jalr.org show you the clinics. Don’t worry, it’s harmless. If you personally don’t want to participate in medical studies, tell other WNs, especially unemployed comrades who are willing to contribute to the cause.

  3. Pittsburgh may be one of the most liveable cities but it has serious issues with air pollution and water pollution from fracking. And there’s no telling what kind of superfund type sites or how many there are from its history as one of the most polluted cities during the steel mill days. And how far is it from any coal mines or processing plants? I grew up in DE and Pittsburgh was always thought of as industrial and polluted

    • Pittsburgh, the city, has no fracking issue, but the exurbs do.

      Air pollution is an issue in all of western Pa., but much less bad than 50 years ago, when the steel mills were filling the skies with smoke.

      The air pollution issue nowadays is fine, invisible particles from coal-fired power plants in Ohio and even Kentucky, and the air drifts east as the earth rotates west.

      But there is no brown dome over the city or suburbs as there was decades ago.

      There is no place in America that is ideal. It is just much, much less bad that other areas.

      I would rather have 1) a good-paying job, 2) a bit of pollution and 3) be able to say my peace without an obnoxious liberal freaking out than be jobless, bullied by Jews, Hispanics and blacks, and finally raped and murdered.

  4. I have been to Pittsburgh several times. They have a world-renowned brain and back surgeon there, Dr Jho, was @ Univ. Pittsburgh up on Latrobe St, near where the old Pitt stadium use to be. He was fantastic, and did several surgeries on me. They have some of the best in the world there. He is at Allegheny Hospital now.

    Carnegie Mellon University also — their robotics program is world-renowned too.

  5. Your thing on the cowardly British geneticist was a thing of beauty. I sent it to all
    my Kwans. A “Kwan” John is a term used for dumbed- down White Christians
    who parrot the same 20TH Century dribble and Zio lies, no matter what
    evidence you produce.

    “Israel is our best friend” (Tell that to the USS Liberty Survivors). Phil Tourney
    is a friend of mine.

    “Israel is the only democracy there”….Well, it’s really a totalitarian police state, as Jack Bernstein called it.

    “Israel is God’s holy children.” Yeah right – 80% are atheists there, but they will listen to a fat liar and Judas Goat like John Hagee.

  6. Very interesting perspectives. Well, we have to do something, don’t we? Your notion of acknowedging and rejecting the inherent abherrant altruism of certain genotypes from the continent is very relevant. If we believe in racial differences, we should use that information not just to evaluate, or re-evaluate, the past but the present as well. Also, while the idea of white enclaving isn’t new to me — it happens all the time — the notion of doing it as a deliberate practice gained new traction in my mind with your article. In fact, it gave me a bit of hope.

    Though I am aware there are whiter areas, I live in Connecticut, a place that has enthusiastically sponsored destroying itself so that it may be granted the accolade of “enlightened” by “the world”. Phooey. Of the slim minority of remaining Yankees only a few would have knowledge enough of their heritage to tell you they had one. The outcome of Yankee enlightenment and altruism is on display in Connecticut.

    Income redistribution to violent little cities full of blacks and latinos further ensures enlightenment, at least as the term may be applied to income-redistribution programs. Don’t attempt to cultivate real altruism or egalitarianism among these groups, unless you are bringing money. Any not squeezed from whites by federal or state fiat is liable to be relinquished by you via brute force in the name of justice for the oppressed.

    No, there is not much hope for Connecticut. The fire of the revolution went with the sons of the revolution. There is plenty of economic activity to gloss things over, if you can find a job. That will mean, of course, that you will have to seize one from a black, puerto rican, or Indian. The jews are guaranteed executive jobs for life.

    There are still plenty of whites in the interior northeast. Western New York is very white. Some areas, indeed, are like the Alabama that is set in the center of PA. Vermont is stupidly liberal, but there must be some native wisdom at work because the place is white as heck. Albany, New York is very white. New Hampshire is hot for freedom. We have a tyranny of the big cities. The jews and blacks don’t want to accomplish productive work, and they’ll kill you if you try to mess with their plans, or even if you don’t.

    Maybe the thing to do is look at things at the county level in terms of evaluating white spaces. The county is a very manageable political area. Sounds like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia don’t have that much in common. People aren’t always going to move from states. They are more likely to move within them. The Alleghenies are gorgeous and their coal is quite nice but New York State has massive amounts of farmland, as well as plenty of farmers. We need whites on the coast. As for mountains, have you seen the mountains of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine?

    The problem will remain that all the blacks, browns and jews will want to move from the places they’ve trashed or sucked dry to the places whites have made orderly, clean and fair.

    Maybe we need to call on large numbers of those of our European brethren who retain either a self-defensive gene and/or cultural tradition to wake the rest of the whites up, for, at least they have some redeeming qualities. Tell’em to move to the white counties.

  7. I want to move to a white country also.
    But the only alternative in Germany is to lose all contacts and move to Poland or other states of the former warsaw-pact.
    We Germans are forsaken, our leaders are happy to overfill our country with those who are outsiders even in their countries.
    The EU forces us to host all gypsies of all European parts where they are unliked, even more: we have to give them a house, money to live and more than every German unemployed…
    The next problem is the growing muslemic influence. Today we have a female Turkish “Integration Minister”. It would be nice to see her fail…
    Our media are forbidden to talk about the origin of offenders because over 95% of all real crimes are comitted by non-whites. Even Police is not allowed to hand out warning videos of pickpocketing because there are no whites that do this here. Police is ordered to hand out videos with >50% white criminals, which is not possible…
    Germany today: The darker your skin, the less punishment you get.

  8. I hope to be moving to West Virginia soon. My family is from the West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania regions. Although going back I also have English and Norman ancestry as do you, and my family has been building America since 1630 at least.

    West Virginia is about 95% white. It is entirely within Appalachia. It has a very high rate of gun ownership and people love hunting. It is one of only three states in which every county voted against Obongo in the last presidential election.

    I am not a neo-Nazi or a member of any white nationalist group. I am just a realist who used to be a universalist left-liberal type with almost no conscious racial loyalty. Now, I am as hard core on the white power issue as anyone, although I remain non-violent. I think a big problem with our movement in America is the fallback to Hitler as some kind of hero. I would never accept a dictator. We as Americans don’t need one. All we need is to live by the same creed as Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. We must be benevolent and belive in our republic. No tyranny. But we need segregation. We need whites and whites only in our white homeland labor force. Total separation is the only solution.

    I like your 4-state solution. But just remember that West Virginia is the purest white homeland right now. Let’s keep it that way. Nothing else matters in the long run. As for the other states, we need to “discourage” non-white settlement and encourage non-white emigration as much as possible.

  9. P.S. I may add that West Virginia is perhaps not the best place for people who don’t have roots there. And frankly, I like it that way. I don’t want to see a whole bunch of outsiders come into the state. Fortunately the poverty and overall poor reputation of the state keeps outsiders out for now. Most Americans would scoff at the idea of moving to West Virginia. That’s fine for now. One day the sleeping giant which is that Scots-Irish and English mountain people will wake up. And we won’t let the Jews, the niggers, the spics, or the chinks spoil it. Whites only!

    • I wish you all success.

      There are Germans there too…. and some Italians.

      And the Mothman 😉 (http://johndenugent.us/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens-part-3 scroll about 1/10th down, very scary……….)

      The Greenbriar area is a very top-secret fed facility, rumored to contain an underground city, Jay Rockefeller lives there, and there is a huge FBI area north of there.

      Just so you know…

      Some of these rednecks and hillbillies are Born-Agains and love their Jews. They do understand about Obama, the blacks and guns and gay marriage… but not about the main thing.

      The more Born-Again they are the more they Love Thy Jew.

  10. Thanks, John, for your reply. You are absolutely right on all your points in my opinion. Your website is awesome.

    I just wanted to add that I usually don’t use “racist” terms like in my earlier post, but sometimes I do get angry! I have been reading about how in Charleston, the capital of West Virginia, we now have the “knockout game” also in which idle Black men attack random Whites in a mall, just as in other towns. I was told by someone who knows the city that the problems stem in part from allowing Black Katrina refugees to resettle there. I heard the same thing from some Texans. They are not happy about the Katrina blacks.

    On the other hand, I have talked to people from New Orleans who are delighted, they see Katrina as a blessing because it cleansed the area of so many undesirables.

    By the way, when I notice young Blacks wandering around today, is it just my imagination or do they seem to be more and more of a subhuman type? Compared to the photos I have seen of Blacks in the 1960s, they really seem to have degenerated.

    In any event, my wishes to you and all our white brothers and sisters for a very happy and successful 2014! White Power to my brothers and sisters. We WILL reclaim our land of America.

    • Yes, brother, it is much worse than 50 years ago, and so are the Whites more subhuman.

      Music was better, and there was far less divorce, drugs, satanism, homosexuality… you name it.

      In family shows and situation comedies, the man was still a man, and not a whining fool with a dominant, wise-cracking wife.

      Nobody got fired for objecting to homosexuality in 1965, unlike the recent “Duck Dynasty” story. Queerness was a career-ender back then.

      And every young man went into the military, and if your dad had not taught you respect and to do your job right, the sergeant did.

      And almost nobody was obese, and there was almost no autism, Tourette’s or ADD. The vaccines have caused that.

      Yes, the Jews have destroyed OUR country. It will have to be restored from the ground up by a new movement.

  11. I don’t want to spam your site but just let me say I have to agree 100% with your comments. All very sad but very true! Thanks, I will keep on following your blog.

    • Dear comrade,

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    • True, because this state consists of white blue-collar types who despised the rich-boy finance crook Romney and refused correctly to vote for him, a classic RINO (Republican in Name Only) and country-club Republican. This is a strong union state that believes in “Made in America,” not Staples (which Romney created), where 75% of everything is “Made in China.”.

      Romney was also in favor of illegal-alien amnesty, government health care, and other anti-conservative things.

      He also had a wooden, icy personality that reeked of “I was born rich and handsome; I went to Harvard; I despite the little people.”.

      And he was a Mormon, which many regular Christians did not like.

      Did YOU vote for him? 😉 No? So why should Pennsylvanians?

      Then-Congressman Ron Paul, who was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, my area, would have won in an landslide. But the Republicans, on instructions from their Jew masters, deliberately nominated in both 2008 and in 2012 the weakest possible candidate (McCain and then Romney) so that Barack Obama could be put in as president. The Jew agenda is race-mixing, gun control. police state, homosexuality, down-with-Whitey, and bolshevism – and they get all that with Barack Hussein Obama.

      A true white man and Constitutionalist can do very well in this state, even despite enemy propaganda.


  12. I just discovered your website. I love it. I had a 2-day business trip to Pittsburgh in March, 1985, and was amazed at how such a wonderful place could be kept so secret. I was born in Abington, Pennsylvania 70 years ago, but then lived all over the rest of America from age 4, currently living in suburban Nashville, TN. I toured the western PA Amish country for two days last October. Here are some comments inspired by your pro-Pittsburgh blog that I just read, in which I compare the Amish anti-government tradition with that of the Sicilian mafia as fictionally described by Mario Puzo. I am comparing only their similar political attitudes and not their attitudes towards crime:

    Quote from your website on Amish in Pennsylvania: “They accept no government handouts, run their own schools, and usually have no need of police, social workers, divorce courts — or Obama speeches.” OUTSTANDING!

    Quote from Mario Puzo’s 1969 novel The Godfather:
    ““Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.” [Don Vito Corleone to his son Santino]

    And so the Don could take pride in his rule. His world was safe for those who had sworn loyalty to him; other men who believed in law and order were dying by the millions. [during World War II]
    “I’m not preparing anything. I’m being prudent. I’ve always been a prudent man, there is nothing I find so little to my taste as carelessness in life. Women and children can afford to be careless, men cannot. …” [Vito Corleone]
    “I don’t trust society to protect us. I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a bloc of people to vote for them. …” [Michael Corleone to Kay Adams]
    “I take care of myself, individual. Governments really don’t do much for their people, that’s what it comes down to…” [Michael Corleone]”

    In the novel, Puzo makes it clear that the Sicilian mafia was an invisible government. The mafia had NO involvement with their Sicilian government at any level. They asked for no welfare or help, never voted, refused to serve in the military, and trusted no one in government. They policed themselves and took care of their own invisible state within a state in every way possible.

    Quote from the dialogue in the 1972 movie The Godfather:
    Michael Corleone: “I’m working for my father now, Kay. He’s been sick, very sick.”
    Kay Adams: “But you’re not like him, Michael. I thought you weren’t going to become a man like your father. You told me.”
    Michael: “My father’s no different than any other powerful man.”
    Kay: “Ah.”
    Michael: “Anyone who’s responsible for other people, like a senator or president.”
    Kay: “You know how naïve you sound?”
    Michael: “Why?”
    Kay: “Senators and presidents don’t have men killed.”
    Michael: “Oh. Who is being naïve, Kay?”

    I don’t read an entire website very often or casually, but I will make yours the 3rd I have entirely read in my 14 years of web-surfing. I started out with your first two chapters on reincarnation and consciousness after death, and that sold me. Next I read your piece on Pittsburgh, and became doubly sold.

    I am also very intelligent, well-educated, almost retired, a computer software developer, married, white, angry, armed, and an American with almost solid English ancestry.

  13. I was half-wrong on one issue. My dad’s ancestry was all English (I have a direct male ancestor with the name Fairchild who was one of 70 co-founders of Stratford, Connecticut in the 1630s), but my mom’s ancestry was Scots-Irish from the southern Appalachians area. I like to say I have English genes but an Irish soul.

  14. Excellent article. Moving to areas like Pittsburgh is especially important for young whites just starting out in life. They need to put down roots in an area that has a chance of staying majority white. The quality of their lives and for their children will be much better in the long run. People living in white areas should NEVER take it for granted and fight those among you who want to make your city more diverse. They are the ENEMY. Take it from me as someone who made the mistake of moving to Atlanta for a job. I learned the hard way. If you are white and normal, AVOID living anywhere with large non-white populations. It sucks! Large portions of where I live are completely off limits to me or my family because of black violence, crime and open hostility towards white people. And believe me it is getting WORSE every year. Go Where Its WHITE young man, and keep it that way!

    • I completely agree!
      Don’t be white while living somewhere particularly non-white. It’s not fun.

      From experience, safety will be an issue, as well job-seeking if your managers are non-white. Church can be a frustration as well.

  15. I don’t support Washington or Oregon for a white homeland, but rather; Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, northern Arizona, maybe parts of Colorado.

    The inner northwest would be a good area, not the coastal northwest.

    I also think Pennsylvania and West Virginia and Kentucky would be a good area, all the way down to parts of northern Georgia and Tennessee. Another area to look at would be New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, and also the Gulf coast of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

  16. Hi John,

    This is the first time I’ve visited your site, and you present compelling reasons for relocating to Pittsburgh. I’m a married mother of three girls, and the oldest will graduate high school this coming May. At that point, we’re moving out of this hellhole of metro-Atlanta and planned to relocate to northern Utah. We’ve been many times, and it’s very white, particularly Summit County and all points north of SLC. Even Salt Lake proper is white, nice, and safe, with a tiny percentage of blacks.

    I was actually born in Philadelphia and adopted by an Italian family, many of whom still live in the Philly exurbs. My birth mother, who I have a great relationship with, lives in York, in the center of the state. However, we’re big skiers and snowboarders, so the Wasatch mountains are much more appealing to us than the Allegheny. Also, where you are is in closer proximity to large populations of blacks: if the worst DOES happen and the EBT cards run out, aren’t you concerned you’re basically surrounded? (Blacks in Cincinnati, Louisville, D.C., Baltimore, etc.) Summit County is white all the way up to the Canadian border, and the bantus aren’t known for traversing huge snowy mountain ranges. Also, the Mormons aren’t exactly Democrats.

    I was curious as to your opinion of a safety zone in northern Utah. In fact, back when I was a young college grad, I taught at a trendy private Atlanta school, where I met a married couple who were, at that time, big-deal Atlanta restauranteurs. They had just bought a swath of land with a farmhouse south of the Airport, and we’re excited about developing it into a co-op community (needless to say, they’re uber-liberals).

    Today, over 20 years later, their swath of land is a fabulous, exclusive development, and an idea my husband and his business partner want to emulate for the WN movement in Utah. Take a look at it and see what you think. The website is Serenbe[dot]com.

    To really appreciate everything this community is doing (it’s self-sustaining, solar powered, all that), when you get on the site, find the link titled “community directory”: it’s really something. It appears that people need to be “approved” by the community in order to buy a home there, but I’m not sure how they’re pulling it off. At any rate, we can certainly learn from them. (Of course, when the EBT cards run out, the bantus will jump in their old crappy cars for a short drive over to Serenbe, where there’s lots of food, land, and whites to rape and murder.)

    Thanks again for your site. I’ll be coming by a lot more often now!

  17. A comrade wrote, after reading the article above on white reservations (https://johndenugent.com/english/white-reservations-an-idea-whose-time-has-come/), my WN bio (https://www.jdnmirror.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/) and article on White Safety Zones (https://johndenugent.com/white-safety-and-heritage-zone-upper-peninsula-of-michigan/):

    You wrote, John:

    “The [Mackinac] bridge [which leads to the UP of Michigan] is a whopping 8,614 feet (2,626 meters) long, and is located where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron.”

    2626 meters is 2 + 6 + 2 + 6, which equals 88, and the Germans of course use meters.

    Well, I suppose not every ’88’ is some synchronicity, but it does seem to happen quite a lot. 😉

  18. If I am white and agree with your ideas, but my wife is Asian who came here as a baby but was raised in Texas. Would I be allowed to move there?

    • There are good people of mixed but higher races.

      One could envisage areas for such people.

      I have a friend who married a woman of southern East Asian ancestry. But the kids look mostly like the mother, overtly East-Asian, with both brown skin and East Asian eyes, nose and hair, and now they are old enough to call their father a racist….. That ticking time bomb has now exploded for him.

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