Brutal sheriff seizes 10 children from family living off the grid

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This is why action will be needed and soon. You can’t even mind your own business and withdraw from the world of the Beast. They come right in, guns drawn, after you. The time to retreat and run is over. It just makes the bullying worse.

  • Liz De This is horrific — yet another family of free-thinkers attacked by the jew-controlled system that wants to force us all into slavery and White genocide. Enough is enough!
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    • John D. Nugent

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  • John D. Nugent This is an OBSCENITY.
    This reminds me of Margi Hufffstickler’s peaceloving Mennonite ancestor from Germany, Jakob Hochstätter. Vicious Indians broke into the Pennsylvania cabin of his frontier family — and the teenage boys ran for their rifles.
    But Jakob said “We are Christians and believe in peace. Lower your rifles.”
    The Indians then slaughtered his wife and many of his children. Jakob escaped with one of the children.
    That was the end of the pacifism in Jakob Hochstätter. He soon moved with the survivors to the mountains of North Carolina and carried a rifle and was ready to use it after that.
    A bully is only encouraged by your meek peacefulness.
    Of course you can always call the authorities, but suppose the bullies ARE the authorities?