The Fourth Reich and Nordic Aliens

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Unless I were an insider who had worked with or inside NASA, the US Navy, the Air Force or CIA, or the Russian and Soviet armed forces, I just cannot possible know the full reality about all these classified things.

As as an ordinary citizen, I just know 1) what whistleblowers have published on YouTube and on blogs and 2) what I have seen myself with my own eyes and what people whom I know and trust have seen with their own eyes.

The key is what they call “intel analysis.” One can access a mountain of information and claims but then it must be evaluated. Is it true, can it be checked, and is it important?

For example, if some psychic or “nordic alien” or “Antarctic Reich” source says “sit back, drink beer and we will come and save you” — should we trust it?


Nothing written below is any excuse to sit back and do nothing. In fact, it all should alarm us to do more than ever to stop the NWO, to realize this planet is being gradually taken over – and to face the fact that this can be stopped only by awakening and mobilizing more citizens.


Strange possible UFO photo from Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest area; Colin Andrew info on Frenchman abducted in 1966 by extremely advanced exonordics

by John de Nugent on December 14, 2014[edit]

Upper Peninsula of Michigan UFOs; professor at Temple University affirms presence of very hostile aliens and hybrid humans on earth who seek to take the world over

by John de Nugent on December 5, 2014[edit]

ENGLISH 2003 space shuttle Columbia explosion — Exonordics? Fourth Reich?

by John de Nugent on November 4, 2014[edit]

Why does the jewsmedia always run this photo whenever they want to show the earth from space?


Answer: because the Jews love to bury hints in broad daylight (SUCH AS THIS ONE ON THE BACK OF THE US$1 BILL:

— and they laugh uproariously at us naive white goyeem for not getting the hint. Jerusalem is clearly at the top and the Antarctic is at the bottom. This photo of the earth was chosen decades ago to say that we stupid goys do not understand that a war is ongoing between Zion and the FOURTH REICH, and in fact since 1945, and it says “We Jews control the brown and black world against the Whites.”


…..millions of earth-like planets just in our own Milky Way galaxy

Huge article on the front page of my Pittsburgh newspaper from the Associated Press of November 5, 2013: of all stars have earth-like planets!

…..Reading books and doing serious thinking, not skimming

Look at this subversive below; she’s probably a terrorist. ;-) She’s not watching teevee, surfing Facebook to see if someone “likes” her, or unfriended her, or yakking on her cell phone about a boy. She’s READING a real book, just as our ancestors did. ;-) Btw, they also sang a lot: while working in the fields, strolling home happily from the factory, or at family gatherings, passing around sheet music to loved ones and visiting friends. People used their minds back then; they did not just sit there consuming predigested Jew poison.


And so I urge you who are now here to actually take three hours of your life (I took two years of mine to write it) and read all this through to the end, watch all the videos through to their ends, and then ponder what they mean. to be fully human – and not just a two-legged, hairless animal — is to embrace the very concept of truth …as a sacred thing.

This is a very profound, extremely unique, impactful video…. It shook me up with its ruthless truth. What would RESPONSIBLE aliens think about, or, gulp, DO about people like us? ;-) Eradicate us?

Award-winning photo of a man standing in a snow field and staring at the Milky Way, which is pointing upward.


Our galaxy is full of species, including Short Grays, Tall Grays, Tall Whites, Reptilians (yes, snicker if you wish, but that is mere nervous laughter ;-)) and very advanced Nordics, for whom we all are a White Trash planet.Here is a video of an encounter with Nordic aliens in Staffordshire, England on October 21, 1954 an English country woman (Jenny Roestenberg) recalls: I was mesmerized with fear, but, in their eyes, they seemed so .. sympathetic.


The Exonordics are advanced HUMANS in every way, and we came originally from them but degenerated. They are tall like NBA players, 6’5 to 7 feet tall. They marry normally in their worlds, have sex the normal way we do, eat food, defecate, sweat, and feel emotions, and thus are fully human, but they benefit from centuries of eugenics and the weeding out of their bad blood.

They speak telepathically, and it is easy to see where OUR stories of angels come from. These are clearly the Aldebarans and Pleiadians, who, the Vril Society German women of 1920-45 claimed, were helping the Third Reich but very discreetly and without having any permission to overly interfere in WWII and its outcome.

That is, they were not permitted to simply win the war for Germany. This would have triggered intervention on the other side by the Grays and then yet another world nuclear war, I repeat, yet ANOTHER world nuclear war- (Think about that one.) Ye,s ther could have been a full-scale nuclear war back in the 1940s between the Grays and the Exonordics, and that would have once again destroyed our planet pointlessly.

Why? Because once both sides have nukes, world war obviously becomes insane; it becomes MAD, as the nuclear warfare phrase goes, Mutually Assured Destruction.)
The famous Christian evangelist Billy Graham conceded such ultra-nordic and very spiritual aliens beings do exist, and called them Gods OTHER angels..
They have high foreheads. (James Gilliland said sometimes their eyes seem larger than ours, a rather small difference.)
These Nordic Alien are in effect far more like angels.…/terrence-hill.jpg

They are Aryans who are extremely powerful and spiritual but REFUSE on principle to rescue Joe Sixpack, George W. Bush voter and Christian Zionist idiots just because they have skin the color of white copy paper.A friend in San Diego was telling me a story about being a child in Stockholm, Sweden, and once being viciously, deliberately knocked down onto the ice of a skating rink as a little girl by a blond Swedish kid, causing her, via this deliberately malicious accident, a lifelong injury that haunts her to this day.

Being white does not make one noble, it does not confer good karma, and it does not entitle you or me to ANY protection by the Exonordics. We actually have to DESERVE it, and now WE DO NOT..

We WNs have experienced ourselves how many Whites today are utter scum .…

.and even actively, knowingly, oppose us, hate the truth, fight for the evil, profit off massacres and wars, cause death via cigarettes, pollution, and toxic foods, who even molest White children, who engage in satanism, who commit police brutality if the y are cops, and serve our enemy Jew masters knowing it is wrong.

And it is these Whites with bad karma who have been abducted and murdered by Grays. Will we deserve the help of the Exonordics? Or will they write us off as a trailer-park planet?……….the way on the TV reality show “‘Cops” the police bust White lowlifes cooking illegal “meth” in their t-shirts, tattoos and with fat, slovenly kids?

The vile and infamous black magician Aleister Crowley of Britain drew a picture of an evil entity he had “summoned.” Does it look familiar? It should! Now, do you think Crowley “summoned” aliens, or demons/fallen angels?! Hmmm.


Photo of a Gray “alien” (of which there are many subspecies, each looking somewhat different):


Grays as depicted on Mayan scultures – the Mayans and Aztecs practiced massive human sacrifice.



Mayans sacrifice a blond (WHITE) man in 700 AD in a mural on the famous pyramid of Chichen Itza (“Temple of the Warrior”)


AIP plate XXXI p320-2

This is a perfect example of how there is no difference between certain aliens and demons (Greys and reptilians), or between other aliens, especially the blond, handsome, eugenic Aldebarans and Pleiadians, and angels.


All aliens are transdimensionals, and in reality, as death proves when our bodies die and yet our souls move on, we too are in effect transdimensionals. So are ghosts. We move between various worlds, which are really only higher and lower frequencies, as in radio, TV, cell phone and wireless internet waves, all of which coexist in the same house or building but on very different bands.



Why would they do that? Because a nuclear war would destroy the earth they use and need:

Robert Hastings is an UFOlogist (and son of an Air Force sergeant major) whose specialty isUFOs shutting down or SHOOTING down US nuclear missiles….

Now who might not like the US government? What IS the US government really?
SOMEONE keeps telling the US it may not launch ICBMs, and it has shot down an ICBM.In this 5-min-video at around 2:33 you see Hastings:
Here, on Larry King on CNN, an Air Force launch officer at Malmstrom AFB in Montana is discussing the shoot-down in 1967 of a practice ICBM, and you canseea circular craft blasting it with a laser.
. see esp. 1:00-1:29….. This screenshot is of the missile 800 miles downrange at night, but the video shows the motion.
Is this a brush-back pitch? WHO is warning off the US government?
—– Forwarded Message —–
From:”” <> (This is Robert Hasting’s public email address on the contact page of his website:
Sent:Thursday, 1 August 2013, 20:24
Subject:Re: query regarding March 1967
Hi John,
Thank you for your interest in my work. I am aware of two UFO-related incidents that occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis and one more that occurred shortly after it ended.
I have inserted an excerpt from my book in answer to your question.
I am often asked how I became interested in UFOs and, in particular, UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites. In October 1966, my father, USAF Senior Master Sergeant Robert E. Hastings, was transferred to Malmstrom AFB, Montana, where he held the position of Supply NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge), Special Weapons Branch, Headquarters 28th Air Division. As such, he supervised materiel support for eight subordinate radar squadrons and three jet fighter squadrons.
The term special weapons is militarese for nuclear weapons. At that time, the 341st Strategic Missile Wing, based at Malmstrom, controlled 150 Minuteman I and 50 Minuteman II ICBMs. My fathers office was located within the high-security SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) buildinga huge, windowless, concrete blockhouse that housed an intricate, computer-assisted radar tracking system, the most advanced in the world during that era. The system linked several radar sites around the country and was designed to monitor North American airspace. Had war with the Soviets erupted, their nuclear bombers were expected to fly over the Arctic region, into Canadian airspace, and continue southward to their designated targets in the U.S. The SAGE system, it was hoped, would track those aircraft so that U.S. fighters could intercept and shoot them down.
During the period my father was stationed at Malmstrom AFB, I was a 16/17-year-old junior in high school. However, I also worked three nights-a-week as a janitor at Malmstroms Air Traffic Control Tower. One of the areas I cleaned was the RAPCON (Radar Approach and Control) centera large, dimly-lit room in which several radar screens were constantly monitored by both FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and Air Force air traffic controllers.
One night in March 1967, shortly after I entered the RAPCON room, one of the FAA controllerswho had previously tutored me on radar theory and operation during his work breakscalled me over to his radar scope and pointed outfive unidentified targets then being tracked. He referred to them as UFOs or Unknowns, or some similar term. I was very intrigued and asked him a couple of questions about the targets. He said only that two jet fighters had been launched to investigate.Apparently, I asked one too many questions because the controller abruptly asked me to leave, and to finish cleaning the room later that night. When I mentioned the tracking to him again he clearly did not want to talk about it, perhaps thinking that he had already said too much.
A few days after this incident, another reliable source told me that as the fighters approached the UFOs, the mysterious aerial objects had ascended vertically at enormous velocity, leaving the jets far behind. More importantly, at the time of the attempted intercept, the five UFOs had apparently been maneuvering near Minuteman missile sites located in the Judith Basin region, many miles southeast of Malmstrom. Unfortunately, by the time I heard all of this, it was third-hand informationprovided to me by my fatherwho had heard it from other persons working at the SAGE building, where rumors about the incident had made the rounds.
Regardless, as I was to later learn, other incidents similar to this took place at Malmstrom and other Strategic Air Command (SAC) bases, on several occasions during the Cold War era, and are documented in various declassified U.S. Air Force and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) logs and reports.
Further, researchers can point to numerous other incidents which, although not yet documented, are based on the now-public statements of former or retired Air Force nuclear missile personnel and security police who were assigned to the SAC missile fields over the last five decades..
In short, my experience at Malmstroms air traffic control tower ultimately led to my researching the subject of UFOs and the apparent interest of those who pilot them in our nuclear weapons facilities. (I use the terms nuclear weapons and nukes throughout the book, however, the earliest nukes were actuallyatomicbombs, not the far more powerful thermonuclear weapons now deployed.)


…..Eisenhower chooses in 1954 to reject the Nordic Aliens and collaborates with the Grays and Tall Whites

AWhite South African wrote me:

Whites have become too civilised and fair-minded for their own good. I’ve seen this plenty times and only jumped in a few times when I thought it worthwhile. I’ve sometimes left a white to get beaten down because I knew exactly what that white was andhe deserved it. A liberal mudshark. Then, on other occasions I have jumped in while everyone else did nothing.

Once I was at the DVD store picking up a movie when I witnessed an altercation between a black and a white in the parking lot. The white guy grabbed a tyre iron and chased the black guy. Then other whites intervened and stopped the white guy. Now herein lies the problem. I don’t care who was right or wrong. If that was a black area, I’ll bet my bollocks to a barn dance the entire crowd would’ve attacked the white guy. But now a black guy can come into a white area and go home unscathed and with no fear and spread the message that if you attack white people, it’s quite safe to do because other white people will be so fair minded that they will first try to ascertain who was right or wrong and probably take your side out of fear of being racist.

We all know white people like this and it’s a mental illness. One gets the feeling that even if full scale war broke out and they are near you in the trenches, they’d probably stop you from shooting because maybe the poor black guy had a tough childhood or something equally ridiculous. I’d have no qualms in shooting this type of white first because they are far more dangerous to us than any non white.

I replied:

What I must convey is WHY we are overly noble. It is not JUST cowardice. Many white men were brave in fighting the Germans because they were taught they were evil bullies out to enslave the world. Others, like my dad, fought Asians in Japan, Korea and Vietnam and cleaned their clock, including in hand-to-hand combat, not just aerial bombing from 30,000 feet.

The reality is that Whites descend from Nordic Aliens, and this is why we are NOT from this planet and are VERY different from other races. The Nordic Aliens are a powerful but very noble race that seeks peace and justice

Here is Dr. Michael Sallas on how Eisenhower chose to work with the evil Grays rather than with the Nordic Aliens, who demanded the US give up nuclear weapons or mankind would be destroyed:

“A race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government [on February 20, 11954 at Edward Air Force Base]. This alien group warned us against the aliens [the Grays, a small, long-nosed, gray-skinned species] that were orbiting the Equator, and [the Nordic Aliens] offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources, and learn to live in harmony. These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament.”

The more you get up into Scandinavia the more you see this “overly noble” frame of mind, and this comes from the Nordic Aliens, from whom WE descend, and only WE Whites!

All other races are brown and dark in hair and skin, and have only 10% the idealism, or sense of responsibility for others or a search for justice that we have.

Eisenhower chose to work with the Grays to get their weapons technology, and also with a chilling group called the Tall Whites. They are not our friends.

The Tall Whites are extremely thin, 6-7 feet tall, with chalky-white skin, and they despise humans and are run like a military society. They have a pencil-shaped weapon that can paralyze humans, or cause instant pain or death. Eisenhower chose to work with these people. Of course he would not work with the Nordic Aliens, who reminded him of the “Nazi” ideal. But these are our natural allies.


A comrade responded:


That movie “They Live” is REAL, John. The Jews ARE the reptilians! I used to think this was all lunatic BS and laughed at David Icke for saying it until I watched the Billy Meier video here-
I commend your bravery in stepping forward with the information you share, comrade!

Cosmic victory WILL be ours!

I replied:

Well, it DOES take courage to say all these things, The whole “alien” thing causes people to shut down. It overwhelms them. (And yet every poll shows 80% of the people now accept that “we are not alone.”) But this is why I need funding to do the videos and blogs that will get us used to the new reality, and prove to us 1) what is really going on and 2) how we can yet win this. The Nordic Aliens can be our VERY powerful friends!

Btw, Mike, Billy Meier in 2007 came out with some statements showing he TOTALLY understands the Jew issue. His website in English proves this. He confirmed what I always suspected, that the Jews are allied to extremely evil aliens. There was a cosmic war long ago, which stranded both us and the ancestors of the Jews on this planet, and this simmering war between the Nordic Aliens and the Grays continues to this day, and on this earth between the Aryans and the Jews. We are ONE part of a HUGE conflict which is being fought out across the galaxy, and big things are coming.

What is comes down to is this: some Whites are just cowards, but others are noble and the Jews exploit this to create White guilt and break down our solidarity. We are just not primitive tribal animals like a large number of the members of other races. And we will never win by trying to be as primitive as other races. This ignores our nature and ultimate origin in the NORDIC ALIENS..


…..Why do humans act so primitive?

[This is a new addition to my essay on the Fourth Reich and Nordic Aliens:]

Various alienologists have claimed that the major races (White-European, Black-African, East Asian, etc.) of today result from various advanced races colonizing the earth, but then being stranded by a galactic conflict that went badly. Humans were, in their version, nearly destroyed and thrown into the Stone Age.

Then some of them mated with native earthlings who were very primitive or at least violent.

My essay on “Neanderthals and Semites” ( shows how modern Whites intermixed (possibly via rape and/or abduction) with Neanderthals, and this is reflected in the features of many Europeans and Middle Easterners, especially Jews and Arabs. but also some Germans, Croatians, French, Italians, Poles, Slovaks and others who also have these features. The pure Neanderthals died out, because they could not compete with modern humans, but they did leave behind many genes.

A Neanderthal


comparing-cranium-Cro magnon-to-neanderthal

An Asiastic species that also died out was announced a few years back, Denisova, and once again, they could not compete but some of their genes are found in modern Asians.

This article from the prestigious Establishment Washington Post ( suggests that certain early Blacks must have mated with (not some monkey, as hard-core racists joke or claim) but with a pre-human species that also lived in Africa but died out.

Thus, as with Denisova for the Asians or Neanderthals for the Europeans, a subhuman species could not outperform the local modern humans, dying out via war and/or starvation, but it lived on in the sense that some of its genes were passed on to the more successful species.

One claim I have read is that the Greys treacherously attacked the Nordic-Alien/Pleiadian peoples (causing a loathing for them that the Pleiadians feel to this day), feigning interspecies friendship, good will, and a desire for trade, tourism, cultural exchanges, sharing technology, etc. Then the Greys struck, and also attacked the world where the original East Asians lived, and also the world where the Blacks originated.

Ominous Mayan sculptures (from

As the Greys began slaughtering people by the millions, the Whites then, out of compassion, evacuated some of the Asians and Blacks to Earth, or at least let them land here. These other races then spread out around the world.

Later, the galactic war came to Earth as well, and nearly everyone on earth was killed. My blog here goes into hard evidence of green glass and rocket scorch marks…. indicating a huge conflict in ancient times: (Scroll down half way to “Book proves a hated alien force was blasting off into space in 2000 BC and probably nuked rebellious humans”)

The book (translation of title: “Alien Spaceship Launch Sites”) by the retired German aviation engineer Peter Brchmann, contains many photos of what seem clearly to be scorched blastoff areas around the world.


Photos of lined-up launch sites, with exact GPS coordinates given so you can verify them yourself. No one can say these deep indentations marks made in rows were created by nature. Even if they resulted from meteorite strikes, they would not be lined up like this. It looks like what a military would do: soldiers in a row.


The major races ended up after this war in a post-apocalyptic world (not unlike the movie “The Road”, based on the gripping novel by Colman McCarthy), living primitive lives of seeking food, shelter and mere survival. Higher technology was lost.



Under such circumstances, mating with prehumans may have occurred, and not necessarily voluntarily, in other words, it could have happened via rape and abduction, possibly by males of the more primitive species taking some females of the higher species, or evil males of the higher species taking females of the lower species.

If the results of this rape are not killed, then they live — and join the gene pool. This is how both eastern Germans and Slavs have ended up with a small amount of Mongolian genes and the B blood group.

So the history of modern humans would represent, as in so many ancient myths such as the Garden of Eden, a golden age that was lost in a war of evil and destruction, and then some intermixing occurred with primitive races, races native to earth, which brought us all down somewhat genetically.

Fortunately, through magnetic laser therapy, genes can be cleaned up from these primitive, violent subhuman genes. But so far this is not being done. Babies are still being born with lots of birth defects, and in fact more now than ever. Children born with such defects are a burden to themselves, to their loved ones and to a society that more and more is running out of money, but we can delete these bad genes without killing anyone, but just ensuring that babies in the future receive the best genes we have, not the worst, not the results of rapes tens of thousands of years ago.


.,_New_Mexico Okay, just a buncha Injuns…

Except for this:




John Edward MackM.D. (October 4, 1929 September 27, 2004) was an Americanpsychiatrist, writer, and professor atHarvard Medical School. He was aPulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of allegedalien abductionexperiences.[1]

Dr. Mack spoke with over 200 individuals with no mental illness who had had enconters or been abducted by aliens of various species. His books refer to three species, Nordic Aliens, Grays and Reptilians. I just read his posthumous book (he was killed by ”a drunk driver”) entitled Passport to the Cosmos, which also refers to them.

The 200 reports discussed by Dr. Mack confirm the widespread reports of Nordic Aliens as being benevolent, friendly, respectful and urging spiritual advancement, and not engaging in hostile or terrifying abductions, whereas the Grays are seen as icy-cold abductors and the Reptilians as positively evil and possibly even eating humans or their glands.


…..the Fourth Reich and Exonordics — a crazy idea or a scary reality to get used to and eventually like?

Unsealed Alien Files S01E10 Nazis and UFOs by filesunsealed

US Marine Corps Major Dennis Keyhoe, a Veteran of WWI and II and a graduate of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, wrote the document below. He was considered the one UFOlogist with the most integrity and courage in the 1950s and 1960s, back when the US Air Force was cranking out Operation Blue Book disinfo. (This culminated in the widely ridiculed claim that UFOs were “swamp gas.” That bloomer had the whole country convulsing in laughter in the 1970s, after which the ZOG government more and more gave up its obfuscation and just fell silent on UFOs. After Johnson, Vietnam and Watergate, no one believed anything the gov’t said on anything anyway.*;) wink)
. (This book by Major Keyhoe is an excellent read, btw, John.)In this bestselling book by Major Keyhoe (Wiki:, the initial incidents CLEARLY cannot refer to craft by Nordic Aliens, Grays, Reptilians or any other”advanced”species, whether friendly or not.He writes of craft emitting “black smoke,” light-colored smoke, etc.
I view this as further corroboration of MY thesis of the Fourth Reich. Ifsmoke is coming out of something,it is early Fourth Reich German stuff from the late 1940s. (It reminds me of the quaint Third Reich UFOs, the Haunebus, with machine gun turrets.)
And this supports what Dr. Joseph Farrell, PhD of Oxford says, though Farrell goes way too far in many of his books, which suggest that all UFOs are either 1) Fourth Reich origin OR 2) retro-engineered US and Soviet disks using technology harvested from crashed or US- or Soviet-shot-down Fourth Reich craft. (The US had an early HAARP weapon that could short out a Fourth Reich craft.)
Farrell clearly does not believe all UFOs or all aliens are really Fourth Reich, because his truly brilliant bookGenes, Giants, Gods and Men
… discusses in depth a galactic war among aliens of various species that also turned earth into a battlefield. (As my blog points out, Farrell reveals his true colors — favorable to WNism — by saying that “Yahweh” is an especially vicious alien who has beenusing the Jewsas his minions*;) wink and surviving off human sacrifice………. In a video on my blog he denounces “Anglo-American financiers” – who couldthatbe?*;) wink– and says “The Reich did not buy into the NWO”…. AN EXACT QUOTE.)
To summarize, this is how I see things after 40 years now of pondering it all and gathering evidence:
1) We live in a multiverse of several dimensions
2) we obviously live on the physical dimension
3) when we die, we go go another dimension (religion calls this heaven, hell, etc.)
4) Whites on earth are stranded star children who were cut offfrom a very technically and spiritually advanced empire of home worlds by a horrific galactic war that the good guys suffered many defeats in
5) Jews and East Asians are also stranded, and their ancestors were colonists from THEIR home worlds
5a) The “Men in Black” are clearly described as quasi-Jewish in features — “black-haired and olive- complected,” a very important point. And the aliens who did the 1961 Hill Abduction in New Hampshire were described as long-nosed and dark-haired, although not exactly human. The couple they abducted were anearly case of American race-mixing:Black husband and White wife.
6) Blacks are the actual natives of this planet, but Whites have been here for at least 50,000 years
7) UFOs are of these origins
a) Nordic Aliens
b) Tall Whites (extremely thin, pale semi-humans who are cold, militaristic, and contemptuous of earthlings), Grays (many evil), Reptilians (extremely evil)
c) The Fourth Reich
d) US and Soviet-Russian knockoffs
8) the Nordic Aliens are helping the Fourth Reich
9) the Grays are helping the US government and thus the Jews who of course control the US government. Thus the theme of the series “X Files” is simply true, that the Grays are deeply embedded in the US government.
This might be part of what Blum is referring to. ;-)
10) Some of the aliens could be better describes simply as demons, interdimensional demons. Some of their actions and abductions are cruel in the extreme, suggesting psychopaths. (A local who works with the Pennsylvania State Police in its discreet abduction investigations told me some details. I would say onlyavoid having bad karma,and I say there are aliens who kill humans for various of their glands, and do painful surgeries on humans without anesthetic; you are paralyzed butconscious and feeling the painand suffer severe and unnecessary PTSD afterward. They just do not care.)
11) The Nordic Aliens are described above.
More mind-blowing yet*;) wink:
12) The highly respected scientists Alan Hynek ( Jacques Valle ( both believe that aliens (good and bad) are moving between dimensions of time and space, hence their ability to dematerialize and even “shape-shift.”
Wiki on Hynek:
“There is sufficient evidence to defend both the ETI [extraterrestrial] and the EDI [extradimensional] hypothesis,” Hynek continued. As evidence for the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) he mentioned, as examples, theradar cases as good evidence of something solid, and the physical-trace cases.Then he turned to defending the EDI (extradimensional intelligence) hypothesis. Besides the aspect ofmaterialization and dematerializationhe cited the “poltergeist” phenomenon experienced by some people after a close encounter; the photographs of UFOs, some times on only one frame, not seen by the witnesses; thechanging form right before the witnesses’ eyes;the puzzling question oftelepathiccommunication; or that in close encounters of the third kind the creatures seem to be at home in earth’s gravity and atmosphere; the sudden stillness in the presence of the craft; levitation of cars or persons; the development by some ofpsychic abilities after an encounter.”Do we have two aspects of one phenomenon or two different sets of phenomena?” Hynek asked.[12]
Finally he introduced a third hypothesis. “I hold it entirely possible,” he said, “that atechnology exists, which encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.There are stars that are millions of years older than the sun. There may be a civilization that is millions of years more advanced than man’s. We have gone from Kitty Hawk to the moon in some seventy years, but it’s possible that a million-year-old civilization may know something that we don’t … I hypothesize an ‘M&M’ technology encompassing the mental and material realms.The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today, may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.[13]
13) Nordic Aliens have abducted entire White American families and taken them to beautiful planets to work in agriculture and forestry, fearing that earth WILL be destroyed but desiring that White earthlings should be preserved. They are however kept at 1940s technology because Earthlings tend toward ego, violence, and misusing technology to make devastating weapons and, through pollution, to destroy their own environment to get rich quick.
14) A Gray-Reptilian alliance enslaved many planets with a HAARP-like mind control and neurochemicals, making them into programmed transhumans without free will, slaves and soldiers in their war machine.
The Nordic Aliens were forced to obliterate all life on those many planets and then restore those planets painstakingly so they could again host life.
15) The Nordic Aliens wish the Fourth Reich to take care of the problems on this planet.
Or they will have to do the same thing here.


I revealed the most explosive and game-changing information in the modern history of white nationalism, and I believe that that is no exaggeration, on the John Friend online radio show.Here is the link to the actual 95-minute show, which I think went very well.

. . .

First feedback on the show from Skype:

From Washington DC: Very good show.

From Greece. I heard much of your show. Very good.

From Germany: Excellent show.

From Slovakia: Great show, John!


It is essential to actually view the videos, and not, ADD-like ;-), skip over the key evidence for lack of attention span. This is the most explosive and game-changing information in the modern history of white nationalism, and that is no exaggeration. View the videos. You cannot claim “I am unconvinced” if you skip over this blog like a butterfly on caffeine ;-), without looking at what the videos reveal.

I ask you now: what would motive generals in the Russian Air Force to claim, as shown on Russian state national television in 2006, that the Third Reich did escape to the southern hemisphere (South America and the Antarctic) if they did not believe it? And yet this is just one of the many indicators that something clandestine yet major is going on. So, for that matter, is this video shot at the ranch of James Gilliland in Washington State, 13 miles from the beautiful Mount Adams, and an hour by car south of Portland. ….. How would YOU explain what this CROWD of people is seeing?

The Gilliland ranch is a simply amazing phenomenon. Basically, UFOs appear there every single night, and people come by the thousands to see them, just as people come at night on July 4th to see fireworks. Here is a 6-minute report by Sean Hannity of FOX News Channel. Note also that for “balance” they bring in a UFO debunker, a hunched-over geek who says the UFOs are all satellites.

Here is Gilliland on his ranch:

Gilliland’s version of things is that aliens are benevolent; I disagree. Maybe the ones at Mount Adams are, but only maybe. In any case, something very mysterious is going on there. In this interview, he clearly describes them as what (see further below) are called “nordic aliens,” saying they are extremely good-looking, and often it is their females who appear to men so as to not to terrify them.

Gilliland say they have given up trying to straighten out the current governments and instead deal with more enlightened people among the masses. Their message is to have a higher consciousness, save the environment and seek peace. But all they permit themselves ethically to do is urge us to change, respecting our free will.

I wrote a good comrade who was known as a skeptic regarding Fourth Reich UFOs the following: I am interested in your feedback. I heard in the meantime (I wanted my blog to provoke discussion and it has done that that ;-) ) that you were a skeptic about the Reich UFOs. I fully understand the skeptics! I endeavor belowto make a solid case, while also dealing with the emotional blockage associated with fearing 1) the disaster of misplaced hope and 2) the painful dashing of FALSE HOPES. After 35 years myself as a skeptic, I now see this as a reality. In fact, the circumstantial evidence is becoming massive., as with other secret projects. No one says the Manhattan Project never happened. Hiroshima was the proof it did. But from 1942-August 1945 one could doubt it. Then came the big boom…..

As for chemtrails, they were doubted too, but who doubts now? When Thierry Meyssan first uttered the no-plane theory of 9/11 at the Pentagon he was loudly ridiculed, but now? As I stated in my blog in German on this topic….. (

Als ehemaliger Unteroffizier der US-Marines im Nachrichtendienst verstehe ich die Notwendigkeit bei wichtigen Operationen der Vertuschung, der Irrefhrung und der Geheimhaltung. Gerade die Hinberrettung der Reichstruktur, der neuesten Wunderwaffen, und des wehrwissenschaftlichen Personals des Dritten Reiches erforderte die allerstrengste Geheimhaltung gekoppelt mit einer diskreten Schlagkraft bei jedem US-Angriff gegens Vierte Reich in der Nachkriegszeit , die keine war. Davon waren die US-Angriffe von 1947 (Navy/Highjump) und 1958 (Atombomben) Belege. USMC_logo


As a former NCO in the U.S. Marines in the intelligence area, I understand the need that important operations have for cover-ups, deception and secrecy. The preservation of the Third Reich’s military structure, and of its key new weapons and advanced scientific personnel, required the strictest secrecy — coupled with a discreet use of its weapons to deter any U.S. attack against the Fourth Reich in the wrongly labeled “post-war” period. The war has never ended and is ongoing. Examples of US attacks on the Fourth Reich occurred in 1947 (US Navy/ Operation Highjump) and 1958 (US Air Force dropped hydrogen bombs on the Antarctic under the cover of the “International Geophysical Year.”


……for the past twenty – to – twenty-five years or so the former picture of planet-Earth-from-Space which had always showed North America and the Western Hemisphere – was replaced by ANOTHER picture – which is NOW the standard – THE Standard ! – whenever anyone now sees ” the whole world ” as viewed from outer space.It shows the Jews’ NWO capital city of JERUSALEM to be literally ” on the top of the world ” ! and the ” whole ” world consists of entirely black (all of Africa) – and some brown – people’d areas – entirely ! Do you suppose that this was deliberate ? I ask you.

Jerusalem above a BROWN AND BLACK WORLD… but opposing it at the bottom is ….. the Antarctic….


I wrote to a comrad who suggested I was implying we should “lean back and relax, because the Reich is going to save us”:
First, your argument is entirely on the strategic-psychological level, which is fine, although I find it flawed.
Actually I bent over backwards in the talk show to deal with those ISSUES — “SIT BACK AND RELAX” — .
The fact is that the Fourth Reich is real. And that is the reality we must deal with as much as psychological worries.

Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf


German original: Die Mglichkeit, fr ein Volkstum die Unabhngigkeit wieder zu erringen, ist nicht gebunden an die Geschlossenheit eines Staatsgebietes, sondern viel mehr an das Vorhandensein eines, wenn auch noch so kleinen Restes dieses Volkes und Staates, der im Besitz der ntigen Freiheit, nicht nur Trger der geistigen Gemeinschaft des gesamten Volkstums, sondern auch der Vorbereiter des militrischen Freiheitskampfes zu sein vermag. (Volume II, Chapter 13)

English translation: “The possibility for a folk of regaining its independence is not tied to having a closed state territory, but instead, and far more, to the existence of a remnant, no matter how small, of this folk and state, which possesses the needed freedom to be not only the bearer of the spiritual community of the entire folk, but also the preparer of the military struggle for freedom.”

In fact, au contraire, the propagating of the belief in a final victory, in the right hands, can energize us to continue seeking that victory.
The Jews believe that the Messiah will give them final victory, and so do the Muslims when the Mahdi comes.
In fact, my view is that We must do MORE to help the Reich, or they WILL leave us in the lurch. And in fact as Germans they owe us NOTHING.We destroyed their nation twice in 30 years. WEdestroyed the one great hope of mankind.
And WE were an antisemitic nation, but cowardly, when we did it!There were very many like Lindbergh and Ford back then…. and they kept their mouth shut after Pearl Harbor and made money.And they do to this day.
Young souls are not in love with truth for its own sake. it is not sacred. They only want to know if a truth (or a lie) is useful to THEM, their money, comfort or getting laid. ;-) The ugly, nasty Jews would be getting nowhere if our folk were pure at heart.
My final question is this:
Did you read my proofs and evidence and indications yet, yes or no?
If not then you are ONLY viewing this on the psychological-strategic level, and not on the factual level, which is asking simply


This is the question – did it happen? If it did, then we can and must USE it to our ADVANTAGE.
I gave up the prospect of a millionaire lifestyle 35 years ago (I was DISINHERITED) for this Cause and I can assure you, comrade Scott, that only the success of our race is my objective:
I go back in a way almost to the Rockwell years (having known many of his friends).When I joined in 1978, ten years after his assassination, I gave up everything for this Cause. And what I see now, comrade, is TOTAL DEFEATISM. We are overawed by the NWO and its stupendous MILITARY and its TECH.

And this is why the belief in the Reich and the nordic-aliens thesis is the ANTIDOTE TO THE FEELING OF POWERLESSNESS. .


This UFO thing is of the hugest importance, as you can readily grasp. I am being fed info also by Germans, and much of it is in English, ironically. I have taken a while to 1) gather the full facts and 2) make sure that, except for the most hopelessly skeptical, it begins to gradually seem more and more like a reasonable possibility. It was a major readjustment for me mentally, and it will be for others too. But it is because — unconsciously — we are at this stage so used to defeatism and doom that we have forgotten how to feel hope and that is the “threat” this information represents: HOPE! We no longer dare to hope because we fear hopes being raised and then dashed! .


There is no question that “something” is going on when a practice (“dummy”) US Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, launched from Malmstrom Air Force Base , is destroyed by several blasts from a round flying craft firing a laser. See the video below.

Sign at front gate, Malmstrom AFB


A US Minuteman missile


Location of Malmstrom AFB, Montana in North America (from Google)


Malmstrom AFB,Montana (

“Malmstrom AFB is one of three US Air Force Bases that maintains

and operates the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.”


Aerial shot in 2009 of Malmstrom AFB



See for yourself:

Anyone who reads even the establishmentarian Wikipedia article on the March 1997 “Phoenix [Arizona] Lights” ( can see that strange and HUGE things have appeared over a major US city and hundreds of thousands saw it, including UFO skeptics, of course. The stars could not be seen form the city below, so huge were these things. The US Air Force spokesman’s claim that it was just “flares” is inept, and shows contempt for the people of greater Phoenix and for the governor of the state.

Another famous incident occurred on November 17, 1986: “As the city lights of Fairbanks [Alaska] began to illuminate the object, [Japan Airlines] captain Terauchi believed to perceive the outline of a gigantic spaceship on his port side that was ‘twice the size of an aircraft carrier’.” This was, in fact, one of the most documented and famous UFO cases. And it was of a gigantic UFO.

I saw one of these 23 years ago north of McMinnville, Oregon, and so did one of my clients. The photo below is of another incident that occurred in nearby Washington State in 2012:

As in my experience, the thing coasted along very slowly, and suddenly, literally, disappeared. No normal object can disappear, and no normal earthly aircraft can stay in the air at such a slow speed (especially without any wings). Nor can it hover without helicopter blades or a Harrier-type engine thrusting downward, but those engines are incredibly loud just to keep a small jet aloft. (I saw a Harrier take off while in the Marines.) The thing I and my client saw was as silent as a butterfly.



Another UFO incident, resulting in a 1948 fatality for a highly experienced and decorated WWII American fighter pilot, Captain Thomas Mantell, also involved a gigantic craft hovering near the famous US Army base, Fort Knox, Kentucky, home of the entire gold reserves of the United States.


Mantell described it as “gigantic” by radio before dying (from hypoxia, it is claimed) while pursuing the object:

Captain Thomas Mantell, Kentucky Air National Guard (from


A Kentucky Air National Guard P-51 Mustang like Mantell’s, capable of 400 mph


Of course, this raise a question why supposedly high-tech “aliens” would want or need gold…… if they WERE aliens.




In US Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe’s very respected early book (1950) on UFOs, entitled, bluntly, Flying Saucers Are Real (found here: we read a full account and it debunks the idea that the plane disintegrated from mere air speed as it went down. I have added bold to the text in key areas. US Marine Corps major Donald Keyhoe (who served in both WWI and WWII) was a highly respected UFOlogist and wrote one of the best early books on UFOs and government coverups. ( Wiki:

Keyhoe was born and raised in Ottumwa, Iowa. He earned a B.S. degree at the United States Naval Academy in 1919, and was commissioned a Marine Corps Lieutenant. In 1922, his arm was injured during an airplane crash in Guam. During his long convalescence, Keyhoe began writing as a hobby. He eventually returned to active duty, but the injury gave Keyhoe persistent trouble, and, as a result, he retired from the Marines in 1923. He then worked for the National Geodetic Survey and U.S. Department of Commerce. In 1927, Keyhoe managed a very popular coast-to-coast tour by Charles Lindbergh. This led to Keyhoe’s first book, 1928’s Flying With Lindbergh. The book was a quick success, and led to a freelance writing career, with many of Keyhoe’s articles and fictional stories (mostly related to aviation) appearing in a variety of leading publications.Keyhoe returned to active duty during World War II in a Naval Aviation Training Division, retiring again a Major.

Here was Major Keyhoe being interviewed by CBS’s famous Jew reporter Mike Wallace (who tries in every way to ridicule Kehoe and on the premise that 1) all UFO believers are crackposts and 2) “our government would not lie”;-) LOL! ): When Major Keyhoe refers to a 1953 incident where two Air Force officers were killed over Lake Superior when they confronted a UFO, this is the incident, and it is very documented:

Lieutenant Felix Gene Moncla, USAF


Location of Kincheloe AFB near Kinross, Michigan


Lieutenant Moncla and his navigator were killed when they flew right at the UFO. No wreckage has ever been found. The USAF lie that they collided with a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter jet was strenuously and repeatedly denied by Canadian authorities.



Memorial marker for Lieutenant Moncla in his native Louisiana


Keyhoe wrote in his highly respected Flying Saucers Are Real (1950):

This was the cover of that best-selling book, looking very quaint by 2013 standards, but people were more innocent back then and all popular books had covers like this.


It disturbed my belief in our human superiority. Faced with this evidence of a superior race in the universe, my mind rebelled. For years, I had been accustomed to thinking in comic-strip terms of any possible spacemen–Buck Rogers stuff, with weird-looking space ships and green-faced Martians. But now, if these sightings were true, the shoe was on the other foot. We would be faced with a race of beings at least two hundred years ahead of our civilization–perhaps thousands. In their eyes, we might look like primitives. I can still remember thinking, If it’s true, then the stars will never again seem the same.


Major Keyhoe tells Wallace: ”Some of them look like the man next door.”


An encounter with Nordic Aliens — an English country woman recalls:


A Greek comrade wrote me on Skype: Tell your detractor to watch this: That’s Canada’s former Minister of Defense, PAUL HELLYER, the longest serving current member of the Queen’s Privy Council, just ahead of Prince Philip. InMay of 2013 he testified before the CANADIAN PARLAMENT of knowing AS DEFENCE MINISTER of 4 Alien races actively visiting Earth….. Another flake, I guess. ;-)


IT HAS BEEN over two years since the puzzling death of Captain Thomas Mantell. Mantell died mysteriously in the skies south of Fort Knox. But before his radio went silent, he sent a strange message to Godman Air Force Base. The men who heard it will never forget it. It was January 7, 1948. Crowded into the Godman Field Tower, a group of Air Force officers stared up at the afternoon sky. For just an instant, something gleamed through the broken clouds south of the base. High above the field, three P-51 fighters climbed with swift urgency. Heading south, they quickly vanished.


The clock in the tower read 2:45. Colonel Guy Hix, the C.O. [Commanding Officer], slowly put down his binoculars. If the thing was still there, the clouds now hid it. All they could do was wait. The first alarm had come from Fort Knox, when Army M.P.’s had relayed a state police warning.


A huge gleaming object had been seen in the sky, moving toward Godman Field. Hundreds of startled people had seen it at Madisonville, ninety miles away. Thirty minutes later, it had zoomed up over the base. Colonel Hix glanced around at the rest of the men in the tower. They all had a dazed look. Every man there had seen the thing, as it barreled south of the field. Even through the thin clouds, its intermittent red glow had hinted at some mysterious source of power. Something outside their understanding.


It was Woods, the exec [Executive Officer = Second in command], who had estimated its size. Hix shook his head. That was unbelievable. But something had hung over Godman Field for almost an hour. The C.O. turned quickly as the loud-speaker, tuned to the P-51’s, suddenly came to life. “Captain Mantell to Godman . . . Tower Mantell to Godman Tower . . .” {p. 16} The flight leader’s voice had a strained tone. “I’ve sighted the thing!” he said. “It looks metallic–and it’s tremendous in size!”


The C.O. and Woods stared at each other. No one spoke. “The thing’s starting to climb,” Mantell said swiftly. “It’s at twelve o’clock high, making half my speed. I’ll try to close in.” In five minutes, Mantell reported again. The strange metallic object had speeded up, was now making 360 or more. At 3:08, Mantell’s wingman called in. Both he and the other pilot had seen the weird object. But Mantell had outclimbed them and was lost in the clouds. Seven minutes dragged by. The men in the tower sweated out the silence. Then, at 3:15, Mantell made a hasty contact. “It’s still above me, making my speed or better. I’m going up to twenty thousand feet. If I’m no closer, I’ll abandon chase.” It was his last report. Minutes later, his fighter disintegrated with terrific force. The falling wreckage was scattered for thousands of feet.


When Mantell failed to answer the tower, one of his pilots began a search. Climbing to 33,000 feet, he flew a hundred miles to the south. But the thing that lured Mantell to his death had vanished from the sky. Ten days after Mantell was killed, I learned of a curious sequel to the Godman affair. An A.P. account in the New York Times had caught my attention. The story, released at Fort Knox, admitted Mantell had died while chasing a flying saucer.


Colonel Hix was quoted as having watched the object, which was still unidentified. But there was no mention of Mantell’s radio messages–no hint of the thing’s tremendous size. Though I knew the lid was probably on, I went to the Pentagon. When the scare had first broken, in the summer of ’47, I had talked with Captain Tom Brown, who was handling saucer inquiries. But by now Brown had been {p. 17} shifted, and no one in the Press Branch would admit knowing the details of the Mantell saucer chase.


“We just don’t know the answer,” a security officer told me. “There’s a rumor,” I said, “it’s a secret Air Force missile that sometimes goes out of control.” “Good God, man!” he exploded. “If it was, do you think we’d be ordering pilots to chase the damned things?” “No–and I didn’t say I believed it.” I waited until he cooled down. “This order you mentioned–is it for all Air Force pilots, or special fighter units?” “I didn’t say it was a special order,” he answered quickly. “All pilots have routine instructions to report unusual items.” “They had fighters alerted on the Coast, when the scare first broke,” I reminded him. “Are those orders still in force?” He shook his head. “No, not that I know of.” After a moment he added, “All I can tell you is that the Air Force is still investigating. We honestly don’t know the answer.”


As I went out the Mall entrance, I ran into Jack Daly, one of Washington’s veteran newsmen. Before the war, Jack and I had done magazine pieces together, usually on Axis espionage and communist activity. I told him I was trying to find the answer to Mantell’s death. “You heard anything?” I asked him. “Only what was in the A.P. story,” said Jack. “But an I.N.S. man told me they had a saucer story from Columbus, Ohio–and it might have been the same one they saw at Fort Knox.” “I missed that. What was it?” “They sighted the thing at the Air Force field [air bases were called “fields” in the early days of aviation] outside of Columbus. It was around sundown, about two hours after that pilot was killed in Kentucky.” “Anybody chase it?” I asked. “No. They didn’t have time to take off, I guess. This I.N.S. guy said it was going like hell. Fast as a jet, anyway.” “Did he say what it looked like?” {p. 18} “The Air Force boys said it was as big as a C-47,” said Jack. “Maybe bigger. It had a reddish-orange exhaust streaming out behind. They could see it for miles.”


A Douglas C-47



[Later on Keyhoe becomes livid over official Air Force debunking when he hears the Air Force is claiming Captain Mantell was mistakenly chasing the planet Venus.] “That business at Godman Field was some kind of hallucination,” insisted Splitt. [ a Pentagon official] “I suppose all those pilots and Godman Field officers were hypnotized? Not to mention several thousand people at Madisonville and Fort Knox?” [Later] {p. 37}


FOR MORE than two weeks, I checked on the Godman Field tragedy. One fact stood out at the start: The death of Mantell had had a profound effect on many in the Air Force. A dozen times I was told: “I thought the saucers were a joke — until Mantell was killed chasing that thing at Fort Knox.


Many ranking officers who had laughed at the saucer scare stopped scoffing. One of these was General Sory Smith, now Deputy Director of Air Force Public Relations. Later in my investigation, General Smith told me: “It was the Mantell case that got me. I knew Tommy Mantell. very well–also Colonel Hix, the C.O. at Godman. I knew they were both intelligent men–not the kind to be imagining things.”


For fifteen months, the Air Force kept a tight-lipped silence. Meantime, rumors began to spread. One report said that Mantell had been shot, his body riddled with bullets; his P-51, also riddled, had simply disintegrated. Another rumor reported Mantell as having been killed by some mysterious force; this same force had also destroyed his fighter.


The Air Force, the rumors said, had covered up the truth by telling Mantell’s family he had blacked out from lack of oxygen. Checking the last angle, I found that this was the explanation given to Mantell’s mother, just after his death, she was told by Standiford Field officers that he had flown too high in chasing the strange object. Shallet, in the Saturday Evening Post articles, described Project “Saucer’s” reconstruction of the case.


Mantell was said to have climbed up to 25,000 feet, despite his firm decision to end the chase at 20,000, since he carried no oxygen. Around 25,000 feet, Shallett [a paid liar employed by the Air Force] quoted the Air Force investigators, Mantell must have lost consciousness. After this, his pilotless plane climbed on up to some 30,000 feet, then dived. Between 20,000 and 10,000 feet, Shallett suggested, the P-51 began to disintegrate, obviously from excessive speed.


The gleaming object that {p. 38} hypnotized Mantell into this fatal climb was, Shallett said, either the planet Venus or a Navy cosmic-ray research balloon. [Keyhoe later goes on to show that the object was seen at the same time from 175 miles away, and computes from that that it was probably 1,000 feet long or more, and was traveling at 18,000 miles per hour. It would thus have been the length of the USS Nimitz, pictured below with an escorting destroyer.]



[Major Keyhoe’s book continues] “I can tell you a little more,” [said “Paul Redell”, a pseudonym for an aeronautics engineer who spoke off the record. Keyhoe says: “He has worked with major aircraft companies and served as a special consultant to government agencies and the industries. He is also a competent pilot.”] “Some top Nazi scientists were convinced we were being observed by space visitors. They’d searched all the old reports. Some sighting over Germany set them off about 1940. That’s what I was told. I think that’s where they first got the idea of trying out oval and circular airfoils. “Up to then, nobody was interested. The rotation idea uses the same principle as the helicopter, but nobody had even followed that through. The Nazis went to work on the disks. They also began to rush space-exploration plans–the orbiting satellite idea.


I think they realized these {p. 123} space ships were using some great source of power we hadn’t discovered on earth. I believe that’s what they were after–that power secret. If they’d succeeded, they’d have owned the world. As it was, that space project caused them to leap ahead of everybody with rockets.” When I asked Redell how he thought the space ships were powered, he shrugged. “Probably cosmic rays hold the answer. Their power would be even greater than atomic power. There’s another source I’ve heard mentioned, but most people scoff at it. That’s the use of electromagnetic fields in space. The earth has its magnetic field, of course, and so does the sun. Probably all planets do. ”


There’s a man named Fernand Roussel who wrote a book called The Unifying Principle of Physical Phenomena, about 1943. He goes into the electromagnetic-field theory. If he’s right, then there must be some way to tap this force and go from one planet to another without using any fuel. […] [and the book ends on this astounding note, suggesting the Air Force revealed certain things to him “off the record”…]


Although most of our guided-missile projects are secret, it is possible to give certain facts about guided-missile developments in general. The first successful long-range missiles were produced by the Germans. These were the buzz-bomb and. the V-2 rocket. But research in various other types was carried on during the war. Some of this was with oval and round types of airfoils.


As already stated by Paul Redell, there is strong evidence that the disk-shaped foil resulted from German observations of either space ships or remote-control disk-shaped “observer units.” All the Nazi space-exploration plans followed this discovery that we were being observed by a race from another planet.


[Keyhoe ends on this note] The American people have proved their ability to take incredible things. We have survived the stunning impact of the Atomic Age. We should be able to take the Interplanetary Age, when it comes, without hysteria.




In another 1948 incident, in the skies between Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama,, “it was reported by two very experienced pilots, Clarence Chiles and John Whitted. Both pilots had been decorated for their service as airmen during World War II, and both were regarded as valuable, respectable employees of Eastern Air Lines. Chiles, in particular, was highly esteemed by his peers and by his employer.”

They had seen the object for about 10 to 15 seconds. Both men described the object as cigar- or torpedo-shaped, about 100 feet in length, and about three times the diameter of a B-29 bomber. The “fuselage” was entirely smooth, with no wings, projections or fins. A bright red-orange exhaust was emanating from the object’s rear, and was more orange at the outer edges of the exhaust, but grew redder when it rose in altitude. The exhaust extended approximately 30 to 50 feet behind the object. They heard no sound from the object as it sped past the DC-3.

The most famous incident of them all was in 1952 (,_D.C._UFO_incident), but this article contains both fact and ludicrous government “explaining-aways”).

On July 19, 1952 a small FLEET of unidentified aircraft in formation slowly buzzed the US Capitol.

At 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952, Edward Nugent, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport (today Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport), spotted seven objects on his radar. The objects were located 15 miles (24 km) south-southwest of the city; no known aircraft were in the area and the objects were not following any established flight paths. Nugent’s superior, Harry Barnes, a senior air-traffic controller at the airport, watched the objects on Nugent’s radarscope. He later wrote: “We knew immediately that a very strange situation existed . . . their movements were completely radical compared to those of ordinary aircraft.”[1] […]

.ufo-capitol-1952 .

At Andrews AFB, meanwhile, the control tower personnel were tracking on radar what some thought to be unknown objects, but others suspected, and in one instance were able to prove, were simply stars and meteors. However, Staff Sgt. Charles Davenport observed an orange-red light to the south; the light “would appear to stand still, then make an abrupt change in direction and altitude . . . this happened several times.”[4]


The Washington Post newspaper of July 28, 1952 — note the photo of candidates Eisenhower and Nixon three months before the 1952 presidential election


At one point both radar centers at National Airport and the radar at Andrews AFB were tracking an object hovering over a radio beacon. The object vanished in all three radar centers at the same time.[5] At 3 a.m., shortly before two jet fighters from Newcastle AFB in Delaware arrived over Washington, all of the objects vanished from the radar at National Airport. However, when the jets ran low on fuel and left, the objects returned, which convinced Barnes that “the UFOs were monitoring radio traffic and behaving accordingly.” [6] The objects were last detected by radar at 5:30 a.m. Around sunrise, E.W. Chambers, a civilian radio engineer in Washington’s suburbs, observed “five huge disks circling in a loose formation. They tilted upward and left on a steep ascent.”

Events of July 2627

At 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, July 26, 1952, a pilot and stewardess on a National Airlines flight into Washington observed some strange objects above their plane. Within minutes, both radar centers at National Airport, and the radar at Andrews AFB, were tracking more unknown objects. A master sergeant at Andrews visually observed the objects; he later said that “these lights did not have the characteristics of shooting stars. There was [sic] no trails . . . they traveled faster than any shooting star I have ever seen.” [11]


Meanwhile, Albert M. Chop, the press spokesman for Project Blue Book, arrived at National Airport and refused several reporters’ requests to photograph the radar screens. He then joined the radar center personnel.[12] By this time (9:30 p.m.) the radar center was picking up unknown objects in every sector.


At times the objects traveled slowly; at other times they reversed direction and moved across the radarscope at speeds calculated at 7,000 mph. At 11:30 p.m., two jet fighters from Newcastle AFB in Delaware arrived over Washington. Capt. John McHugo, the flight leader, was vectored towards the radar pips but saw nothing, despite repeated attempts.[13]


However, his wingman, Lt. William Patterson, did see four white “glows” and chased them. Suddenly, the “glows” turned and surrounded his fighter. Patterson asked the control tower at National Airport what he should do; according to Chop, the tower’s answer was “stunned silence”. The four objects then sped away from Patterson’s jet and disappeared.[14



In a 1966 article in the then very popular men’s magazine True (not “men’s as in porn — just interesting tech, athletics, military, cars, etc.) Major Keyhoe wrote extensively on overtly HOSTILE encounters between the armed forces of the (Zionist-controlled) US Armed Forces and UFOs. If these craft are Fourth Reich, that would explain things, as would this video as to the motivations of the Reich Germans who saw their country built up by Adolf Hitler into a happy, proud, strong nation and then be annihilated by especially the US under Franklin Roosevelt in WWII:



I Know The Secret Of The Flying Saucers


byMaj. Donald E. Keyhoe,USMC(Ret.)

[source:] [Photos added by John de Nugent] Editors Note: Major Keyhoe has been writing about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in this magazine and elsewhere for over 15 years. From the outset he has insisted that flying saucers are real and interplanetary, and many authorities have come to agree with him. Now he claims that control over gravity itself is the only explanation for the astounding maneuvers which saucers are said to make. Some physicists dismiss this theory as fundamentally erroneous. But, as you will read, there are others who find Major Keyhoes latest chapter in “The Great Flying Saucer Story” important and plausible.


One night last February, over the North Pacific, a Flying Tiger Airlines crew had a startling aerial encounter. What they saw is a clue to a fantastic technical mystery. In its solution lies a prize so great that six government agencies are searching for it right now. The answer may not be far off. What they are searching for is the secret of gravity control.


About midnight on February 15, the Flying Tiger plane, carrying a military group from the U.S. to Japan, was four hours out of Anchorage. Suddenly the cockpit radar picked up three fast-moving objects. The plane captain and his crew looked out at the side and saw three huge oval-shaped ships, glowing red in the night.


An Air Force captain who was a passenger on the plane was called forward to confirm the sighting. His signed report is in the files of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. According to the captains report, the unknown machines slowed down to the airliners speed and flew in close formation. Five miles away, by radar range, they leveled off to pace the plane. The Air Force captain computed their length as much more than 700 feet.


It was plain that the giant Unidentified Flying Objects had an unknown type of propulsion. No jets, no exhausts were visible. For 30 minutes, still in formation, they continued to pace the plane. Then, swiftly accelerating to 1,200 knots, they climbed out of sight in seconds. This startlingly swift acceleration is a maneuver that could not be duplicated by any ship now made on Earth. What makes it possible for UFOs? According to many scientists and engineers, there is only one possible answer.


The answer isantigravity:artificial gravity fields and control of gravity power. Control of gravity is something that men have been dreaming about for centuries. Now it appears that we are on the threshold of achieving it. Its value, to the country that first attains it, is incalculable. Our government, hoping for a technical breakthrough, has set up 46 different research projects on various aspects of gravity control.


The Air Force is running 33 of these projects and the others are divided among five other agencies. Included in the 46 government projects are experiments and research at two Air Force Laboratories (Flight Dynamics and General Physics Research), Radio Corporation of America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa; Stevens Institute of Technology; the universities of California, Denver, Harvard, Indiana, Manchester (England), Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Purdue, Stockholm (Sweden), Syracuse, Texas, and two New York schools Queens College and Yeshiva Graduate School of Science.


And, of course, some government agencies have projects so secret that they are not publicly registered and cannot be revealed without permission. Private industry is also looking at the question of gravity control with new seriousness. A large number of giant corporations, including Bell Aerospace, General Electric, Hughes Aircraft, Boeing, Douglas and many others, have set up gravity projects.


If you add up all the known gravity programs being run by the government and private industry, you get somewhere between 65 and 70 projects. This means there is a heavy concentration of scientific and engineering brains working on the problem.


One leading scientist who is convinced that UFOs are spaceships using gravity control is Dr. Hermann Oberth. Doctor Oberth, a recognized authority, was co-designer of the V-2 rocket and later a U.S. special consultant at Huntsville, Alabama, one of the installations where important anti-gravity research is now under way.


“With ordinary propulsion,” Doctor Oberth told me in 1961, “such violent accelerations and maneuvers would endanger the ship. Also, the force would crush any creatures aboard against the rear or sides of the machine. But with an artificial gravity field the force applies simultaneously to the passengers and the spaceship. Even in swift changes of speed and direction, the ship is not strained and the passengers feel nothing.”

B. John Zavrel of West-Art, whom I met in the 1980s, and Dr. Oberth in Germany in 1988.


Today, Doctor Oberth is willing to go further. He is now of the opinion “that energy, inertia and gravitational fields are only aspects of one and the same thing” and that it will prove impossible to separate them from each other. What he has in mind, he says, is “not yet known fields of force” which can be used to accelerate material objects in a way similar to the force of gravity.


Another noted authority who agrees that UFOs are using artificial G fields is William P. Lear, Sr., [see “Hard-nosed Gambler in the Plane Game” in this issue] multimillionaire inventor, pilot, designer of air and space equipment and builder of jet aircraft.


Lear, who once sighted a UFO from his executive plane, predicts that future U.S. vehicles will also use artificial gravity. “The people on board would probably not feel any more effect,” Lear says, “than they do from the tremendous speed of the Earth as it rotates and orbits and orbits the sun.”


Several years ago, Glenn Martins vice-president for advanced design, G. S. Trimble, predicted that by 1985 practically all airliners would be using artificial gravity, flying at almost unbelievable speeds. At about the same time, future airliner speeds of 10,000 mph. or more were pictured by Dr. Walter Dornberger, then Bell Aircrafts chief guided-missile scientist and now president of Bell Aerospace.


Grover Loening, pioneer aircraft builder and consultant to the Air Force, said it even more strongly, “I firmly believe that before long man will acquire the ability to build an electromagnetic contra-gravity mechanism that works,” he stated.


A top official of Bethlehem Steel, Jesse V. Honeycutt, has indicated some of the results we can expect if Loening is right. “Serious research is being concentrated in an attempt to solve the mystery of gravity and bring about a control of its power. It would bring about a greater revolution in power, transportation and many other fields than the discovery of atomic power, “he stated.


Anti-gravity? It seems inconceivable. Yet, the search goes on and many responsible men believe the answer will be found. And, to my mind, it is the only possible explanation for the performance of the UFOs. The stakes are so high that no clue can be overlooked.


The Air Force Technical Intelligence, hunting for overlooked leads, is carefully checking hundreds of verified UFO reports. Hopefully, some of them will help us find out how these strange vehicles operate.


Four days before Christmas, 1964, a round, metallic craft about 125 feet in diameter was observed to make a brief landing in a field near Staunton, Virginia. Two Du Pont scientists later took Geiger counters to the site. “It was hot-highly radioactive,” Du Pont engineer Lawrence Cook reported. “We checked for 45 minutes it was definitely hot.”


In Puerto Rico, near dusk on December 26, 1964, Ramey Air Force Base radar spotted two large discs. As A4D jets streaked up to pursue them, the discs accelerated to terrific speed. Making instant right-angle turns-impossible for any known aircraft-they vanished over the Atlantic. On March 21, 1965, Capt. Yoshiaki Inada, piloting a Toa Airlines Convair on a domestic Japanese flight, was chased by a “mysterious, elliptical luminous object.” Flying close to the plane, the UFO blanked out his radio and “violently interfered” with his automatic direction finding equipment. Puzzling earlier cases also are being rechecked.


On July 1, 1954, an AF F-94 a two-man jet was scrambled to chase a UFO near Walesville, New York. When the pilot tried to close in, a sudden, unbearable heat filled the cockpit. Half-dazed, the pilot and radar officer bailed out. The jet crashed in the street, killing two children and their parents.


These odd phenomena, high radiation, mysterious heat and electrical interference may be side-effects of gravity control devices. Like most people, you probably took gravity for granted before space flights began. Now you know, for example, that one “G” is the Earths normal gravitational pull. This is what holds you to the seat of your chair and more important, keeps you from being tossed into the air by the Earth’ rotation. You feel two or three G’ in a roller coaster or a stunting plane -a mere hint of what our astronauts have to endure during blast-off and acceleration.


But gravity causes a lot of trouble and expense we seldom think about. Aircraft and rocket builders have to provide heavy engines, huge weight of fuel, just to offset gravity. In construction of buildings, bridges, and in a hundred other ways, G affects our lives and adds billions to the cost of work. Gravity control could reduce or end many of these problems.


How soon can we expect anti-gravity? Some researchers say it may take a long time. Others believe there may be a sudden breakthrough. If that happens, there will be some fantastic results.


First, obviously, our space program would take a big leap forward. Instead of our present wasteful rockets, we could build spaceships matching the UFOs high speeds and maneuvers. With such advanced ships, we could make swift flights to the moon and the planets.


Recently, Alexander de Seversky stated that “with abundant energy available, we will move in space with constant acceleration or deceleration. Accelerating half-way to our goal and decelerating the rest of the way at one G or 32.2 feet per second, the moon will be reached in three and a half hours, Venus in 36 hours, Mars in two days, Jupiter in six.”


According to Oberth, German physicist Burkhard Heim and other scientists, gravity control will enable spaceships to reach even greater speeds than these. With such advanced machines, we could explore the nearest star systems a century or more ahead of our present timetable.



JdN on Heim Burkhard Heim, 1925-2001



Heim tragically lost both hands, his eyesight and became deaf due to an explosion while working on explosives for German during the war. He dedicated his life after that reclusively to anti-gravity, and because of his brilliance and severe handicaps became knows as “the German Stephen Hawking.”


The Wikipedia article is contradictory, saying he made vast advances in anti-gravity and travel greater than the speed of light, but then that his discoveries were “unproven.” This is exactly what one would expect from US government disinfo and a “black project” — the line that his theories went nowhere, or as the cop says: “Keep moving; nothing to see here.” 😉 Wiki merely says:



During the 1955 holiday week ofThanksgiving Day, theNew York Herald Tribune, andThe Miami Heraldcarried announcements about the completion of contractual arrangements between Burkhard Heim andGlenn L. Martin Company. Heim was to assist them with theirgravity controlpropulsion project.[9]The news about Heim’s contract was among several revelations that had been published during the period of intensifiedUnited States gravity control propulsion research (1955 – 1974).[9] […] In 2004, theAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics(AIAA) awarded the winning paper in the nuclear and future flight field to a retired Austrian patent officer namedWalter Drscherand Jochem Huser, a physicist and professor of computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter, Germany. They turned the theoretical framework of Burkhard Heim into a proposal for an experimental test for a propulsion device that is thought to theoretically be able to travel at ratesfaster than the speed of light.

Hans Theodor Auerbach, a theoretical physicist and someone who has worked alongside Heim has stated that, “As far as I understand it, Heim theory is ingenious,” and, “I think that physics will take this direction in the future”.[2][20] In 2008, the AIAA Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee published the following statement:

Much research was conducted this year on the investigation of the experimental basis of the existence of gravity-like fields that cannot be described by conventional gravitation; that is, by the accumulation of mass. Investigations emphasized a geometrized approach termed Extended Heim Theory, which extends Einstein’s idea of geometrization of physics by employing the additional concepts of Heim.[21]



Oh , is that all? ;-) Just a mad scientist, I guess….. ;-)




Using carrier or “parent” ships with short-range probes, we could fully explore a planet either by remote control or direct observation before attempting to land.


Many cases are on record in which large UFOs have launched small units, apparently for close observation of the Earth, then retrieved them in swift, precise operations. In one such case (an official AF Intelligence report), groups of small UFOs flying at 5,240 mph were seen and tracked by the crew of an AF B-29.


One group, after abruptly slowing to pace the bomber, resumed its speed within seconds. The small UFOs were then seen to merge with or go aboard a huge carrier which accelerated to more than 9,000 mph before it disappeared.


Because of G-crafts tremendous speeds, the picture of possible military operations becomes hair-raising. Lets take as a basis the figure in a documented case at White Sands Proving Ground, where Navy scientists saw and tracked a UFO flying at 18,000 mph.


Such terrific speed could put bombers back into the picture in place of missiles. Attacks by G-bombers from bases near major targets would take less than five minutes. If a “brush-fire” war broke out halfway around the world, a huge G-transport carrying a fully armed division or even an army could be on the scene in 40 minutes, or less.


Another effect of gravity control will be a big change in air travel. Heres what a G-liner trip would be like, according to several researchers.


Lets say you are making a flight from New York to London. You go aboard a large ship probably disc-shaped, from present indications. Your seat has no safety belts none are needed. The ship takes off vertically, accelerating at incredible speed. You feel weightless but you feel no motion. The airliner arcs up into a great circle course, silently, with no “bumps” no rough air. In 10 to 15 minutes, London suddenly takes shape below. There is no long approach, skimming over rooftops. You descend vertically and land. If traffic is heavy, your pilot would stop the ship in midair and hover until cleared. In spite of the speed, youd be safer especially in regard to many of the strange eddies which have thrown jet airliners into uncontrollable dives.


In probing the riddle of gravity, project scientists try widely different approaches some even contrary to accepted natural laws. Under an Army contract, a University of Detroit team has built a 4,000-pound, specially wired rotor which spins at 100,000 rpm. With this unique device, scientists are testing gravitational radiation theories searching for a possible key to G control. Using gravity meters based on new principles of physics, Air Force teams make frequent flights around the equator and over the poles, to speed up worldwide measurement of the Earths gravitational pull.


Tied in with this is a network of gravity stations and special projects all over the world. Though no breakthrough has occurred (unless in highly secret projects) two significant facts have been established.

  1. The Earths G field is relatively weak, compared with the pull of gravity between planets and the sun.
  2. There is a connection between gravity and electromagnetic fields.

Igo Sikorsky, discussing the colossal force of spatial G, says a steel cable about 8,000 miles thick would be needed to hold the Earth in its orbit – if it were not for gravity. But, fortunately for our anti-G search, the Earths gravity pull, for objects on the ground or at average flight altitudes, is fairly small.


Likewise, the force required to cancel its pull would be relatively small if a method can be found. Using various barriers we can shield ourselves from the heat, light and sound waves. But, so far, no way has been found to create a gravity shield. Some scientists still call the gravity-shield idea a “lunatic fringe” notion. But many now refuse to say that such a thing is completely impossible. Are UFOs using a gravity shield?


In an effort to find out, the Air Force is renewing its attempts to capture a UFO. If we could get one on the ground, undamaged, it might make possible a big shortcut in our gravity research and save us years of slow, tedious scientific work.


In the past, many Air Force pilots have tried to down UFOs, without success. But the Air Force has new reason for hope now, based on the recent increase in low-altitude UFO approaches and “touch landings.”


On the night of January 12, 1965, an officer of a federal law enforcement agency had a close encounter. As he was driving his official car toward Blaine Air Force Station, in Washington, a flying disc 30 feet in diameter hurtled down at his automobile. At the last moment the disc arced up steeply, avoiding collision. When the officer jumped out, he saw the UFO hovering overhead. After a minute, it shot up into clouds at high speed. A short time afterward, the UFO or a similar one was seen landing in a field near Blaine, melting the snow and scorching the ground before it took off.


When the AF questioned the federal officer, they said they had tracked the UFO by radar as it raced down toward his car. This officer, like many other UFO witnesses, was warned by his superiors not to let his name be used in connection with the sighting.


On January 25, 1965, two NASA engineers sighted a UFO which touch landed near Hampton, Virginia. One witness was Maj. John Nayadley, a retired AF jet pilot. The other was A. G. Crimmins, who saw the strange machine maneuvering toward the ground. “It was zigzagging as if searching for a landing spot,” said Crimmins. “I watched it through 20 x 50 binoculars and I could see flashing lights. They appeared to be on the rim of a rapidly rotating disc.” Before anyone could reach the spot, the flying disc took off and rapidly climbed out of sight.


The step-up in UFO chases was demonstrated at Washington, D.C., on January 11, 1965, when AF jets pursued several flying objects over the city. The chase was confirmed by an Army lieutenant-colonel and a group of Army communications specialists. If jets had been near any of the “touch” sites, they might have swarmed down and kept the UFO from getting away. But records of previous attempts to capture UFOs indicate it will be a tough job. Whether we capture a UFO or not, the search for the elusive secret will go on.


The connection between gravity and electromagnetic fields may provide the key to the mystery. For several years, Burkhard Heim, director of the German Research Institute of Field Physics at Gttingen, Germany, has been searching for the answer to the gravity riddle.


Finally, Heim revealed that by direct experimentation he had discovered a positive lead to antigravity. The discovery involved an intermediate field, neither electromagnetic nor gravitational. The results, Heim stated, if applied to space flight, would be direct levitation, conversion of electricity into kinetic energy without any waste, and “immunizing the occupants and the structures of such vehicles against any effects from acceleration of the vehicle, however great and violent.”


After the first shock, several scientists examined Heims claims. “His approach is not in conflict with known laws of nature, and it agrees with the quantum theory,” A.R. Weyl said in an analysis for the British magazine,Aeronautics.“If Heim were right, the amazing properties commonly ascribed to the mysterious flying saucers would be, in fact, sound physics and proper engineering.”


Heims work toward the goal of an actual antigravity device using “field inducers” has evidently been put under official German security. He has refused to divulge the key to his formula.


Heims findings would indicate that antigravity researchers may discover new scientific laws and that their work may invalidate old theories. Some scientists are already saying privately that Einsteins famous “general theory of relativity” may turn out to be totally fallacious.


Newtons law has also come in for attacks. However, Robert Forward, G expert of Hughes Aircraft Company, uses the Einstein theory to show that it is possible to partially nullify the Earths gravitational field. The amount of nullification obtainable with present-day technology is extremely small, however. Forward predicts that some day, when our technology is greatly advanced, we will be able to “create artificial gravity fields at will.” With a real all-out effort this could happen a lot sooner than the 10 or 20 years many scientists have in mind. .


But getting enough top men to work in the field is a problem. One scientist says, “Scientists are sensitive about their reputations and many of them still think antigravity is a joke. If they knew the facts, theyd be eager to get into it.”


Fear among scientists is partially due to the Air force censorship of UFO reports. Air Force censors not only hide the facts but also belittle those who publicly report UFO sightings.


One recent victim was Dempsey Bruton, chief of satellite tracking at NASAs Wallops Island station in Virginia. On January 5, 1965, Bruton saw a strange round object flying at terrific speed toward the station. After it passed overhead, the UFO shot straight up out of sight. Using the elapsed time six to nine seconds and angles and times reported by other witnesses, Bruton said the speed was definitely “several thousand miles per hour, possibly 8,000 mph. or even higher.”


The AF, implying he was incompetent, rejected the report and said it was not evidence of any technically superior machine. But AF policy notwithstanding, the drive to get the secret of antigravity is well underway. It cant be stopped now. But itcanbe speeded up. We are already spending billions on the space program on the race to the moon, to Mars. Harnessing gravity could put us years ahead and save us enormous sums of money. With control of the universe at stake, a crash program is imperative.


We produced the A-bomb, under the huge Manhattan Project, in an amazingly short time. The needs, the urgency today are even greater. The Air Force should end UFO secrecy, give the facts to scientists, the public, to Congress. Once the people realize the truth, they would back even demand a crash G program. For this is one race we dare not lose. Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe Source: TRUE Magazine, January 1966



….. Mysterious photos of a destroyed space shuttle


Mysterious photos of a destroyed space shuttle

.supposed-columbia-snout-damaged-2003. supposed-columbia-front-half-devastated-2003


Of course, in 2003 a US space shuttle, the Columbia, containing an Israel Air Force colonel, supposedly disintegrated as it reentered the atmosphere but not according to these video screenshots.
The already-destroyed-by-something shuttle is NOT BURNING UP, but instead eerily floating above the Earth and looks like it took direct hits. Look at the nose section — and you will see large holes as if done by conventional, large, non-explosive bullets, in effect. (Question: WHO took this picture — looking down on the shot-up shuttle from ABOVE?)

(An abusive troll — see all his comments — claims this shuttle video is a proven hoax: See my reply.)

Interesting that the shuttle that was shot down had an Israeli AIR FORCE Lt. Commander Ramon on board.

Coincidence? Also it was on a “classified military mission.”

The video showing this is found further below. Polls also now show that UFOs are no longer considered nonsense. A major National Geographic poll in 2012 ( found as follows:


More than three quarters (77 percent) of those surveyed believe there are signs that aliens have visited Earth, and over half (55 percent) think Men in Black-style agents threaten those who report seeing them.


–More than a third (36 percent) believe aliens have already visited.


–Eighty percent believe the government has hidden information on UFOs from the public. [….]


–Just 17 percent of those polled did not believe in UFOs; about half said they were unsure. .


At both the University of Westminster in Britain and the University of Vienna, Austria ( ….


Studies and polls have found, for instance, that conservatives and religious people believe in UFOs far less than their liberal or less religious peers. Men are more likely to believe in aliens than women. (But women, interestingly, are more likely to believe in ghosts.)

Clearly, we all have leanings and personal tendencies that make us less than objective in confronting new and disturbing ideas. Imagine being the wife of a multi-millionaire businessman, hearing about a serial killer, and then discovering handcuffs, duct tape and dark red spots in the trunk of your husband’s car. The wife’s first thought might be: “Oh my God,” but the second might be: “This can upset and destroy my entire life. He could go to prison and lose everything when the relatives of the victims sue. I will lose everything we own jointly, and I will also always be know as the wife of a serial killer who never suspected anything, and people will smirk.” Some truth is very unwelcome. As the saying goes: “Convince me against my will and I shall believe it still. “


Finally, we all have doubted and rejected things that turned out to be very true and we have firmly believed things (and trusted people) and regretted it. Returning to the 1997 Phoenix Lights, the Wikipedia article contains on the one had the usual ludicrous “debunkings.” But it also contains the following: .

During the Phoenix event, numerous still photographs and videotapes were made, distinctly showing a series of lights appearing at a regular interval, remaining illuminated for several moments and then going out. These images have been repeatedly aired by documentary television channels such as the Discovery Channel and the History Channel as part of their UFO documentary programming.


And this, even more impressive:


Wikinews has related news: Former Arizona Governor says he saw a UFO during the 1997 Phoenix Lights


Shortly after the lights, Arizona Governor Fife Symington III ……




…..held a press conference, stating that “they found who was responsible”. He proceeded to make light of the situation by bringing his aide on stage dressed in an alien costume. (Dateline, NBC).



But in March 2007, Symington said that he had witnessed one of the “crafts of unknown origin” during the 1997 event, although he did not go public with the information.[29][30][31][32] In an interview with The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona, Symington said,


“I’m a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I’ve ever seen. It remains a great mystery. Other people saw it, responsible people. I don’t know why people would ridicule it”.[33]


Symington had earlier said,


“It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. It was dramatic. And it couldn’t have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape.[34]

Symington also noted that he requested information from the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the general of the National Guard, and the head of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. But none of the officials he contacted had an answer for what had happened, and were also perplexed.[34]


Later, he responded to an Air Force explanation that the lights were flares: “As a pilot and a former Air Force Officer, I can definitively say that this craft did not resemble any man made object I’d ever seen. And it was certainly not high-altitude flares because flares don’t fly in formation”.[2]


In an episode of the television show UFO Hunters called “The Arizona Lights”, Symington said that he contacted the military asking what the lights were. The response was “no comment”. He pointed out that he was the governor of Arizona at the time, not just some ordinary civilian.[35]


Frances Barwood, the 1997 Phoenix city councilwoman who launched an investigation into the event, said that of the over 700 witnesses she interviewed, “The government never interviewed even one”.[34]


I always thought that the whole alien-UFO and esp. the New Swabia Reich thing was a sidetrack and waste of time. And I wondered why the Reich would not just come RIGHT NOW ;-) and “save the white race.” Or why “nordic aliens” would not have saved the Reich from the Allies in the first place, at least after Stalingrad n 1943…. Now I believe I am filling in the pieces of the puzzle. And it makes me cautiously hopeful. :-)


Is is long but the claims I make need to be fully backed up. It has two gigantic assertions in it:
–1) the Reich survived in 1945 in South American and the Antarctic
–2) there are many planets peopled by nordic aliens
But they are at war themselves.
And this earth has been a place where several races were “dropped off”…… that is, marooned after a cosmic war.
And I have massive facts to support all this! Read on!.
The white race is very far from extinction; in fact, it is invincible, but our segment, the white race on earth, on this one planet, is indeed in big trouble at this moment.
The only question is: Will we terran (earthly) whites “get with the program” that has led to the white species thriving all over our sector of the galaxy? The material below means the white race will win; the Reich will win; and we will win.
It means incredible high tech and money are available, but not right now to use, because WE are useless now to THEM, and they have their own problems. There is a conflict across our sector of the galaxy — Exonordics versus grays and reptilians — and if we cannot help them (and right now we cannot and we do not) they must stay busy defending themselves.
This is like Germany being unable to rescue Finland in 1939-1940 when Stalin attacked. They had to just watch. Germany was not ready (NEVER fully ready!) to attack the Soviet Union. In fact, in 1939-40 Britain and France had not yet been defeated, and all of Western Europe was hostile. The amazing events of the spring of 1940 had not yet happened — the huge German blitzkrieg victories. For Hitler to attack the Soviet Union in 1939 would be 1) to attack an “ally” with whom he had just signed a non-aggression pact and 2) to attack a superpower WHILE France, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium were hostile independent powers on his western and northern borders, not yet under German control.
It would have been insanity in 1939 for Hitler to attack Soviet Russia to save three million Finns, when the whole future of the white race stood in the balance! Even by June 22, 1941, when Hitler attacked the USSR, even then he was not completely ready to take on the most gigantic country on earth! In the exact same way, the Fourth Reich and exonordics CANNOT help us just because they feel pity for us and see our pain. What will be THEIR pain if they help us and are destroyed because they “jumped the gun” with sentimental heroics? Then there is no more hope at all…
In fact, they will let the whole white race die on this planet if they must. Whites exist on many other planets. And this is the brutal truth. WE must show WE can help THEM! Dr. Joseph Farrell has a Ph.D. from Oxford.
Though he, like David Icke and Alex Jones, engages in “Nazi-bashing” (to 1) avoid being murdered outright as a dangerous whistle-blower on the power of Jewry, and 2) to be able continue to publish his factual and fascinating books and 3) to hold meetings without Jewish terrorists threatening the hotel), it is crystal-clear from a hundred between-the-lines things Farrell has written and said that he knows exactly who the real enemy is, the Jews.
For example, at 0:39:32-37 of this video on “the Nazi International” (and on “The Bell” – the NS multidimensional physics weapon….) after 1945 ( Farrell uses the phrase Anglo-American financial predators [ = Jews!] and Nazis are not playing the NWO ball game….
Further, in his brilliant 2010 book Genes, Giants, Gods and Men Farrell basically says that 1) wicked genetic experiments were being done in ancient times by malicious aliens out to create slave races, and 2) Yahweh, the tribal god of the ancient Hebrews, is an especially vicious alien leader, now thousands of years old, surviving off the negative energy of his suffering victims like a vampire, and out to enslave the human race. If that ain’t antisemitism, though of a unique kind ;-) I don’t know what is. It is just a scientific version of what Jesus said in John 8:44: “You are from your father, the Devil.”


I got in more info today from Germany, where the belief in the Fourth Reich is widespread, and also the realization that survival for itself is its highest priority, not “rescuing” us.


Depiction of Adolf in 1952, the year a German source told me he died of exhaustion after re-establishing the Reich as a military-financial network, like the situation of the Jews themselves until 1948, when they created “Israel”….. Until then they had a worldwide network BUT without a country as a home base. The Jews lost Palestine in AD 70 but that did NOT stop them from reorganizing to continue their mission for their race.BUT TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME!




It is like the instructions flight stewardesses give: In the vent of depressurization, first put on your own oxygen mask to maintain consciousness — and then only put one on your child.


PROJECT JEHOVAH ALSO CAME UP IN ANOTHER DOCUMENT THAT I BELIEVE WAS SIGNED BETWEEN PRESIDENT EISENHOWER AND SOMEONE? Yes. It was from Ike (Eisenhower) to the DCI. November 4, 1953, TOP SECRET (downgraded to SECRET) to the Director of Central Intelligence. (President Eisenhower) is talking about in the opening sentence to the Director of Central Intelligence: ‘I have studied the MJ-TWELVE Operations Plan of June 16, 1953, on the subject of instructions for the expenditures of the National UFO Intelligence Program, and more specifically, the Special Operations Instruction to be issued to Unified and Specific Major Commands and Commanders. Then in a last paragraph, it says: ‘Preferably, I would like to see this done in a closed meeting to be arranged through the Director of the National Security Agency, yourself (Director of Central Intelligence), and representatives of the MJ-12 Special Studies Project. I specifically want Project JEHOVAH director Professor Albert Einstein and doctor Robert Oppenheimer to inject any useful comments to the briefing as they are most informed on the physics related to the subject. Perhaps the annual Quantico conference would provide an opportunity to do this without the publicity which would call attention to such a special meeting. Sincerely, Dwight D. Eisenhower’


…..Pyramids unearthed in Caral on the coast of Peru

More evidence of ancient Aryan culture …


Due to the fact these structures were built of stone, they are hard to date as to just how old they are. (“Carbon-dating” only measures carbon in — at one time — living things, such as wood, straw, leather, etc. Stone also never rusts, unlike metals.)


Pyramids, possibly long before Egypt


A town with a ritual, circular fire pit



Egypt: Recently a daring Russkie sneaked atop one of the Great Pyramids and took this amazing shot without permission (which is why he is lying real flat ;-) …..)




The pyramids were built of amagnesium-containing sandstone thatconducted electricity,with granite corridors that were lightlyradioactive, but covered with a pure sandstone that was totally without any metal content and thus inert, like the plastic outside of a battery. So did all this by design create in effect a gigantic BATTERY? Also, water hit by sunlight (to charge it) flowed in specially engineered zig-zag turns from the (then nearby) Nile River into the pyramids, creating a gigantic electric current. The pyramids apparently were some kind ofmonstrous weapon or transmitter, maybe even an early kind of HAARP.They also show strong evidence of water damage halfway up, as if a FLOOD swept through around 8,000 BC. So if Whites were then primitive, WHO built a 45-story battery? See below……………………. ;-) .


(For part 2 of 3, click on )

…..Sign up for!


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  1. From a German reader:
    Dear John de Nugent,

    If I remember it right, in the past, Robert Stein (born in 1970) was a pilot at the Bundeswehr.

    In summer 2013, he gave a lecture (more than 2/3 is “Ufo”-related), presenting many arguments supporting the
    theory, that people from outside the earth influence our daily politics:

    Robert Stein – Blick hinter die Matrix – Sommerkongress-2013 Umdenken 2012

    (2 hours, 11 minutes)


    A reader of your Blog

    • I know that 75% of young people have ADD today, but if you can tear yourself away from multitasking on whatever:

      Just how do you KNOW that?

      And who would have that kind of budget for that level of CGI?

      If it is CGI and not a kid’s prank, which seems seriously impossible, then from what movie is it taken?


  2. Ancient aliens rubbish joseph farrell genes monster appalling rubbish. Hitler coward did not die in battle, so there idiot. Even considered giving you money, now I will leave this effort forever.

    • Heh-heh, just as I thought — you had no answer to my first question about the shuttles and the supposed “CGI,” nor have you any rebuttal of my other theses.

      Now, LOL, in your rage, you claim ‘you were about to send me bucks, but now…’ Suuuuure.

      I note that the email address you gave is also false, Mr. Super-Hero “”

      You are clearly a Jew, since you call Hitler, who won two Iron Crosses in combat in WWI, a “coward,” which is the most absurd of all the defamatory lies Jews like you spew against the man. Further, you call me an “idiot, ” which makes me wonder how, since idiots have an IQ at the low-retarded level, I graduated with high honors from Georgetown. 😉 Look, here is a whole article about you and yours:

    • Was President L. B. Johnson a brave man, dying in battle with his soldiers in Vietnam? Most, if not all of fearful recent American presidants were cowards, so why expect Hitler to die in battle? What nonsense…-

    • I found the channel ( but am still skeptical that this is “just CGI.”

      One method the Enemy uses is do extremely realistic hoaxes (with huge, government-level budgets) so as to set up and embarrass whistleblowers. But this raises the question who exactly has the money needed to do such a very convincing “hoax” IF IT IS INDEED A HOAX, the US government or another shadowy outfit with Hollywood-level budgets and capacities. And if anyone has pull in Hollywood, it is the Jews themselves.

      It is entirely possible that this footage is not a hoax but very real, and it is then very easy, child’s play, to create a YouTube account and then claim it and all alien things are just CGI hoaxes. Set up a hoax, and knock it down — all planned with malice aforethought.

      The evidence throughout my essay shows that the enemy is very concerned about Whites waking up one day and realizing that some of the aliens visiting this earth are of the white race, extremely powerful, and determined to help us if and when it fits in with their needs, plans and agenda, given that they have their own hands full with an ongoing conflict that is thousands of years old.

      I know for a fact that German publishers SUDDENLY, and this year, began refusing books by a German author on my same topic of the Fourth Reich and Nordic aliens, not even acknowledging receipt of the newest book inot their editorial office after years of both carrying — and promoting to the hilt — his earlier books on the same themes.

      IF you are sincere, which I very strongly doubt, then you need to grow up to the fact that the regime is creating smoke and mirrors all the time, double and triple games, and elaborate illusions (such as the Holocaust fraud, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon Bombing), plus distractions, lies, half-truths and murders of whistleblowers and prosecutions of others (Edward Snowden, Gary McKinnon (, Bradley Manning, etc.)

      Everyone is portrayed as a conspiracy “nut” who debunks the government’s lies.

      As Winston Churchill (no friend of mine, but brilliant) said: “Truth in war is so precious it must be escorted by a bodyguard of lies.” Well, the NWO is waging war on the human race and lies are the cheapest and most effective way to do that.

      My question remains: Who IS this “Hoaxer” that has the money to do such incredible CGI? And what is his real agenda? To debunk all theorists who cast doubt on the government’s version of this and other things (such as 9/11, the supposed Holocaust, Obama’s “birth certificate,” etc.?

      It is claimed now that the Hoaxer is a 9/11 “truther,” which is easy to SAY, but unless we know who he really is and what his opulent funding source is, we do not know if his videos are real hoaxes or real reality, if he even exists and is not a CIA Computer Graphics team, and what motivates this man or this group. “Follow the money,” as they say, but we cannot, because we have no idea who this character is.

      Cui bono?, the ancient Roman police always asked when stumped at first: “Who benefits?” The one benefiting the one behind the crime, and that is the Jewnited Snakes regime, which can now claim that “all conspiracy theorists are suckers who fall for any silly hoax.”

      In sum, this footage is perhaps not a hoax at all, or maybe it is the government creating a hoax to set up a trap for the debunker and skeptic community.

      What is the motive of Mr. Hoaxer? To get himself a CGI job in Hollywood?? You do not know the answer to this question.
      Or maybe you do, and YOU are government yourself.

      Your abusive tone from the beginning suggests that this is the case and that you are a Jew. The ludicrous slime about Hitler being a coward suggests that is indeed who you are.

      Hitler won two Iron Crosses for bravery in WWI. You can see his Iron Cross, First Class, above, hanging on his jacket, right below the left pocket-flap button. On average, only 1 enlisted German soldier in 1,000 during WWI was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. Unlike in WWII, the Eisernes Kreuz Erste Klasse was normally reserved for officers.


      Here is an officer, Lieutenant Leffers, wearing his Iron Cross First Class. It was like getting the Navy Cross for an American enlisted sailor or Marine; any vet would buy you a cup of coffee (or ein Bier) if they saw that on a non-officer. It was THAT special.


  3. Did you ever have a youtube address for the space shuttle picture, and have you ever heard of a website called On that website the author claims greys are cousins to white people (cro-mayan and branched off around about the ice age).

    Also I read on some forum the British were sending tanks painted white to the Falklands. Do you think this was to face fourth reich troops? Thanks

  4. VERY interesting website!

    Not sure how to interpret this British white-tank rumor…. but something is clearly going on, and around the world.

    (In German: for THREE hours a UFO shuts down flights at Bremen airport, confirmed by German police. Btw, the newspaper source, “die Welt” [= “The World”] is a prestigious, national, conservative, pro-business Establishment newspaper in Germany, not at all an alternative news source that publishes off-beat stuff)

    Google translation of this article:

  5. Don’t lie.Blacks extra-terrestrials are the Guardians and Fathers of the Universe and all planets and star systems. ” Research suggests that Jesus may have been a descendant of Black human being-looking Extraterrestrial time-travellers.This meta-historical text, claims that Jesus who was cited by Gnostics as claiming that he “came from the sky”, is an Extraterrestrial from the Sirian star system, approximately 1,000 years from now (3,000 years ahead of his linear time documented in the Bible). His alleged mission was to spiritually inspire Earthbound humans in a manner which would awaken their human psycho-kinetic healing, and other related spiritual abilities. As this occurred, it is further alleged that Manipulative Extraterrestrials also travelled through time to exploit and oppress humanity. This was apparently executed by genetic manipulations and otherwise. “

    • Interesting speculation….

      But “don’t lie” yourself. You are Black “too,” aren’t you? 😉

      I think you do have a dog in this fight about who Jesus was. 😉

  6. Given your good grounding in Latin, I’d like to turn your attention to another interesting question, which was hardly ever researched by anyone.

    It’s a very old historical example of the Jews acting very much like the London 7/7 bombers — only worse. Please, see below a very familiar quote, which, however, never gets commented on
    by anyone. And the background, as I understand, is the Romans’ having gone to war with the Babylonian Empire, where, apparently, the Jews found a ‘second home’ — and perhaps were
    a perennial flavour of the month like in the former Soviet Union.

    And here is this familiar to you quote:

    “Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put one Andreas at their head and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would cook their flesh, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood, and wear their skins for clothing.

    Many they sawed in two, from the head downwards. Others they would give to wild beasts and force
    still others to fight as gladiators. In all, consequently, two hundred and twenty thousand perished. In Egypt, also, they performed many similar deeds, and in Cyprus under the leadership of Artemio.
    There, likewise, two hundred and forty thousand perished. For this reason no Jew may set foot in that land, but even if one of them is driven upon the island by force of the wind, he is put to death. Various persons took part in subduing these Jews, one being Lusius, who was sent by Trajan.”

    — Cassius Dio “Dio’s Rome”, Volume V, Book 68, paragraph 32

  7. On the theorie of an arrival of aliens on earth in prehistoric times and high tech there is some additional proof in “The Clock of Giza” (Jewtube), though I noted two misinterpretations of the astonishing evidence presented in these two videos. The existance of prehistoric giants clearly is proven by giant skulls, of course.

    But nowadays alien hype smells like a hoax to me. First, science is, a whistleblower stated, always 50 years ahead of what the public is made believe to be the actual state of research. It could have been alike in germany in the 1930s and 1940s. Bright people like Tesla or von Braun would have been able to invent Haunebus without help of alien visitors, I suppose. There are things like Project Bluebeam, there are possibilities to create wrong memories (via MK, drugs) and all the like, that may as well have existed long before the public (or at least truthers) got to know about them. Then all these Hollywood movies on alien invasions, about the US-Government collaborating with E.T.s… Just as if the thought of their overwhelming power is ment to be implanted to viewers. As if to say, resistance is futile… And that stories of willing-to-help aliens can seduce believers to rely on them to save the world, all is ok, we are being watched over, no need to raise against JWO. And, finally, Hillary Clinton (or someone of similar rank and character, but I think it was her), a very ill seeming foe of truth, rather recently stated that aliens were planning to occupy earth or that the US-regime was collaborating with them, I forgot the details.

    Some of us may have alien DNA, most likely inherited of inhabitants of now dead or dying Sirius solar system, very near and somewhat mystical (and through gravitation, of course) connected to our own central star. But if “aliens” will save earthlings, it will be them, instead of highly evolved E.T.s orbiting and monitoring the planet. All that stuff about fights between grays and nordic aliens allowing no help against the ongoing omnicide down here clearly seems made up just to expain that very lack of any intervention of them wise and noble aliens.

    • Dear Electrocat,

      I appreciate your frank reaction, but the thing to do is read the evidence for nordic aliens and not give me just an emotional reaction, as in “this is how this makes me feel.” We are dealing with facts here.

      I spent years collecting and analyzing the information in this multi-page essay. This is not a game to me. You would show respect to yourself and me to actually read it, all of it.


  8. Dear Sir,
    I beheld the link to the 2nd and 3rd part of this blog for one to the forum shown in the picture below it, I would have read them as well before commenting the material of course. And I am sorry to obviously have offended you by sharing my feelings or sensings about the issue. Also, I did in no way want to imply you personally promoted relying on help of aliens on space ships.

    Now I really see there are hints of aliens having come to earth from Aldebaran as well as from Sirius system; being mystically connected to our sun need not indicate such a secular connection.

    Yet Wernher von Braun himself stated, as you cite: “that the gov’t was planning (…) to create (…) the biggie: 4) an “alien threat” to the human race so as to justify weapons in space and a world government!” And you write: “However, anyone who has ACTUALLY READ my writings know they are fact-based, and in fact founded 100% on testimony by whistleblowers who are former US Air Force officers and NASA officials (…).”

    I tend to agree with your statement: “What this boils down to is that Whites COME FROM these people, and this is why our race is far more noble and advanced than others.” But the quotes from Oberth and von Braun
    (“We cannot take the credit for our record advancement in certain scientific fields alone; we have been helped.” When asked by whom, he replied: “By the people of other worlds.”
    “We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and within six or nine months time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter.”)
    need not refer to alien, but might as well refer to higher dimension/spiritual realms: “The Vril Society, was founded as “The All German Society for Metaphysics” in 1921 to explore the origins of the Aryan race. It was formed by a group of female psychic mediums (…)” and: “It was to build the strange machine which became known as the “Jenseitsflugmaschine”, or Otherworld flight machine.” Jenseits always meaning the world of the dead, never other planets or worlds in the physical realm in german, maybe “netherworld” is a better translation for the term.

    Of course, Vril claimed to have alien contacts, but the meaning of the word itself tells another tale, and occult things are hidden, with good reason, also by the good guys. Else, spiritual beings could simply have wanted to give their offspring a chance to survive on another planet when things go bad here, providing them with information and a motivating vision to be able meet them on that (propably) inhabitable planet they told to be living on.

    And that “Aldebarans offered unlimited free Tesla energy (zero point) to mankind after WWII provided the US government gave up totally its nuclear weapons program.” seems odd – aliens offering technology invented by someone of our home planet? And the US-regime refusing it, quite daring I would say.

    You write: “This unit was the technical branch of the SS which was tasked with developing alternative energies. Not only did this include alternative power through synthetic fuels but also with generating power fields that could be used in war.” If so, already then, the encounters of cars stopping and electronics malfunctioning may be due to such power fields created by the US, who stole all german patents and inventions they could get their hands on “after” WWII.

    I admit I find it hard to expain how in the last millenium UFO-sighings could have occurred without any UFO. As long as one is a sceptic of the possibility of traveling in time, at least into the past, like I am, this is truly pointing toward E.T.s having been around here still then, or again.

    So at last I admit, there is a possibility of aliens in spaceships near earth (and not just NS-, US- or USSR-Vrils). But the Alien I species I checked till now all stink of hoax; they are never born aliens, just the offspring, and most have no idea at all that they are partial E.T.s. I will not prove this claim online, naturally. I just wanted to mention that finding of mine as well to make you understand why I rest sceptic in that matter. But if one of the “E.T.-species” proves to be genuine
    aliens and have alien kids and parents too, you will be the first I inform about that. Great article, though I interpret facts differently!

    Best wishes,

  9. I’ve been scanning thru these 3 pages you have written, and it blows my mind away. It connects with conclusions I have made thru simply asking some hard questions about our existence and what goes on in our world. There is one thing, or rather one person you mention that I need to ask you why you bring up. Alex Jones is, as far as I can see a jew-pawn. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Since you are very interesting and I love your work I will not do anything else than kindly ask for your response on this. Maybe you’re even ablw to change my mind. (Got ADD, for reals!)

    • Hi, and thanks for your comment.

      I like Alex Jones for the truth he does put out, and I think he is just trying to stay alive by not bashing the Jews and instead bashing Hitler. If he did the opposite, the Jews would first ban his show and then kill him.

      My calling, on the other hand, is to say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  10. remarkable work. would like to see information about sickle cell disease and the biological weaponry the jews have made that only affects Palestinians. I think that is the next threat facing us and the knowledge should be shared. will copy and paste that link daily.

  11. (earlier comments) Who are the German authors you speak of. How can people support them if people do not know who they are. (or you if you do not give information)

    • First, sir, I would suggest you learn to use something called a “question mark,” which involves typing this symbol: “?” As in “Who are the German authors you speak of[QUESTION MARK]. How can people support them if people do not know who they are [QUESTION MARK]. (or you if you do not give information [ADD PERIOD AT END THE SENTENCE])


      As for your final point, about me “not giving information,” not every German in that unfree country wants me, who am openly anti-Jewish and pro-Hitler, to use his name in my articles, when my views are felony crimes in modern Germany.

      Even LINKING to an antisemitic article or author (such as myself) can get you into a German prison. Many of my friends in Germany are in prison now or just got a 4500-euro fine.

      How often have you been interrogated by the police or FBI, had your house burned down by leftist “antifas,” been sent to prison or gotten a 4500-euro or dollar fine?

      Probably never.

      So do not ask me to reveal names of persecuted people in an unfree country. There is no First Amendment in Germany. You can be arrested there for what you wrote, and they own no guns there either with which to defend themselves. That is thanks to the Jewnited Snakes Army, which, when Dwight Eisenhower marched in in 1945, took away all the guns from the German people, whereas Adolf Hitler had encouraged gun ownership. (


  12. You are mostly correct with the information you have on your website; it is a good read.

    The Tall Whites = Not human friendly and are working towards our destruction with the jews, greys and reptilians, I believe the reptilians created them to imitate the real nordic aliens to confuse people into thinking they are good and are our guardians.)

    So the reptilians made the tall whites, the greys and the jews. The greys work with the jews in hoping to enslave humanity. jews are humanoid animals(not humans), they have no feelings etc.
    The Nordic Aliens = human friendly if not treated with disrespect and the true guardians of humanity; also we were created by them through genetic engineering.

    Hitler was a man of peace :

    Other interesting reads: (has all you need to know, or maybe you do know about it) (about how we were created)


  13. If Caucasians are to finally understand immigrating cultures, they must bring themselves to comprehend an alien spirituality. This article will use Zen Buddhism as the example but the basics are universal.

    Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen wrote, “Despite dwelling in a material body of four elements, your nature is basically pure. It can’t be corrupted… Your real body has no sensation, no hunger or thirst, no warmth or cold, no sickness, no love or attachment, no pleasure or pain, no good or bad, no shortness or length, no weakness or strength.”

    Thus the purpose of meditation is not relaxation, or “inner peace,” but to make yourself absent of all desire, including love and sympathy; which makes oneself utterly indifferent to human suffering. In other words, the goal is to make one callous. Bodhidharma wrote that one’s goal should be to realize oneself, or “your real body,” and that this true self is void of any love.

    Notice that he says one will have “no good or bad,” indicating the belief in no absolutes. After Saburo Aizawa, a Japanese soldier, murdered a Japanese general by hacking him with a Samurai sword (because he supposedly was jeopardizing the military), he explained that meditation empowered him to commit the slaughter because it enabled him to forget about good and bad, and right and wrong:

    I was in an absolute sphere, so there was neither affirmation nor negation, neither good nor evil.

    With such precepts, it is simple to understand the ideological underpinnings behind the cruelty of third world countries: why they could rape hundreds of thousands of women, massacre millions without an ounce of mercy, without ever reflecting on their evil actions, but rather, boasting of them. Omata Yukio provides his own first-hand account of the mass beheadings the Japanese conducted in China:

    “Those in the first row were beheaded, those in the second row were forced to dump the severed bodies into the river before they themselves were beheaded. The killing went non-stop, from morning until night, but they were only able to kill 2,000 persons in this way. The next day, tired of killing in this fashion, they set up machine guns. Two of them raked a cross-fire at the lined-up prisoners. Rat-a-tat-tat. Triggers were pulled. The prisoners fled into the water, but no one was able to make it to the other shore.”

    Azuma Shiro said, “At first we used some kinky words like Bikankan. Bi means ‘hip,’ kankan means ‘look.’ Bikankan means, ‘Let’s see a woman open her legs.’ Chinese women didn’t wear underpants. Instead, they wore trousers tied with a string. There was no belt. As we pulled the string, the buttocks were exposed. We looked. After a while we would say something like, ‘Its my day to take a bath,’ and we took turns raping them. It would be all right if we only raped them. I shouldn’t say all right. But we always stabbed them. Because dead bodies can’t speak.”

    Despite what naive westerners believe, violence is not contrary to meditation. An example in Buddhist scripture the Milindapanha, in which “amputation, mutilation, torture, and execution” are promoted.

    In the Arya-Satyakaparivarta, “Torture can be an expression of compassion.” Violence for the advancement of religion is supported. “campaigns of conquest to spread the influence of Buddhism, and kings vested with the dharma commit mass violence against Jains and Hindus.”

    Destruction of the human body is praised as leading to “the Way” to enlightenment, life is nothing, and one is not to love life. In the words of Zen’s founder: “It’s like stripping bark from a tree… The body neither exists nor doesn’t exist. If the body’s existence is both absent and not absent, then the destruction of a body, either your own or someone else’s, means nothing, and entails no moral violation.” This enables one to dictate whether or not the killing of a person is murder, and this is exactly what meditation leads to.

    If every living being is just a phantasm or a dream, is it a sin to kill them? If one “sees” them as living beings, it is a sin to kill them. If one does not “see” them as living beings, then there are not any living beings that can be killed; as when one kills another man in a dream: upon awakening, there is absolutely no one there.

    D.T. Suzuki adopted this view, writing that one creates his own morality “outside of good and evil” which permits him to indulge in whatever evils she wishes, without the worry of being guilty or breaking an absolute moral code.

    One can kill, and feel no remorse just as long as she/he “sees” his victim as not being human. This worldview is why Japanese veteran Toshio Mizobuchi, after being asked by a rabbi if he felt any guilt about committing human experiments on Chinese people, angrily said: “No… The logs [a reference to Chinese people] were not considered to be human [less evolved than meditators].”

    The enabling of murderous actions is done through a subjective view on what is and what is not human life, while the justification of murder is through meditation, in which the victim is deemed as an infidel worthy of death.

    Within Buddhist thought, there is the term used for people who are enemies of the Buddha, called Icchantikas. As an illustration, this term would be the equivalent to the Islamic Kafir when describing infidels. It is permissible to kill non-believers in both. The sutras say, “Since Icchantikas are incapable of belief, killing them would be blameless, whereas people who believe reach the state of Buddhahood.”

    In accordance with such fanaticism, D.T. Suzuki referred to the Chinese as “unruly heathens” who needed to be punished “in the name of religion.”

    Apathy for love and the human body, lead to one thing: the glorification of death. Theirs is the philosophy of death; the ideology of Jihadist and of Japan’s suicide bombers who crashed their airplanes into American ships.

    Kamikaze strike on the USS Bunker Hill
    Kamikaze strike on the USS Bunker Hill

    • Very interesting! My father had the experience of tremendous East Asian cruelty in WWII and Korea as a Marine.

      For me the huge flaw however was the assertion the Chinese are not also buddhist. Of course they are; as even any American child knows, China is/was even full of buddhist temples and statues! The Japanese thus did not slaughter Chinese civilians as being infidels, but as being ethnic Chinese. State Shinto, a recent and temporary Japanese belief, preached that the Japanese were a divine race, descended from the goddess Amaterasu, and who were destined to rule Asia.

  14. Dear Mr. de Nugent,

    Your very straightforward and luminous analysis and description of the Fourth Reich and the Nordic Aliens is truly amazing! It is far more accurate than any information you might get from various web sites about the “Pleiadians”…etc. We are indeed “fallen Gods” who remember the stars!

    It is certain that the legends about White, blond-haired blue-eyed “Gods” coming from the skies to teach culture and civilization to the native earthlings are UNIVERSAL! You do find such tales all around the globe, from Greenland to Amazonia and even to Papua-New Guinea!!

    South America especially seems to have been a very important outpost/influence zone of Nordic Aliens, even up to THIS DAY: AMAZONIA is reportedly a zone which is literally SWARMING with UFOs!!!

    The famous Chilean author Miguel SERRANO, a dedicated National-Socialist, seemed to have had very extensive knowledge about all this: He always maintained that both Nordic Aliens and Fourth Reich forces possessed large, hidden bases through Amazonia and the Andes Mountains…

    The Vril Society, from what I have read on this whole topic, received essential information from the Aldebaran star system, through mediumistic communication using its two highly gifted mediums: Maria Orsich and Sigrun (family name unknown). This sounds really very far-fetched and fantasy-like indeed, but, like you, after looking by myself at the evidence with an open mind, I really think today that all of this could well be true indeed!…

    Reportedly, the flying discs of the HAUNEBU series, constructed by the SS at the very end of WW II, were very often sighted after the war… The HAUNEBU I and II were rather still crude machines, but the HAUNEBU III flying disc was a very high-performance vehicle, reportedly capable of flying to the moon, and perhaps even capable of faster-than-light interstellar travel!! This HAUNEBU III machine has apparently been seen very often in South America, with even clear photographs of it having been taken by many witnesses there…

    This whole subject is fascinating indeed! We must of course remain critical, but always open-minded about all this. One thing is certain: We will see enormous, mind-blowing information about this subject very soon! Let’s WAIT and SEE!!

    Sincerely Yours!

    Marc de Logères

  15. In 1997 l had handed out photo copies of p69 of Fatima and the great conspiracy the book is huge in the Catholic Church and it was given to me by a priest, the entire book is on the net. P69 is about the jews being behind Communism. I caused quite a stir and I had the Free Masons stalking me. Then right at its height a very very tall red haired man met me, he was about 7ft 6 had red hair and bright blue eyes. I hugged him and felt him. I was on a very busy road and all the cars had stopped and were looking at the giant. I think he was a Nordic, i was in Sydney Aus.

  16. Wassail John,

    So you type into google a few keywords like ufo third reich pleiadians nordic aliens and you meet your more handsome doppelganger! I hex you more handsome doppelganger! Curses upon you JohnDeNugent. And many more curses upon you for having a damn sweet name! Man of the new land. Sturdy Norman name. And the Fleur-de-lis. I am a Kiwi living in New Zealand but my family immigrated from Guernsey so I know and love the fleur-de-lis. The Schwarzze Sonne my friend, that is our most important topic of discussion. Well almost. In your profile photo you are wearing a Georgetown Tshirt. Now I love hockey. I LURVE hockey!!! We don’t play it here. Well we do, but we really really suck. Our game is rugby in winter. Which we are really really good at. But I digress. Are you a hockey guy? In particular a Georgetown Hoya’s guy? I love hockey. But last year I bought an old school Hoya’s jersey off ebay and I could never figure why. Old school Fighting Irish jersey for St Patricks day – check. Fighting Sioux – politically incorrect – check. Hoyas? No idea. Just compelled. Anyways…enough about hockey jerseys…(except to say I the ultra rare Canadian Sochi Olympic SS jersey in black and red armband! Bloody awesome)…In relation to ufo’s, the third reich, nordic aliens, the fourth reich, I find myself primarily drawn back to the hexagon and runes, that the elves of yore are the aliens of now, that we may well be both the ancestors and descendents of ourselves, If I were to say what is important going forward it is the black sun, saturn, pleiades, the false sun, the central sun, runes, hexagon, runic matrix, elder runes (24), Spartan/Merovingian, 300, 25920, 8, 9, 72, 6, 432, bees, fleur-de-lis, kali yuga, glass bead game, die glock, inter-dimensional travel, valknut, ahnerbe, sang-raal, elves, Cathars, Knights Templar, 3rd eye, Spear of destiny…etc…there is so much truth hidden in the shadows of the false sun. Truth be told, I am trying to write a volume of books, a Nornic trilogy of sorts, to reinstate a sense of ethnic vitality. But a unifying identity. Amongst those who identify as we do. Would be sweet to have someone as true as you to bounce some ideas off. I might be a small country hick from downunder, but I’ve got this. All the great rebellions have their genesis at the final frontiers!

  17. Τhe nordic aliens are our brothers of the blond tribes. the Olympian gods…and are good maria Orsic means Divine, the aria from the “seventh” sky, with blond hair blue eyes holm oak tribe! “Maria Orsiis” Nymph and mothev

  18. The foremost, among the sons of Diti known by the name of Chandra and handsome as the lord of the stars himself. That is a description of Chandra, one of the leaders Daityas Danavas Nivatakavachas who were cast out of heaven after losing the war in heaven against Adityas. It is the original description of the rebel gods in over four million scriptures in India.

    Obviously the guy is handsome like the lord of the stars. I am from India and I don’t get emotionally involved in reading such things if it doesn’t fit my notions. Yes, whoever is in power will play all the dirty tricks in the book. It is normal for humans who are into power and even the gods. Even Indra is known for such tactics against the underworld guys.

    They all have metaphysical powers and can shapeshift. Even the ugly looking Nagas (ugly in human perspective and I am sure they look at humans as ugly) can come in supermodel-like human form.

    In fact, there is a mention where a Naga leader refused to let the sweaty weak ass humans live with them in a story. Rakshasas like Bakasura (by the way, the dude had red hair and beard) barbecued humans and took them as slaves.

    Now all these reptilian videos are coming out and it matches with ancient Indian stories and we are not surprised a bit – ha ha.

  19. Chandra, in the above paragraph is not to be confused with Chandra, the member of Adityas. Chandra, the Aditya, is the lord of the stars and the Chandra, the fallen god, is equally handsome.

  20. It’s important to keep in mind that the reptillians are, well, actual reptiles biologically, and this probably relates to part of just why they casually eat and enslave humans. Reptile biology for instance means most reptiles are born via eggs, not live birth, and usually can fend for themselves and are not raised by their parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if actual reptillians in a reptilian civilization also do not give live birth like mammals, and grow to age completely devoid of any family-like personal connections. As a result, the idea so alien to humans of a dystopian Brave New World-esque society where everyone is built in a test tube and raised as a servant of the state with no family would be similar to typical everyday life for reptillians, at least in the more malevolent reptilian civilizations out there. If many reptillians among the general populace in the malevolent reptilian civilizations often eat humans and do not just use them as slaves, that would also probably imply humans being harvested on the scale of some kind of factory farm also.

    While obviously reptilian biology doesn’t really excuse their actions, I think it is pretty good proof that many reptillians probably don’t have a second thought about mass enslavement and eating of humans and likely also just see humans as weak bugs or something due to human young needing to be raised by their parents to survive. Even to someone who completely denied the existence of any conspiracy theory, I think it could be pretty effective to argue that a theoretical reptilian humanoid species would probably be low on empathy and high in aggression due to previously said reasons.

      • Well yes, the level of suffering purposefully caused by them is far in excess of just eating. But I think when people auto-reject the idea of hostile aliens, or laugh at the idea of an alien conspiracy to manufacture humans through genetic engineering as slaves, they just don’t connect the dots that there may be some sadistic and evil reptilian aliens out there who would see nothing unnatural about that.

        Not that all alien reptilian civilizations are necessarily evil, but the option of one being so and wanting to harvest, eat, and sadistically torture humans is completely within the realm of the possible. One must not project the assumption that an alien civilization cannot be full of psychopaths from our own experience of living in a society which has just a small minority (but a very effective one, unfortunately) of psychopaths.

        What ends up happening is the many other knee-jerk reactions that people have over other concepts (UFOs, aliens being able to shape-shift and use psychic abilities, etc. ) kick in and form too much of a barrier… and people shut out ALL the incoming information. 🙁

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