Why I resist — the Rebel

March 21, 2016 John de Nugent 0

As a German, he honours sacrifices which would be in vain if we gave up.  WHY RESIST? http://sonnenrad.tv/channel/video/Why-resist-/1be2ec92d0be6e6aa6469942bbd28ed2/6 Sometimes I get asked, by well-meaning neighbours, […]

No Picture

EMERGENCY: please help The Rebel; NEW video hits above 6,400; Red Cross apologies for not stopping non-existent Holocaust; John Tiffany on the rapture trap

April 29, 2015 John de Nugent 1

……Over 6,400 hits after one week on my hit video (on LiveLeak [two versions]  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f77_1429305628 (5300 views) and http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=488_1429416239 (961 views), TruTube (below) (961 views), https://trutube.tv/video/31631/KILL-THEM-ALL-VIP-child-molesters-Arrest-Try-Sentence-and-Hang […]