Black Lives Matter shooter Micah Johnson, son of white mother, murders five white cops in Dallas; Thomas Jefferson gets un-p.c. on race, blacks, Jews, guns and government

July 8, 2016 John de Nugent 2

…..Black with white mother (“Delphene”) kills five cops in Dallas, wounds six others As Thomas Jefferson said, the two races will never get along, […]

Why I resist — the Rebel

March 21, 2016 John de Nugent 0

As a German, he honours sacrifices which would be in vain if we gave up.  WHY RESIST? Sometimes I get asked, by well-meaning neighbours, […]

Key articles

January 10, 2016 John de Nugent 0

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent Wikipedia Biography of John de Nugent (supplemented)   Videos of JdN Speaking   Barnes Review articles     […]