HE was right also that criminals have a criminal gene; the Hebrews /”Habiru”) were just a horde of nomadic criminals

May 6, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Genetic Study Find that Third Reich Scientists were Correct about Heredity and Criminality posted in Eugenics, Historical Revisionism, National Socialism, Racialism by apocalypse29 [source:https://freespeechtwentyfirstcentury.com/2017/04/03/genetic-study-find-that-hitlers-scientists-were-correct-about-heredity-and-criminality/] The “new” […]

Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed

November 25, 2016 John de Nugent 4

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3967342/The-power-music-Toddler-starts-weeping-overcome-emotion-hears-Moonlight-Sonata-time.html Excerpt: A flood of messages were posted by friends and family praising little Tyler in response, with some musicians even urging the parents to […]

GERMAN Tuerke in Wien folterte 72jaehrige Witwe mit Buegeleisen zu Tode, weil sie sein verbotenes Rauchen im Haus ruegte

September 13, 2016 John de Nugent 0

Paula Hitler, von Adolf Hitler . ….Normal — fuer Muslime! die Verhaftungsgeschichte, http://www.krone.at/oesterreich/wohlhabende-witwe-ermordet-verdaechtiger-in-haft-streit-wegen-rauchen-story-491685 2. der Prozess (GARSTIGE DETAILS): http://www.krone.at/oesterreich/witwe-zu-tode-gefoltert-19-jaehriger-verurteilt-15-jahre-haft-storydrucken-528793 . . …..Mein Hit-Video zum Oesterreicher […]


August 15, 2016 John de Nugent 5

…..ADOLF HITLER – in feeling his continuing presence “MY HEART WILL GO ON” https://www.sonnenrad.tv/video/Adolf-Hitler-My-Heart-Will-Go-On/07ab50d9a75d08f5e463f91508e381e7 I did this video in 2011; I wish I got credit […]

Russia – the might of the last white power

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http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3580718/Putin-issues-warning-West-Nato-double-standards-Russia-displays-military-Victory-Day-parade.html   My view of Hitler’s Russia policy:  http://www.johndenugent.com/english/seeing-hitler-realistically-a-flawed-hero-a-mortal-a-great-man-but-not-a-god/      

Ford Motor Company caves to pro-American Trump, building huge new factory now in USA; Robert Morrow drives lib-mins nuts

March 5, 2016 John de Nugent 0

….Trump is not yet even president and already http://100percentfedup.com/coincidence-trump-effect-ford-changes-course-brings-mexico-plant-back-u-s-trump-makes-threat-outsourcing/   ……ADL denounces Trump http://forward.com/news/334964/donald-trump-compares-jewish-federations-to-white-supremacists-adl-calls-cl/ ADL chief rabbi Jonathan Greenblatt oy-vehs again   Hilarious image from […]

GERMAN Audio/Video auf deutsch

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…..Video: Damals und jetzt AH und ich .https://trutube.tv/DamalsundjetztThenandnowJohndeNugent_v26737   ……Video Kinderschänder allesamt töten! (engl. mit dt. Untertiteln) .https://trutube.tv/JdN-German-subtitles-Kill-Them-All-Kinderschaender-alle-ausrotten_v32194   …..Video zur Ãœbernahme von MzW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DPyjMfQIDQ […]