Little white boy tears up at Beethoven’s ”Moonlight Sonata” (4.8 mio views), another likely indication of reincarnation; WHO REALLY THEN IS “JOHN DE NUGENT”? & Trump, the thin reed

November 25, 2016 John de Nugent 4 Excerpt: A flood of messages were posted by friends and family praising little Tyler in response, with some musicians even urging the parents to […]

Humility for Dummies

October 9, 2016 John de Nugent 0

…..Humor Angry new wife writes tech support: . …..A close friend of conspiracy expert and author Victor Thorn, who DID really kill himself and […]

Ford Motor Company caves to pro-American Trump, building huge new factory now in USA; Robert Morrow drives lib-mins nuts

March 5, 2016 John de Nugent 0

….Trump is not yet even president and already   ……ADL denounces Trump ADL chief rabbi Jonathan Greenblatt oy-vehs again   Hilarious image from […]