Racist Israel seeks global holocaust and enslavement

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Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn, bestselling author of The Gulag Archipelago and inmate in the Soviet gulag for 11 years, to US author David Duke in 2002 in Moscow



Scene from the Bolshevik Cheka dungeon: an anticommunist man is tortured to death with a red-hot poker





Quotations In Support Of White Genocide

HWKH7LOThere is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

– Wesley Clark,
Retired General who commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War. (Jewish)

The strengthening of multicultural or diverse Australia is also our most effective insurance policy against anti-Semitism. The day Australia has a Chinese Australian Governor General I would be more confident of my freedom to live as a Jewish Australian.

– Miriam Faine, editor of Australian Jewish Democrat.

The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-white or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country. We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible …

– Earl Raab. Writer, previously Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council.



The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendent quality.

– Ben Wattenberg, Jewish writer and journalist.



Historically, Jews had always thrived in nations and empires with multicultural, pluralistic and tolerant environments, while they fared badly in strong ethnic or nationalistic societies. European Jews have always been the emblematic stranger or ‘other’.

Therefore, by definition, a society where the stranger is welcome is good for the Jews, although they have not always appreciated this link.

The future of European Jewry is dependant on our ability to shape a multicultural, pluralistic and diverse society.

– Göran Rosenberg, Jewish author and journalist.


American Jews are committed to cultural tolerance because of their belief—one firmly rooted in history—that Jews are safe only in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups. It is this belief, for example, not approval of homosexuality, that leads an overwhelming majority of US  Jews to endorse ‘gay rights’ and to take a liberal stance on most other so-called social issues.

– Charles Silberman, Jewish writer and journalist1393692245624

Some time in the distant future, brown people are probably going to—and I say this without judgment—breed their way to power in both Europe and America. Arab populations are growing in countries like France and Holland, and I think we all see where this Mexican thing is going in America.

That’s right, because they fuck more, the darker skinned people are going to rule the world!  And white people, for their own self-preservation, should get a start on being nice to them now!  Nice!

– Bill Maher, Jewish TV host, author and comedian.


…..THE NUMEC FLYER I distributed in 2012 in Pennylvania 

flyer page 1 of 2

flyer page 2 of 2

[end of flyer]

On November 27th, the US Army Corps of Engineers will hold a hearing on the NUMEC (they never say “Israeli”) nuclear waste-dump catastrophe in our area, which has killed thousands of innocent and hardworking Gentile Pennsylvanians of all ages by the dreaded disease of CANCER.

Secrets about suspected Israeli theft of U.S.

weapons-grade nuclear material declassified – IRmep

[URL: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/secrets-about-suspected-israeli-theft-of-us-weapons-grade-nuclear-material-declassified—irmep-252658041.html]

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WASHINGTON, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On March 18, 2014 ISCAP, the highest declassification authority in the U.S., released 84 pages (PDF) of formerly secret information about investigations into the illegal diversion of weapons-grade nuclear material from a Pennsylvania plant into the clandestine Israeli nuclear weapons program.  Files now available to the public from IRmep’s ISCAP process include:

4/2/1968 Letter from the Director of the CIA alerting the Attorney General (PDF) about a huge loss of material from Pennsylvania’s Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC). “It is critical for us to establish whether or not the Israelis now have the capability for fabricating nuclear weapons which might be employed in the Near East.”

03/09/1972 FBI memorandum (PDF) “On the basis of the foregoing it must be assumed for the purpose of U.S. national security that diversion of special nuclear materials to Israel by Dr. [Zalman] Shapiro and his [NUMEC] associates is a distinct possibility.”

07/28/1977 Notes of a briefing from CIA’s Associate Deputy Director for Operations Theodore Shackley to the Carter administration National Security Council �(PDF) “I also asked Shackley to get us a rundown on the political aspects�e.g. when were the President and Congressional officials briefed on the Israeli weapons program, on the NUMEC connection, and what were their reactions.� In December, Carter was briefed on the NUMEC problem as President-elect by Bush in Georgia…I do not think the President has plausible deniability.� The CIA case is persuasive…”

08/02/1977 Memo to Carter from Zbigniew Brzezinski “So far as we know however, (and we have made serious effort to discover it) there is nothing to indicate active CIA participation in the alleged theft…There is a tremendous amount of interest in this issue in Congress…We face tough sledding in the next few weeks in trying to keep attention focused on ERDA’s technical [overall U.S. nuclear material loss] arguments..on the FBI investigations, and away from the CIA’s information.”

All released CIA evidence and former Tel Aviv Station Chief John Hadden suggest the severelyundercapitalized NUMEC was “an Israeli [smuggling] operation from the beginning.” Multiple health-related lawsuits have been filed targeting companies that later assumed NUMEC ownership. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers currently estimates its toxic cleanup of NUMEC will cost $500 million.� No damage claims have yet been filed against the Israeli government.

IRmep is a Washington-DC based nonprofit researching U.S. Middle East policy formulation.

SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy





1) IS ZALMAN SHAPIRO AT THIS MEETING at 1119 Dalmation Drive, East Vandergrift, Pa? WAS HE INVITED? IF NOT, WHY WAS THE “PERP” NOT BROUGHT TO THIS MEETING TO FACE HIS VICTIMS? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zalman_Shapiro

2) Why is the wicked Jewish mad scientist Zalman Shapiro not under arrest forfelony murder of THOUSANDS of Pennsylvanians? For violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?For theft of six hundred pounds of enriched uranium? For violating the Logan Act, which prohibits US citizens from negotiating political and military questions with foreign regimes? For lying to the FBI and the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) about where the 600 pounds of uranium disappeared to?

2) Why is Israhell not being forced to pay for the $500 MILLION cleanup of its own horrendous radioactive MESS? Why is the US taxpayer paying for this???

Here now is our video, part one, of the TRUTH about the cancer epidemic here in our lovely, small, western Pennsylvanian town….. called Apollo…..

Reviews on the video so far:

–very professional job, John! (radio show host, Cincinnati, Ohio)

–I saw the new video and really liked it. It is well thought-out, well presented and should cause the average thinker to become enraged at such horrific treatment. The fact that you will be able to attend a public meeting where you and others can voice your concerns is a great step forward and will give you much needed publicity. This is what is needed to get the ball rolling! (Alberta, Canada)

====================THE PRESIDENTIAL FLYER

This may be the


N-o-t Obama

John de Nugent — former Marine, high-honors Georgetown graduate, father and leader

� and EMERGENCY, PROVISIONAL President of the Americans!

(�Provisional� until a real election can happen, not yet another miserable choice that every 4 years Wall Street gives us between 2 RICH, PAID-TO-LIE PUPPETS)

I as President will bring back the economy by five clear steps:


(Wikipedia: �$50.7 trillion in debt are owed by US households, businesses, and governments�!)

After WWII Germany CANCELED ITS DEBTS and though 80% destroyed by war, today Germany is the richest country in Europe! The Europeans now beg Germany to bail THEM out! We Americans, like Germany after the war, must be DEBT-FREE! We cannot EVER pay off $50 TRILLION in debts to Wall Street! Cancel all debts. Start fresh! To hell with financial vultures and their bonuses!


  2. STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (paid under-the-table to drive down our wages; 95% of illegals do jobs Americans arehappy to do; only 5% pick vegetables! They are in factories, driving trucks, and doing roofing and carpentry!)

4) A NEW, NON-PROFIT NATIONAL BANK to make ZERO-INTEREST LOANS to CONSUMERS and BUSINESSES � get the money to Main Street, not crooks on Wall Street!

Who runs the puppet US government? Why does it never obey �The People�?

This is whom it obeys: Take out a


FLIP it over!! LOOK at it right now!!! They’re LAUGHING at you!!!!

Go to my website JOHNDENUGENT.ORG, and learn the truth about theECONOMY, the MEDIA, 9/11, JERRY SANDUSKY, the NUMEC nuclear CANCER EPIDEMIC in western Pennsylvania, why kids are gettingAUTISM, and why DRUGS are taking over our towns. (I’ll tell you what a fellow Marine revealed, his hands shaking in remorse.)

I am your FEDERALLY REGISTERED CANDIDATE FOR US PRESIDENT in 2016! This is the start of something BIG! Build for the next election � in2016! Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. That ‘s WHY America’s becoming evil — ‘cuz we keep VOTING it IN! And the very act of voting them in makes these puppets seem �legit�!

NOW select the real choice!

John de Nugent, US Marine, at your service!

TEL: (724)596-4284


======================THE BROCHURE FOR APOLLO, PA

Real Hope and Change � It will definitely NOT come

from the shouting puppets Obama and whoever comes after Romney.

Join the Eternal Solutreans to restore OUR country �

through God, Work, Family and Constitution!

681 Canal Road (along the Kiski river), Apollo PA 15613;

(724) 596-4284

temporary location: last house on left before Roaring Run trail

  • All our nation’s woes are �because we forgot God�

  • Sandusky � sentenced — but what about the other molesters?


      � its radioactive waste dumped all over our area by wicked Pittsburgh scientist Zalman Shapiro, 92, still living in health and wealth in Oakland as out here our loved ones die

My name is John de Nugent, a former Marine NCO and Army National Guard NCO, a father and grandfather, and high-honors Georgetown graduate, residing in Apollo. My family is from Greensburg; my great-grandfather owned Waddell Motors (Ford) in Vandergrift.

I was ordained a minister in 1970, and am now resuming the Lord’s Work as our nation faces perils on every side.


The Nobel Prize-winning author and historian Alexander Solzhenitsyn of Russia spent 11 years in the �gulag� � the Soviet labor and death camps where they put the anti-communists. He was expelled from Russia in 1974, fleeing to America. He wondered how his once God-fearing, religious, traditional and mighty nation of Russia ever could have been taken over by a small number of fanatic communists — who then banned all guns, banned alltraditions (except vodka 😉 � the communists kept the people and the Red Army drunk), banned �antisemitism� (it was the death penalty after 1917 to criticize anything about Jews), they banned all religions � and then they killed sixty million physically and spiritually disarmed people.


In 1975 at Harvard, Solzhenitsyn shocked the US media by saying we Americans should not get too smug; we could go communist too. And then I look at Barack Hussein Obama � and his cold, angry face � and his plans for the government to control everything (of course �for our own good�), including controling our health and our very bodies. (But to be fair, right after 9/11 the Republican George W. Bush moved us also toward a police state. Just try to go through an airport!) Solzhenitsyn wrote:


While I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disaster [of communism] that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that is why all this happened.” Since then I have spent 50 years working on the history of the [Russian communist] revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies…..But if I were asked today the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than “Men have forgotten God; that is why all this happened.”


On my website johndenugent.org you will learn from my videos � fast-moving, passionate yet factual (they are found on the right side of the home page, under �Eternal Solutrean Agency�) that a tough-love God is REAL,as real as CANCER, and while this Real Person does love us, He is a Father,and we, as individuals and as a nation, had better shape up now. As the New Testament says (Galatians 6:7): �God is not one to be mocked. You will reap what you sow.� And the white people who founded America and have let it slip into moral anarchy and economic decline bear a special responsibility, because our ancestors built up and left behind for us a great, free, proud and moral country. What have we done with it? What future do white American kids have? America is now 50% non-white. Will it be safe for them?


Most of all, if we are not evil, are we tolerating evil? Should we �go with the times� if the times are wicked? Has that strategy worked for us since the Sixties? Before then, we had morals, families, safe streets, good schools, powerful industries, high wages, and we had never lost a single war! Look at us now: broke, defeated, obese, drugged-up, and at the mercy of China! And our choice is either a black communist or a white robot! Has �going with the times,� ignoring the eternal laws of God, worked?


A nation of sheep draws a government of wolves.


The God videos page at http://www.johndenugent.org



The Jerry Sandusky case � how it went on for 13 years � was outrageous. As difficult as it is for me to say � though the problem is so widespread there are now millions of victims like me � I was abused myself in the 1950s, and had nightmares from it until age 49. Finally, I overcame my Marine pride, my hating to seem weak, and I got counseling, 18 months of it, for very severe abuse. With the help of God, friends, loved ones and my desire, through prayer, to be a whole and useful person in society (Matthew 25:14-30) I overcame those scarring experiences and healed inside.


Now I am stepping forward, because, as a Tea Party activist from this town said to me: �What we need now is a leader.� Not just a political, but also a moral, religious and spiritual leader, most of all a leader with a vision and the courage to slay some mighty huge dragons: powerful special interests and a momentum of evil. To change this country now, with so much evil prevalent, will require a spiritual war, and the choice is victory � or the destruction of our country. And, mark my words, unless we have drastic change, Chinese troops will be on our soil in our lifetime � as we weep in humiliation and rage as their SLAVES.


Just look at a the products at any Great Wal-mart of China! They are beginning to own our economy. Then they own the politicians and the media. Then they change the immigration laws to let 100 million Chinese in, telling us �they are hardworking.� Yes, hard-working for their own benefit and for the power of China, not for AMERICA! Their products are both shoddy and dangerous, and suck our money out of our country! I would rather pay 20% more and give a job to an American! BUT WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE POWER AND THE LAWS. The pro-Chinese politicians have to go. Or this nation will die. I pledge to stop the Chinese takeover!


The left side of http://www.johndenugent.org � my solutions for our national problems

And now the truth about 1) the real rulers of OUR country, 2) Sandusky (the tip of a pedophile iceberg), 3) NUMEC and the cancer epidemic killing young and old,and 4) China.


The real MIS-rulers of America


I was shocked once � even at the words of Jesus Christ! � when I read once in the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 44 when Christ said to the Jewish Temple leaders: �You are from your father, the Devil! Lying and murdering are his nature � and yours!� It sounds extreme, but modern science and medicine fully supports the diagnosis that some people are truly wicked, bad to the bone, and they cannot be changed, nor do they want to change. They are quite happy hurting others. They thrive by backstabbing and lying. They get rich while others starve. Why change?


Such people are called sociopaths or, even worse, psychopaths. In 2005, Harvard Medical School psychologist Martha Stout wrote a bestseller, now in eleven languages, The Sociopath Next Door. The key traits of the psychopath are that he (usually it is a male, unfortunately) is radically self-centered, slick, lying, charming, manipulative, yet ruthless, sadistic, focused and, sometimes, insanely dynamic. Alarmingly, Dr. Stout of Harvard says, they are far more numerous than we thought. One American in 25 � a full 4% — may be a full-blown psychopath (no conscience at all), and another 15% are partial psychopaths (with an extremely weak conscience). Worst of all, they cluster upward into leadership positions in media, government, politics, finance, religions, cults, and all other positions of power over others (including the minority of rotten apples within our CIA, FBI, military, and police).

* * *


* * *


And narcissism, which we see in Barack Obama, this feeling of entitlement, is an offshoot of psychopathy. Narcissism is psychopathy without the sadistic element, but the person in both cases is still the center of the universe, �a legend in his own mind.�;-)


But to be fair, think how often Mitt Romney also fits the psychopathic bill. For each audience he has three times changed his views on abortion! He was anti-abortion as a Mormon bishop, pro-abortion when running in Massachusetts for US Senate, trying to �out-liberal� Ted Kennedy!! � and now anti-abortion once again when running as a supposed �conservative� for president! What he really stands for is what benefits HIM and HIS: tax cuts for the rich, just as Obama stands for �print money and give the racial and gay minorities everything so they re-elect me. And every Mexican is a new Democrat!�


But whom do both slick politicians really obey? Take out a �One� � a $1 bill — and look at the back, on the right. Did you know that in 1935 the Great Seal of the United States was changed to form a Star of David at the top? Before that it was 13 random stars.

1898 quarter-dollar coin with the traditional random stars as defined by Congress in 1782

Every dollar bill denomination – the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 — has changed its design in major ways since 1935, all except the “one,” which seems to have a sacred significance to our crypto-rulers. It has remained basically unmodified for 77 years now.

And here, right in the Los Angeles Times of December 19, 2008, Jewish columnist Joel Stein (who now writes for Time magazine) openly boasted(http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-stein19-2008dec19,0,4676183.column):

�I don�t care if Americans think we [the Jewish people] are running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to KEEP running them.�

Look up that link on the Los Angeles Times website yourself! And on my website you can learn the whole truth! (And that media sure does bash me! To believe the media and government infiltrators in my movement I am BOTH a homosexual and a wife-beater! How does that work?? ;-))


Sandusky � the tip of a pedophile iceberg

On my website you can also learn the truth about Jerry Sandusky and how through �friends in high places� he got away with it for FORTY YEARS. Yes, 40! A relative of the owner of the Rockhopper�s Bar, formerly the Mosey Inn, located in Apollo near the Rte. 66 bridge, told me her son Warren was studying engineering at Penn State in 1971….and at an ice cream parlor he used to frequent right off-campus, they had an ice cream sundae that they sold, the �Sandusky Sundae�…..Two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a banana in-between. Yes, that was back in 1971! �..a whopping forty yearsbefore he was arrested! And he was already coaching young people! No wonder the polls show a drop to 38% approval of Governor Tom Corbett in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. Corbett was Attorney General for eight long years while Smiley Sandusky continued his sicko crime spree against innocent kids at 1) Penn State and 2) at Second Mile Foundation, a MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR charity whose directors donated $25,000 to….. Attorney General Tom Corbett, then running for governor……..


And it seems if one investigates too much, people just sort-of DISAPPEAR or they RUN AWAY. Even district attorneys! The District Attorney 1985-2005of Centre County (the location of Penn State), Mr. Ray Gricar, just up anddisappeared in 2005! Hmmmm!


Wikipedia: Ray Frank Gricar, born October 9, 1945, missing April 15, 2005, declared legally dead July 25, 2011, was an American attorney who served as thedistrict attorney of Centre County, Pennsylvania, from 1985 until 2005. On April 15, 2005, Gricar wentmissing under mysterious circumstances and has not been heard from since.


ABC News (Nov. 8, 2011): Ray Gricar served as the district attorney for Pennsylvania’s Centre County in 1998 when Sandusky was accused of sexually abusing several boys. After an extensive investigation, which included testimony by two law enforcement officers that they had overheard Sandusky admitting to showering with multiple young boys, Gricar decidedno criminal charges would be filed, according to recent court documents. Sandusky retired the next year. Then, in April 2005, Gricar disappeared.


His car was found abandoned in a Lewisburg, Pa., parking lot and his laptop’s hard drive was recovered from the nearby Susquehannna River, but there was no other trace of Gricar. No clues could be gleaned from the severely damaged hard drive and despite a six-year investigation that involved the FBI and international help, police have as little an idea today about what happened to the former DA as they did then. “We literally used every single resource, national and international,” Bellefonte, Pa., police chief Shawn Weaver told ABC News. “This is baffling. He literally just disappeared off the face of the earth.”

District Attorney Gricar’s friends said he was happy, successful and not in the least bit suicidal. I BELIEVE HE WAS MURDERED BY THE VILE PEDOPHILE NETWORK! And how about this? The next DA of Centre County, in 2009, Michael Madeira, who �won all of the cases he prosecuted� (CollegianOnline, February 2, 2009) and announced he would run for re-election, suddenly dropped out later that year as a grand jury began investigating Sandusky! Hmmmm once again… Sounds like PEDOPHILE TERRORISM!


This terrorism would explain why nothing was done for decades to the villain Sandusky or to his protectors and goom-bas, such as the (can I say this?) Jewish head of Second Mile, child psychologist, Jack Raykovitz, PhD (who with his wife got $233,000 a year in salaries from a �charity� � funneling troubled kids who needed guidance to a pedophile!)


Likewise, nothing was done to the (can I also say this?) likewise Jewish head of Penn State (1995-2011), Graham Spanier, PhD (who was paid $800,000 a year!) (Photo below)


Spanier, who �just happens to be Jewish� � and in many Sandusky-related emails showed no interest in the molested (Gentile) children(according to the official report by former FBI director Louis Freeh) — wrote a paper in 1975 implying wife-swapping and �swinging� were good and normal (Spanier, Graham, 1975.”Mate Swapping: Perceptions, Value Orientations, and Participation in a Midwestern Community,� Archives of Sexual Behavior). Then Spanier was close friends with a pedophilenamed Ronald Roskens, who was fired in 1989 as president of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln after naked boys were seen in his house!(Interestingly, Roskens was quickly appointed by President George H.W. Bush as Director of the Agency for International Development, in Washington DC, which runs all US foreign aid, has 4,000 employees, and gives $590 million a year to Israel, one of the richest countries on earth…..)


The same Graham Spanier then permitted, in November 2000, a sex festival at Penn State called, yes, �C—T-fest: a Declaration of Independence�!!!http://www.collegian.psu.edu:8080/archive/2001/03/03-12-01tdc/03-12-01dops-letter-10.asp DISGUSTING! The police removed the huge banners with the word �C�T,� but Spanier intervened, and the police had to put them back up! (http://www.dadi.org/c-fest.htm) The second festival, held only months later in February 2001, went by the name �Sex Faire.�Games at this gala included �Pin the Clitoris on the Vulva,��Smut and other Great Literature,� plus �Orgasm Bingo.� In addition, a �Tent of Consent� allowed participants [JdN: this was an on-campus, taxpayer-funded event] to engage in whatever type of consensual sexual activity they so desired. When enraged PSU students and legislators asked Spanier if he thought these two events were immoral, he responded, �It depends on what your definition of immoral is.� Spanier also publicly pronounced that he sought to make PSU the most homosexual-friendly university in America, and requested that all faculty post pink triangles on their office doors in order to show support for gay and lesbian students.


(With that mindset, heh, why not help Ol’ Jerr’ too? � After all, �it depends on what your definition of immoral is.� What’s wrong with a little �man-boy lovin’,� right, Graham? Why be so narrow-minded and bourgeois, eh, Mr. Pedophile-Protector?)




Does the censored media talk about Spanier? No, of course not, and now he has a cushy federal job in �national security� �http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham_Spanier � in addition to STILL being a tenured PSU professor! Would George Washington � or our own grandfathers — have put up with a taxpayer-funded university holding a�C—T-FEST�?!?


NO! So why do we? Because we have left God! And we have not had a true moral leader. Never will we be saved by replacing the hack Obama by the hack Romney!

[Update: under massive pressure, Spanier just got a five-count indictment. Looks like the Big Boys have decided to throw one of the little players to the wolves to protect themselves and assuage the public.]

Romney is no more �hope and change� than Obama was, but a return to the Bush years of 1) Middle East wars, 2) pro-China and pro-Mexico �free trade�, and 3) billionaire tax breaks! Romney is certain to attack Iran, risking World War Three (yet I note that he never served in uniform — being a Mormon missionary at a Paris, France mansion during the Vietnam War — (http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/09/10/romneys-mormon-draft-deferrment-not-legal) and none of his five sons have served either!) Suppose China and Russia come in on the Iranian side? And what if Iran sinks every oil tanker in the Persian Gulf and your gas goes to $12 a gallon? �Change� is all you will have in your pocket � 25 cents! 😉


  1. NUMEC � the cancer epidemic killing young and old � THE LAWSUIT


On my website johndenugent.com you can see the trailer to my new video: �Zalman Shapiro � Apollo’s Nuclear Cancer Chef.� (On YouTube, unless censored: �Trailer Apollo NUMEC�)


Thousands have died a slow, lingering death of cancer in our area from NUMEC. Armstrong County is far less industrialized than Westmoreland but has 20% more cancer!

Homeland Security police at the Parks Township site of NUMEC on River Road/Route 66. Tellingly, the site is called a “Shallow Land Disposal Area,” because the toxins were not buried deeply for safety, but near the surface. The DHS police — and a big new security gate — appeared after the NRC fled, citing the discovery of “complex nuclear materials”….

The neutral online encyclopedia Wikipedia makes it clear in two articles(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zalman_Shapiro and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NUMEC) that 1) Shapiro stole 600 pounds of American uranium and illegally gave it to Israel, 2) he dumped tons of radioactive waste around the area (24,300 cubic yards of uranium, plutonium, thorium and americium, says a US Army Corps of Engineers report), 3) Shapiro thus committed felony murder by giving cancer to thousands of Pennsylvanians. Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homicide):


The felony murder rule says that one committing a felony may be guilty of murder if someone, including the felony victim, a bystander or a co-felon, DIES AS A RESULT OF HIS ACTS, regardless of his intent�or lack thereof�to kill….


And also (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felony_murder_rule):


The felony must be an inherently dangerous one, or one committed in an obviously dangerous manner. �.. As of August 2008, 46 states in the United States have a felony murder rule, under which felony murder is generally first degree murder. In 24 of those states, it is acapital offense [the death penalty].


This mass murderer Shapiro also 4) stomped on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Non-Proliferation_Treaty), designed to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, especially to the volatile Middle East, 5) he violated the Logan Act, which forbids American citizens from negotiating on their own with foreign governments (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan_Act). and 6) Shapiro lied to federal officers from the FBI and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about his massive theft, mass-murder by cancer, and incredible NUCLEAR TREASON!


What a way to die. (My grandfather Henry Norman Nugent died of cancer.)


Shapiro, Wikipedia says, was the president of thePittsburgh chapter of theZionist Organization of America, a wealthy pro-Israel pressure group,and he received an award in 2008 for �60 years of service to the Jewish community.� I wonder if Jewish clout is why he hasnever been indicted?


Where does this mindset come from, to kill thousands of people and betray your country, a nation called America that was good to the Jews, where they are incredibly rich and totally safe, in fact, where they can persecute OTHERS?

An important Frenchman and former leftist named Alain Soral, puts it this way: there is zionism, the belief in a safe Jewish homeland where Jews can mind their own business, be farmers, not stockbrokers and dealers — and then there is talmudozionism, where the Jews rule a slave planet from Jerusalem.

Quotes (WARNING : you will be unable to believe your eyes, but this is psychopathy on parade):

If Gentiles [any non-Jew] refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence.

 Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivunim (official publication of the World Zionist Organization), August, 1984, pp. 151-156

We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward, not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them.

 Goldwin Smith, Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, October, 1981

Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi[ a Turkish word for “a rich slave owner”] and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, October 18, 2010, spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, in Israel, and a former Chief Rabbi of Israel. He is seen here with the PRIME MINISTER of Israel (1999-2001), EHUD BARAK, now the Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Yosef is a major religious leader with hundreds of thousands of followers, and is a chief coalition partner in the current Israeli government.

“When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2,800 slaves.”  Simeon Haddarsen, Talmud, folio 56-D (photo of the Talmud below)

Below is a screenshot from an Israel TV “comedy” show, and the hate-filled girl is nailing a “Jesus” monkey to a cross, and as he wails “No, no, no,” she calls Jesus (“Yeshu” in Hebrew) a “Nazi” who should “stop whining over a few nails!” Find it on YouTube at “Insulting Jesus on Israeli TV - The Crucifixion of Yeshu.”

From the German version of the documentary “Defamation” by the young Israeli filmmakmer Yoav Shamir (worth watching, Rob: Defamation – A Yoav Shamir Film)
Shamir’s own grandmother is interviewed, and tells him: “‘We are hardcore Zionists.”
“We will never give up this land and this people.”
“Jews love money.”
“Jews are crooks.”
“How do they make money? Interest!”


But maybe you heard the recent claim in certain very modern churches — unlike past Christian teaching — that the Jews are (still) God’s Chosen People and we must support Israel.


Well, in the New Testament, in the Book of Romans, Paul did claim that the Jews were still God’s people even after murdering Christ, the Son of God.Paul, born Saul, was a Jewish militant who after persecuting Christians, and helping to stone to death St. Stephen, suddenly claimed to have seen a vision of Jesus �on the road to Damascus� � and then made himself an apostle � the only �apostle� who never met Jesus, but somehow made himself into the Number One apostle over Jesus’ original followers…… That’s pretty slick.


Well, here is another opinion whether the Jews are still God’s Chosen People, by a Christian named JESUS CHRIST. The Gospel of Matthew, in chapter 21, shows Jesus Christ clearly warning the Jewish leaders that if the Jews killed not only many of the prophets but now even the Son of God Himself, the covenant with the Jews (because of the faith of their distant ancestor Abraham) would be OVER. Verse 43 �Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people [the Gentiles or non-Jews] who will produce its fruit. 44 Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will becrushed.� And to fulfill this, in the year AD 70, the Romans burned Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, the very Temple where Jesus had been tried and convicted, then sent to the Romans to be crucified. And remember Matthew 27: All the [Jewish] people answered, “Let His blood be on us and on our children! Crucify Him! Give us Barabbas!� (Yes, instead of releasing Jesus, release the murderer Barabbas.)


Most shocking of all….. is the world-famous Christian prophecy in the Book of Revelation of the Antichrist (see the next page), saying that �NO ONE MAY BUY OR SELLexcept one who has the mark or name of the Beast, or the number of his name, and his number is 666.? � Revelation 13:17-18 Hmmm, �no one may buy or sell� eh? Sounds like certain rich people control the whole economy! Gee, I wonder who could that be? 😉Remember, the ONLY time Jesus Christ got violent was when he threw the MONEYCHANGERS out of the Jewish Temple.

Look up the longitude and latitude of modern Jerusalem for yourself — online at Wikipedia or at the library! It DOES add up to 666! In poker they say �Read’em and weep.� 😉


The Reverend Billy Graham, the most famous evangelist in the world for 30 years, said by phone to President Richard Nixon on February 23, 1973 (Photo on right of the two men at a prayer rally in North Carolina) (http://www.talk2action.org/story/2009/10/31/133853/93)

Well, you know, I told you one time that the Bible talks about two kinds of Jews. One is called `the synagogue of Satan.’ They’re the ones putting out the pornographic literature, they’re the ones putting out these obscene films…And the people [Bible-believing Christians] that have been the most pro-Israel are the ones that are being attacked now by the Jews.

(Nixon said in a later phone conversation with Reverend Graham that after he was re-elected in 1972 he wanted to �do something� about Jewish control of the US media. But �then came Watergate….� and the media hysteria against Nixon. The worst of all is TV. You can FEEL the evil coming out of that box!

My father James Waddell Nugent(http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/TCPalm/obituary.aspx?n=James-Waddell-Nugent&pid=158527321#fbLoggedOut),born in Pittsburgh, raised in Greensburg, was friends with both Presidents Nixon and Reagan. He served on the Republican National Finance Committee, and was the Republican nominee for Governor of Rhode Island in 1974. I myself nearly won the Republican primary for US Congress in the Sixth Congressional District of Tennessee in 1990.

I did not leave the Republican Party; by its own forsaking of the Constitution and small government, starting unnecessary wars, giving tax cuts to billionaires while deficits exploded and the middle and working class cratered, and by Pres. George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain, the leaders of the GOP, co-sponsoring an illegal-alien amnesty bill in Congress in 2007, letting Mexicans invade our nation, bringing in drugs and crime, taking our jobs and sponging off food stamps, I can sadly say that the Republican Party has LEFT ME.)

I just saw a Mexican supervising the re-asphalting of the new parking lot in Apollo of Patrick’s Pub by the Rte 66 bridge. What? No American could have done that job? The Mexicans are coming in here too! In the year I was born, 1954, President Eisenhower sent two million crime-causing Mexicans back by bus, train and ship in what he himself called �Operation Wetback.�If we are still a �democracy� today, why does nothing we want ever happen? Do we call the shots or the Star of David? (Crib sheet: Take out that one-dollar bill again ;-))

The real issue, my fellow Americans, is no longer political or informational, but insteadmoral and spiritual. It is a lack of true belief in � and wholesome fear of � the wrath of Almighty God, the Creator of the universe and of you and me! Then �all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING.�

But having done nothing � but �gone with the times� � now the evil IS prevailing! Thus WE by the sin of omission become wicked ourselves! We must repent as a nation for what is happening to our children! Taking them to the zoo or bobbling them on our knee is not enough. What world are we leaving them? A HELL!

We must fight those who hate Christ, America and family values! Why spend $30,000 to put your daughter through drug rehab when we must fix the SOCIETY that is cranking out MILLIONS OF SUCH KIDS suffering from drugs and abuse? No more band-aids or happy-talk — our beloved America is on its deathbed! It is only by the power of God, gained only by serving HIS will, that we will win, sacrificing all for our honor to again be worthy of the proud name of �AMERICANS.�


And will you now join in a class-action lawsuit against Zalman Shapiro and NUMEC? Have you or a loved one gotten cancer from this rich old traitor Shapiro who recklessly endangered ALL our health? Has he killed your loved ones yet? Even 19-year-olds are getting it! The waste was never cleaned up! We have an experienced, honest, unbribable, successful trial lawyer who knows the whole score � and yet is ready and eager to take the case! What a Godsend! Now, we need plaintiffs to sign on and contribute to get this offensive rolling! Youtube: �Trailer Apollo NUMEC�!




Contact the Eternal Solutrean Agency

for God, Work, Family and Constitution

and its founder and minister, John de Nugent

address: 681 Canal Road, Apollo, Pa. 15613

tel: (724) 596-4284

websites: johndenugent.com &johndenugent.org

email: john_denugent@yahoo.com


=================END OF 14-PAGE BROCHURE=============


What is wrong with us?

We fall silent over so many things that our Revolutionary ancestors such as Ben Franklin and George Washington would never have put up with, and that even our own grandfathers would have revolted against with guns and fists in the streets. Just one example: Gay Pride parades. They would have been utterly unthinkable in 1960. (They still are in Russia, which is one reason why the pro-gay US media bashes Russia.)

Or the Mexican invasion of our borders. Today Mexicans are everywhere, 70 MILLION of them, everything is being labeled in Spanish, and even out here in rural Pennsylvania, we are ordered by some female voice to �push One to speak to someone in English�! This too would have been unimaginable to our proud ancestors in 1960, not to mention proud fighters like Thomas Jefferson and Paul Revere. We didn’t even like a British ACCENT! 😉 Be American or go home! I say �If you do not speak English after 15 years in this country, press �2? to disconnect until you speak English!� All the Germans, Poles, Italians and Slovaks who came here learned English! They had RESPECT for this country!

But you see, back then in 1960, we had millions of combat vets from WWI, WWII and Korea, we had the draft, and men were men, not guilt-ridden, feminized lumps of lard. Sorry, but I am a second-generation Marine, my father � born in Pittsburgh, raised in Greensburg — fought as an NCO at Iwo Jima in the Marine Corps, and again, as a captain, in the Korean War, and it is now time for straight talk. My father James was raised to believe in duty, honor, and country by his grandfather Waddell (who ran Waddell Motors, a big Ford dealership from the 1920s-1970s, at 118 Washington Avenue in Vandergrift).

There was a time when every American man did military service and knew how to handle a rifle and thus fight for freedom. Back then, the words of Thomas Jefferson were true: �The government should fear the people and not the people the government.� Today, however, we are an obese nation of computer �mouse�-pushers and cell-phone yakkers. We drown our ever-growing rage in beer and we talk about the Steelers. (I think there would be a revolution if there were no beer or football. Maybe we should ban them for a month! ;-))

Here now is a list of additional information on the brochure above, and other topics you should know about.

I. Psychopaths seeking total and sadistic power — the true “Nazis”

II. the Jewish war on Gentiles

III. The Jewish war on the Kennedys

IV. Character assassination by lies

V. Shapiro and NUMEC

VI. Are the Jews STILL God’s Chosen People? NOT according to Jesus

VII.The coordinates of Jerusalem since 1884 DO add up to “666”

VIII. The truth about the events of 9/11

IX. More on Sandusky and his protectors

X. Jews and neanderthals

XI. China and the economic and military death of America

XII. What has happened to the whites since the blacks took over in South Africa in 1994?

XIII. Are Indians the true “Native Americans” — or did whites come here first and then end up largely genocided by invading Indians from Asia? Who were the “Solutreans”?

XIII. Reality of a fatherlike God, the afterlife, “angels” and reincarnation


* * *

I. Psychopaths seeking total and sadistic power, the true “Nazis”

You must read my key essay that unlocks the entire understanding by Solutreanism of our modern and dismal world — our view of the problem of EVIL:


A comrade asked:

* * *

Do you believe that most, or possibly nearly all, people in very high positions – CEOs of multinationals, presidential-candidate level politicians, etc, are at least somewhat psychopathic or sociopathic?


I responded:

* * *

Yes, I do, and Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door makes exactly that point. In fact, America has been so taken over that is no longer the same country at all as when I was a boy, but instead a greed-based, psychopath-led society based on Jewish anti-values of hate, greed and sadism.

Remember Gordon Gecko [Michael Douglas’ character] in the 1987 movie “Wall Street” proclaiming that “Greed is good!”? Here is a video summary of the Gecko mindset, which is totally psychopathic, and based on TAKE, not MAKE:


In “Wall Street,” the obvious-by-the-nose Jewish actor Michael Douglas, in the movie by the half-Jewish director Oliver Stone, plays an obviously Jewish financial trader Gecko (with a name that means a kind of lizard). He tries to suck the all-American, non-Jewish Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) into his psychopathic world of anti-values.

Gordon Gecko lectures Fox (played by a young Charlie Sheen):

“The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bull****. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I CREATE NOTHING. I OWN. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it. You’ve got that killer instinct.”

In the update to that movie, Michael Douglas’ character, emerging repentant from prison, says the very opposite:


What is so devious about both movies, however is that they never mention that the leading Wall Street psychopaths are almost totally JEWS! Ah, yes, it is about “American greed”….. The Jews are the most organized, ancient and united of the many networks of psychopaths around the world!

Goldman Sachs dominates Wall Street. Its employees regularly become Treasury Secretaries, and make sure none of their former colleagues get arrested. Here is its Manhattan headquarters.

In addition to out-and-out psychopaths, there are borderline psychopaths, and interestingly, Marine Corps drill instructors have found this out as well — men who would not initiate war crimes but would go along with them, such as participating in a gang rape that the leader ordered.

Stout’s point is that in a society whose media is psychopath-run, and an economy that is psychopath-run, the majority, the normal, altruistic, non-egomaniacal people are at a distinct disadvantage. They are not ruthless enough to compete with the backstabbing at work, and they refuse to “do what it takes” — to get to the top and even the upper echelons of power, wealth and trophy spouses.

In other words, the air changes the higher you go up — it gets more toxic. It is at the bottom that you often find the more decent people, which is why Adolf Hitler privately expressed often his preference for working-class people, and his movement’s original backbone was the working class and the lower middle class.


The Reich Work Service (in German der Reichsarbeitsdienst), depicted below at a rally in Nuremberg, deliberately mixed up city and country kids for honest manual labor and proud, sexy physical fitness.


The rich and middle class kids of Germany were thrown by Hitler right in deliberately with the poor, the Catholics in with the Protestants, the North Germans in with the South Germans, to teach each and every young German the uniting love of their Fatherland, and the honor and privilege of humble manual work, of cooperation, and productive activity.

The Reich Labor Service young men went about draining swamps for new farmland, the girls helped out the farm wives cooking and caring for their large families, and with the harvest. There were no more financial schemes and stock-market manipulation, but humble service to Nation, not Self. It was MANDATORY and it made the Germans discover anew the deep, quiet joy of sincerely helping others. Thus Adolf Hitler was in a sense the ultimate Christian.And every visitor to German said the people were SO HAPPY.

Only this reality can explain the following video.


II. the Jewish war on Gentiles

But the Jews are the exact opposite — a cult based on hatred, greed, racism, supremacism, domination and enslavement of others. Here is the sicko Jewish video for the screenshot to which the brochure above referred.


Insulting Jesus on Israeli TV – ????? ??? – The Crucifixion of “Yeshu”



And now here is the most shocking list of quotes ever by Jews about what they really want. In the Hollywood usage of the word “Nazi,” the true Nazis are indeed the Jews, and Hitler was the ultimate ANTI-NAZI.

* * *


The following quotes are from the Talmud, the most disgusting “holy book” in the world, but it has largely replaced the Old Testament as the guide to judaism. Jesus referred to it as “the teachings of the elders.” Later it got the name Talmud.

Brother Nathanael Kapner was born and raised Jewish, but left his ancestral religion in disgust around age 16 and became a Christian and an Orthodox monk. Here he talks about the true-Jew-view of us Gentiles. 😉



Tractate Baba Kamma 113a, decrees that a Jew may lie to a gentile.

Tractate Sanhedrin 107b, which declares that Jesus bowed down to a brick and worshipped it and that he practiced magic.

Sanhedrin 43a, which says that it was right to kill Jesus and that he got what he deserved.

Crucifixion scene from Mel Gibson’s The Passion

Talmud Tractate Gittin 57a. In some censored versions of Gittin 57a, the name of Jesus is rendered as “sinner (or ‘sinners’) of Israel.” The Talmud in Gittin 57a contains a filthy and unbelievably scurrilous attack on Jesus Christ pertaining to a punishment Jesus supposedly underwent after his death. As is its custom, the ADL shies away from actually quoting Gittin 57a. It falls to us to reveal the contents of this ugly and psychotic Talmud section:

“He (the rabbi) then went and raised by incantations the sinners of Israel. He asked them…What is your punishment? They replied:With boiling (in) hot excrement.” Yes, the Talmud decrees that Jesus is in hell, being boiled in feces, because he opposed the rabbis. That’s what this sick, pornographic, “holy book” of Judaism says about the Christian Savior in Tractate Gittin 57a.

Abodah Zarah 22a-22b: “Gentiles prefer sex with cows.”

Talmud Sofrim 15:10 R. Shimon ben Yochai taught: Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog. “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

There is a hilarious attempt to explain this away found here:http://littlegreenfootballs.com/page/171962_Tob_Shebbe_Goyim_Harog_–_Wha, saying: “While this passage seems to advocate the genocide of all non-Jews, it must be remembered that this is a single passage extracted from a thorough study.” !!! 😉

The ADL has stated on their website that various quotes by antisemites from the Talmud regarding Jesus are from Jewish scholars who are incorrect in believing certain passages refer to Jesus. But respected scholar Dr. Peter Schaefer, head of Princeton Universit’s Judaic Studies Program and one of the world�s most famous academic authorities on Judaism, wrote a new book (published by Princeton University Press) that confirms the obvious meaning of these shocking quotes.

�What exactly is so scandalous? How about Jesus being punished in Hell for eternity by being made to sit in a cauldron of boiling excrement?” –Dr. Schaefer

That image of Jesus boiled in hot excrement appears in early manuscripts of the Babylonian Talmud, as does a brief account of Jesus� trial and execution�execution not by the Romans but execution by the Jewish high court, the Sanhedrin�

The facts are clear. The Talmud, which is the highest authority of Judaism, not only makes hateful and pornographic attacks against Jesus Christ, it even boasts that the Jewish community, not the Romans, arrested, tried and executed Jesus. In fact, the Talmud exudes so much hatred against Jesus that it claims the Jewish priests subjected his body to a series of four different torturous executions. It is not anti-Semitic to state these facts, it is simply the truth.

Christians often sort of ASSUME that Jews respect Jesus as a fellow Jew and a great teacher, disagreeing with Christians only on whether He was the promised Messiah.Far from it!

Jews defame, ridicule and hate Jesus at every turn as a demon-possessed traitor of unparalleled wickedness, and they call his mother Mary a whore.. While Christians, especially US presidents, often quote the Jewish Old Testament to make a point, the Jews NEVER use the Christian New Testament in any way, except to attack it.


“It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,� he wrote, adding: �If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments � because we care about the commandments � there is nothing wrong with the murder.�

� Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, in the recent book �King�s Torah�


�Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the �triangular trade� that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.�

� Marc Raphael (Jew): �Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History�


�During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rh�ne, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague � were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice��

� Dr. Ariel Toaff, Chapter Eight, BLOOD PASSOVER


�The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.�

� Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI.


�The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart�s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe � whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists � we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.�

� Herman Wouk, �This is My God.�


�What is the basis of Judaism? A practical passion and greed for profit. To what can we reduce his (the Jew�s) religious worship? To extortion. What is his real God? Cash!�

� Karl Marx, founder of Communism, quoted in the British Guardian, July-August, 1924.


�The world�I will smash to pieces with my enduring curses�

Embracing me, the world will dumbly pass away, And then sink down to utter nothingness, perished, with no existence � that would be really living.�

� Karl Marx, �Oulanem,� p. 68

The illustrious founder of communism, which killed 100 million people

�I hardly exaggerate. Jewish life consists of two elements: Extracting money and protesting.�

� Nahum Goldmann �The Jewish Paradox� 1978

�Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world.�

� Samuel Roth, �Jews Must Live,� page 18.

Available from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jews-Must-Live-Samuel-Roth/dp/B00656VVGU

�The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.�

� Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919.


�There is much in the fact of Bolshevism (Communism) itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.�

� The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919.


�The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a NEW ORDER IN THE WORLD. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, became a reality all over the world.�

� The American Hebrew Magazine � September 10, 1920


�We should turn Her (Russia) into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in color.�

� Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) inPetrograd, December 1917.Trotsky was both an ardent Zionist, as well as Bolshevik, and one of the biggest butchers of the 1917 Red Revolution. After a power struggle with comrade Stalin, he planned the gradual subversion, degradation and overthrow of Western bourgeois society from his villa in Mexico until Ramon Mercader (possible Stalin agent) put an ice pick through his skull in 1940.


�The Jewish people taken collectively will be its own Messiah. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers. A Universal Republic will come into being in which the Sons of Israel will become the directing element. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments of all nations will gradually fall, through victory of the proletariat, into the hands of Judah. All private property will become the possession of the Princes of Israel they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world.�

� Baruch Levy in an old letter to Karl Marx, published in the Rothschild-controlled La Revue de Paris (a real literature magazine and not an �anti-Semitic� source), page 574 on June 1, 1928. Jews always try to say it�s a hoax, but go HERE to see the original document (p. 574), or HERE to see scanned images from the actual document (in French).


�Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God; the whole fortune of nations will pass into the hands of the Jewish people, they will march behind the Jewish people, in chains as captives, and will prostrate before it.�

� Isador Loeb, Le Probleme Juif.


�The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.�

�Edward Louis Bernays, �Propaganda� 1928. Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud.


�We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.�

� Jewish International Banker James Warburg on February 17, 1950, as he testified before the U.S. Senate. James was the son of Paul Warburg, who represented the Rothschilds when they created the Federal Reserve act at Jekyll Island in 1910. He also later formed the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).


�In everything, we are destroyers � even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief� We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.�

� Maurice Samuel, �You Gentiles,� pages 152, 155, and 147.


�Jew and Gentile are two worlds, between you Gentiles and us Jews there lies an unbridgeable gulf� There are two life forces in the world: Jewish and Gentile�I do not believe that this primal difference between Gentile and Jew is reconcilable��

� Maurice Samuel, �You Gentiles,� page 9.


�You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of a Hebraic character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.�

� Gerald Soman, Chairman of the World Jewry Fellowship, in its official manifesto, January 1, 1935.


�I am not an American of JEWISH faith. I am a JEW. I have been a JEW for a thousand years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race.�

� Rabbi Stephen Wise, N.Y. Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938.

�You are not Whites � either symbolically or literally � as anyone knows who goes to Israel.�

� Professor Leonard Fein at speech at 27th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, SA May 15, 1972.


�Let us recognize that we Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, whatever his country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member.�

� Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Zionism, page 113.


�The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.�

� The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.


�The Jew is an inborn Communist.�

� Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, page 311.


�The Revolution won�t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.�

� Max Horkheimer, Marxist Jew of the Frankfurt School


�The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth well never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra�s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.�

� London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939


�We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.�

� David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson�s I Testify, page 188.


�The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.�

� The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, October 8, 1942.


�World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.�

� Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew


�The Roosevelt Administration has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration.�

� Brooklyn Jewish Examiner, October 20, 1933.


�We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.�

� Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion.


�Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don�t redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history.�

� Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt), Partisan Review, Winter 1967, p. 57.


��The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists�

�Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.�

� Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and founder ofRace Traitor.

�Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What seclusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Moslems and non-Moslems. That will be the turning point of history.�

� Henry H. Klein, �A Jew Warns Jews,� 1947.


�We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel� Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.� �We must do everything to ensure they [the Palestinian refugees] never do return.�

� Rafael Eitan, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defence Forces, New York Times April 14, 1983. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raful)


�Terrorism and �revenge� were�to be glorified as the �moral� and even sacred� values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. �The lives of Jewish victims�had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. � A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.�

� from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach�s �Israel�s Sacred Terrorism,� p. 44 (1980). Rokach�s father was Sharett�s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.


�[The oligarchs] exploited the disintegration of the Soviet system to loot the treasures of the state and to amass plunder amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. In order to safeguard the perpetuation of their business, they took control of the state. Six of the seven are Jews. . . . [Boris] Berezovsky boasts that he caused the war in Chechnya, in which tens of thousands have been killed and a whole country devastated. He was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective [oil] pipeline there.�

� Uri Avnery describing an Israeli TV series called �The Oligarchs,� in an article entitled �How the Virgin Became a Whore� (2004). This series will never be broadcast in the USA, of course.


�The Census Bureau has just reported that about half of the American population will soon be non-White or non-European. And they will all be American citizens. We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.We have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to ethnic bigotry for about a half century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible and makes constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever.�

� Earl Raab, executive director emeritus of thePerlmutter Institute of Jewish Advocacy (offshoot of the ADL), Jewish Bulletin, Feb. 19, 1993

USA Today”Growing diversity” map, June 11, 2010



�The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God�s chosen children and, thus, on God Himself.�

� Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League of B�nai B�rith (ADL), writing in ADL �On the Frontline,� January 1994, pg. 2.


�We mustn�t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.�

� Jewish writer Sever Plocker in a commentary on the Israeli site Ynet (12/21/06).


�The main avodah [work, or sacred work] of this generation is to go out to the final war of the golus [Jews living in exile amongst Gentiles in their countries], to conquer and to purify all the Gentile countries (such that �and kingship will be Hashem�s,� Obadiah 1:21).�

� Shabbos Parshas VaYelech, 5746. The Rebbe Speaks


�As for the Goyim� Zalman�s attitude (was):�Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.��If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA��

��If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,� he explained. �There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.�

� Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in �Jewish Week,� the largest Jewish publication in the United States, April 26, 1996.


�We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own�.�

� Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, reflected sorrowfully on the wanton Israeli killing of more than a hundred Lebanese civilians in an essay reprinted (from the Israeli paper Ha�aretz) in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times.


�The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks.�

� Al Goldstein (publisher of Screw Magazine).


�One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I�d had charge of executing Christ, I�d have handled it differently. You see, what I�d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a Savior out of mincemeat!�

� Rabbi Ben Hecht (http://www.rabbis.org/news/article.cfm?id=105517)


�Today Americans would be outraged if U. N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real orpromulgated,that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.�

� Henry Kissinger at the Bilderberg Conference in Evian, France May 21, 1992



�The US shouldn�t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we�re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.�

� Jew Spy Jonathan Pollard during interrogation by the FBI. Make note that Pollard was born in the US and his spying put America in serious nuclear risk back in the 1980?s.


�The U.S. has no longer a government of goyim [Gentiles], but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term �government of goyim� should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S.�

� The major Israeli newspaper, Maariv, �The Jews Who Run Clinton�s Court� on September 2, 1994.


�For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community will be in a position where it will be in a position to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions to support our agendas.�

� Stephen Steinlight, �The Jewish Stake in America�s Changing Demography.� Center for Immigration Studies, October, 2001


�My opinion of Christian Zionists? They�re scum. But don�t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now��

�I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.�

� Benjamin �Bibi� Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Bibi just happened to be in New York City on 9/11 and London during the 7/7 subway bombings.


�Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our own society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and law. Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity, which menaces their traditions whatever they may be and shames them for their inability to keep pace. Seeing America undo traditional societies, they fear us for they do not wish to be undone. They must attack us in order to survive, just as we must destroy them to advance our historic mission.�

� Michael Ledeen, �The War Against the Terror Masters.� Ledeen is an Israeli spy and Jew NEOCON, a founding father of JINSA, associate of Kissinger, et al. Ledeen calls for the destruction of the Mosque of the Golden Dome and war with Iran. Read his words above carefully, he�s talking about Muslim nations in his article, but what he�s really describing is the Khazar Jew�s innermost urges: Destroying ANY non-Jew institutions and nations (which is the Jew�s real �historic mission�). Catch what I boldfaced. You can see them doing this very thing to White countries right at this very moment and going back decades, if not centuries.

Read the next quote and stew on reality, White America.


�The thing that makes Judaism dangerous to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every idea, is that we smash things that aren�t true. We don�t believe in the boundaries of nation states. We don�t believe in the ideas of these individual gods that, that, you know, that protect individual groups of people; these are all artificial constructions and Judaism really teaches us how to see that.

In a sense, our detractors have us right, in that we are a corrosive force. We are breaking down the false gods of all nations and all peoples because they are not real and that is very upsetting to people.�

� Douglas Rushkoff, Author: �Nothing Sacred, the Truth about Judaism� in an interview (see my 9/11 video section on the Dancing Israelis to hear this for yourself).


�[Shimon] Peres warned [Ariel] Sharon Wednesday that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and �turn the US against us.� At this point, a furious Sharon reportedly turned toward Peres, saying �every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don�t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.��

� Kol Yisrael (Israel Radio), 3 October, 2001 (IAP)


�The role of the President of the United States is to support the decisions that aremade by the people of Israel.�

� Ann Lewis, speaking for Hillary Clinton, at the meeting for Jewish Leadership sponsored by the United Jewish Communities on March 18, 2008 (Jewess Ann Lewis is sister to Homo Congressman Barney Frank).


�Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like arts and the law��

� Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, quoted in The Jewish Daily Forward on March 20, 2008


I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe �the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,� down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

� Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2008


�Together, these advocates create a pro-Israeli case so compelling that the idea and reality of Israel has worked itself deep into American culture, politics and foreign policy. Many American Jews refuse to accept it, but the real debate between Israel�s supporters and detractors in America is all but over.�

� Aaron David Miller on �Jews and Power� Jewish Daily Forward May 2008. This arrogant Jew is often trotted out by our traitorous mainstream media (ABC) to give Mideast �commentary� to the foolish Goyim who don�t know he�s just another traitorous, Zionist Jew.


�There is a permanent ruling class in this country, whatever they call themselves, no matter how they talk about change. They may not be very good at it, but there they are. �Meet the new boss,� as the Who said, �same as the old boss.��

� Ben Stein, Jew financial journalist, FOX JEW-NEWS talking head on Saturday mornings and sometime comic actor, in his article about Obama�s cabinet and economic handlers. This Jew knows the real score � do you?


�So far as the consequences of ticking off Jews are concerned: � I was making particular reference to respectable rightwing journalism, most especially in the U.S. I can absolutely assure you that anyone who made general, mildly negative, remarks about Jews would NOT � not ever again � be published in the Wall Street Journal opinion pages, The Weekly Standard, National Review, The New York Sun, The New York Post, or The Washington Times. I know the actual people, the editors, involved here, and I can assert this confidently.�

� Joey Kurtzman, Jew editor of Jewcey.com. Read that back and let the overwheening arrogance of Jewdom sink in and think exactly about what he�s bragging on.


�We Jews are a sly and surreptitious people. It pains me to admit this, but candor compels. �[T]he best way to bring America to its knees, to weaken its will to survive, to cleverly turn it against itself, was to do everything in our considerable arsenal of means to deliver the White House to Barack Obama.�

� David Solway, Jewish educational theorist and critic, July 7, 2009. He�s using mockery here � that�s how instinctively deceptive these people are � they boldly state reality like it�s all nothing but a joke, so as to mollify the foolish Goyim.


�To the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom � Lucifer.�

�Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America�s white middle class� Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized and corrupt.�

� Saul Alinsky�s dedication and quote from his 1971 book �Rules for Radicals.� Born to Russian Jew immigrants in Chicago, Alinsky�s Marxist tactics were taught by Obama in lefty community groups like ACORN.



III. The Jewish war on the Kennedys

First reaction (on Facebook):��”Amazing article. Things falling together.”�https://www.facebook.com/john.d.nugent.37/posts/300848466722746

The Jewish war on the Kennedys

For those who understand, it comes as no surprise that JFK was assassinated deliberately and exactly on November 22, 1963, on the 53rd anniversary of the day the planners of the evil Federal Reserve first met in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1910. (http://www.federal-reserve.net/thefederalreserveact.htm)

The “Federal Reserve” is an involved financial scheme designed so that private Jewish banks after 1913 could issue, lend and control all the money in America. Every dollar is not just printed but borrowed from the Federal Reserve,� this private Jewish bank consortium, and each dollar must be paid back at interest, which until the Internet began to spread the truth almost no American� understood — except for a few whom the media called “conspiracy nuts” and “antisemites.”

President John Kennedy was planning to abolish the Fed, print “greenbacks” like Abraham Lincoln back in the “Civil War” (that is, print US Treasury money, not “Federal Reserve” notes) and thus free America from a total Jewish financial takeover.

A 2012 book by Michael Collins Piper, author of the magnificent �Final Judgment (which solved once and for all the Kennedy assassination – the pdf is found here�Final_Judgment), wrote a new work with the sarcastic title Confessions of an Antisemite. It is�sarcastic because Piper has no apology or “confession” to make, and he is no “anti-semite,” but instead knows from a life of experience and study that it is the Jews themselves who are “anti”, anti everybody else living on this earth, and their judaism is a cult of mind control, murder and tyranny that has been fundamentally anti-Gentile for thousands of bloody years.

Confessions of an Antisemite��details the conversations that ambassador Joseph Kennedy, JFK’s father, and a wealthy banker and film investor, had conducted in 1956 with a wealthy Hollywood agent, TV executive (and later anti-Jewish activist) named DeWest Hooker, discussing how to destroy Jewish media and financial clout in America.

DeWest Hooker at 70. In the late 1940s Hooker, an extremely handsome, aristocratic-looking man with broad shoulders and brilliant blue eyes — I conversed with him in 1985 and again in 1989 — �appeared in every national magazine as the model for Hathaway shirts and wore a patch over one eye, as all older readers will recall.� Hooker was also the lead male model for Chesterfield cigarettes.)


Kennedy Senior told DeWest Hooker, who had gone on to make lots of money as an agent for MCA (Music Corporation of America, run by the Jewish CEO, Lew Wassermann), and was angling to create Jew-free TV programming:

“We [meaning patriotic non-Jews] lost World War Two, and the Jews won.”

This meant they used WWII and the politicians Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to destroy their greatest enemy, Hitler, and his nation of Germany, which had freed itself from both Wall Street and the corresponding financial area of central London, a few blocks full of banks and stock brokers that formally is called “the City of London” – a small neighborhood where literally even the Queen must get permission to enter from the “Lord Mayor” of said “City of London.” (The other fellow is the Mayor of London, who runs a city of eight million, but not the financial district, “the City of London.”)

Hitler by 1939 had rescued Germany totally from the Great Depression and was not borrowing any money from Wall Street or the City of London — both controlled by Jews — but instead trading, bartering and swopping goods with other countries.(Winston Churchill later confessed to his private secretary, the bisexual part-Jew, Robert Boothby: “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.” — Winston Churchill to Baron Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War,2001.

Robert Boothby (1900-86) was private secretary to Winston Churchill, who like him and other aristocrats was part-Jewish as well (through Winston’s American-Jewish mother, the dusky-complected Jenny Jacobson). Boothby was a Conservative member of Parliament for 62 years, and was made a Baron in 1958, despite seducing the wife of the then future prime minister Harold MacMillan, and sleeping with many men, including a male Jewish gangster, Ronald Kray. Basically, Jews like Boothby (or Shapiro) can do whatever they want once they control the money and media in a country.

The Wikipedia article on Joseph Kennedy Senior,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._Kennedy,_Sr, has TEN PARAGRAPHS on the very strong pro-German, pro-Hitler and anti-Jewish views and actions of the Kennedy patriarch as shown when he was a Hollywood investor and then US ambassador to Britain.

The article fails to mention that Joseph Kennedy’s hatred of Jews went back to a double-cross, theft and murder committed by a Jewish partner in the whiskey-smuggling business during Prohibition. Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky had some Kennedy whiskey smugglers murdered and a Kennedy truckload full of whiskey hijacked that was coming down through upstate New York from Montreal, Canada.)


Wikipedia again (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._Kennedy,_Sr)

Throughout 1938, while the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany and Austria intensified, Kennedy attempted to arrange a meeting with Adolf Hitler.[29] Shortly before the Nazi aerial bombing of British cities began in September 1940, Kennedy once again sought a personal meeting with Hitler, again without the approval of the Department of State, “to bring about a better understanding between the United States and Germany”.[30] It has been surmised that Kennedy also had personal reasons for wanting to avoid war; “He feared for the lives of his three eldest sons, Joe, Jack and Bobby, all of whom were or soon would be eligible to serve.”[31]

…….When the American public and Roosevelt Administration officials read his quotes on democracy being “finished”, and his belief that the Battle of Britain wasn’t about “fighting for democracy,” all of it being just “bunk”, [he was forced to resign in 1940 as US ambassador to Britain]…

Throughout the rest of the war, relations between Kennedy and the Roosevelt Administration remained tense (especially when Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., vocally opposed President Roosevelt’s unprecedented nomination for a third term, which began in 1941). Kennedy may have wanted to run for president himself in 1940 or later. Having effectively removed himself from the national stage, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., sat out World War II on the sidelines. However, Kennedy did stay active in the smaller venues of rallying Irish-American and Roman Catholic Democrats to vote for Roosevelt’s re-election for a fourth term in 1944. Former Ambassador Kennedy claimed to be eager to help the war effort, but as a result of his previous gaffes, he was neither trusted nor invited to do so.[34]

Due to his philanthropy and a close friendship with Francis Spellman, Archbishop of New York (later Cardinal), during this time, Joseph Kennedy was invested as a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, an honor which at that time he shared with just a few dozen Americans.

With his own ambitions to achieve the White House ..destr[oyed], Joseph Kennedy held out great hope for his eldest son, Joseph Kennedy, Jr., to seek the Presidency. However, Joseph Kennedy, Jr., who had become a U.S. Navy bomber pilot, was killed over the English Channel while undertaking Operation Aphrodite, a high-risk, new way to use heavy bombers to strike German missile sites in France, in 1944. His bomber accidentally [sic; see below] detonated early, before Kennedy could bail out. After grieving over his dead son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., then turned his attention to grooming his second son, John F. Kennedy, for a run for the Presidency. After serving as a member of the House of Representatives beginning in 1946, and then a U.S. Senator beginning in 1952, the younger Kennedy entered the Presidential election in 1960, and won it.

Evidence of Anti-Semitism

Kennedy’s friend Charles Lindbergh was an antiwar spokesman for the America First Committee.

Joseph P. Kennedy was (for a while) a close friend with the leading Jewish lawyer, Felix Frankfurter, who became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in January 1939 and remained in this position until 1962. Frankfurter helped Kennedy get his sons Joseph Jr. and John admitted into the London School of Economics in the late 1930s, where they studied under Harold Laski, a leading Jewish intellectual and a prominent socialist.[35]

According to Harvey Klemmer, who served as one of Kennedy’s embassy aides, Kennedy habitually referred to Jews as “kikes or sheenies”. Kennedy allegedly told Klemmer that “[some] individual Jews are all right, Harvey, but as a race they stink. They spoil everything they touch.[30] When Klemmer returned from a trip to Germany and reported the pattern of vandalism and assaults on Jews by Nazis, Kennedy responded, “Well, they brought it on themselves.[36]

On June 13, 1938, Kennedy met with Herbert von Dirksen, the German ambassador to the United Kingdom, in London, who claimed upon his return to Berlin that Kennedy had told him that “it was not so much the fact that we want to get rid of the Jews that was so harmful to us, but rather the loud clamor with which we accompanied this purpose. [Kennedy] himself fully understood our Jewish policy.”[37] Kennedy’s main concern with such violent acts against German Jews as Kristallnacht was that they generated bad publicity in the West for the Nazi regime, a concern that he communicated in a letter to Charles Lindbergh.[38]

Kennedy had a close friendship with Nancy Astor. The correspondence between them is reportedly replete with anti-Semitic statements.[39] As Edward Renehan notes:

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems”(Nancy’s phrase)…. Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world”.[40]

By August 1940, Kennedy worried that a third term as the President for Roosevelt would mean war. As Leamer reports, “Joe believed that Roosevelt, Churchill, the Jews, and their allies would manipulate America into approaching Armageddon.”[41] Nevertheless, Kennedy supported Roosevelt’s third term in return for Roosevelt’s support of Joseph Kennedy, Jr., in the run for the Governor of Massachusetts in 1942.[42] However, even during the darkest months of World War II, Kennedy remained “more wary of” prominent American Jews, such as Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter, than he was of Hitler.[43]

Kennedy told the reporter Joe Dinneen:

It is true that I have a low opinion of some Jews in public office and in private life. That does not mean that I… believe they should be wiped off the face of the Earth… Jews who take an unfair advantage of the fact that theirs is a persecuted race do not help much…….

(Influence on his son JFK)

….his presence in John F. Kennedy’s [1960] presidential campaign had to be downplayed. Having him in the spotlight would hurt John, making it look as if it were his father who was running for president.

However, Joe Kennedy still drove the campaign behind the scenes. He played a central role in planning strategy, fund-raising, and building coalitions and alliances. Joe supervised the spending and to some degree the overall campaign strategy, helped select advertising agencies, and was endlessly on the phone with local and state party leaders, newsmen, and business leaders. He had met thousands of powerful people in his career, and often called in his chips to help his sons.

His father’s connections and influence were turned directly into political capital for the senatorial and presidential campaigns of John, Robert and Ted. Historian Richard J. Whalendescribes Joe’s influence on John Kennedy’s policy decisions in his biography of Joseph Kennedy. Joe was influential in creating the Kennedy Cabinet (Robert Kennedy as Attorney General although he’d never argued or tried a case, for example[47]).

And now read this, chapter 52 from Michael Collins Piper’s very newest book, The Caiaphas Complex http://shop.americanfreepress.net/store/p/503-The-Caiaphas-Complex-Exposing-the-dark-side-of-the-New-World-Order-elite.html (Caiaphas having been the Jewish high priest who condemned Jesus Christ TO CRUCIFIXION):

* * *

Remembering Joseph P. Kennedy

Another of the famous “Anti-Semites”

(That is, he was an Opponent of War”)

During the 20th century (and now the 21st century) those Americans who stood in opposition to needless foreign wars were (and are) generally referred to as “anti-Semites,” since –as the facts show — Jewish elements have been at the forefront pushing for U.S. intervention in foreign squabbles at the basis of which generally lay Jewish interests. And as anyone who knows the history of the Kennedy family is well aware, the charge of “anti-Semitism” has been repeatedly leveled at Joseph P. Kennedy, the founder of the esteemed liberal political dynasty. In truth, Joe Kennedy’s real “crime” was to oppose the intrigues of the Jewish forces to embroil the United States in the Second World War. Here’s an account of Kennedy’s efforts to stop the genocidal conflict that tore apart modern civilization.

[being added now]

Joseph P. Kennedy, when he was a blond Irish-American teenager at the prestigious Boston Latin School

As early as 1935, Joe Kennedy told a friend, “I have four boys, and I don’t want them to be killed in a foreing war.” [JdN: As it turned out, one was, his oldest, on August 12, 1944, and the second-oldest, JFK, nearly died a year earlier, on August 2, 1943 when his PT boat out in the Pacific Ocean was sliced in half by a Japanese destroyer.]

US Navy lieutenant and skipper John Fitzgerald Kennedy, far right, with the crew of PT 109;these patrol boats were high-speed watercraft with huge engines and armed with torpedoes and heavy machine guns.

With that principle in mind, Kennedy spent the next six years working to prevent the United States from becoming embroiled in what became the Second World War.

And then — after the war actually erupted — Kennedy worked energetically behind the scenes to stop the war and achieve a negotiated peace that would have saved tens of millions of lives.

A Wall Street speculator, and dabbler in real estate and whiskey, Kennedy was appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James by Franklinh Delano Roosevelt in 1938. FDR considered the appointment quite hilarious — the idea of naming a stalwart Irish-American as “his” ambambassador to Britain.

Although FDR respected Kennedy’s abilities, it was largely because Kennedy was known as one of the most influential American Catholic business leaders that the appointment was made in the first place. FDR viewed Kennedy’s appointment as largely a sop to the Catholic vote. The president believed that having this Irish Catholic in London would help overcome the resistance to U.S. involvement in Europe from the anti-British Catholic voters of the Northeast.

Little did FDR know that Kennedy would, in fact, emerge as a major thorn in FDR’s drive for war. FDR’s son James later remarked that “Father never dreamed that Joe might put ideology above loyalty. He felt that if a policy disagreement ever arose between them, he would simply shift Kennedy to another job.”

In fact, because Kennedy was very much a man of principle, it was precisely for this reason, as we shall see, that Kennedy, in the end, was unable to bring himself to publicly bring down Franklin Delano Roosevelt and expose his behind-the-scenes manoeuvering with British intriguer Winston Churchill that brought America to war.

Kennedy was very much his own man, so much so that The Boston Post once said of Kennedy that his only drawback was that “he is too regular to be a politician. His expressed insight into human nature would probably cause a riot on the stump.”

Shortly after becoming ambassador Kennedy wrote to nationalist US Senator William Borah (R-Idaoh):

The more I see of things here [in England], the more convinced I am that we must exert all of our intelligence and effort toward keeping clear of any involvement. As long as I hold my present job, I shall never lose sight of this guiding principle.” As historian Michael Beschloss thus commented, “At the outset, therefore, Kennedy’s purposes were opposed to those of his patron in the White House. .. Kennedy was striving to influence the president, the Congress and his countrymen to bar from American foreign policy the alternative of war.”

In a draft of a speech that he sent to the State Department for clearance, Kennedy said: “Perhaps I am not well-informed of the terrifically vital forces underlying all this unrest in the world, but for the life of me, I cannot see anything involved which would be remotely considered worth shedding blood for.”

Upon reading the speech, FDR muttered to this Treasury Secretary, top-ranking Jewish leader Henry Morgenthau, that “The young man [Kennedy] needs his wrists slapped rather hard.”

[Summarizing the rest of the chapter in Piper’s book] After Kennedy gave an anti-war speech his son John, the future president, then studying at Harvard, wrote “while it seemed to be unpopular with the Jews, etc., it was considered to be very good by everyone who wasn’t bitterly anti-fascist.”

In 1939, after the war did break out between Britain and France and Germany. and, as Piper writes,

“British prime minister Neville Chamberlain called his friend [Kennedy] to his office and, with tears in his eyes, Kennedy read Chamberlain’s speech to Parliament. Kennedy then called FDR via trans-Atlantic telephone. According to historian Michael Beschloss, “Roosevelt could barely recognize the choked voice from across the Atlantic… Over and over Kennedy cried, ‘It’s the end of the world, the end of everything.'”

Of course, what Kennedy meant was the end of Western civilization and traditional values, and a new age of Jewish control, barbarism, violence, constant war and enslavement.

In the fall of 1940, shortly before the presidential election, FDR summoned Kennedy to the White House, and apparently threatened Kennedy with some blackmail. Some suggest Roosevelt tossed him an IRS file on his tax affairs. In any case, Kennedy endorsed FDR for re-election, shocking all his friends, and left government service. The war came to America, and one son died and another nearly died.


The Kennedy family in the late 1930s in Hyannisport, Massachusetts

========JFK on Hitler and his Reich

From http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v18/v18n3p30_Kennedy.html

Kennedy’s 1945 Visit to Germany

By Mark Weber

In late July and early August 1945, just weeks after the end of the war in Europe, the 28-year-old John F. Kennedy visited war-devastated Germany. Accompanying him on this tour was US Navy Secretary James Forrestal (whom President Truman later appointed as the first Secretary of Defense).

Kennedy recorded his experiences and observations in a diary that was not made public until 1995. (It was published under the title Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy,Summer 1945.)

These diary entries show the youthful Kennedy’s wide-ranging curiosity and eye for telling detail — attributes that were also manifest in his two best-selling books,While England Slept (1940) and Profiles in Courage. Earlier in 1945, he had attended the opening session of the United Nations organization in San Francisco, and had visited Britain to view the parliamentary election campaign, covering both events as a journalist for the Hearst newspaper chain.

In Berlin, Kennedy noted upon his arrival there on July 28, “The devastation is complete. [The] Unter den Linden [boulevard] and the streets are relatively clear, but there is not a single building which is not gutted. On some of the streets the stench — sweet and sickish from dead bodies — is overwhelming.” For the Berlin population, he reported, “The basic ration is 1 1/2 pounds a day — approximately 1,200 calories (2,000 considered by the health authorities for normal diet — the ration is only 900 calories in Vienna).”

Nuremberg 1945

Kennedy made several diary references to the ferocity of the Soviet Russian occupation of Germany. “The Russians moved in with such violence at the beginning — stripping factories and raping women — that they alienated the German members of the Communistic Party, which had some strength in the factories.” “Raping and looting” by Soviet troops “was general,” Kennedy also reported. “What they didn’t take, they destroyed.” Elsewhere he wrote: “The Russians have pretty well plundered the country, have been living off it … The Russians have been taking all the able-bodied men and women and shipping them away.”

He also took note of the impact of the devastating British-American air attacks: “According to our naval experts, the bombing of Germany was not effective in stopping their production, and production increased three-fold during 1942-1944.” Right until the end, Kennedy also reported, an adequate food distribution was maintained in the German capital: “The feeding in Berlin was extremely well organized, even in the most severe blitz.”

US Navy lieutenant John Kennedy traveled with Admiral James Forrestal;

JFK seemed destined to something higher to all who knew him.

Kennedy and Forrestal also visited Bremen, an important north German industrial and commercial center, and a major port city. As Kennedy reported, the Russians were not the only occupation forces to carry out wide-scale looting in Germany: “The British had gone into Bremen ahead of us — and everyone was unanimous in their description of British looting and destruction, which had been very heavy. They had taken everything which at all related to the sea — ships, small boats, lubricants, machinery, etc.”

He also noted misdeeds of US troops. “Americans looted town [Bremen] heavily on arrival,” he wrote. “People do not seem to realize,” he added, “how fortunate they have been in escaping the Russians. As far as looting the homes and the towns, however, the British and Americans have been very guilty.” In Bremen, Kennedy wrote, the Germans’ diet “is about 1,200 calories — ours being 4,000.” In spite of everything, “none of the [American] officers and men here seem to have any particular hate for the Germans.”

A German Schnellboot

Kennedy met and spoke with US Navy officials in Bremen. Because he had been commander of an American torpedo boat in the Pacific — the famous PT-109 — he had a special interest in the German counterpart — the Schnellboot or “E boat.” After looking into the matter in some detail, Kennedy concluded that the German version was “far superior to our PT boat.”


Hitler’s Place in History

After Bremen and Bremerhaven, Kennedy and Forrestal flew to Bavaria, where they visited the town of Berchtesgaden and then drove up to Hitler’s mountain retreat, which was “completely gutted, the result of an air attack from 12,000 pound bombs by the R.A.F. [British air force] in an attempt on Hitler’s life.”

The Berghof in 1936, in peacetime…..

After the American bombing, in May 1945…..

They then entered a special tunnel…..

[walked toward the elevator]……

….ascended [via the famous brass elevator]

……through solid rock up into Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” higher still in the mountains.

Just after this visit, Kennedy wrote a remarkable commentary in his diary, dated August 1, 1945, about Hitler and his place in history:

“After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years


Hitler will emerge from the hatredthat surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.


“He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”


Less than a year after this European tour, Kennedy was elected to Congress in Massachusetts, beginning a political career that took him to the White House, and which ended suddenly with his death on November 22, 1963.

From The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1999 (Vol. 18, No. 3), pp. 30.


President Eisenhower, who as an Army general had led the effort to crush the Third Reich, was very averse to hiring former Hitler scientists for the US space program. but John Kennedy reversed that policy. One of the key scientists he favored was Wernher von Braun, here with his V-2 rocket team at the Baltic coastal town of Peenem�nde

And below you see von Braun with President Kennedy. (Btw, I am friends with a son of Wernher von Braun, David Scott, a “love child” that von Braun had with an attractive American mistress. Also, my grandfather John Thomas Colwell, during his 25-year career as a federal auditor, was sent to Huntsville, Alabama to audit the rocket program being developed by von Braun and met and went over the books with him, finding him a charming man. My daughter Ingrid also played with von Braun’s great-niece Amrei when we lived in Alexandria, Virginia, where Wernher von Braun is also buried….)

Werner von Braun chats with President Kennedy with Air Force One behind a throng of Air Force and Army officers


The goal of the Kennedys, father and sons, was to pretend to be liberal, pretend to be pro-Jewish, and then get the power via the White House to destroy the Jewish-controlled Fed, which the experienced and successful banker Joseph Kennedy Sr. saw correctly as the ultimate financial source of all modern Jewish powerthe power to print money and either lend it or not, the power to trigger depressions and foreclose on businesses, hoes and cars, the power to cut off credit, and thus the power to bankrupt their patriotic enemies and complete the Jewish takeover of our media, our politicians (who always desperately need campaign money) and our entire nation.

Joseph Kennedy Junior, the patriarch Joseph Kennedy Junior, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, July 1938.

Joe, husky, smart and strong, and the eldest, was chosen by his father to run for president, but he died in a “mysterious” plane explosion in WWII after President Roosevelt and his father had come to nearly open conflict. Roosevelt threatened to destroy the pro-German, pro-Hitler Kennedys using an IRS investigation of Joseph Kennedy Senior’s hidden whisky income during Prohibition. On August 12, 1944, when Joe Junior as a US Navy pilot was guiding an experimental B-17 toward Germany, following 300 ft (91 m) behind him in a de Havilland Mosquito “to film the mission” was Colonel Elliott Roosevelt,USAAF, son of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Suddenly, the plane exploded in mid-air.

There is no “Kennedy curse,” but instead Jews — allied with Roosevelt, Johnson and others — have been killing the secretly anti-.Jewish Kennedys one by one. In the photo below, JFK, killed in 1963, Robert, killed in 1968, and Teddy, who suffered a “small plane crash” on June 19, 1964 in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed. Ted was pulled from the wreckage and spent weeks in a hospital recovering from a broken back, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. After Robert was killed, Ted was the last brother alive, and began drinking heavily, engaging in self-destructive behavior (leading to Chappaquiddick), and the little brother, now a US senator, began voting exactly as the Jews ordered to stay alive.

As DeWest Hooker revealed to Piper, the patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Senior, had taught John and Robert all about Jewish power. Together, with cunning, they all were working toward a massive strike against the Jews from the power of White House, all the while hiring and using various Jews such as press secretary Pierre Salinger as a “cover,” and pretending outwardly to be total pro-Jewish liberals. The patriarch even asked through Hooker the head of the American Nazi Party, former US Navy commander George Lincoln Rockwell, to put out the slogan “Nazis for Nixon, Kikes for Kennedy” to trick Jews into believing that JFk was their friend, pro-Jewish and pro-Israel — unlike his father. With the antisemites attacking JFK, the trick worked — and the Jewish vote in NY, NJ and Florida, plus favorable Jewish media coverage nationwide, helped Senator John Kennedy beat Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960 and enter the White House.

“John-John,” the only son of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, named by People magazine “the sexiest man alive” in 1988 and an extremely nice and humble man ( knew a New York woman who knew him), died in a “small plane crash” on July 16, 1999 when his Piper Saratoga crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. (His wife and sister-in-law were also killed) JFK Junior had aroused Jewish suspicion — by 1) getting a law degree, 2) discussing entering politics, 3) creating in 1995 an INVESTIGATIVE magazine, 4) naming it “George” after George Washington (suggesting John-John wanted to restore America as the Founding Fathers intended it) and 5) through this magazine creating the reporting staff to investigate who really killed his own father John and uncle Bobby, with the Kennedy family motto being “don’t get mad, get even.”

As a chilling sign of the use ofkabbalistic black magic in all these Kennedy killings and constant “accidents,” every single major Kennedy killing or attempt has occurred when the Little Dipper (with the North Star at the end) is located due north of the victim, and the feared Zodiac sign of the Scorpion is to the south of the victim.

As bizarre and foolish as this all seems to us, in the superstitious minds of Jewish satan-worshipers this alignment of the stars somehow creates a more favorable moment to successfully kill — and most important of all — also get away with the crime. Robert Fischer, a former research scientist at Dupont, did a major study on this in 2007.

FYI, Ursa Minor, the proper name, is commonly known as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest stars seem to form the shape of a dipper (a ladle or scoop). The star at the end of the dipper handle is Polaris, the North Star.

Depicted below: The Little Dipper (above) and the Big Dipper (below).

The feared sign of Scorpio (below) is located due south of the victim on the horizon when each major Kennedy has died or nearly been killed. Joe was killed in 1944, John was supposed to die in Florida in 1960, then three attempts were planned in November 1963: in Chicago on November 2 (the whole Chicago trip was canceled at the urging of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, his brother), again at Tampa-McDill Air Force Base on November 18, where Kennedy was present, and finally the heinous yet successful murder in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd of that month.

Teddy, then a US senator from Massachusetts, was supposed to die in a plane crash in 1964, Robert was killed in 1968, and JFK Junior was killed in 1997.

In all six cases the constellations were lined up with the Little Dipper due north and the sign of Scorpion due south. The odds of this are 4.9 million to one. This proves clearly that some group worshipping Satan, truly serious students and PRACTITIONERS of black magic, were involved. After all, if one wanted to kill a Kennedy, the head and body of any Kennedy, being mere mortals, were just as vulnerable to a bullet or pre-arranged plane crash on any given day of the year.

It had to be someone who believed deeply in the occult and the black arts — some group that insisted that they be killed on such supposedly “ominous” days, believing in a kind of black astrology that taught that certain zodiac times would “ensure success” for serial murders. One must remember that the Kennedys were among the most popular and also richest families in America; Bobby Kennedy especially was known for getting vengeance on Kennedy enemies; so it was no small feat to keep killing them and getting away with it.

All stories about the womanizing by the Kennedy father or brothers, however disappointing, must be seen in the context of deliberately weakening their popularity after their death so no one demands with any more real passion that the Kennedy murders — including a President of the United States and a US senator who was on his way in 1968 to becoming President! — be cleared up.

And no one has the right to judge the marriage of another who has not been a fly on the wall seven days a week in their car, kitchen and bedroom. As Jesus Christ said (in Matthew 7:1):

“Judge not, lest ye be judged. By the measure with which ye judge others, God shall judge YOU.”

How many husbands living in a long and iffy marriage could have resisted Marilyn Monroe if she were alive right now and, in a hotel in a city far from home, “came on” big-time to THEM? As comedin Chris Rock pointed out, super-hot women do not “come on” to average guys, but if one did, how many men — on a business trip to a city far away — would resist a brief fling if the wife could never find out? Though adultery is wrong, many would not resist. And this goes for unhappily married women too, if Brad Pitt or some other movie star “hunk” came on to them when “out of town” and in another city from where they live. The harping on the Kennedys as womanizers appears to me more and more as a deliberate campaign with ulterior motives. And if Bill Clinton got to give a major speech at the 20102 Democratic convention, then we need to be suspicious of focused attacks on the Kennedy men. At least they were interested in women! 😉

Bobby and John Kennedy don’t know where to put their eyes as they meet Marilyn at the home of a movie producer in Manhattan, shortly after the movie star sang a sexy “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to him from a mike at a big rally on May 19, 1962. at Madison Square Garden in New York. My parents met and slightly knew ackie Kennedy (born Jaqueline Boiuvier). She was a nice woman (photo below), a good mother, dignified, well-dressed and pleasant, but not very smart, very small-chested and actually rather plain from the side. My mother, Constance Colwell Nugent, (see photo below) met her in the 1950s at a high-society party in Newport, Rhode Island (my family moved in those circles) and told me years later (I was born in 1954) that “people think she talks so little in order to seem mysterious, but really it because she’s not terribly bright.”

Jackie was a nice girl, she took French courses at my alma mater, Georgetown, and she was desperate to marry a rich young man — even a KNOWN skirt-chaser like Jack Kennedy – after her father, “Black Jack” Bouvier of Newport, drank away the inherited fortune. This was common knowledge in high society when I grew up near Newport, Rhode Island. Jackie took the miscarriage of Patrick Kennedy in 1963 very hard, she and JFK became closer over the loss, and reports say the couple was considering having another baby when he was horrifyingly killed in her presence, and she memorably dove onto the trunk of the limousine to fetch a chunk of his brain and skull. For all JFK’s affairs, they loved each other and their children.

As Jackie Kennedy stares, grief-stricken, in the blood-splattered dress she wore when her husband was killed, the vile Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson winks at an assistant, who winks back, after he took the oath of office and seized the presidency. The Jewess Lady Bird smiles too. LBJ then, via channels, gave Zalman Shapiro of Pittsburgh the green light to keep cranking out the uranium in Apollo,. Pa. for the illegal theft and assembly of materials for the Israeli atomic bomb. While Johnson was president (opening up Third World immigration, favoring blacks, losing the Vietnam War and creating the welfare state and high inflation), his fellow Jew Zalman Shapiro and company dumped the radioactive, cancerogenic waste all over southeastern Armstrong County, Pa. on the trusting goyeem. (“Goyim” is the Hebrew word for “cattle,” but in Jewish parlance usually means “Gentile” that is, non-Jew.)

My later mother, the beautiful Constance Colwell Nugent

Returning to the carefully chosen astrological “killing times” for the six Kennedy murders/”accidents”, scientist Robert Fischer sent me these images:

(My explanation of his words) The first image, in laymen’s terms, means that as the earth turns, certain stars cross certain north-south and east-west lines at certain fixed times. Observing them, one can create a sidereal clock based on star movements, whereas our normal clocks run on sun time, that is, the 24-hour cycle of the earth spinning around the sun.

As you can see, the persons, times and locations are all different, but one thing is the same —

–the sidereal times in the column on the far right.…..

This chart shows a time cluster for all six different attacks on six different Kennedys, all taking place at nearly the exact same sidereal time.



The Israeli version of the CIA, called the Mossad, has a motto is �by way of deception shalt thou wage war.�

It knew that:

1) the family patriarch, Joe Kennedy Senior, was strongly antisemitic, and as US ambassador had tried to keep American from joining WWII on the British side;

2) his son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had written very favorably about Hitler in his published diary;

3) JFK had defended Republican US Senator Robert Taft in his bestseller, Profiles in Courage, for denouncing the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (the trial and hanging in 1946 of the 11 top German leaders who had served in the Hitler government) as a farce;

4) as president, Kennedy had done all in his power to prevent Israel from building The Bomb.

Now here is an additional corroboration to Piper�s book,,,,,

From William Kunstler�s 1995 My Life as a Radical Lawyer, where we learn that Kunstler represented the nightclub and striptease joint owner Jack Ruby, a Meyer Lansky ally, who silenced Lee Harvey Oswald and got Ruby off death row:

Now here is what Kunstler wrote about Ruby�.with the sentence below about the �Fair Play for Cuba Association� as pure obfuscation and half-truth. Ruby was not afraid of any pro-Cuba association leading to a pogrom against the Jews!

He was afraid that Oswald, unless gunned down, would prove his innocence, which would then shift the investigation to Kennedy�s real enemies. On orders of HIS boss, Meyer Lansky, Ruby silenced the totally innocent, set-up eccentric Oswald.

Now watch Kunstler, a supposed liberal who nevertheless hated both Kennedys, blast this very Aryan-looking and antisemitic family����

Awww, poor Castro, who himself is reported to be partially descended from sephardic Jews.

The motive was to get Israel the bomb. The Mossad organized the killing of JFK, which put in the crypto-Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson (mother�s maiden name: Baines, a name as Jewish in Texas as Cohen or Goldberg). (See my blog here: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-russian-and-american-sailors-prevented-wwiii-in-1967-thwarting-israeli-false-flag-attack-coordinated-by-closet-jew-lyndon-baines-johnson)

IV. Character assassination by lies

Inb the section after this, you will be finding the actual Wikipedia articles on 1) Zalman Shapiro and 2) on “the Apollo Affair.”

These texts may later be censored or altered and vital information deleted from them, since many Jews work for Wikipedia. The entire Wikipedia article on me, for example, was DELETED in 2010, claiming that despite my being featured in a 2010 Discovery Channel documentary, interviewed on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX in 2009 (as well as by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review newspapers) and running for Congress and nearly winning in 1990 in Tennessee, I was “not noteworthy” enough to merit an article! This outrageous claim was written by an editor named “Horowitz” at a time when there were THREE MILLION hits on my name on Google!)

Google, owned and run by these two billionaire Jews, Larry Page and Serge Brin����

�.closed three of my gmail accounts and two YouTube channels of mine. Now they are into the character defamation and insinuation act. I was told on March 22, 2011 � and was able to verify this to myself and now to you by this screenshot below � that when you enter in the search term �John de Nugent,� this is what automatically pops up, at least as of today and for many Google users, and note the third item:

“Gay?” After two marriages, two long-term female relationships, and almost two dozen other girlfriends going back 23 years to 1989??

Why do Jews attack my masculinity? To discredit me as a man and leader with white Christians, conservatives, and macho vets and cops who cannot stand limp-wristed gays…… What cheaper ways to destroy someone than type some toxic lies on a keyboard and post it online?

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU AS A TAXPAYER ARE PAYING FEDERAL AGENTS TO DO at the so-called “Fusion Centers”! You are funding a full-time federal lie machine to watch and defame government critics!


The purpose of Fusion Centers is to unconstitutionally spy on peaceful critics of this government, hack their websites, listen to their phone calls, read their emails, open and steal their regular mail and donations……

After I released my last major video in July, I went NINE DAYS WITH NO MAIL, NOT EVEN JUNK MAIL Later, the USPS delivered to me an arrogantly slit-open letter with the cash taken out!

…. and these Obama-run Fusion Centers spread defamatory accusations, all this while combining local, state and federal police levels into one big, unified mega-police force — in a way that would have horrified Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, enemies of the British tradition of totally centralized government!


Britain has no states or counties at all — Just one country, in one big unit, with no gun rights and strong limitations on free speech! You can get seven years in Britain, a country whose vile new ruling class is riddled with pedophiles, just for criticizing homosexuals or objecting to the muslim-immigrant takeover of British cities. London itself is now 50% non-white. In the 2010 race riots, racist blacks forced innocent, native white English people to strip naked just to humiliate them in their own country! Was this reported in the American “mainstream” media? And if you object to the Third World takeover, it is YOU as a white Briton who go to prison!)

English matron after being forced to strip by black immigrants. An unchivalrous cop does not even offer her clothing. Whites have no rights in Britain today; they are just “evil racists.”

The black master watches as a British lad also strips. Britain has no written constitution and no bill of rights. The law is you must be “politically correct” as defined by every angry minority group in the UK — or you go to prison for three to five years alongside murderers and rapists, many of them violent, white-hating blacks and muslims. Thousands of white British girls have been kidnapped by muslims, drugged, raped until they were subservient, then then forced into prostitution. This is called “Muslim grooming” of white girls. This is because they have no guns and no free speech.

This is Ingrid Irigoyen, now a mother of two twin girls, and an executive in environmental affairs, with a master�s degree from Duke University, who by the way has my eyes and strong jaw and chin. This is where she works:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ingrid-irigoyen/15/526/71b

Myself in August 2010 at Meadowcroft Rockshelter near Pittsburgh, a major archeological dig that proves the white European Solutreans were here in 16,000 BC before the Indians arriveden masse from Siberia and massacred them, the true Native Americans from the frigid Ice Age Atlantic coastlands that later became western France and northern Spain. Note her and my lower eyelids, cheekbones and chin, etc��

�.and here is Erika Atzl, my younger daughter, a nurse with a degree from the University of Virginia, and also an accomplished painter (http://erikaatzl.blogspot.com/)

And here are their birth certificates, showing me as their father: Ingrid Atzl Nugent, born in Virginia on January 7, 1980

….and then Erika�s birth certificate


And now, finally ;-), on to the Wikipedia articles on Shapiro and the Apollo Affair…..

IV. Shapiro and NUMEC

On the article below, I have changed nothing — but have highlighted, enlarged and/or bolded certain key data. The articles reflect the version published online as of Saturday, October 13, 2012.



Zalman Shapiro

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Zalman Mordecai Shapiro (born 12 May 1920, Canton, Ohio)[1] is an American chemistand inventor. He has received 15 patents, including a 2009 patent on a process to make commercial production of diamonds cheaper,[2] and played a key role in the development of the reactor that powered the world’s first nuclear powered submarine, the Nautilus.[3][4]



Shapiro was born in Canton, Ohio, to Abraham and Minnie (n�e Pinck) Shapiro.[1] He graduated from Passaic High School in New Jersey as the valedictorian in 1938.[5] He attended Johns Hopkins University, earning B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in 1942, 1945, and 1948, respectively.[1]


After completing his education, Shapiro moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and began a career in engineering and chemistry. He worked for Westinghouse Electric and the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, where he worked on developing the fuel for the first commercial nuclear power plant, the Shippingport Atomic Power Station.[4]

He founded Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. (NUMEC) in Apollo, Pennsylvania in 1957 to develop improved methods of processing nuclear fuel.[1][4]


Main article: The Apollo Affair

NUMEC began by doing consulting work for companies in the nuclear field, and it was the first company able to provide fuel that could be used for nuclear reactors.[4][6]

After the company was awarded a contract to process enriched uranium, it was told to inventory its uranium.[7] The inventory came up short, and after a series of efforts to search and recover the material from the factory and its disposal site, the company paid $834,000 to theAtomic Energy Commission (AEC) for the missing uranium.[7]

Shapiro is a long-time Zionist,[8][9][10] and he had business interests and contacts among high government officials in Israel, including a contract to build nuclear-powered generators for Israel.[11] He was suspected for many years of diverting some 269 kilograms (591 pounds) uranium of uranium to Israel, enough to make several nuclear weapons.[12][13] In September 1968, four Israeli intelligence agents visited NUMEC; among them was Rafi Eitan, who was listed as a Defense Ministry chemist.[14][verification needed][15]

* * *

Eitan was no chemist; the visitor to NUMECV was the Chief of Staff of the entire Israeli Defence Forces! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raful

* * *

The missing uranium was investigated several times over two decades.[14][verification needed] Both the AEC and the FBI examined the records and the plant; only a small portion of what was thought to be missing was located. Estimates of the missing amount have varied as well, from 200 pounds to almost 600 pounds.[14][verification needed][16] However, no charges were ever filed, and one report concluded that there was “no substantive evidence to indicate that a diversion occurred”.[14][verification needed] Shapiro has long denied any wrongdoing, and has said that such discrepancies are “not unusual” and that losses could be explained as normal to the complex processing.[13][14][verification needed][16]

In his 1991 book, The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh concluded that Shapiro did not divert any uranium; rather “it ended up in the air and water of the city of Apollo as well as in the ducts, tubes, and floors of the NUMEC plant.”[17] He also wrote that Shapiro’s meetings with senior Israeli officials in his home were related to protecting the water supply in Israel rather than any diversion of nuclear material or information.[17] A later investigation was conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (successor to the AEC) regarding an additional 198 pounds of uranium that was found to be missing between 1974 and 1976, after the plant had been purchased by Babcock & Wilcox and Shapiro was no longer associated with the company. That investigation found that more than 110 pounds of it could be accounted for by what was called “previously unidentified and undocumented loss mechanisms”, including “contamination of workers’ clothes, losses from scrubber systems, material embedded in the flooring, and residual deposits in the processing equipment.”[17] Hersh further quoted one of the main investigators, Carl Duckett, as saying “I know of nothing at all to indicate that Shapiro was guilty.”[17]

Later U.S. Department of Energy records show that NUMEC had the largest highly enriched uranium inventory loss of all U.S. commercial sites, with a 269 kilograms (590 lb) inventory loss before 1968, and 76 kilograms (170 lb) thereafter.[18]

The US Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing a taxpayer funded $170 million cleanup of contaminated land at the site of NUMEC’s waste disposal, currently scheduled to be completed in 2015.[19]


Shapiro married Evelyn Greenberg in 1945, and they have three children: Joshua, Ezra, and Deborah.[1]

He was formerly the president of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Zionist Organization of America.[9] Shapiro and his wife were honored in 2008 for their contributions to the Jewish community for over 60 years.[20]He lives in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh.[21]

Because it stole from the US The Bomb!

[JdN: My comments on this are: 1) the Jew Hersh is lying to protect Israel and his friend Shapiro. Jews are specifically allowed to lie or break promises to Gentiles [ = non-Jews] under the most sacred Jewish prayer, the Kol Nidre prayer, uttered as the first prayer on the Day of Atonement, if it benefits the Jewish people.

All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called ‘?onam,’ ‘?onas,’ or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”

Un-frigging-believable! How can a Jew be trusted to testify to anything when he is asking God to forgive in advance any lie toward a Gentile, or broken promise made to a Gentile, or a contract violated against a Gentile?

What kind of so-called RELIGION is this??

This is a cult! A criminally organized, international cult! With financial and military power!

2) Even if Hersh were telling the truth, and he is certainly NOT, how is it innocent and not criminally negligent if Shapiro let 600 pounds of toxic uranium go out via the hair, clothing and smokestacks into the bodies of the innocent American people living in Parks Township and Apollo, Pennsylvania? Shapiro should get life in prison for that alone! For the thousands of cancer dead!

But in fact, most of the uranium was stolen and sent to the nuke factory at Dimona, Israel(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negev_Nuclear_Research_Center).

Dimona Nuclear Center, Negev Desert, Israel

And the rest was dumped into the landscape and killed trusting, guileless Pennsylvanians — who THOUGHT they were only making nuclear engine fuel so our US Navy can defend America!

The nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan leaves Pearl Harbor. (My father was a friend of Ronald Reagan, a fundraiser who served on the Republican National Finance Committee while he was president, and was asked by Reagan to serve on the National Security Council and also as US ambassador to Hungary.) A nuclear-powered warship can voyage for two years before refueling. (Btw, sailors, as seen here, gather along the deck as any warship enters a port so as to show peaceful intent. If not, they could be below-decks at battle stations, preparing a sneak attack. 😉 )

3) The new estimates in the newspapers now are that the NUMEC cleanup will not cost the American taxpayer $170 million, but $500 million. That is $500 million that SHAPIRO owes you and me!]

[Back now to the Wikipedia article on Shapiro…]


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  14. ^ a b c d e United Press International (1986-06-17). “Pollard’s Alleged Recruiter Linked to Nuclear Diversion”. San Jose Mercury News. “During the time Shapiro headed NUMEC, 267 kilograms, or 587 pounds of uranium turned up missing.”
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Further reading

* * *

And here is the Wikipedia article on “the Apollo Affair,” again, as of Saturday, October 13, 2012.

The Apollo Affair

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The Apollo Affair was a 1965 incident in which a US company, Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC), in Apollo and Parks Township, Pennsylvania was investigated for losing 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium. In 1965, the FBI investigated Zalman Shapiro, the company’s president, over the loss 200 pounds of highly enriched uranium. After investigations by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other government agencies, and inquiring reporters, no charges were ever filed. A General Accounting Office study of the investigations declassified in May 2010 stated “We believe a timely, concerted effort on the part of these three agencies would have greatly aided and possibly solved the NUMEC diversion questions, if they desired to do so.”[1]

Some remain convinced that Israel received 200 pounds of enriched uranium from NUMEC,[2][3] particularly given the visit of Rafael Eitan, later revealed as an Israeli spy and who was later involved in theJonathan Pollard incident.[4] In June 1986, analyst Anthony Cordesman told United Press International:

There is no conceivable reason for Eitan to have gone [to the Apollo plant] but for the nuclear material.�[4]

In his 1991 book, The Samson Option, Seymour Hersh concluded that Shapiro did not divert any uranium; rather “it ended up in the air and water of the city of Apollo as well as in the ducts, tubes, and floors of the NUMEC plant.”[5] He also wrote that Shapiro’s meetings with senior Israeli officials in his home were related to protecting the water supply in Israel rather than any diversion of nuclear material or information.[5] A later investigation was conducted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (successor to the AEC) regarding an additional 198 pounds of uranium that was found to be missing between 1974 and 1976, after the plant had been purchased by Babcock & Wilcox and Shapiro was no longer associated with the company. That investigation found that more than 110 pounds of it could be accounted for by what was called “previously unidentified and undocumented loss mechanisms”, including “contamination of workers’ clothes, losses from scrubber systems, material embedded in the flooring, and residual deposits in the processing equipment.”[5] Hersh further quoted one of the main investigators, Carl Duckett, as saying “I know of nothing at all to indicate that Shapiro was guilty.”[5]

In 1993, Glenn T. Seaborg, former head of the Atomic Energy Commission wrote a book, The Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon, Adjusting to Troubled Times which devoted a chapter to Shapiro and NUMEC, the last sentence of which states:

Distinguished as Shapiro’s career has been, one cannot but wonder whether it might not have been even more illustrious had these unjust charges not been leveled against him.[6]

Later U.S. Department of Energy records show that NUMEC had the largest highly enriched uranium inventory loss of all U.S. commercial sites, with a 269 kilograms (590 lb) inventory loss before 1968, and 76 kilograms (170 lb) thereafter.[7]

At the prompting of Zalman Shapiro’s lawyer, senator Arlen Specter[JdN: amazing coincidence: another Jew ;-)] asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to clear him of any suspicion of diversion in August 2009. The NRC refused, stating it did “not have information that would allow it to unequivocally conclude that nuclear material was not diverted from the site…”[8]

The US Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing a cleanup of contaminated land at the site of NUMEC’s waste disposal, currently scheduled to be completed in 2015.[9]

See also

Further reading

  • Smith, Grant F. (2012). Divert! NUMEC, Zalman Shapiro and the diversion of US weapons-grade uranium into the Israeli nuclear weapons program. ISBN 978-0-9827757-0-7

* * *

We report; you decide……


V. Are the Jews STILL God’s Chosen People? No, said some guy named JESUS

What interests me is this one thing only, the welfare of our Folk. Does the current version of Christianity, Paulinism, which contradicts directly Jesus Christ himself in his words found in Matthew 22, protect and glorify the Jews or does it protect us whites? Paul, in his letter to the Romans, claims the Jews are still God’s people even after rejecting Christ, but this contradicts an earlier authority on Christianity, JESUS CHRIST. Paul was an employee of the Sanhedrin…. before claiming he had seen a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus and converted to Christianity.

Now let Jesus himself speak:

From Matthew 21:

The Parable of the Tenants (21:33-46)

The Text

33 Listen to another parable: There was a landowner who planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it, dug a winepress in it and built a watchtower. Then he rented the vineyard to some farmers and went away on a journey.34 When the harvest time approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his fruit.

35 The tenants seized his servants; they beat one, killed another, and stoned a third. 36 Then he sent other servants to them, more than the first time, and the tenants treated them the same way. 37 Last of all, he sent his son to them; “They will respect my son,” he said.

38 But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, “This is the heir. Come, let�s kill him and take the inheritance.” 39 So they took him and three him out of the vineyard and killed him.

40 Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants? 41 “He will bring those wretches to a wretched end,” they replied, “and he will rent the vineyard to other tenants, who will give him his share of the crop at harvest time.”

42 Jesus said to them, Have you never read in the Scripture:
The stone the builders rejected has become of capstone;
The LORD has done this, and it marvelous in our eyes?

43 Therefore, I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit. 44 He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.

45 When the chief priests and the Pharisees heard Jesus� parables, they knew he was talking about them. 46 They looked for a way to arrest him, but they were afraid of the crowd because the people held that he was a prophet.


Here is a good commentary on a key parable in the next chapter, Matthew 22:

The differences between Matthew and Luke are significant though. In Luke the story starts with “a certain man,” but here it is the King. In Luke it is a great supper, but here it is a wedding banquet. In Luke there is one invitation, but here there are two. In Luke the invited guests make excuses, but here they refuse and turn violent. In Luke the invited guests are passed by, but here they are destroyed. These are major differences. Each passage fits its context very well, and so if one were to conclude that it was originally one story, there would have to have been significant editing to make the parable work in the contexts. Matthew�s parable is much harsher than Luke�s, but then it comes later in Jesus’ ministry in Matthew, at a time when he was facing severe opposition from the Jewish leaders. It is most likely that this parable was a separate story, not a re-telling of the one in Luke, although in some ways the two are similar.

* * *

The Text

1 Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying, 2“The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. 3 He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet [the Jewish people] to tell them to come, but they refused to come.

4 Then he sent some more servants and said, �Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.�

5 But they paid no attention and went off–one to his field, another to his business. 6 The rest seized his servants, mistreated them, and killed them. 7 The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

8 Then he said to his servants, �The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. 9 Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.� 10 [This means the Gentiles.] So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests.

11 But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. 12 �Friend,� he asked, �how did you get in here without wedding clothes?� The man was speechless. 13 Then the king told the attendants,�Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.�

14 “For many are invited, but few are chosen.”

What we see here is the divine human Jesus, feeling boiling frustration and now even a justified rage at the Jews He had been endeavoring to save. He senses they are ABOUT TO MURDER HIM.


VII. Jerusalem’s coordinates since 1884 do add up to “666″

Here is a fact to shake anyone up, especially those familiar with the famous Book of Revelation at the end of the New Testament, which prophesies that an Antichrist will arise, bearing the number 666 � and then no one can buy, sell or eat without his permission and having his mark on them.


As crackpot as it sounds, watch this:
Add up the longitude and latitude of Jerusalem — the coordinates 31�47?N latitude plus 35�13?E longitude equals precisely 66.6 — using the numerical designations on a world map of geographic locations, a system invented in 1884.
�.over 1,600 years after the Book of Revelation was written. (The ancient and modern Jewish capital is Jerusalem, at the center of which is Mount Zion.)

Do it! � and when you add them together they actually do sum up to exactly and literally 66.6.

Read Wikipedia on Jerusalem (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerusalem)

The coordinates 31�47?N plus 35�13?E equals 66.6.

Actually, in the Jewish Kabbalah�s bizarre numerology system, which like the ancient Roman numeral system has no zero, but starts instead at the number �one,� zeroes absolutely never count, not in Kabbalah.

So 47 + 13 = 60 …. but that equal 6.

To repeat, the Revelation was completed in its modern form before 200 AD, and longitude and latitude were created in 1884.
I have only two possible explanations:
1) Revelation is predicting by some real divine power that the Jewish nation, once re-established in Palestine, becomes itself the Antichrist, which many hate-filled Jews also believe, as French author and Sorbonne graduate Herv� Ryssen has pointed out in his books.
The Austrian Jewish novelist Joseph Roth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Roth) stated exactly this �. We Jews are the Antichrist. (Actually, what he said was coy. He wrote that those who strip corpses of their money and jewelry on the battlefields are the Antichrist, but this itself was a reference to the Jews. It was very well-known in Central and Eastern Europe that Jews had a �specialty� of stripping corpses of fallen soldiers of their valuables.
Another explanation would be:
2) The Jews had seized, by their money, terror and blackmail, such control over the scientific establishments of Britain and America by 1884 that they could demand that the coordinates system be set up using tiny Greenwich, England as the center, because this then made Jerusalem into exactly the coordinate “666,” thus expressing their pride at being the Antichrist, that is, the Anti-Christians.
In other words, they reveled in being the Antichrist and bribed someone at the International Meridian conference so that obscure little Greenwich, England was designated the center of the world map IN ORDER THAT Jerusalem would add up to 666 — a number they WANTED to have assigned to the Christ-rejecting Jewish capital.
Twisted? Yes. Hate-filled? Very.
The Book of Revelation is ascribed to the Apostle John, said to be Jesus� �favorite disciple,� and Jesus on the cross asks John to care of his mother, Miriam (Mary) after His death. The previous book, the Gospel of John, is overtly antisemitic, and the main Jewish organization called the Anti-Defamation League (or ADL for short) directly calls this Gospel �antisemitic.�
I believe it is the first Bible book they would like to ban � before they have the power to ban the whole New Testament and then Christianity itself as an �antisemitic cult.�
In fact, whereas the three �synoptic� gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke (which repeat much of the same events) refer to Jesus denouncing, not �the Jews,� but various groupings among the Jews, such as �the Pharisees� and �the Sadducees,� or �the Temple elders,� by the time the Gospel of John was written, forming the last Gospel, Jewish-Christian relations had gone to total war.
The Jews had incited the Roman Empire into horrific persecutions of the Christians, with Jewry defaming Christians as 1) seeking to overthrow Rome, 2) hating the whole human race, and 3) as drinking blood and eating children at their Last Suppers.
(This is just like how the Jews today say the Germans of 1933-45 were depraved maniacs and mass murderers, and Hitler a madman and the most evil person who ever lived…. and they repeat and repeat and repeat this on TV, in movies, in books and in the schools.)
Rome, thus provoked by Jews to hate the Christians as monsters and rebels, then put Christians into colosseums where lions ate them, bulls gored them, and they were set on fire as human torches. Others were tortured and beheaded. When I lived in Aix-en-Provence, France in 2004-05, I saw a chapel for a Christian saint named Mitre holding his head in his hands; he had been decapitated at that very spot.) To be a Christian was to on the one hand preach love, humility and forgiveness, yet face torture, hatred, contempt and death � because of the Jews, their accusations, and their money influence as bankers and thus money-lenders, then as now, on the emperors of Rome, who needed money to fight their constant wars and prevent disaster..
Some Christians were killed and eaten in public by lions, as crazed mobs cheered, and others were set on fire as human torches.
Saint Ignatius is eaten by lions in the Colosseum in AD 107.
So by the time the Gospel of John was written down, the Christian attitude toward the Jews who were defaming them to the harsh rulers of Rome, triggering their gruesome deaths, is correspondingly more severe.
Again and again we find this remark in the Gospel of John:

�Jesus said TO THE JEWS�.�

In any case, the fact that remains is this:
The official, scientific, geographical coordinates of the modern city of Jerusalem, the legal capital of modern, Christ-rejecting Israel, add up exactly to 666, the �number of the beast.� Turn and twist it any way you will, that is a FACT.

VIII. The truth about the events of 9/11

In view of all the above, it should no longer shock you into disbelief to state that the Israelis led the coalition of interests that caused 9/11. They did 9/11, simply put, so Americans would hate Arabs and Muslims — and attack their Mideast enemies for them. Before 9/11 America wisely avoided military intervention in the dangerous, hate-filled, religiously divided and rather fanatic Middle East.

After 9/11, the US has been attacking one by one the enemies of ISRAEL: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. And it has been waging an economic war, cyberwar and assassinations against Iran.

The ancient Roman police force was instructed to always ask, at the beginning of the investigation of a crime, “Cui bono?” That means, in Latin, “To whose benefit” did the crime occur? Who benefited?

Israel benefited. Thanks to the US military, its enemies Saddam Hussein and Muammar Kaddafi are dead. Now it wants to destroy two more enemies, Syria’s Assad and Iran’s Ahmadinjedad, of course using US forces once again to do the dying. After all, we Americans are merely goyeem, cattle, and born to be their slaves.

And it all began with supposedly 19 Arabs attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 and the hatred American then felt for Arabs and other Muslims.

Here are now five videos that tell it all.

1) intro video (2 minutes) look to the center of the homepage: “9/11 solved in two minutes”


2) full-length video, showing Israel has attacked the US military and civilians on many occasions before and then including 9/11

Also at http://www.911missinglinks.com/ Click on “Watch Movie” (about two hours) Then you will also know about the attack on America that happened the very day I was born, July 14, 1954. (This was the infamous “Lavon Affair,” and thankfully it was thwarted by the Egyptian police). Also, you will learn about the June 1967 three-hour Israeli attack on the US Navy ship “Liberty,” which killed 34 American officers and sailors. Its purpose was to blame Egypt after the ship sank with all hands (but it did not) and then get the US to declare war on that powerful Arab country that was opposed to Israel. Its organizer was Rafael Eitan, the chief of staff of the Israeli military, the same one who visited Apollo, Pa, to steal uranium in 1968.

3) Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Capt., USMC (ret.), directly blames the Mossad, the Israeli secret police, for 9/11

Sabrosky is Jewish in his father’s side and served as a Marine Corps officer for ten years, partly in Vietnam, then as a top defense scholar at the most high-level government think thanks, and finally as the Director of Studies for five years at the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania — the pinnacle of any military-scholarship career.

Here he is interviewed on radio on March 15, 2010 by author Mark Glenn (almost 10 minutes), and every word is blunt, angry and utterly explosive. The other participant, Phil Tourney, is a former US Navy sailor and a survivor of the USS Liberty massacre by Israel:


Here Dr. Sabrosky is interviewed by Iranian TV (24 minutes):




4) Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Fearing the wrath of the Jews, these professionals do NOT pin the blame on the guilty party, Israel. They dare not say at all WHO did it. They merely dismantle the government’s 9/11 report, which claims “some Arabs did it.” Extremely convincing debunking of the government’s bogus 9/11 Commission Report. I especially appreciated the former Green Beret who did demolitions in Vietnam, at 0:22:22. This is a man who knows a controlled demolition when he sees one. There is no way 19 Arabs did 9/11.


What outrages me is that since 2006, over 50% of the American people are aware that we are being lied to about 9/11, and yet no political, religious or other movement has arisen and done ANYTHING about this Israeli authorship of 9/11, the mass murder of Americans that also got us into two disastrous wars, wasting thousands of American lives, devouring trillions of taxpayer dollars, and helping to push us toward the current economic crisis.

This news story came out six long years ago…..


Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story
Only 16% now believe official fable according to New York Times/CBS News poll
Truth Movement has the huge majority of opinion
How will the Bush Cabal react?

Steve Watson & Alex Jones / Prisonplanet.com | October 14 2006

A monumental new scientific opinion poll has emerged which declares that only 16% of people in America now believe the official government explanation of the September 11th 2001 terror attacks.

According to the new New York Times/CBS News poll, only 16% of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11 and the intelligence prior to the attacks:

“Do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?

Telling the truth 16%

Hiding something 53%

Mostly lying 28%

Not sure 3%”

The 84% figure mirrors other recent polls on the same issue. A Canadian poll put the figure at 85%. A CNN poll had the figure at 89%. Over 80% supported the stance of Charlie Sheen when he went public with his opinions on 9/11 as an inside job.

A recent CNN poll found that the percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington rose from almost a third to almost half over the past four years. This latest poll shows that that figure has again risen exponentially and now stands at well over three quarters of the population.



IX. More on Sandusky and his protectors

As NBC reported (http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/46843083/ns/today-today_news/t/sandusky-labeled-likely-pedophile-report/): “Jerry Sandusky should have been put on a watch list in 1998, but instead the case was closed. The police files went unheeded. Chambers said she was stunned last year when police contacted her when prosecutors charged Sandusky with more than 50 counts of sex abuse.

�I was horrified to know that there were so many other innocent boys who had been subject to this, who have had their hearts and minds confused, their bodies violated. It�s unspeakable.�

And why is Governor Corbett seeking to fast-track the execution for murder of a black man named Williams from Philadelphia, out of all the 203 men in Pennsylvania’s Death Row, when Williams’ “crime” (withheld from the jury) was to kill the two men in his church who had molested him as a teen? I think Williams deserves a MEDAL for cleaning up society!

(Full disclosure: I was molested as a child, and it harmed me for decades until I got counseling. No matter how tough you are, molestation is devastating for the self-esteem of a child and his trust in adults. As a proud and macho Marine, it took me 49 long years to finally “make the call,” and I bitterly regret that delay. I had hundreds of nightmares until I faced the fact that no one by himself, however strong, can overcome the shattering power of molestation on the fragile psyche of a little child, taking away his dignity and sense of safety with deep scars on the very nervous system itself. I felt fight-or-flight every second of my life from the day it happened.

The courageous thing, the responsible thing, is to get help, release the pain, even if it takes a flood of tears, and finally find healing and inner peace. Then only can a man or woman perform at their full potential. To face THAT horror was scarier than anything I ever trained to do in the Marines. Disclosure: There was no combat going on — right after we left Vietnam — when I was “in” 1977, ’78, and ’79.)

Why is Corbett not fast-tracking instead the executions of the two thrill-killers Michael Travaglia and John Lesko, who killed four people in 1981, including a police officer named Miller who was pursuing them from Apollo into Oklahoma borough! Why are THEY still alive 32 years later? Why are we paying $30,000 a year to keep those two psychopathic creeps vegetating and draining the public wallet — while vital public services for decent citizens are being cut back? It now costs TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS for someone in Kiski Township to get an Apollo library card! (I know; I applied.)

Why has there been no indictment yet of the Jews Jack Raykovitz, head of the Second Mile Foundation, and Grant Spanier, president of Penn State?

Jack Raykovity and his wife raked in (final salaries) $233,000 a year (or similar sums) for nearly three decades to run Second Mile Foundation, a conveyor belt that fed forelorn kids seeking affection to the child-molesting monster Sandusky. Why is this Raykovitz creature still running around free? Is it because unlike the Polish-Irish Sandusky he is a JEW with powerful friends in high places? Is it because Second Mile donated $25,000 to

Says The Patriot News(Center County, Pa.) of December 10, 2011 (http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2011/12/gov_tom_corbetts_team_defends.html):

“Corbett accepted more than $25,000 from state board members of Sandusky�s charity, The Second Mile, during his gubernatorial campaign last year [2010] . On top of that, he accepted thousands more from the charity�s regional board members, according to Pennsylvania Department of State campaign contributions website. His openness to the charity�s board members� contributions to his campaign didn�t stop there. Corbett also allowed S&A Homes president and CEO Robert Poole, who chaired Second Mile�s board, to hold a small fundraiser for him at Poole�s home in January 2010.”

I will tell you why all these people get off! And not just here, but as many cases have shown, also in Canada, Belgium, Germany, italy, Israel, Poland, etc.


It must be destroyed! Child molesters must be executed on public TV!

If you agree, join me!

This vile pedophile network is so powerful that after the fiend Marc Dutroux in Belgium raped, killed and starved to death (in his secret home dungeon) several innocent little girls, even though 500,000 people took to the streets in Brussels, the capital, to demonstrate for a full investigation, and even the King of Belgium went on TV demanding the truth, in the end a judge “found” that Marc Dutroux and his wife had “acted alone” and there was “NO EVIDENCE OF A LARGER CONSPIRACY” — Yeah, right! That is why Dutroux was released from prison early after already raping FIVE girls and then went right back to his psychopathic activities!

Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Dutroux)

In February 1986, Dutroux and [his wife, Michelle] Martin were arrested for abducting and raping five young girls. In April 1989, he was sentenced to thirteen and a half years in prison. Martin received a sentence of five years. Showing good behavior in prison, Dutroux was released on parole in April 1992, having served only three years, by Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet.

And now back to the Sandusky scandal, from American Free Press


Posted On: August 1st, 2012 Source: http://americanfreepress.net

* * *

Why did so many individuals cover-up for serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, including those within The Second Mile (TSM), the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office, and a leading official at Pennsylvania State University (PSU)?

With recent revelations by Philadelphia school police officer Greg Bucceroni that a pedophile network operated out of TSM, consider these other factors:

Although his name will not be provided at this point until further proof is obtained, evidence exists that an extremely high-ranking former TSM employee and his wife were involved in a “swingers’ club” operating out of a local State College, Pa. nightclub.

This “swingers club” is an open secret among Happy Valley residents, with the meeting place in close proximity to TSM’s former headquarters. Speaking of swingers, former PSU President Graham Spanier [another Jew] once wrote an academic paper entitled

“Mate Swapping: Perceptions, Value Orientations, and Participation in a Midwestern Community.”


Excerpt: As of July 2012, Spanier was still a tenured faculty member at Penn State. He was on sabbatical and had anational security job for the federal government, though the specific position and agency are unknown.

The overview by Spanier begins,

“This article attempts to illuminate the understanding of swinging, or mate swapping, an increasingly common form of extramarital sexual activity. A theoretical formulation argues that swinging is a form of extramarital sexual activity which serves to define as good and acceptable a behavior that in other forms and in the past has been considered deviant or immoral.”

Centre County, Pennsylvania is a bucolic, rural county, except for the huge Penn State campus.

During his tenure at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Spanier was described as a “longtime friend and associate” of Ronald Roskens, the former chancellor and president of UNL.Roskens, in turn, served as a close advisor to a man named Lawrence King, who operated a massive pedophile network in Nebraska that came to be known as “The Franklin Scandal.”

Roskens received his termination notice after being photographed with young naked boys at his residence. Gary Caradori, a private investigator that delved into the Franklin Cover-up, wrote of the circumstances surrounding Rosken’s firing. “I was informed that Roskens was terminated by the state because of sexual activities reported to the Regents and verified by them. Roskens was reported to have had young men at his residence for sexual encounters.”[Sound similar to Sandusky’s activities?].

On July 11, 1990, after obtaining pornographic-pedophile photographs that would have irreversibly exposed the Franklin Cover-Up, Caradori was murdered when his Piper aircraft exploded in mid-air, killing him and his eight-year-old son. Amazingly, the FBI rushed in, cordoned off the cornfield where the plane went down, and then with tweezers and sandwich baggies picked up every single atom of the wreckage…….. Does the FBI do this for EVERY plane crash? Were they taking away evidence the plane — like that of Ted Kennedy in 1964 and of John Kennedy Junior in 1999 — was sabotaged so it would crash?

(I am amazed at ANY significant government dissident who 1) uses small planes to travel and 2) is not armed to the teeth and ready to fight or die when the feds come to make an arrest on bogus charges. If the feds think they can make an easy arrest, they WILL do so, and railroad you for decades into prison, where you may also be raped and killed if you keep protesting.)

Here now is the most shocking and disturbing video EVER on pedophiles in power in the US government, involving then Vice-President George H.W. Bush, Congressman Barney Frank (and other wealthy pedophile Jews, judges and prosecutors who PROSECUTED THE VICTIMS.) But thiks video also shows heroic non-Jewish Nebraskan officials and investigators who have sought the truth, and some paid for it with their lives whenmurdered by the FBI.



Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank, who is not only, IMO, a pedophile as well as a homosexual, but also was a major reason for the mortgage meltdown of 2007, a financial crisis that triggered the current Great Recession. He is directly accused in this video of raping children by one of the victims.


Yale graduation yearbook photo of George H.W. Bush, also accused by child victims of being a pedophile who molested them. This entry does not even hide Bush Senior’s membership in the sinister Skull and Bones fraternity. John Kerry and George W. Bush were also members of Skull aqnd Bones. I knew in 2004 Kerry’s cousin Veronica when I lived in the south of France, and I now am convinced that Kerry was ordered to “throw” the election to Bush. When Senator John Kerry’s vice-presidential running mate, Senator John Edwards, vowed on election eve in November 2004 that there would a recount of the votes, the next morning Kerry contradicted him by conceding. Now we know that Bush lost Ohio to Kerry and thus the presidency. But the insider network had ordered Kerry to concede, leaving Edwards embarrassed and furious. Was Kerry happy? No, but “�orders are orders.” Kerry, Veronica’s gentleman friend told me, said while sitting on a love seat in his condo overlooking Louisbourg Square in Boston, blowing up: “I cannot BELIEVE that A–H–E is going to president another four years!”



[Graham] Spanier earned an annual salary of $545,016 while President of Penn State. His compensation was ranked third among his peers at surveyed public universities nationwide,[8] and was the fifth-highest university pay in America, a total annual package in excess of $800,000.[9]

Spanier, a Jew, and thus strictly against all interracial mixing — for Jews — vigorously promoted “diversity” at Penn State while the taxpayers paid him $800K a year. Here he is leading a “Diversity Summit” at Schreyer House at PSU.

Finally, it was none other than Spanier that granted pedophile Jerry Sandusky “emeritus” status at PSU, thus allowing Sandusky access to campus shower facilities, an office, parking pass, and a computer. Strangely, Sandusky was merely an assistant football coach. Why would Spanier, who had only been at PSU for three years up until that time, take it upon himself to personally grant such an esteemed title on this man?

Conversely, when a sports agent was caught buying a PSU football player $400 worth of clothing, Spanier banned the rep from campus. Spanier insisted, “[He] fooled around with the integrity of this university, and I won’t stand for that.”

Yet Spanier bestowed emeritus status on Sandusky, who had been none-too-subtly forced into “retirement” after his initial 1998 shower stall “incident.”

As for Jerry Sandusky, he selected State College, Pa. attorney Joseph Amendola to represent him at his recent child sex abuse trial. This writer is by no means implying that Amendola had any involvement in a pedophile prostitution ring. However, Amendola did impregnate a 16-year-old girl that he represented as a client in 1996. This teenage girl gave birth to their child prior to turning 18.


During his grand jury testimony, TSM CEO Jack Raykovitz confessed that PSU athletic director Tim Curley informed him about the 2001 “shower incident” that Mike McQueary witnessed.

In a July 16, 2012 article, Dave Marcheskie of Harrisburg, Pa.’s WHTM stated, “The report states that Raykovitz spoke with Sandusky soon after the meeting with Curley. Sandusky admitted to Raykovitz that he “showered with boys, but nothing more” according to the report. Still, TSM took no action.

Even after Sandusky was observed in compromising situations on at least three separate occasions, as Matt Moore and Michael Rubinkam of the Associated Press wrote on May 25, 2012:

“Longtime CEO Jack Raykovitz came under fire for failing to inform the charity’s board about 2001 and 2008 abuse allegations against the retired coach. Infuriated board members told AP in December that had they been kept in the loop, they could have taken steps to better protect children a decade ago.”

Why did Jack Raykovitz remain silent for so long? At Sandusky’s sexual abuse trial, prosecutor Joe McGettigan told jurors during his opening statement:

“The Second Mile, no matter what its reported purpose, was a victim factory for the defendant, an assembly line for adolescent children to be abused, sodomized, and anally raped.”

This writerwho sat inside a Bellefonte, Pa. courtroom on the trial’s opening day, observed McGettigan relate a horrifying tale. Sandusky had lists with the names of TSM boys on them. Some of these kids had asterisks beside their names. After investigating this matter, it became clear to prosecutors that Sandusky had placed asterisks alongside the boys who didn’t have a father in the home.

Are we to believe that not a single person, especially licensed child psychologist Jack Raykovitz, knew anything of this abuse for over a decade?

On November 28, 2011, veteran journalist William Keisling extended the cover-up all the way to current Pa. Governor Tom Corbett.

Corbett was Attorney General of Pennsylvania 1995-97 and 2005-11 while Sandusky was raping children.

On Labor Day weekend, 1996, a state senator from York, Pa., Dan Delp, enjoys a weekend of drinking and sex with a 19-year-old girl supplied through contacts with the York County, Pa. district attorney’s office.

When the pedophile sex scandal becomes public, the case is quickly referred to Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett. Corbett and his close allies would time and again obstruct and cover up the sex ring for more than fifteen years.

Jim Sneddon was the editor and publisher of the York Dispatch. Sneddon recounts how the attorney for the daily newspaper, Niles Benn, secretly hired a private detective to uncover the truth about the VIP sex ring. But then Sneddon was fired, and the newspaper and its lawyer concealed the work of their private eye.

York Police Commissioner Herbert Grofcsik says even he was powerless to expose the courthouse sex ring. Yet the truth slowly emerged.

As well, AG Tom Corbett’s political agenda and modus operandi began to emerge. A prominent figure would be sacrificed, but the VIP sex and prostitution ring would be concealed and protected for years. This was done not only to protect Corbett’s political allies, but also to protect Corbett’s own political fortunes and ambitions.

Similarly, in 2011, another prominent figure, “Joe Paterno,” would become one of Tom Corbett’s sacrificial lambs to divert attention away from pedophiles lurking within TSM.

Keisling continued, “Over the coming years, at every turn, [Grofcsik] and others would say the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, and Tom Corbett, stood in the way of stopping VIPs from having sex with children. Later, court officers would openly boast of enjoying sex with children, and praise Corbett for protecting their illicit activities.”

During a June 15, 2012 interview with this writer, Keisling emphatically stated, “Corbett was the obstacle. These are the worst sorts of people doing the worst sorts of things. These are not good people. Tom Corbett got money from TSM, plus he gave money to them. What does it say that Corbett’s attorney general’s office had the case for three years and did nothing about it? It’s systemic corruption. These people are morally bankrupt.”

In the end, it is not surprising that Sandusky was permitted to run rampant as a serial pedophile for three decades, especially considering the high-concentration of individuals listed above who were all located in one geographic locale and did nothing whatsoever to stop him.

THE MEN WHO COVERED-UP FOR JERRY SANDUSKYPosted On: August 1st, 2012Source:http://americanfreepress.net

Next item: http://www.yardbird.com/tv_police_chief_cant_stop_pedophile_sex_ring.htm

In this video excerpt, former York, Pennsylvania Police Chief Herbert Grofcsik discusses how he was forced to ask federal agents to investigate the sex abuse of young people at the hands of prominent and protected Pennsylvanians, because Corbett did so little.

A Town Gone Bad: Police chief discusses ‘VIP’ sex ring protected by PA Attorney General Tom Corbett from yardbird tv on Vimeo.

As Pennsylvania newspaper editor and publisher Jim Sneddon and others explain it, the overtly political Pennsylvania attorney general’s office was the obstacle protecting the sex ring. Soon complaints would emerge that Corbett obstructed any number of high profile investigations to ease and help his path to the Pennsylvania governor’s office.

“I said there needs to be a moral investigation of this. It’s not gonna come out of the Attorney General’s office in Harrisburg,” Sneddon says he knew.

But there was a problem: the FBI office in Harrisburg had close working contacts with politicians and law enforcement officials close to the perpetrators and Attorney General Corbett.

“My intention was federal,” Grofcsik says. “The reason I didn’t go to the FBI in Harrisburg is because we had agents assigned to (the local) police. We had a DEA agent, we had an FBI agent. I have no reason to suspect that they did anything wrong, but because they were there so long, I just felt that they weren’t the right people to go to. … I didn’t know where they would go, so I was suspicious of the next couple of levels.”

Yet, over the coming years, at every turn, they and others would say the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, and Tom Corbett, stood in the way of stopping VIPs from having sex with children.

Later, court officers would openly boast of enjoying sex with children, and praise Corbett for protecting their illicit activities, and another local DA, Tom Kearney, would be asking federal officials to investigate contractors with ties to Corbett.

DA Kearney told the FBI that concerned citizens and even high-ranking law enforcement officials in York County are helpless to stop the well-placed courthouse pedophile and prostitution ring. DA Kearney in his letter asked the FBI to “review and follow-up.”

“I note that both (former York City controller) James Sneddon and former York City Police Chief Herb Grofcsik both confirmed in recorded interviews that information … was forwarded to … Federal authorities although it is unclear what became of that investigation,” Kearney wrote in a letter sent to the FBI.

* * *

Pennsylvanians unhappy with Corbett over Sandusky scandal


Poll: Pennsylvanians unhappy with Tom Corbett’s Sandusky investigation

CHRISTINE BAKER, The Patriot-News/fileGov. Tom Corbett

Inquirer Pennsylvania Poll respondents gave Gov. Tom Corbett a low rating — 17 percent approval — for his handling of the Jerry Sandusky investigation when he was attorney general.

Sandusky, a former Penn State coach, was convicted of molesting 10 boys. Some have questioned Corbett’s years-long investigation into the case, but Corbett has defended himself, pointing out that child sex abuse cases take a long time to build.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, voters in the telephone survey last week gave Corbett low job performance ratings, with 38 percent approving and 52 percent disapproving, though they were more evenly split on whether they like him personally.

X. Jews and neanderthals


XI. China and the economic and military death of America

This superb new documentary by business professor Peter Navarro details the economic devastation China is causing us and the growing military threat.


XII. What has happened to the whites since the blacks took over in South Africa in 1994?


(The photos are being re-uploaded after Jews hacked this webpage.)

XIII. Are Indians the true “Native Americans” — or did whites come here first and then end up largely genocided by invading Indians from Asia? Who were the “Solutreans”?


The Rebel of Oz (Australia) ran this editorial http://therebel.org/editorial/754336-dog-or-tailwith this stark graphic added:

jewish-tomb-stoneI wrote in response:

Great editorial, “keeping it real,” as African-Americans like to say. And when you call for the end of the “Jewish people,” it is like the British suppressing the “thuggees” in India, a sect of serial murderers (whence our word “thug”) which had committed millions of demonic murders of kind and unsuspecting travelers over the centuries in that country.

As Martin Luther said, “you have no greater enemy than a Jew committed to Judaism.”

Many Jews are of course NOT committed to Judaism, and in fact only go to synagogue on the “High Holy Days,” like my late landlord Ted Weiner.

But others truly embrace the clear Talmudic teachings of genocide, rape, torture, pedophilia, greed, envy, hate and world enslavement. A “good Jew” who obeys his faith is incredibly sinister and dangerous, and a “bad Jew” is actually one who in practice ignores his “faith” — and loves and cares about his non-Jewish fellow man.

It is the opposite with a Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox Christian or Muslim. When they obey the strictures of their various faiths they are good citizens (which is why rulers for centuries have supported religions with favorable laws and donations to build cathedrals, churches and mosques).

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France


It is when Gentiles disobey their religions that they become criminals.

In German Martin Luther (http://de.metapedia.org/wiki/Zitate_und_Urteile_�ber_das_Judentum#Martin_Luther_.281483_bis_1546.29):“Darum wisse Du, lieber Christ, und zweifel’ nicht dran, da� Du, n�hest nach dem Teufel, keinen bittern, giftigern, heftigern Feind habest, denn einen rechten Juden, der mit Ernst ein Jude sein will.” Translation: “Therefore know this, dear Christian, and have no doubt, that after the Devil you have no more bitter, poisonous, and violent enemy than a real Jew who wants seriously to be Jewish.”

Most Catholics do not take their religion seriously, and the same is true for many Protestants, Orthodox, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus or Shintoists in Japan. They just go through the motions a bit, and say the right stuff at baptisms, weddings and funerals. 😉 The ancient religion is just a part of their folk culture.

But those Jews who are genuinely committed to the teachings of Judaism are committed to creating hell on earth for the rest of us. And it is no mere theory, but something they put into actual practice repeatedly. Communism, World War One, World War Two, the slave trade, the drug epidemic, the promotion of homosexuality, incest, pedophilia and bestiality, and other disasters have proven again, again, and again just how real, alive and indescribably wicked the Talmud is when it transforms a human heart into pure evil.

The Talmud is in fact the premier example on this earth of a psychopathic cult of mind control, misery and death — with the entire world as its intended victims and the “little Jews” as its tools.

When the antisemites arise and under extreme provocation lash out against their tormentors, unfortunately it is the Little Jews who bear the brunt of the attack, and not the Big Jews who cause the “antisemitism,” generation after generation, through the vilest book of hate speech the world has ever seen.

As the Romans said 2,000 years ago, “Judaei genus humanum odient” = the Jews hate the human race. Thus the Roman Empire decided to destroy the Jews’ temple …..


…..and later raze their city of Jerusalem to the ground.

The Arch of Titus commemorates this noble deed.


Legionaries carry away the Menorah.



One of the great tragedies of the world was that Titus listened to his Jewish mistress — and did not eradicate this death cult from the earth. As a result, the great misery of the world has continued.

German woman (footage by an America GI) wanders about her village after being raped by the Soviet Red Army, incited specifically to commit rape by the Soviet Jewish radio propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg: “Break the pride of the German woman!.”

Ilya Ehrenburg (http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Ilya_Ehrenburg)



Quote on encouraging the Red Holocaust

� The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word “German” is the worst possible curse-word to us. From now on the word German strikes us to the quick. We shall say no more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German in a day, you have wasted that day. If you think your neighbor will kill a German, then you do not realize the danger. If you don’t kill the German, the German will kill you. He will abduct your relatives and bring them back to his accursed Germany where he will torture them. (July 7th, 1942) �
� If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, or if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German in the meantime. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another — there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Count not the days, nor the kilometers. Count only the number of Germans killed by you. Kill the German — that is your grandmother’s request. Kill the German! — that is your child’s prayer. Kill the German! –your motherland cries out. Do not miss. Do not let through. Kill! (From leaflet “Kill” by Ilja Ehrenburg) �
� It is not enough to drive the Germans back to the west. The Germans must be hunted, all the way to the grave. Certainly, a Fritz with a black-eye is better than one without. But among all varieties of Fritzes, the best is the dead one. (Ehrenburg, October 1944, writing in Red Star). �
� Kill, you brave Red-Army men, kill! There is nothing that the German is not guilty of. Comrade Stalin instructs us to put down this rabid animal. Break, with your force, the arrogant racial-pride of the Germanic Woman. Take her as your rightful prize of war. Kill, you brave Red Army men. Kill. �
� Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.german-boy-rhineland-1923


XIV. Reality of a fatherlike God, the afterlife, “angels” and reincarnation

Here is a written report on the scientific reality of reincarnation:http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/reincarnation-evidence

And here are my videos on the topics of God, values, duty and the immortal soul (as stated in the brochure at the beginning of this blog):

The God videos page under “Eternal Solutrean Agency” at http://www.johndenugent.org






Thursday, November 22 @ 20:52 : Iserlohn, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:39 : Kingfield, Maine, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:39 : Puebla, MX
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:39 : London, CA[NADA]
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:39 : Camrose, CA

Thursday, November 22 @ 20:35 : Bourne, GB [ENGLAND]

Many famous British films such as “Gladiator” (2000) have been shot near here, in Bourne Wood, in Surrey, northeast of London
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:35 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:33 : San Jose, California, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:33 : Maiden, North Carolina, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:33 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:31 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:26 : Freiburg, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:24 : Spokane, Washington, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:24 : Freiburg, DE
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:22 : Cluj-napoca, RO
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:21 : United States, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 20:11 : Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Thursday, November 22 @ 20:02 : Suzano, BR[AZIL]

Thursday, November 22 @ 20:00 : Montreal, QUEBEC, CANADA
La Basilique de Notre Dame
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:59 : Skanderborg, DK [DENMARK]
A social worker in Skanderborg
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:58 : Spokane, Washington, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:53 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Myself on a walk along the Kiski River, near the NUMEC plant, which became “Paradise Lost”
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:52 : Europe, EU
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:52 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:51 : Winter Springs, Florida, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:49 : Dublin, IE
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:49 : Joinville, BR
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:48 : Bursa, TR
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:47 : Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, FR

Thursday, November 22 @ 19:45 : Circleville, Utah, US

Thursday, November 22 @ 19:42 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:41 : United States, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:39 : Salisbury, Maryland, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:39 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:37 : Manahawkin, New Jersey, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:36 : Ashburn, Virginia, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:35 : Petah Tiqva, IL [ISRAEL]
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:35 : Saint Albans, GB

Thursday, November 22 @ 19:06 : Toronto, CA
Thursday, November 22 @ 19:00 : Manaus, BR
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:59 : Maribor, SI
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:57 : London, GB



Thursday, November 22 @ 18:53 : Martins Ferry, Ohio, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:50 : Washington, District of Columbia, US


Thursday, November 22 @ 18:48 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:47 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:47 : Mexico, MX
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:42 : Los Angeles, California, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 18:42 : Athens, GR[EECE]


Thursday, November 22 @ 17:46 : Dublin, IE


Thursday, November 22 @ 17:45 : Edinburgh, GB
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:44 : San Antonio, Texas, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:44 : Nogent-sur-Oise, FR[ANCE]


Gymnastes f�minines � Nogent sur Oise

Thursday, November 22 @ 17:43 : San Antonio, Texas, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:43 : Italy, IT
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:41 : Bratislava, SK
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:41 : Tunis, TN
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:40 : Salzburg, AT [AUSTRIA]


Thursday, November 22 @ 17:40 : Bury Saint Edmunds, GB
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:39 : Baytown, Texas, US
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:36 : Klagenfurt, AT
Thursday, November 22 @ 17:33 : Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US



…..please donate now!

We are starting tomorrow a huge flyer action in my base operations area of Apollo, Pennsylvania!

You can help by coming here to help Tuesday at 7 pm in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania if you live in this region, to attend the public meeting by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

I will be there, our cameras will be there, the media will be there, and there will be fireworks! — or by donating for our expenses to alert the whole area!

Send your check to “John de Nugent,” or postal money order, or Moneygram, or Western Uni0n, or bank wire. (Call for details.)

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Here is the raw data, and it has yet to be re-organized and edited. But even hardened skeptics have softened up after reading it: http://johndenugent.com/solutrean-ahnenerbe Since I myself was a disbeliever for 25 years, I know every objection to this theme, having held these objections myself. But now I am convinced by massive factual evidence and by many strong corroborating indications that also fit the pattern. In addition, I perceive that defeatism is the now the main problem. But the theme of NA-NSL — nordic aliens and Neuschwabenland — means that we pitiful, impoverished, disunited WNs have incredibly powerful potential allies, replete with incredible technologies and atomic weapons as well. Yet as my article makes clear, they too are embattled and at active war. My views regarding NA-NSL are not Wunschdenken or anAusflucht at all. The battle is not over; they need us to weaken ZOG from within as they battle it from without.

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  1. Dear Mr John de Nugent:

    I am a researcher from Asia. I was in Central Europe and I fight Zionism in an intellectual manner. I find your website content very interesting. I think all I studied during my 20 years in Europe has been gathered on your site.

    I hate these murderous Jews, who via Kabbalism, cannibalism and black magic have a relationship with Satan and the Dark Side. I hate the Jew leaders for fomenting war with Germany and accusing Germans falsely of genocid . We know now that the Jews themselves are doing a genocide of the world.

    I wish only you had more solutions to answering the “Jewish question”!

    May the Lord help us in this respect — the solution!



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