Uplifting, wistful WN fantasy video; suicides of genius rock singers Chester Pennington and Scott Weiland, both raped as kids by same-sex paedophiles –my show with Jack Sen on Resistance Radio

July 23, 2017 John de Nugent 0

….Uplifting, wistful WN fantasy video    .https://johndenugent.com/images/Wouldnt-It-Be-Nice-WN-fantasy.mp4 https://johndenugent.com/images/Wouldnt-It-Be-Nice-WN-fantasy.mp4 . ……Important Resistance Radio show on three outstanding, top white musicians all dead by suicide   Scott […]

Black pilot eaten by gator

July 7, 2017 John de Nugent 0

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4673848/Body-plane-crash-victim-EATEN-alligator.html   Brian Avran how do we know race of pilot? John de Nugent He is shown in a video, a black guy. Took off without any […]

GERMAN Wo sind jetzt die Seelen der Reichstreuen? Und wo ist ER?

July 5, 2017 John de Nugent 3

……Meine zwei Videos aus 2011, bevor Obama gegen mich richtig loszog https://johndenugent.com/images/Grateful-German-Girls-Kiss-Their-Soldiers.mp4 https://johndenugent.com/images/Grateful-German-Girls-Kiss-Their-Soldiers.mp4 . https://johndenugent.com/images/AH-My-Heart-Will-Go-On.mp4 . …..Ein Kamerad frug mich auf tiefstem Herzen Sehr geehrter […]

7 things that terrify narcissists

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These are the 7 things that terrify narcissists to their core  April 29, 2017 Admin http://mysticalraven.com/relationships/5588/these-are-the-7-things-that-terrify-narcissists-to-their-core [All photos added by me, JdN] It’s a good question. […]

FRENCH Le lapin taquin

July 2, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Comme la vie est belle lorsqu’on nie toute réalite! .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U0Y9qoQbB0&feature=youtu.be “J’ai me suis faite violée par des migrants mais je n’ai pas voulu porter plainte […]

EMERGENCY I desperately need funds right now. Can you help today? I am $330 in the hole. This is really bad. If I am TEACHING you, and things you learn NOWHERE ELSE, can you please reciprocate, and T-O-D-A-Y? It’s your karma.

June 26, 2017 John de Nugent 3

John de Nugent https://johndenugent.com/images/paypal.jpg to mhuffstickler@outlook.com Stripe is just as good: https://johndenugent.com/images/stripe-jdn-1024×512.jpg One area where I have been way out ahead of the rest has been on the […]

GERMAN Es wird eine neue Weltordnung geben

June 21, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Ian Bremmer, Auslandssachverständiger des US-Establishments. Bremmer wuchs in bescheidensten Verhältnissen in Boston als Sohn eines Deutschamerikaners und einer Armenierin auf, besuchte dann mit Vollstipendium die Elite-Universität […]