Our ancient white Solutrean ancestors in America and around the world

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Catherine German, a white pioneer girl from Georgia raped by Wyoming Indians from 1872-75.

Both parents and two siblings were murdered. The ancient white Solutreans in North America were overwhelmed by numerically superior Mongoloids from Siberia, and the men tortured and genocided. White women were often kept alive as sex and work slaves. Nothing changed in this Amerindian behavior, based on the LOVE OF TORTURE, for ten thousand years. They also massacred and tortured each other. So white American women who were captured from 1620-1880 suffered the exact same fate as the white Solutrean women 100 centuries earlier.

…..Murders of the German Family

The Atlanta Constitution
March 26, 1875

Indian Atrocities

Surrender of the Murderers of the German Family

The Story of the Survivors

[Cheyenne (Indian Nation) Letter to N. Y.  Herald.]

This wild western country, uninhabited save by big strolling bands of Indians with,
here and there a government post, has never known a tragedy that equals that committed in Central Kansas, September 11, 1874.

General Thomas Neil is the commander of the post, and in answer to a question by the Herald correspondent as to the manner of the surrender of the Cheyennes he said:

“Stone Calf, the chief of the Cheyenne, came into the post on February 9th, saying that the tribe would surrender.  I sent out an ambulance for the two German girls, Catherine and Sophia, and on the 25th they were brought in.  They were in a terrible condition.  All the garments they wore was an old army blanket, and their face and bodies were daubed with paint.

Mr. John D. Miles, the United States Indian Agent, took them immediately to his house, where they were dressed and properly cared for.”

Catherine, the eldest, is but seventeen years old, and is a young lady of neat figure and rather handsome.  From her manner it is evident that she has been well reared and that her family was well-to-do in the world.

Sophia fared better in her trials.  She is eleven years of age, and like her sister, has dark hair ands blue eyes.

She is tall and well-developed for one of her years. Both of them were treated very horribly while with the Indians, as their present condition shows. Both were subjected to indescribable indignities and beastly outrages by nearly all the male Indians.

The family consisted of John German his wife, Lydia, and seven children, as follows:

Rebecca, 21; Stephen, 19, Johanna, 15, Catherine, 17; Sophia, 11; Julia, 7, and Nancy 5.

Five years ago they left Morgantown, Fannin County, Ga., and removed to Howell county, Mo.

In May, 1872 they removed to Merryville, Stone County, Mo., and in the following September they emigrated to Elgin Howard County, Kansas, from which place they started to Colorado and on the journey they were all, with the exception of four, murdered.  On arriving at Smoky Hill River, in the central part of Kansas only about fourteen miles from the Kansas Pacific Railroad, and within thirty miles of Fort Wallace, they were attacked by the Indians.


Catherine, in an interview with a reporter of The Herald, said:

“Just as the sun was rising, and while engaged in driving the cattle up the river bank towards the wagon, I heard shouts and yells, and running closer, saw my father fall, shot through the back by an Indian.

 I was terribly frightened, but I can never forget the spectacle that there ensued. 

My brother Stephen was a half mile away hunting up some stock,  and he had a gun with him.   As poor father fell, mother rushed toward him, only to receive a shot from another Indian who fired at her head, killing her almost instantly.  My father was not killed at once, for  he moved his arms about as he was scalped by one of the party.  They also scalped my mother. 

An old squaw picked up our axe and struck it in my father’s head, leaving it fixed in his skull. 

During the time this was going on one party rode after Stephen and shot and scalped him.

My sister, Rebecca, made a brave defense with an axe;  she knocked down one of the Indians, and would have killed him if she had not been tomahawked from behind.  While half insensible, and scarcely alive the Indians (five or six of them) despoiled her person and after that scalped her. 

They then carried her neat the wagon tore off her clothes, piled them over her, with some other things from the wagon, and while she was still alive set fire to the pile and burdened her up.

Here the broken-hearted girl broke down and the reporter waited some time before she could proceed. Amidst sobs and tears, and in broken utterances, she continued as follows, occasionally assisted by Sophia:

“After all were killed but we five sisters, they gathered around us to see which one should be put out of the way, as they said they could only take four along.  One Indian, who seemed to be a chief, came up and looked at Johanna and me, suddenly drew up his gun and shot my sister’s head off.  I was so frightened that I could not stir for a long time.  As soon as they got everything they wanted they set the wagon on fire and killed the cattle;  then made Sophia ands I get on horses and tied us on, took our to little sisters up in front of them and started off as fast as the horses could go. 

We traveled all day, going due south.  I should judge.  One squaw tried to save 
Rebecca’s life; but the Indian she hit with the axe said he would have her scalp, and so she was shot.

 After traveling two days we crossed a railroad track.  The day after we got over the railroad Medicine Man,  with a small party left, and were gone until late in the afternoon.  When they came up to us they had three fresh scalps and a number of articles of wearing apparel that must have belonged to a man, woman and small child; also had a lot of canned fruit and oysters.  

After keeping us riding nearly two weeks the main camp near the Staked Plains was reached. 

Stone Calf had command and when they brought us in all the tribe turned out and had a great time.

The same night they had a big scalp dance over the scalps of our family and made us all look at it. 

Two days after the main body of Indians was reached.  They took sister Julia and Nancy away from the camp and I have never seen them since. 

Sophia saw them once, about December but for only a few minutes.

All of us were one day placed on horses and after  the Indian fashion made to ride as fast as horses could go and the Indian who caught us had to take care of us for good.

 Soon after this the whole body started north to get out of the way of the troops which, it was reported, were close at hand.  Stone Calf, with Sophia, was left behind with about one hundred more, and the rest under charge of Gray Beard, Eagle Head, Heaps of Bird, and Lean Bear still kept on the north.

 In about a week, while encamped on Wolf Creek, the soldiers again made the Indians run.

I did not see them, but heard the guns.  All of this time I was on horseback, and a good deal of the time very sick, had to ride all the time and at night was often whipped and beaten because I could not carry as much wood and water as some of the squaws.  
All this time I was under charge of Long Back.  At times I was nearly frozen,  having nothing but a blanket to keep warm  with at night.  Sometimes there would be a foot of snow on the ground,  but they made me work just as hard  This was about December 1st. 

My feet were frozen, and the nails on my right foot all came off.  In January I met sister Sophia for a short time, and she told me we were better to be killed.

The reporter asked Catherine if she thought they would kill her, and she answered,

“No; I always thought the soldiers would release us some time, and told Sophia not to be afraid. 

In the latter part of January I received a letter from General Neil, brought to the camp by a Kiowa scout, telling me to keep up good spirits and the soldiers would soon capture us.

 A second letter was received after this but the Indians would not let me open it. 

They said (this section black, blotted) ????? not let me take it. ?? hands.  As soon as the letter was received I felt ever so much better.

We had little to eat. Horses and dogs were all the meat we had to eat. 

(Next 10 lines looks like ink blot unable to read)

With Stone Calf.

At last Medicine Water came to my lodge and told me  I was to be given up.  I asked him to let me see Sophia, and he answered, sister dead.  I did not believe him, and one day Stone Calf told me she was alive and well. 

About two weeks ago I saw a four-horse wagon coming toward our camp, and as soon as it was near enough I started to run out to meet it.  The Indian would not let me, but made me go in to the tent. 

Soon Romeo came to me and spoke to me in English.  It was the first time I had heard it for months.  He said I might go with him and he would take good care of me.  I got into the ambulance, and there for the first time in two months saw Sophia. 

We at once left the Indians behind in two days came in sight of the soldiers tents where I saw General Nell, Mrs. Miles and all the rest who were so kind to me.  I could not help crying. 

Mrs. Miles is as kind as a mother to us.

Did they take all the clothes away from you at the time you were captured?

Yes; and only gave me an old blanket to keep warm with.

Can you identify the Indians who made the attack on your family?

I have seen them 50 times since and can tell them all.

How many were there?

Seventeen men and two squaws.

Have you seen the squaw who hit your father with an axe?

Only once.

Was Medicine Water one of the war party?

He seemed to be the leader

Did they scalp all the family after they were killed?

All except Johanna.  She had been sick and her hair was very short.

How was Sophia treated after she left you?

From what she tells me she had a much easier time than I had.

She was only whipped once or twice and did not have to carry so much wood and  water.

 Where will you go, now that you are rescued from the Indians?

I don’t know yet, she replied.  I would prefer to remain here rather than return to Georgia.

If Sophia and I can get a good education here, I had rather remain here than go anywhere else. They are so good to me.

March 26, 1875



An Ice Age map of 30,000 to 10,000 BC, showing huge areas of white for the ice. An emigration took place around 20,000 BC of the White, European Solutreans,  the true Native Americans  over from Europe to an empty North America along the ice shelf that covered the northern Atlantic Ocean for many months each year during the Glacial Maximum period. This was the worst and coldest period of the Ice Age. It was possible to hunt (SPEAR-FISH) along the ice shelf and then pull the boats up at night, flipping two together to make lean-to’s with furs over them and under them (on top of the ice), in order therein to cook, relax and sleep. The Eskimos did this lifestyle until just 100 years ago. WHITE PEOPLE originally ARE JUST PALE ESKIMOS. ;-)


Genetic map of the R haplogroup (early white race), showing pre-Columbian white blood among American Indians east of the Mississippir-1-haplogroup-y-dna-world-map

Kudos from a top researcher in an email sent to me as well:

This is John de Nugent’s excellent Solutrean webpage,http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/the-solutreans, which contains updated information on the white provenance of the ancient Americas. We were here first and John summarizes the evidence as you will find it nowhere else, and complete with excellent graphics.He has just added [see end, JdN] Chapter IV of To The American Indian; Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman by Lucy Thompson (1916) which was recently transcribed by Ed Arlt and which I sent out last week.This site is the best you will find on this subject matter that has been compiled by a white nationalist, and it has no apologies to the politically correct. It is well worth checking occasionally for updates. They don’t come any better than this.


If this essay teaches you white pride and wisdom about our enemies, please donate. It took me months to write.

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


Who were the ancient Solutreans?

They were a race of men like you, women like you, and children like you.

These were the intrepid Solutreans of the Ice Age. And their blood flows in yourveins.

I am celebrating a new book too. Across Atlantic Ice came out in 2012, the story of how our white ancestors crossed the storm-tossed Atlantic in the Ice Age. I and others have waited for four long years for this often-delayed book to be published.


In fact, I delayed starting my own pro-white movement partly for this reason, that I was waiting for this book. After all, the name of the movement I intend to establish, worldwide, is THE ETERNAL SOLUTREANS.

In a nutshell, whites from Ice Age France, the Solutreans, named after Solutré in France, came here first, to North America, around 20,000 BC, not way later in the “ADs” with, as the saying went, ….”Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 14 hundred and 92.”

Solutré is 30,000 years old, a perfect hunting spot for our Cro-magnon ancestors, now found in Burgundy in France. Most of Europe was then under glaciers.

And it was the American Indians who came way later, ten thousand years later, around 10,000 BC, crossing over from Siberia into Alaska and then down through Canada to what is now the USA. It was those American Indians from Asia, a merciless, slant-eyed people related to the Mongols, a race given to horrific tortures and genocides, who killed them off, just as the Asiatic Indians did horrific tortures to American pioneers in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, and Asians committed indescribable atrocities to white soldiers, sailors and marines during WWII in the Pacific, during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

This book, published by a small family press in Apollo, Pennsylvania, dares state what the Indians were like both to each other and to pitiful white captives — cannibals and torturers for days on end, with women and children joining in. The purpose of tribal war to to capture and torture for sheer pleasure. One can only shudder after forcing oneself to read it, but afterward one understands the enraged white expression: “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” No major ( = jew-owned) publishing house would touch this book by a distinguished former trial lawyer, who had accumulated massive evidence from British, French and American sources of how the Indians acted.

My late father, James Waddell Nugent, a Marine sergeant and then captain, was so traumatized by what he saw in two wars against Asians that he had to consult a Navy psychiatrist for six months after Korea to try to alleviate his nightmares.

My father and I around 1990 outside his villa on Vero Beach, Florida.

The Amerindians from Asia unfortunately prevailed over our kinfolk, the Solutreans in North America, who had immensely superior technology, but only by sheer weight of numbers. Man for man, then, as now…..our people were immensely more advanced in technology, and our women incomparably more beautiful.

Spearpoints of flint from Solutré, around 20,000 BC. Flint is sharper than a modern scalpel after a 20-minute “knapping” process which our Solutrean ancestors invented. This new razor sharpness made our blades able to bring down woolly mammoths and wild horses during the Ice Age. (The neanderthals had basically found sharp rocks and attached them to spears with a split at the end to hold the rock.)

The Clovis-culture weapons of 10,000 BC (first found in Clovis. New Mexico, with the largest site being the Gault site near Austin, Texas) showed how the Solutrean weapons technology had evolved over ten millennia in North America while looking similar. (Amerindian weapons consisted of horn or antler with micro-blades of flint jammed in the sides, like “teeth” on a saw.) The Solutreans also invented the sewing needle and cave painting.

Today, the IQ of Amerindians is the same as that of American blacks, about 75. The average white IQ is 100, and our race has produced many geniuses far beyond that, with IQs in the 140s or 160s. In ten thousand years after the Amerindians genocided almost all of the original white Solutreans in North America, after wiping out the spark of civilization and invention that we represented, they never invented a written language, never even invented the WHEEL, or learned to hoist a sail to help their canoes plow through ten thousand years of windy waters, and they never found any use for the metals in which North America abounds, such as copper and iron. They just stared at them as a buffalo stares at a star. The red man talks slow not because he is wise, but because he is dull. And he won by brutality and sheer quantity.

Two Amerindian “braves” paddle off with two miserable white female captives. They never invented the sail, nor did the black Africans.

The enemy of truth has a big problem with the issue of the Solutrean whites being here first and then the red man genociding him, for the whole story is didactic and instructive for white people today. It is the story of the first whites to build a great culture, and how they were crushed and died in slavery and agony after they became a minority in their own country.

In 1998 the Discovery Channel, working with the prestigious Channel Four in Britain, broadcast the shocking documentary “Homicide in Kennewick,” about how a white skeleton from 7000 BC was discovered in the town of Kennewick in Washington State, on the shores of the beautiful Columbia River, our Columbia River on our white continent that we whites first settled.

He had been murdered by Indians, dying of infection three weeks after he was shot from behind with a primitive Indian arrow.

A reconstruction of the face by anthropologist James Chatters, who wrote this book….

..shows he resembled the Royal Shakespeare actor Patrick Stewart, famous for playing Captain Lean-Luc Picard on the 1990s science-fiction series “Star Trek: the Next Generation.”

President Bill Clinton had the US Army Corps of Engineers dump tons of gravel all over the site and planted saplings so the roots would, by growing, destroy the rest. A federal judge ordered the remains of Kennewick Man turned over to Indians for secret burial and destruction. A heroic scientist, James Chatters, ironically then married to an Indian, fought tooth and nail so that today the bones of our white brother are kept in a museum near Seattle, but they cannot be examined further. And his Indian wife divorced him.

In 2003 a further Discovery Channel documentary, again in collaboration with Channel Four in England, was broadcast, “Ice Age Columbus.”


It fully fleshed out the story of Solutrean hunting weapons being found in North America and offered not just interviews with scientists but also a docudrama of a clan of Solutreans who, driven by desperation and starvation during the worst period of the Ice Age, set out to sea and crossed the Atlantic to the America, spear hunting along an ice shelf that stretched from France to New England.

In 2010 the Discovery Channel did a third documentary, but this time reversed course dramatically, It was a hit piece called Hitler’s Mummies, saying that only Nazis and white supremacists believed in such unproven things as whites being the first Native Americans.

The documentary also interviewed me, and of the four hours of interview, all hostile, with four non-whites surrounding me, and frankly I am proud and glad I was armed and showed it in the documentary, they used a microscopic four MINUTES…..

and then cut even that down in the online version to a mere two minutes……

http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/solving-history-hitlers-mummies/(Scroll down halfway to “Armed white activist”) by CUTTING OUT SCENES WITH A CHRISTMAS TREE, CUTE DOGS, ET CETERA, I.E. ANYTHING REMOTELY POSITIVE)

Yes, 120 seconds [were used] out of 240 minutes that I kindly let them into my house. I resolved after that to only do live TV shows where they cannot edit my words.

You must see, on YouTube, “Ice Age Columbus,” and you must buy and read Across Atlantic Ice. it is by the former chairman of the department of anthropology at the revered Smithsonian in Washington, DC, and by the number-one expert on Stone Age European weapons in the world.

Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian (http://anthropology.si.edu/staff/Stanford/Stanford.html) and Bruce Bradley, of the University of Exeter in England (http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/archaeology/staff/bradley/). Under evident jew pressure, Stanford issued a kind of denial that he supported my views (http://johndenugent.com/uncategorized/english-dennis-stanford-wusses-out-on-own-solutrean-discovery — and note the many photos in this blog hacked out) but he has certainly redeemed his honor fully and regained his high level of courage — going back for two decades of fiery controversy — by writing and publishing this heroic book defending the truth he and Bradley discovered: WHITES WERE HERE FIRST.

James Adovasio, the longtime chairman of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, got crucified way back in the 1970s for discovering non-Indian relics underneath layers of Indian debris at Meadowcroft Rockshelter southwest of Pittsburgh. He was called the worst thing possible in science, a fraud and inventor of false evidence, by the lackeys of the jew academic system. He is now the head of anthropology and provost at Marymount College in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Adovasio, a fiery Italian-American from Youngstown, Ohio, home of rebel congressman James Traficant, fired back in this tome with both barrels at his vicious and defamatory critics. His reputation had been spotless and superb before he became politically incorrect.

I did a short video, with the director eying me suspiciously ;-), in the summer of 2010 at the same location as Adovasio, the Meadowcroft Rockshelter. For lack of funding support by you, the reader, it has never been published, nor have three God videos that were filmed in October and November 2011, and this despite rave reviews of the God videos that HAVE come out.http://johndenugent.com/about-john/videos-of-jdn-speaking

What happened to the rest of the Solutreans, those who did not cross over to North America in the Ice Age, build a civilization and then get wiped out by the Indians?

The rest of them became the white race of today. We are the Solutreans. We survived the great die-off of the Glacial Maximum. We descend from the tough men and women who survived a climate holocaust.

Zia, the chieftain’s daughter in “Ice Age Columbus,” rows through the stormy Atlantic.

She and her brother and boyfriend encounter “exiles,” that is, psychopaths among the Solutreans who had been expelled from their or other clans. Unfortunately, by banding together out in the woods, and even becoming highwaymen, lone criminals were able to survive // and even breed by abducting women. This is part of the genetic origin of the apiru, who became the Hebrews and today’s jews.

An exile demands to take their boat.

And we must honor and remember our kin who died a horrible death when the non-white invaders to America overwhelmed a kind, wise, intelligent and noble people. In fact, many Amerindians remembered them fondly — and their age as a golden age.

The Incas told Pizarro categorically they had NOT built Macchu Picchu, but an earlier race did, the Viracocha people, “blonder than you.”


The Anasazi built an advanced civilization a thousand years ago throughout the American West. Then their Indian subjects rose up, overthrew and massacred them with mind-bending tortures and cannibalism. I called two chief scientists on the Anasazi project, who dared only mumble that the Anasazi were “definitely of a different ethnic group” from the Amerindians who butchered them. http://johndenugent.com/english/english-anasazi-massacre-indians-genocide-and-cannibalize-high-culture-arizona-whites (See my addendum to this story after the transcript of this radio segment is completed, which reproduces the Anasazi blog I did last year.)

A greathouse by the Anasazi, white Solutreans living in America just 1000 years ago — so advanced the jealous Indians (Navajo types) horrifically slaughtered them, whereupon they relapsed back into barbarism.

Puma Punku in Bolivia, investigated by Louis Beam and Terry Long of Canada. Indians did these crosses?????

A Peruvian Indian with Terry Long and Louis Beam. Which race do you think built Puma Punku?

Santayana famously said: Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them. A wag replied: the only thing we learn from history is that no one learns from history. ;-)

The Eternal Solutrean movement to come must learn from the soaring glories and the abysmal grief of our long history as a race.

This is John de Nugent, saluting the ancient Solutreans in both Europe and America for Save White People.com.



I am really proud of my own investigative work on the phone on this issue back in December 2010. I called those scientists involved as soon as I read that the Anasazi were “of a different ethnic group.”


I did a radio show with Clay Douglas on this explosive topic of white genocide by Indians on December 17th:



Here is what the initial report from October 2010 online said:

* * *

Crushed leg bones, battered skulls and other mutilated human remains are likely all that’s left of a Native American population [sic] destroyed by genocide that took place circa 800 A.D., suggests a new study.

The paper, accepted for publication in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, describes the single largest deposit to date of mutilated and processed human remains in the American Southwest.

* * *

JdN: Here is that report!! http://johndenugent.com/images/Chuipka-Potter-perimortem-mutilation-SW.pdf

The entire assemblage comprises 14,882 human skeletal fragments, as well as the mutilated remains of dogs and other animals killed at the massacre site — Sacred Ridge, southwest of Durango, Colo.

Based on the archaeological findings, which include two-headed axes that tested positive for human blood, co-authors Jason Chuipka and James Potter believe the genocide occurred as a result of conflict between different Anasazi Ancestral Puebloan ethnic groups.

“It was entirely an inside job,” Chuipka, an archaeologist with Woods Canyon Archaeological Consultants, told Discovery News.

“The type of event at Sacred Ridge is on the far end of the conflict spectrum where social relations completely melt down,” he added, mentioning that the Sacred Ridge “occupants were targeted to take the blame.”

Chuipka and Potter analyzed objects excavated at Sacred Ridge, which was a multiple habitation site of 22 pit structures, some of which may have operated as communal ritual facilities for a population that extended beyond the immediate site inhabitants. This suggests the residents at one point exerted some social control in the area.

The unearthed bones and artifacts indicate that when the violence took place, men, women and children were tortured, disemboweled, killed and often hacked to bits.In some cases, heads, hands and feet appear to have been removed as trophies for the killers. The attackers then removed belongings out of the structures and set the roofs on fire.

“I think that the major event was preceded by social stress within the community that may have been exacerbated by a period of drought,” Chuipka said. “The scale of the mutilations suggests that it was planned and organized in the preceding days or weeks, and that the violence took place in a relatively short period of time — a few days.”

“All evidence points to a rapid event, which is only possible with coordination and complicity within the community,” he added.

The researchers ruled out other possible explanations, such as starvation cannibalism, traditional preparation of the deceased, and even individuals targeted for practicing witchcraft. Cannibalism, for example, usually involves bone marrow processing. Witch roundups tend to affect a relatively small number of victims.

In this case, a large group of people was dispatched at one time.

For a separate study, John McClelland, lab manager of osteology at Arizona State Museum, analyzed teeth from human remains within the Ridges Basin region, including Sacred Ridge.

He found that the population at Sacred Ridge in the early 800s was distinct from others in the area.

“The individuals at Sacred Ridge whose remains were disarticulated and processed were not a random selection from among the overall population of Ridges Basin,” McClelland determined.

“In addition to the biological differences,

[JdN: biological = racial]

they appear to have had a somewhat different diet and may have experienced a higher level of juvenile growth disruption.”

At least two other separate studies have come to similar conclusions, suggesting the genocide victims at Sacred Ridge belonged to an ethnic group that was different from that of other nearby populations.

Given basic established patterns from more recent ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Rwanda, the researchers think political structures that had been keeping ethnic conflict at bay probably broke down at Sacred Ridge.

“What we can learn from Sacred Ridge is that archaeological sites are not simply piles of rock and refuse, but that they were occupied by people that were involved in complex webs of social relations,” Chuipka said. “Sacred Ridge is a case where social relations melted down and thesolution chosen was absolute and shocking.”

I spoke by telephone to a key anthropologist, THE key man, the lead scientist who investigated the Anasazi holocaust in AD 800, which, as John Tiffany’s sidebar in the latest TBR shows, consisted of the advanced Anasazi people being tortured, genocided, butchered like animals and then eaten by the Asiatic Navajo.

Introducing myself by phone to him as an anthropology writer named “John Nugent” (no “de” — “John de Nugent” can be search-engined), I started a tactful, careful conversation with this individual, circling around to the question of WHO racially the victims of the massacre were…..

He was very careful in how he expressed himself……

He had read Thor Heyerdahl’s American Indians in the Pacific…..

….knew all about Jim Chatters and Kennewick Man….

….but had NEVER HEARD, he said, of the skeletons of the 178 white people from 5,000 BC in Florida, called the Windover Bog people !

Look from the time from 6:20 to the end of this video!

At 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the above video clip, a scientists talks about pre-historic DNA found in North America.

It is false to say that the Solutreans were not ethnically European. On the Science Channel, Dr. Joseph Lorenz of the Coriell Institute for Medical Research conducted DNA tests on the 5,000 year old bodies that were found in the Windover Bog excavation site in Florida. As was said in this program:

Dr. Lorenz: When I sequenced larger fragments and I was looking for the sites that I know are characteristic of Native American haplogroups, I was surprised because I did not find them.

Narrator: In contrast to all previous findings, Lorenz could not confirm the Windover people were Americans. Further investigation reveals something even more remarkable.
Dr. Lorenz: I went back to the screen and I looked at the sequences again, and the first person’s DNA looked European. When I looked at the second one, it lookedEuropean. When I looked at the third, fourth, and fifth, they were slightly different from the first two, but they looked European.

….and he was unaware of the magnificent new book by Gordon Kennedy, about the Canary Island blonds (scroll down one-third here) http://johndenugent.com/english/english-grand-rabbi-on-selfish-dinks-white-indians-of-nivaria)


Recently I discovered that this marvelous little glossy, full-color book by Gordon Kennedy can be ordered here: http://whiteindians.com.

It is about the Guanches, a nobe, courageous, handsome, virtuous, innovative, blond, blue-eyed people who survived until the 1400s intact and still living in the Stone Age. (Why? There was literally ONLY stone on the islands, made entirely of volcano magma that had cooled. There was literally NO metal AT ALL on those islands, so it was quite impossible to enter the Bronze or Iron Ages, or create metal weapons, shields and body armor so as to defeat the invading Spanish. Also, they were isolated out in the ocean with no external enemies. This is the only reason they did not advance in the art of warfare.)

Here is a picture of one of the incredibly beautiful Canary Islands. (When I lived in Germany and Austria I found out that one of the number-one favorite tourist vacations they take is to the Canary Islands.)

Tenerife and Mount Teide. A powerful ocean current, the Canary Current, sweeps boats straight over to the Caribbean. In the 1700s, somehow, a sailing ship got blown out of the harbor, minus its embarrassed crew, and ended up safe and sound in Venezuela. Nivaria is Latin for “snowy land,” due to Mount Teide. Nevada in the United States is Spanish for “snowy land,” due to its snow-capped high mountains.


…but what he DID say was this……

The identity of the Anasazi murdered at Sacred Ridge, Colorado was

“ethnically and politically sensitive”…..

“Their teeth and other features showed they were ethnically a different people.”

[Nota bene: in current parlance, where “race” is deemed a “fraudulent construct,” to express the concept of race in academia, the euphemism “ethnic” is used. The word “racial” is out for these timid and bullied, intellectual, professor types. And remember that their funding comes, directly or indirectly, from the feds or federally funded local or state institutions or universities.]

“It took lots of negotiations with the Navajo before they gave us permission to dig….Any DNA testing is viewed as destruction of their ancestors.”

[“is viewed” is incorrect. The Navajo know that examining the DNA from one of the 14,000 bone fragments they caused by massacring the Anasazi is no “destruction” of the souls of any ancestors, and that the Anasazi were NOT their ancestors. The scientist told me, however, that the Navajo were less able to block DNA analysis of “coprolites” (latrine waste) and “human hair.” Well, that would be nice, if the Navajo would not designate even the feces of their tortured, disembowled and eaten murder victims — who on top of it are ETHNICALLY DIFFERENT — as holy and sacred too. :-)]

I gave this scholar, by my way of indirectly asking my questions, the clear understanding that I understood his situation, and that I sympathized with him, and also with Jim Chatters, and Stanford and Bradley…..and on that basis he clearly hinted that ….the Anasazi were not exactly Indios or at least not pure Indios.

I said that (anthropologist Jim) Chatters saw right away that Kennewick Man was white just by the skull, before any DNA testing, and the Anasazi investigator said:

“This gets into very sensitive areas.”

Then HE brought up the Hispanic political movement.

My conclusion:

Mongolids at Sacred Ridge, Colorado destroyed a magnificent Aryan civilization in AD 800, and ate its creators.

The very morning of my radio show with Clay Douglas the osteologist (bone scientist) with the project, Dr James McClelland — whose email signature says he is the “NAGPRA coordinator”, hmmmm, the very guy in charge of giving white Solutrean skeletons to the Amerindians for quick burial and thus the destruction of the evidence — — sent me an email claiming the Anasazi were Indians. He sent this DURING my radio show with Clay Douglas. (But this contradicted what the lead archeologist kept implying to me by saying the whole thing was “ethnically and politically sensitive” and there were “biological differences” between the murders and the murder-ees.)

(This also could mean there was a part-white upper caste ruling over a resentful all-indio lower caste….just as the Indo-Aryan whites in ancient India, by the time of the Buddha, around 500 BC, had black hair, although the Buddha, Prince Gautama, himself had striking deep-blue eyes. The chronics noted that “although 50 he still had black hair”…. The Anasazi may also have been somewhat mixed at that time, around AD 800, yet still visibly distinct from the Indio lower caste that rose up, tortured, murdered and ate them. The October 2010 articles online refer to how their destruction was an inside job….)

Then I got an email response from the chief accountant at the Ariziona State Museum, saying that 40% of the museum’s $5 mio annual budget came from federal funds…Hmmmmmm.)

Then I got several emails from a comrade, one of us, who heard about me after my Discovery Channel appearance in February 24, 2010 (that broadcast date being the exact 90th anniversary of the day Hitler started the NSDAP in Munich, by the sheerest of coincidences…..and the episode was entitled “Hitler’s Mummies”….)

Here is the whole unbelievably lying piece, which starts with Heinrich Himmler having a chair made out of a human pelvis…..(one of the most forgotten and discredited defamations ever that was belched forth at the 1946 Nuremberg War Crimes [show] Trials


The segment that was carefully edited to defame ME (and yet among the non-brain-dead it caused views of my website to double and then stay up, and I still get Pennsylvanians recognizing me on the street and in bars and restaurants, even by my voice alone, over this show):

Mike is now living in eastern Pennsylvania but earlier in Arizona, and said there are Easter-Island-type rock face carvings of human faces and every one looks like a long-faced Viking. (Think how Indians usually look, with short, round skulls.) He wrote me that he had numerous important pictures on his laptop but that they all were destroyed on his trip back east…..Hmmm.

Mike said that “every butte out West has such faces on it.” However, “they show the effects of a thousand years or more of weathering.”….

He also says that the Indians sheered off some human faces…..clean, smooth slice-offs of rock where he thinks white faces had been carved….

Why do I think the Anasazi were white or their ancestors were pure white?

Because Asians never invent on their own any civilization like this:

The “great house” which I showed above, built by the Anasazi, (word used by the hostile Navajos that means “ancient enemies”)


Everything grand in the Americas, as Thor Heyerdahl’s epochal American Indians in the Pacificshowed, was originally built by whites, then Indios, after prospering under white rule and multiplying, overthrew them and everything became primitive again.

Indian tribes never invented the wheel, written language, the sail, soap, or the use ofmetals (even in a continent brimming with iron, copper, gold, aluminum and lead).

The Caral culture of Peru (the culture is called in English “Norte Chico” and in Spanish “Caral” (after a main city of that culture inland). It flourished between 3,000 and 1,800 BC and has revealed no evidence of warfare whatsoever — no weapons, defensive walls or bashed-in skulls. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norte_Chico_civilization)

Diagram of the Layout of Caral



Caral, Peru, lit by torch at night

The blond mummies below, to be seen in the National Museum of Anthropology and Archeology in Lima, Peru, were of the Viracocha, who, the Incas told Pizarro, had founded their civilization. The Incas themselves had white skin, unlike their subjects. The pathetic Jew Olly Steeds had the infantile and ideological cheek to protest to me: “Their hair is not blond; it’s brown!” — as if all whites were blond! And besides, the hair is clearly blondish or very light-brown.

Olly Steeds, the bisexual Jew and politically correct archeology commissar with the protrudinghomo neanderthalensis bucccality.

Blond man being human-sacrificed at the Temple of the Warrior (“chichen Itza”) a Mayan temple in the Yucatan of Mexico, built around 700 AD.

The Moche temple near the Peruvian coast, the Temple of the Sun and Moon. This architecture was made at the time of the pyramids then being built in Egypt, and reflects arid, sunny, Mediterranean-type weather, stone building materials and other things far from green, cold, rainy northern Europe. Also, conquering peoples often use the trappings of power to establish that they are the new bosses of the already existing state, just as the Jews after the 1933 takeover have continued to display the bald eagle, the American flag and the words “US government’ even though there was a total change of regime in that year. The crypto-Jew Lyndon Johnson also “acted” Texan constantly. The new lords always embrace the local customs to some extent so as to not overly rile the subject population.

The grave of Sipan

How does the Moche ruler (whose golden mask, called now “The Joy of Sipan,” was found in this grave) end up with eyes this color if this culture was Amerindian?


The story of the Chachapoyas of Peru, who resisted the Incas to the end….According to Wikipedia, this was yet another blond, white-skinned, and very brave people who had to flee to the mountains after the Indios wiped out their villages.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chachapoyas_culture Reed the insipid remarks in this article here:

The chronicler Pedro Cieza de Leon offers some picturesque notes about the Chachapoyas:

They are the whitest and most handsome of all the people that I have seen in Indies, and their wives were so beautiful that because of their gentleness, many of them deserved to be the Incas’ wives and to also be taken to the Sun Temple.

Origin of the Chachapoyas

Accounts such as that of Cieza de Leon indicate that the Chachapoyas had lighter skin than other South American peoples and blond hair. This poses an enduring mystery for scholars of the region as to their ultimate origin.

[JdN: Try an origin in EUROPE, scholarly idiots! ;-)

And the Spanish began destroying them, as

NON-CATHOLICS, just as they did with the Canary Island

blond people…]

By 1547, a large faction of Spanish soldiers arrived in the city of Chachapoyas, effectively ending the Chachapoyas’ independence. Residents were relocated to Spanish-style towns, often with members of several different ayllu occupying the same settlement. Disease, poverty, and attrition led to severe decreases in population; by some accounts the population of the Chachapoyas region decreased by 90% over the course of 200 years after the arrival of the Spanish.

Ruins of one of the cities of these Chachapoyan “cloud warriors,” who retreated to the high Andean mountains to continue the fight for their survival and freedom from Inca rule…

From National Geographic in 2007 (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/01/070119-peru-inca.html)

Vast “Cloud Warrior” Ruin Found in Amazon

Kelly Hearn in Lima, Peru
for National Geographic News
January 19, 2007

Discovered in a surprising Peruvian location, a vast ruin is shedding light on an ancient civilization known for taking on the Inca Empire.

The newfound ceremonial stone structure, made public this week, was likely built by the Chachapoya Indians, a stone- and metalworking culture that thrived in Amazonian cloud forests from the 9th to the 15th century A.D.

(Related: “Tombs of Pre-Inca Elite Discovered Under Peru Pyramid” [November 27, 2006].)

The Chachapoya are known for building mountaintop citadels and leaving behind well-preserved mummies. Examples include cliff tombs near Peru’s Lake of the Condors and Huayabamba Lake (photo of a Chachapoya mummy).

Called the Warriors of the Clouds, the battle-hardened Chachapoya were famed for their stiff resistance to Inca attacks. Nevertheless, the Inca eventually overtook the Chachapoya shortly before the arrival of Spanish explorers to Peru in the 16th century.

Found by Farmers

Originally stumbled upon by a family of farmers, the structure is exceptionally large. The stepped, three-tiered, rectangular construction is about 200 feet (70 meters) long, 100 feet (35 meters) wide, and 24 feet (7 meters) high.

The ruin’s vast, impenetrable appearance prompted the farmers to call the find Huaca La Penitenciara, or Penitentiary Ruin.

But while Penitentiary Ruin seems to have been topped by a plaza and other buildings, including a lookout tower, it was surprisingly unfortified, said Keith Muscutt, an explorer and assistant dean at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Muscutt announced the find Wednesday at an Institute for Andean Studies conference in Berkeley, California.

(See a diagram of what the structure may have looked like in its heyday.)

Perhaps more intriguing is the ruin’s location.

The vast, unprotected structure was built on what has been thought to be the vulnerable eastern edge of the civilization’s range — a sort of demilitarized zone between the mountain-dwelling Chachapoya and tribes of the Amazon Basin.

“It is odd that a building of this extraordinarily large size would be located on their territorial frontier and that it would not be fortified,” Muscutt said.

“It does not appear to be a military installation. And you would think that on the frontier they would be more interested in defensibility.” So, Muscutt added, Chachapoya extended farther east than experts have suspected.

“What it is showing is that we don’t really know what their territory was,” he told the Reuters news service.

“Amazing Find”

Muscutt said another oddity is that the structure doesn’t seem to be the “nucleus of a larger site.”

“You basically find a big building sitting there with nothing else in the immediate vicinity,” he said. “Ordinarily when you find a significant monument it’s usually central to a residential or administration complex. The fact it sits on its own is baffling.”

Muscutt said the penitentiary resembles only one other Chachapoya building, a structure known as Pirca Pirca.

But he added that one feature has never before been seen in a Chachapoya find: an elevated masonry plaza about the size of a football field that projects horizontally from the main building.

Muscutt added that almost no other Chachapoya structure is as large as La Penitenciara.

Adriana von Hagen is co-director of Peru’s Leymebamba Museum in the city of Chachapoyas. She said, “It’s an amazing find that is hard to relate to anything we’ve known about the Chachapoya.”

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From Heyerdahl’s description of the two races on the Pacific islands, in his American Indians in the Pacific, page 201 (Click on this image to enlarge it for better reading!)



…..The incredible cruelty of Amerindians who genocided Solutreans

Tom Goodrich on Amerindian atrocities (Red Ice Radio)



Red Ice Radio: Thomas Goodrich –

Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare

on the High Plains

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice Creations
January 23, 2015


Tom Goodrich has been a professional writer for the past thirty years. In addition to articles, blogs and movie scripts, Tom has written a dozen books. After serving in the US military during the Vietnam War, he traveled and lived abroad, including stops in Greece, Germany and Morocco. The author now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Tom returns to Red Ice Radio to discuss his latest book, Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879.


This historical story, which draws greatly from diaries, letters and memoirs of American Plains settlers moving west after the Civil War, serves as a corrective account of a pivotal period that has been sensationalized and propagandized in Hollywood movie portrayals and in American Marxist Academia. Tom outlines some of the mantras about American Indians that have been hammered into the mass consciousness of Americans and used to perpetuate White guilt. Then, Tom talks about key points left out of the narrative, including the circle of violence and war that already existed amongst various tribes, and the fact that when it came to fighting the settlers, it wasn’t always all White against all Red. We discuss the nature of rape amid the Indian people, and their use of bloody, sadistic torture that was considered the highest art form.


Further, Tom details accounts of enslavement, rape and torture of captured White women, widely recognized as a fate worse than death. We look at this atrocious part of history that has been romanticized and skewed in trashy American novels and propaganda films. Tom explains why the White people were so furious with the Indians, carrying out atrocities that were retaliation for unimaginable crimes against them.

In the second hour, we talk about the many sacrifices made by the European people in the creation of America. We consider the exploding population of new American immigrants, the general distrust and hatred for the current government, and the undeniable signs of a country at the precipice of collapse. We discuss Christian mantras such as “turn the other cheek” and “forgive and forget,” which are in truth philosophies of slavery and tools for disassociation. 


Catherine German


Captured by Indians along with her three younger sisters, Catherine German was subjected to repeated rapes and beatings by the tribe that held her prisoner. Her parents and two other siblings were murdered and scalped. She was held for 5 months in this horrible violent and demeaning situation. Read about it in Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865–1879 by Thomas Goodrich


This is a portrait of Catherine (Kate) German, who was taken captive with her sisters, Sophia, Julia, and Adelaide, by Cheyenne Indians after their family was killed. On September 11, 1874, the John German family, consisting of his wife and seven children, was attacked by a band of Cheyenne east of Ft. Wallace, Kansas. Only the four youngest, Sophia, Catherine, Julia, and Adelaide, were spared and taken captive. The two youngest, Julia and Adelaide (aged 7 and 5), were subsequently abandoned on the prairie in what is now the Texas panhandle. Sophia and Catherine were kept by their Cheyenne captors. Fort Wallace received word of the killings and began the search to find the girls and to negotiate their release. They found Julia and Adelaide, who had survived on their own for 6 weeks, and on February 26, 1875, the Cheyennes released Catherine and Sophia. The two girls were reunited with their younger sisters at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.



Based upon the accounts of the women I studied, here is a rough rule of thumb of what you might expect were you a young white woman captured by Indians of the High Plains:

1. After witnessing the murder and mutilation of your loved ones, your clothes are ripped from your body; immediate and violent gang rape and sodomy commence by however many warriors are present, for however long they choose.

2. If you have crying children, these are often instantly killed by a sharp blow from a war club or by swinging them against rocks and dashing out their brains. Little children are also commonly scalped.

3. With a rope around your neck you are then led back to the Indian camp in your stunned condition, naked, bruised, barefoot, and bleeding from the vagina. When you fall from exhaustion, hunger or thirst, you are whipped mercilessly to your feet with rawhide or rope.

4. Once in the village you undergo a howl of taunts from the old people; women and children ridicule you and lash you with switches. Even the hordes of dogs seem against you as they snap, snarl and bite your legs

5. You are claimed by a powerful man, perhaps a chief, and, in addition to his own sexual demands, you become his personal prostitute; you are traded among the men of the village for valuables, including horses. Just because you are owned by one man does not shield you from the rape of others.

6. Beatings and back-breaking work are piled upon you by increasingly cruel and jealous squaws. Grooves are worn into your shoulders from the straps of heavy loads; long lacerations from beatings refuse to heal and remain open wounds.

7. Abuse takes its toll and you age and gray rapidly during the months, or years, of slavery. You are filthy. You are infested with fleas and lice.

8. At night, after another day of sex-on-demand and back-breaking work, you dream of rescue . . . or death, whichever comes first; you dream of bugle notes sounding the charge as the U.S. Cavalry arrives to save you.

Alas, little do you realize that should you hear those beautiful notes they will signal both your rescue and your death since Indians commonly kill their captives at the first sign of trouble.

9. If somehow you do manage to survive and are eventually rescued, you have a half-breed child in tow, you are pregnant again, you are emaciated, you are broken, you are sick, you are diseased, you look twenty years older than your actual age, you are mentally unhinged, you will never be normal again.


Later, Tom tells us about the fine points of his upcoming book, Rape Hate, a cumulative piece that looks at the prevalence of rape in war, the undeclared war on women, pornography’s spiritual massacre of women, and culture clashes that are exacerbating this radical plague. We conclude with some thoughts on the White people disease of paranoia, and reflect on the true history of progression.

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Hour 1:


Hour 2:







My own video (out of my God-and-the-soul series) that starts off with the harrowing Massy Harbison story from the 1790s in Freeport, Pennsylvania

jdn-freeport-gesturing-harbison-butlerMasseh Harbison book


…..Why were the Amerindians this way?

 I ascribe it to Mongolian genes plus SEMITIC GENES.

Many Americans still remember the Indian-head nickel (5-cent piece) with its Cherokee with the hooked nose:  

…..The American Indian “torture tree”


Pursuing the topic raised here:

Tom Goodrich on Amerindian atrocities (Red Ice Radio)


The Torture Tree in Cuylerville, NY

[source: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthelastdefense2012.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F31733456641%2Fthe-torture-tree-in-cuylerville-ny&h=8AQEuq2nl]

A Break From Today’s News…





You don’t want to know what happened at this tree, but you’ll keep reading anyway 😉

By Dan Dangler, first published at flickr.com

Hostile Indian attacks on American settlers force General Washington to send General Sullivan’s army of 5000 men to invade the Six Nations.

On September 11, 1779, Gen. Sullivan and his guides argue over the location of their objective, while his men are busy building a bridge for his artillery to cross the Conesus Lake inlet. Sullivan’s map said that Genesee Castle, the principal Seneca village in the area, was on the east bank of the river, the guides say the west bank. General Sullivan instructs Lt. Boyd to take four riflemen and an Indian guide and during the night locate the village and report back with the best route to it. Contrary to orders, Boyd took twenty eight men including guides. They march west, and find an abandoned village just east of the river. Boyd decides to wait here for the army to join him, but when he is fired on by a few Indians, he thinks that it would be safer to rejoin the army. Returning back up the same trail they see more Indians, who lure them into an ambush. Mistaking Boyd’s men for Sullivan’s army the Indians attack, killing 18 members of the out-numbered party. These Indians were part of a much larger force waiting to attack the army as it passed by the ravines where they were concealed. The main party of Indians, hearing the fierce fighting at their rear, believe that they are surrounded and abandon their positions to escape along the river, returning to Genesee Castle. When they finally learn that the fight was with a small scouting party the element of surprise is gone, and it is impossible to reassemble the warriors. A survivor of Boyd’s party made his way back to Sullivan, who ordered an immediate advance. The few warriors who did offer resistance were quickly killed and the remainder of the march to the Genesee Castle went unmolested. The sacrifice of Boyd’s scouting party most likely saved Sullivan’s army. The army entered the village on the 14th and found the bodies of Boyd and Parker.See a map.

Lieutenant Thomas Boyd and Sergeant Michael Parker had been taken prisoner and moved to Genesee Castle. There they had been questioned by Joseph Brant, a Mohawk Indian with an English name, John Butler, an American loyal to the crown (both known for savage attacks on American settlements) and Chief Little Beard of the Senecas. According to some reports they did not talk, but Butler’s report gave accurate details of Sullivan’s troops and their movements. Bryant and Butler then leave, giving the two soldiers to the Indians. View an Image.


The two were taken to a large oak tree, today called the Torture Tree and stripped naked.

They were then whipped until their backs were covered with welts and bruises. Next the nails were pulled from each finger and toe. They cut off their right ears, then their noses, then their tongues. Their right eyes were gouged from their sockets, and left hanging. They mutilated their genitals until they were attached to their bodies by only foot long strands of flesh. In spite of these inhuman and revolting tortures, the design was to keep the victims alive and conscious as long as possible.

The final acts of cruelty came when the two men had their abdomens cut open and their intestines cut from the stomach. The severed end was fastened to the tree and the men were driven around the tree, their intestines being pulled out as they went. Their hearts were ripped from their chests and, and they were finally beheaded. Boyd’s head was placed on a spear and used to lead a dance around the tree. The night of torture finally ended with the approach of Sullivan’s army. Lieutenant Boyd’s partially skinned head was found on a log, Sergeant Parker’s head was never found. The bodies were buried at the junction of two small creeks, about 50 feet from the tree. General Sullivan ordered the complete destruction of Genesee Castle and all of its orchards and crops. When the Indians returned they said there was ‘not even enough to keep a child one day from perishing from hunger.”


This was not the end of Boyd and Parker’s story. In 1807 robbers looted the graves, taking clothing as relics. In 1830 the grave was opened again and four Revolutionary War, U S Army uniform buttons were found, authenticating the site.

In July of 1841 Professor Samuel Treat gave a speech saying that it was shameful that there was no monument to honor these soldiers. On August 19, six canal boats filled with five military companies, invited guests and journalists went down the Genesee Valley Canal to Cuylerville to bring the remains back to Rochester’s new Mount Hope Cemetery.

Boyd’s men, buried in Groveland, were also brought back to be buried in honor on Patriots Hill. Emotions were so high that the descendants of the 1807 grave robbers returned what had been taken. With even more ceremony in Rochester the wooden urn containing Boyd’s and Parker’s remains, and the wooden sarcophagus containing the massacre victims were placed next to a temporary wooden monument in Mount Hope. The very next day the Democrats accused the Whigs of burying bear bones, instead of the remains of Boyd and Parker. This controversy raged for years, inspite of the fact that those at the Cuylerville watched as the grave was opened.

Meanwhile the wooden urn and sarcophagus sat on the ground, exposed to Rochester’s weather, until a cemetery caretaker saw the bones lying on the ground, and buried then in potter’s field in 1864. Members of the Irondequoit chapter of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution researching the Boyd & Parker story in 1903, found the remains in potter’s field and they were reburied, again. The site marked with a marked with a granite boulder and a bronze plaque.




The following is Chapter IV “in one of the first books ever published by a Native American woman, To The American Indian; Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman by Lucy Thompson (1916), she devoted an entire chapter of her work titled: “Traditions of the Ancient White People,” where she gives vivid descriptions of the indigenous Caucasian tribe called ‘Wa-gas,’ who had inhabited the northwest region of California, south of the Oregon state border, prior to her Yurok people.” (The Yuroks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yurok_people)




Traditions of the Ancient White People

When the Indians first made their appearance on the Klamath River (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klamath_River) it was already inhabited by a white race of people known among us as the Wa-gas. These white people were found to inhabit the whole continent, and were a highly moral and civilized race. They heartily welcomed the Indians to their country and taught us all of their arts, and sciences. The Indians recognized the rights of these ancient people as the first possessors of the soil and no difficulties ever arose between the two people.

Klamath River Estuary, where the river goes into the Pacific Ocean


Their hospitality was exceedingly generous in the welfare of our people and all prospered together in peace and happiness, in their pursuit of human existence. After a time there were inter-marriages between the two races, but these were never promiscuous. For a vast period of time the two races dwelt together in peace and honored homes. Wars and quarrels were unknown in this golden age of happiness. No depredations were ever committed upon the property of their people, as the white people ruled with beacon lights of kindness, and our people still worship the hallowed places where once they trod. Their morals were far superior to the white people of today, their ideals were high and inspired our people with greatness.

After we had lived with these ancient people so long, they suddenly called their hosts together and mysteriously disappeared for a distant land, we know not where. We have no memory of their reason or cause why they abandoned their ancient homes where they had dwelt for untold centuries. Wars did not drive them forth, for we loved them more than brothers, and difficulties were unknown between the two people. On leaving they went toward the North from whence we came, and disappeared from our land beyond the northern seas. It was a sad farewell when they departed from this land, for our people mourned their loss, as no more have we found such friends as they, so true and loyal. In their farewell journey across the land they left landmarks of stone monuments, on the tops of high mountains and places commanding a view of the surrounding country. These landmarks we have kept in repair down through the ages in loving remembrance. I have seen many of these landmarks myself (and often repaired them) that they left as a symbol of the mystic ages and the grandeur of a mighty nation that passed in a single season. Oh, how little we know of the depths of the ages gone, how wide, how profound and deep is the knowledge we seek; a monument of stone, a stone bowl, a broken symbol, a hallowed unknown spot, a lodge of ruins, all this makes a golden page glittering with diamonds that trills the emotions with mysterious longings for truth and light in the depths unknown.

When the Wa-gas left this land they assured my people that they would return to them at some future time. Perchance thousands of years have elapsed since then, and they have not returned; we have waited in vain for it seems that our cherished hopes are fading. However, some of our people are still looking for the return of the white man. The traditions handed down leads us to believe that the Wa-gas returned to the land of their birth, in the far north, the valley of Cheek-cheek-alth, as they came down from the North when they came to this land.


When the Wa-gas first arrived on this continent they handed down the traditions to us that it was inhabited by a giant race of people when they first came. These giants were represented by the Wa-gas as being very swarthy in complexion, and they used implements so large that no ordinary man could lift them. It was an age when large animals roamed the earth, and it seems the birds and fowls were all very large in size. It appeared to be the first age, and wasthe age of the giants. The recollections transmitted by the Wa-gas were that these giants were very cruel and wicked. It was said that God became very displeased with them and destroyed them and they all perished from the earth. It was also said that God appeared to the High Priest of the Wa-gas and told them that he was going to destroy the giant race and that the Wa-gas themselves would survive upon the earth as a new people. Smaller birds and animals would appear upon the earth for the use of man, thus the age of giants perished, but the Wa-gas do not hand down any traditions of how they perished from the earth, as my people have no recollections of ever seeing giants.



My mother says that our people in ancient times have seen many relics belonging to these prehistoric giants, such as huge stone bowls, stone slabs and other implements so great that our people could not move them. During the ages of rains and wearing away of the earth, these implements have been buried so deep and have sunk into the earth, is the reason we cannot find them today. The Indian name for the giant race is Pah-pei-ene, which means people that have all died and passed away.

When the Wa-gas returned to Cheek-cheek-alth it is supposed they found a ladder in this beautiful valley which extends from earth to Heaven, and climbed it to Werse-on-now, (Heaven) where they dwell with God. All the half castes with the exception of a few went away with the Wa-gas. And nearly all those that were three quarters Indian remained with our people. This is said to be the reason why some of our people are very fair. Some of the Indians are still looking for their return to the earth, when they come back it is believed that peace and happiness will reign supreme again over this great land and all evil will be cast out.

When the present race of the white people made their first appearance upon the American continent, we believed it was the Wa-gas returning and a hearty welcome was extendedto them and there was great rejoicing among our tribes. But soon the sad mistake was discovered to our sorrow, when the men began to debauch our women, give whiskey to our men and claim our land that our fore-fathers had inhabited for so many thousands of years, yet not a single family has ever been driven from their house on the Klamath river up to this day. We no longer termed them as Wa-gas, but as Ken-e-yahs, which means foreigners, who had no right to the land and could never appreciate our kindness, for they were a very different people from the Wa-gas. They had corrupt morals that brought dissolution upon our people and wrought horrors of untold havoc.

When the Indians first reached the Klamath River there were large prairies and vast tracts of grassy land, which have since grown up in timber and under-brush. Many of the prairies were set on fire and burnt off every year during the dry seasons which kept the timber from growing up very fast.



The Klamath emptied into the ocean at Wilson Creek, about six miles north of where it now goes into the ocean at Reck-woy. There were high bluffs of rocks between the river and the ocean all the way from Reck-woy to Wilson Creek, which kept the river in its course to Ah-man (Wilson creek) where it emptied into the ocean. The river was said to have kept in this course until our Christ caused the mighty rocks to split open and the waters of the river rushed ahead to the ocean at Reck-woy, where it has ever since flowed into the ocean.

The traditions handed down say that the land was north of Redwood..


More great info: http://whiteindians.com/politics.html
What the Holohoax is for the Germans, a lucrative guilt trip and racial pride destroyer, the “we North Americans massacred the original Indian inhabitants” lie is for us.

Solutrean truth is thus no boring ancient history, but a key to winning the modern struggle for white survival in an ever more hostile world.


1) Part-White “Indians”


This is an excellent paper from 1999. I was impressed with the illustrations of near-white Amerindians on pp-21-26. as well as the powerful conclusion. It seems very reasonable and well-written. The subsequently published info (on the Floridian whites, the Anasazi, and the Stanford and Bradley book, Across Atlantic Ice) merely back up further what this thesis proved already in 1999. But ultimately, I think, far more radical revisions will be necessary. And then we will cross into mind-bending new insights.

I suspect that in time the idea of “Atlantis” will become scientifically respectable, and the whole theme of “ancient aliens” and the Aldebaran theory as well. We may yet find that whites have genes from another world altogether, and were in the Americas a very, very, very long time ago. We may find that the brahmins were right in saying that many White civilizations have risen and fallen, and risen again, with humanity taking many thousands of years to recover from each downfall. It starts to get frankly rather “mind-blowing,” and not everyone is ready to smash old mental habits and deep ideological grooves into which their thinking has slipped.

I might recommend this book: http://www.amazon.com/Genes-Giants-Monsters-Men-Surviving/dp/1936239086The author is saying a lot, especially between the lines, and it is between the lines so it can find even a semi-major publisher. In any case, it is predicated on the idea that something like Atlantis did exist and that it did go under in a vast phase of devastation, and in its own way it backs up the famous verse John 8:44!

So Whites may have been in America for eons, and also some very evil people who were offshoots of Atlantis (such as the vicious, massive human-sacrifice cults of Central America, as per the Mel Gibson movie “Apocalypto”) also have been here a long time. In other words, the Solutrean phase 25,000-10,000 BC may be just the tip of an iceberg of Whites in the Americas…..

2) Did a comet devastate the Solutreans in North America?


My take is that this theory is likely accurate and White numbers were so diminished by the temperature crash that THEN the Mongoloids, after they crossed over, could finish off most of the rest.

But we know the Windover Bog, Florida people were doing fine in 5000 BC, so those who were in Florida or went there DID survive.

In a fair fight, the Solutreans had the weaponry, creativity and valor to prevail, but likely not if outnumbered, say, 4 to 1. Only firearms would have equaled up those odds, which we had in the second go-round.

3) Extraordinary cruelty of the Amerindians

Here in this video (http://trutube.tv/video/13254/John-de-Nugent-The-God-Videos-Introduction) I am discussing Massey Harbison, the 1790s western Pennsylvania mother of three who escaped the Indians with a nursing baby at her breast and went through 17 miles of thorns, valleys and swamps to get back to white civilization after her two older children were killed and scalped.

Massey fainted during both murders, especially when she saw the blood-dripping scalps on an Indian’s belt, but she picked herself up — mentally and physically — and became the only White pioneer woman who was nursing a baby to ever successfully escape the Indians. (The Injuns horribly tortured all whom they recaptured, and often ate them, yes, ATE them.) Massey went on defiantly to have eight more White children, and much of Freeport, Pennsylvania descends from her today. Norman-American and trial lawyer John DeMay wrote a recent book about how the Indians REALLY acted, and it found no major publisher. BUT I WILL PROCLAIM TRUTH ABOUT THE INDIANS. They were savages, and they were not “noble.” And it was their ancestors who had genocided the original white Solutreans in North America by sheer force of numbers, quantity over quality.


A SUPERB, gripping, politically incorrect book by John DeMay (Norman name). Scots-Irish and German settlers and rangers (forest volunteer militias) waged fierce battles here with literally cannibalistic, diabolically torturing Indians in the 1750-1790 period. These red men themselves were newcomers from the Delaware Valley back east who had been ordered to move west by the ferocious Indian empire called the Iroquois Confederacy under an Iroquois agreement with the white man.

The foundations of pioneer forts dot our western Pennsylvania area, and farmhouses burnt by Delaware Indians. Delaware and Seneca would roast and eat white children before their captured mothers, or tie white soldiers with a long rope to a central stake and chase them round and round with burning pikes, then scalp them and pour glowing red coals on their skinless skulls, while eating their cut-off ears and fingers. Ah, the noble red man of liberal fame, as in the movie “Dancing With Wolves”�by the crypto-Jew Kevin Costner.

This is also what they did to each other, BTW, for days on end — torture festivals. The next day, the same Indians would ask to smoke the peace pipe with the Americans, and give flowery, cynical speeches about “interracial peace” — that would “last in brotherhood as long as the grass grows and the rivers flow” — quite in the manner of Barack Obama. The Indians promised “hope” and “change” every time they met with the White man — until they again went on the warpath.


…..Amerindians and Neanderthals


As my essay here (http://johndenugent.com/neanderthals-and-semites) proved, the “semitic” look comes from neanderthal genes, and this look is also found in certain Aztecs and Mayas.

The famous “Indian Head Nickel” of 1935-55 showed an Indian with clear semitic-neanderthalic features, far more than East Asian.



See also:

ENGLISH Bantus said ancient white people called Ma-iti built the civilization of Zimbabwe


Great story! Have to agree! A friend of mine read a book about the Great Lakes Indians and how they tortured Whites slowly until they died. The whole book was mostly about the subject of torture with about a quarter of the book loaded with footnotes and references! You are right also in that the Jew and their henchmen have turned history around to suit their cause and put Whites in a bad light.

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John de Nugent
Subject: Major proof of Solutreans in Tallahassee, Florida

More proof of the ancient Solutreans in America just found in Florida

big Smithsonian project — but they tap-dance gingerly around what this all means:

Whites were here first, and proto-mongol Injuns genocided them.

Except they kept some of the females alive.

A Canadian comrade wrote:

>The problem with this theory is that the ice-free corridor did not open until 14,000 years ago or later, but the new research shows that 400 to 500 years before that people were already in Florida, says Halligan. “So the ice-free corridor is not our answer for how the Americas were initially colonized,” she says.>

Just to set the record straight, John, and to refute the so-called Alberta ice-free corridor paradigm, Dr. Phillipa Duc Rodkin of the Canadian Geological Survey in Calgary and at the time the world’s foremost authority on ice sheet propagation in Western Canada during the last ice age, confirmed to me in 2002 that an ice-free corridor between the Laurentian ice sheet and the Rocky Mountain ice sheet did not exist until as late as 6,000-7000 BC.

In other words the phony ice-free corridor migration story is even more preposterous than even we thought it was.

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If this essay teaches you white pride and wisdom about our enemies, please donate. It took me months to write. 🙂

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  1. Subject: Major proof of Solutreans in Tallahassee, Florida


    big Smithsonian project — but they tapdance gingerly around what this all means:

    Whites were here first, and proto-mongol Injuns genocided them.

    Except they kept some of the females alive.

    A Canadian comrade wrote:

    >The problem with this theory is that the ice-free corridor did not open until 14,000 years ago or later, but the new research shows that 400 to 500 years before that people were already in Florida, says Halligan. “So the ice-free corridor is not our answer for how the Americas were initially colonized,” she says.>

    Just to set the record straight, John, and to refute the so-called Alberta ice-free corridor paradigm, Dr. Phillipa Duc Rodkin of the Canadian Geological Survey in Calgary and at the time the world’s foremost authority on ice sheet propagation in Western Canada during the last ice age, confirmed to me in 2002 that an ice-free corridor between the Laurentian ice sheet and the Rocky Mountain ice sheet did not exist until as late as 6,000-7000 BC.

    In other words the phony ice-free corridor migration story is even more preposterous than even we thought it was.

  2. Es ist richtig und wichtig, Lügen und verlorene Geschichte aufzudecken.

    Aber bitte Vorsicht!

    Den Mythos vom “guten Indianer und bösen Weißen” nun genauso pauschal umzudrehen in “die guten Weißen und die bösen Indianer”, ist genauso unfair.

    Es wäre ein Fehler, sich in die Tradition dieses Unrechts einzureihen.

    Die Geschichte der YUROK-Indianerin zeigt klar auf, daß wir unterscheiden müssen!

    Fakt ist: Es gab sowohl friedliche Indianer und friedliche Weiße, als auch aggressive Indianer und aggressive Weiße.

    Wenn wir die Guten mit den Bösen in Sippenhaft nehmen, sitzen wir alle im Knast…!

    Wenn fremde, weiße, bestens bewaffnete (!) Invasoren den einheimischen Indianern Schaden zufügten, dann ist es nur verständlich, daß diese sich mit allen ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln gegen die Zudringlinge wehrten.

    Das würden gerade Sie, John de Nugent, doch auch tun, nicht wahr?

    Oder glauben Sie, die Weißen hatten das Recht, den Indianern zu schaden, weil sie vor tausenden von Jahren von den Indianern vertrieben worden waren und immer noch Anspruch auf das Land hätten?

    Gerade heute, wo wir selbst die Bedrohten (und fast unbewaffnet) sind, sollten wir solches Verhalten der – mitunter aggressiven – Selbstverteidigung verstehen. (ohne daß wir die Grausamkeit gegenüber Wehrlosen gut heißen müssen.)

    Bedenken Sie, was die weißen Invasoren den Indianern angetan haben, BEVOR die Indianer aggressiv wurden.

    Wir können also reklamieren, daß nicht die Indianer die Ureinwohner sind.
    Wir können reklamieren, daß Indianer sich grausam gegen Wehrlose (Anhängsel der Invasoren) verhielten.

    Aber wir können nicht beanspruchen: Amerika steht den Weißen zu und sie hatten das Recht, die Indianer niederzumetzeln.
    Wir können nicht beanspruchen: „Die Weißen“ sind gut.

    Aber wir können reklamieren: Nicht “die” Weißen waren/sind böse.

    So wie auch nicht “die” Indianer böse waren.

    Sie leisten wertvolle Arbeit mit dem Sammeln von Nachweisen und Dokumenten. Aber Sie sollten in Ihren Rückschlüssen darauf achten, klar zu differenzieren.

    Wir wollen schließlich das Unrecht aus der Welt schaffen, und es nicht umgekehrt wiederholen.

  3. Great story! Have to agree! A friend of mine read a book about the Great Lakes Indians and how they tortured Whites slowly until they died. The whole book was mostly about the subject of torture with about a quarter of the book loaded with footnotes and references! You are right also in that the Jew and their henchmen have turned history around to suit their cause and put Whites in a bad light.

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