Zion’s Trojan Horse; Hitler believed in a real, powerful, and anti-Jewish Jesus; one million mummies found with separate cemeteries for blond- and red-haired Egyptians!

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…..We were warned in 1953!

A friend recommended to me a superb book from which I have learned a lot, even after 36 years in this Cause: “Zion’s Trojan Horse”  Here is the pdf of it: Zions_Trojan_Horse-calif-sen-jack-tenney

I can only say , after recently reading this wonderful book and some other writings in French dating back to the 1880s (Édouard Drumont of France was the first major modern writer on the Jews, just as the aristocratic Count de Gobineau in France was the first major writer on the nordic race), that all the warnings made 140 years ago against the terrible threat posed by Judaism have now come true ….

…..but now the enemy is moving in for the kill.


(And by this KILL I mean the Ukraine Defense Support Act, which Obama just signed and which will send US weapons to Ukraine TO KILL ETHNIC RUSSIANS. Now, if China were to spend $5 billion to overthrew the Canadian government in a violent putsch, if china setu up a Chinaman as leader of Canada,  and it then began putting Chinese weapons and troops along the US border, the US would flip out…

Well, Russia is in the same situation, with Ukraine being like our Canada.

The Russians simply will not allow this, and so World War III is now in the making.

And why has the Jew come so far? Genetically, racially, he looks like Arabs, Armenians, Georgians, even some Sicilians. It is not his RACE that makes him so dangerous, but the ideas in his head!

As Hitler said, the Jews are a mental race!


Of savage conquerors!

And why is this tiny people conquering the world?

They do so because they have a militant religion — whereas we Whites have only “love thy enemies”! 😉

The Arabs were nobodies (not even mentioned by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Persians) until the religion that Muhammad gave them, Islam. energized them and made THEM into world conquerors!

But what do we have? A jew-centred religion, Judeo-Christianity, or Paulianity, Christinsanity…..




a Jew-is-God

And thus we are worshipping the god of our enemies!

We are worshipping the Yahweh who is out to destroy us!

Dr. Joseph Farrell’s magnificent book explains just who this evil being is!



…..Smithsonian hiding huge truth about giants and men!

And instead of the true, heroic, and violent Jesus,

whipping the moneychangers out of the Temple….


……and saying to the Jew leaders: “You are from your father, the Devil, a liar and murderer from the beginning!” (John 8:44)






….we are presented ONLY. over and over, with the one side, a man who is nailed to a cross, and suffering as a victim!





This is the recaptured and rejudaized religion of Saul, who renamed himself Paul, a Sanhedrin rabbi, who saw the threat posed by a new gentile antisemitic religion whose beloved, idealistic founder the Jews had murdered!

This new faith condemned Jew materialism, Jew lies, Jew hate, Jew hypocrisy, Jew deception, Jew mental and physical enslavement and Jew greed!

It was a world view that would inflame the world against the Jews!

As I pointed out in a recent blog, Adolf Hitler was anti-Christinsanity, the “I-want-to-be-a-victim-like-Jesus” head trip, and NOT anti-Jesus at all! He revered the divine being that was Jesus Christ!


How can anyone read Hitler’s first writing and think Hitler was against Jesus?????? Au contraire!

With playwright Dietrich Eckart (photo), his only mentor, Hitler wrote “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin” It is about Judaism versus TRUE Christianity! (Here is the translation from German into English by the famous Dr. William Pierce, for whom I worked 1981-84: Bolshevism-From-Moses-To-Lenin-transl-wm-pierce)




Painting “Mary and Jesus” by Hitler, Munich, 1912






With the Catholic priest Father Tiso, the pro-German ruler of Slovakia


with the head of the Hitler youth, Baldur von Schirach (whose mother was American, btw, and Baldur graduated from Harvard) and his wife









…..My email to Germar Rudolf

Hi, Germar. I just read your interview with Bradley Smith of CODOH]… very touching….

As for the “breakthrough,” as I realized back in 1984 when working for the highly cerebral Dr. Pierce (a scientist like you), it will IMO only come through a new religion….  Facts, truth — they mean nothing to both the masses and the intellectuals, only emotion, courage and passion change people.

The Jews have a religion that makes them militant and fanatic, full of belief in their Endsieg, and so do the Arabs, but we have a supposed quote from Jesus, “love thy enemy”!



…two superb music videos against white genocide!


A young white comrade down in South Carolina did something different with the same music, and I found this way it had a different flavor, flowing (literally and psychologically), positive, lighthearted, happy and uplifting…showing an easy, downward slope, coasting….. instead of us WNs always feeling like “this is an impossible, uphill battle.” Extreme sports being Aryan, all these expert skateboarders were of course white, and they are cute too. :-:


…..This is why I must and will, with your help and that of GOD, found a new religion …. so the warnings of Senator Jack Tenney will be heeded! So we will stop white genocide!



So we will be transformed into fighters and conquerors! And take back OUR world!

Jack B. Tenney

Jack B. Tenney

Jack Breckinridge Tenney (April 1, 1898 – November 4, 1970) was an American politician who was noted for leading anti-communist investigations in California in the 1940s and early 1950s. Tenney also took a strong position against Zionism and wrote several books on this subject. Tenney was a composer of several well-known songs, most notably “Mexicali Rose“.



Early career

Tenney was born in 1898 in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to California in 1909. After serving in the Army during World War I, he returned home and worked his way through law school. While a young attorney, he turned to songwriting and wrote such songs as “Mexicali Rose” and “On the Banks of the Old Merced”.[1]

Tenney ran for the California State Assembly as a Democrat in 1936 and won; he then ran for the State Senate as a Republican, and served three four-year terms [1].

In 1938 Tenney was basically a liberal and spoke at rallies of the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League.[2]

He was also one of California’s electors, casting his vote for Franklin Roosevelt, in 1940. In 1942, Tenney ran for State Senate as a Republican, and would serve three four year terms there.[1]

In 1942 Tenney, as a California state senator, investigated the subversive activities of Robert Noble and Ellis Jones, leaders of the nationalist group The Friends of Progress. It was also during this time Tenney had some harsh things to say about Gerald L.K. Smith calling him a rabble rouser and contributing to racial agitation.[3] Years later Tenney saw the light and realized the Jews were promoting the twin evils of Communism and Zionism. In 1952 Tenney agreed to be the Vice-Presidential candidate on Gerald Smith’s Christian Nationalist Party ticket.

The Tenney Committee

Tenney made his name in the State Senate as a foe of communism, and was chair of the State un-American activities committee from 1941 to 1949.[4] He stated, “You can no more coexist with communism than you can coexist with a nest of rattlesnakes.”[1] The chairman of the Senate’s Fact Finding Committee on Un-American Activities, which investigated alleged communists in California, Tenney “vigorously attacked everyone he believed to be a Communist or to have Communist sympathies”.[1] Those investigated by Tenney’s committee included:

Tenney ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for Senate in 1944, was removed from the chairmanship of his committee in 1949, and also that year ran for mayor of Los Angeles, placing fifth. The conduct of the hearings, by a later account, “egregiously violated due process”[9] and of the hundreds of people subpoenaed and interrogated in its eight years, not a single one had been indicted, much less convicted, of any sort of subversion[9].

In 1952, Tenney sought to move to the United States House of Representatives, accepting the help of anti-Semite Gerald L. K. Smith.[1] He lost to Joseph F. Holt, who won the general election. Tenney also produced a number of anti-semitic books, one called Anti-Gentile Activity in America[10], another called Zionist Network from 1953[11].

Tenney ran for Vice President on the Christian Nationalist Party ticket. In 1954, the head of the state Republican committee pointed to this race as a reason to oppose Tenney for renomination. He was defeated by Mildred Younger, who lost the general election to the Democratic candidate.[1] The New York Times saw his defeat as part of the ending for McCarthyism.[12]

Later life

Tenney moved to Banning, California in 1959, and worked as a part-time city attorney in nearby Cabazon, California. He ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1962. He died in 1970, survived by his wife and two children.[1]


  • “The CIA and FBI are Tinker Toys compared to the ADL”[13] (Tinker Toys were simple put-together toys of the 1950s made-up of wooden sticks and round pegs)


  • Eyes Front, America (1951)
  • Zion’s Fifth Column, A Tenney Report, (1953)
  • Zionist Network, Standard Publications, (July 1953)
  • Zion’s Trojan Horse (December 1953)
  • Let’s Try Freedom Again, Standard Publications, undated


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