Zionists brag of alliance with muslim invaders, for Rabbi Touitou, Islam is “Israel’s broom”

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And they are even “loud and proud” about it…….



My friend, brilliant author Hervé Ryssen over in France, created this video using the words of Rabbi Touitou:


At 1:39-2:08 the good rabbi says the juicy stuff:

(in French, then translated)

Vous allez le payer très cher les Européens, mais à un point… Vous n’avez même pas notion de quoi on parle, et vous n’aurez pas où fuir… parce que tout le mal que vous avez fait à Israël vous le paierez au centuple…. Quand l’Italie dispraîtra, quand Édom — c’est pour ça que le QG [quartier général] qui vient de Esaü [qui personnifie les goyim] se trouve là-bas, quand cet endroit disparaitra, et c’est ce que veut faire l’Islam…

L’Islam, c’est le balai d’Israël, sachez-le, c’est-à-dire qu’au lieu qu’on fasse, nous, le travail, on envoie Ismaël [les Arabes] pour régler le problème.

Quand il va débarrasser tout ça et que le [Messie juif, un roi vengeard, pas du tout comme le doux Jésus] va revenir chez nous, alors, c’est [autour de] Mashiah [leur putain de Messie va venir] [d’agir]



You are going to pay for this very dearly, you Europeans, but at a point in time … You do not even know what we are talking about, and you will not have any safe place to flee … because all the evil you have done to Israel you will pay a hundredfold ….

When Italy disappears, when Edom – that’s why the HQ [headquarters] that comes from Esau [who personifies the goyim] is there [the Vatican], when that place disappears, and that is what Islam wants to do …

Islam is the broom of Israel; know this, that is to say that instead of us doing the work, we send Ishmael [the Arabs] to solve the problem.

When [Islam] gets rid of all these [white Christians] and He [ the Jewish Messiah, a vengeful king, not at all like “Gentle Jesus”] comes back to us, then [it is] Messiah [time]…..

This yid does not construct his sentences very well, but at least you have him blurting out the truth:

–about how they feel about us — hate,

–what they want to happen –mega-death

–and whom they are using — the muslims






All I can say is….


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