Zio-German ID card is openly satanic

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…..One of the most terrifying proofs ever that the NWO is satanic


(In German — but the images are easy to understand for anglophones).

The images on the official identity card of the US-Zio-controlled “Germany” openly show Baphomet.

Even more images appear under black light….

I would suggest to all fanatic Christ-bashers to ask themselves why they are (unintentionally) aligning themselves with the J-Team, of all people, in bashing Him.

Der Baphomet und umgedrehte Kreuze auf dem deutschen Personalausweis!
 Under black light this symbol appears: http://johndenugent.com/…/weird-eagle-cross-below-german…
    The cross is upside-down, a classic satanic expression of hatred for Christ…. .and in a sort of scatological position….
    The whole world is also being “sh–” on in the ADL’s own logo:
  • adl-logo


    They have their legs spread, and…. well, you get the idea.

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