Yukon Jack: oil pipepines the Achilles Heel of the West

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It is impossible to protect a first-world infrastructure from “real” terrorism.

Achilles Heel of the West


The United State Government is run by insane Zionist retards who haven’t thought their War of Terrorism all the way through.  It is impossible to protect a first-world infrastructure from “real” terrorism, meaning it is impossible to protect the capital-intensive investments if some nation retaliated from what we are doing to them.HOW CAN YOU PROTECT HIGH TENSION LINES FROM PEOPLE MOTIVATED TO STRIKE BACK AT YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO THEMIn other words, anyone motivated to bring down the United States by attacking the grid can do so putting the land in permanent darkness.  If you’ve noticed, we drove a whole lot of people to hate us by bombing them into total ruin.  The only mystery to me in this entire Jew terroristic war is why no one has retaliated.

I wrote about this a long time ago when Dubya was cranking up the terror war on Iraq.  I speculated that any Iraqi nationalist could infiltrate the United States (like any Mexican by walking across the border) and then start blowing up all the stuff we take for granted living in a first-world country.  What I am talking about is anyone with the will, and a match can take down the grid.


The stupid employees at the FBI responded to my essay by not lobbying to end the insane Terror War but to increase security at these capitalistic corporate buildings, transformers, pipelines, chemical plants, etc.  How naive I was to think any bureaucrat in the FBI is a patriot; terrorism means full employment for federal law enforcement – first they get to participate in the terrorist act then cover it up.  LOL.

When redneck in Alaska shot at the Alaskan pipeline with his .338 Winchester, a lucky hit, dead-center, caused a 30 caliber hole, and the oil shot out like a fire hose drenching a quarter mile of pristine wilderness.  According to the LA Times, such a scenario is scary, a couple of years later after 911 the same newspaper became the biggest promoter of the War on Terrorism.

“It’s truly scary to imagine someone cooking up batches of anthrax and sending it through the mail. But the United States’ deepest vulnerability to terrorism may have been exposed earlier this month not by a mad scientist or a suicide bomber but by a single drunken hunter with a .338-caliber rifle.


On Oct. 4 (2001), according to police, Daniel Carson Lewis of Livengood, Alaska, shot a single hole into the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Because it was near the base of a long, gentle rise, strong pressure spewed 285,600 gallons of petroleum 75 feet into the air, saturating the tundra. The pipeline was shut for nearly three days as workers struggled to fix the leak.

Authorities quickly announced that Lewis was not a terrorist.

“It was just somebody being stupid with their gun,” a state police spokesman said. “Alcohol and a guy with a gun–nothing deeper than that.”

If that was meant to be reassuring, it had the opposite effect. One guy with a rifle could shut down the biggest U.S. oil pipeline, delaying 2.7 million barrels of crude? What if there had been half a dozen guys? What if they’d used something bigger than rifles?”


How do you protect a petroleum refinery from a towel head with a throwaway hand-held rocket or a sniper with a .50 caliber sniper rifle that has a 2-mile range?  You can’t.  Typically the refinery is built on the flat lowlands near the port in the otherwise unusable marshland.  That means anyone taking the high ground has a clean shot.


What no one in the national security apparatus seems to understand is the Second Law of Thermodynamics — everything we build produces heat that must be dissipated via a radiator of some type, damage the radiator and the machine is kaput.  We are very vulnerable because in a first world nation we have built our slave-like existence around all this capital investments like grocery stores and filling stations that need electricity to operate.

*** I, JdN, added this section

The Finns in the 1939-40 Winter War did this to invading Soviet tanks with “Molotov cocktails” — a “present,” so to speak, from the Finnish Army to Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov — jars with gasoline tossed onto the tank engine area, makes it impossible for the engine to keep running.

Ask any Finn; they had few tanks, but knew by 1938 that some day the Soviet Union would invade them, and developed the Molotov cocktail to dent the Soviet tank invasion that did come in October 1939.

With this weapon, Soviet tanks indeed suffered huge losses -because Finnish soldiers, defending their fatherland, were brave enough to approach the tank with the jar or bottle of gasoline in their hand!


Likewise, every electrical transformer has a cooling fin somewhere on the outside, easily exposed to bullet spray.  It doesn’t matter what the gadget is; it must dissipate heat. Otherwise, it won’t run.

everything that moves produces heat

How do you protect a transformer from a 30-06?  You can’t.  Every transformer is just like every tank — it has a weakness: it must be able to cool itself. Otherwise, it will melt in place.  A single bullet into any radiator stops the machine.


Then we have the problem of a nation built on petrol, every gas station (or auto) is a potential bomb.  A single gallon of gasoline has 114,000 BTU’s.  That’s a lot of energy in a small space.  One BTU warms a pound of water one degree Fahrenheit, a gallon of gas combusting inside an insulated space (like a house) can ruin your whole day.

Amerika the police state has an Achilles Heel — it is a nation built on petrol, the fail is built into the system if anything disrupts the flow of this one commodity then the whole country fails.  Gasoline is pumped around the nation in completely unprotected open-air pipelines.  LOL.  Tanker trucks make great explosions in Hollywood movies; any truck makes a nice platform for bomb delivery like in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 299 Marines.

Everything that flies is a ticking time bomb.  In fact, the USAF bombers on alert can’t be protected by Ahmed in a Cessna whose buddy is shooting out the passenger window with a repeating assault rifle with tracers at wings full of fuel.  Every airplane is a giant, thin aluminum fuel-tank that is very easy to hit when parked.  Bombers on alert are entirely unprotected from under the radar low flying light aircraft.


My advice to anyone who still chooses to remain living in Hebrew Amerika is to buy a generator, because it is almost time for Israel’s ISIS to shut down the grid.  When you hear on Faux News that ISIS is going to blow some shit up, make sure to understand what that means:  Jews are taking down your nation.



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