YouTube pursues crackdown on WNs; propaganda warning the WWII vets against AH

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German general, after surrendering, looks with contempt at a young US Army officer in “Band of Brothers” as if to say “Do you have any idea at all for whom you were really fighting, and why you have shed oceans of your and our blood, and destroyed half of Europe?” 


…..Sometimes it is useful to watch Jewish propaganda designed for average Americans, and analyze it


A comrade, family man and supporter wrote me:

This popped up in my YT feed. This was released in 1947 by the War Deptartment!!! They must have really been afraid of vets realizing they fought for the wrong side. Since propaganda like this clearly worked, the “Greatest Goyim” must have really been retarded.


GIs dying on Omaha Beach in Normandy or watching horrors unfold (from “Saving Private Ryan”)

Then YouTube segués the viewer to this fascism-bashing modern propaganda video by an IMO obvious part-Jew, Keith Hughes. (


It’s mainly his wide, part-negroidal nose that comes over as jewy. (Do young American whites, who are more and more non-nordic, even see that his nose is not normal for a WASP?)

It is also the  Norman name “Hughes.” (Jews loving to take on distinguished-sounding British names, instead of Horowitz or Goldberg.  And they have intermarried with bankrupt members of the Anglo-Norman aristocracy for centuries, or co-opted them, as with my own father.)

The Norman Conquest gives the English to the Talmud

Plus of course it’s the devious, “based,” fake-all-American, anti-nazi shtick.

Oh yeah, Keith, we are so free. To talk about sports and the weather.

Better not talk about blacks,  hispanics, Jews, the Fed, the Holocaust, Hitler, 9/11, the USS Liberty, media control, open borders, the Muslim invasion, white crime victims, the genocide of white South Africans, gays, vaccines/autism, or chemtrails.





……Youtube cracks down on us

An important British comrade wrote me “YouTube are trying to take down my channel…. 2 strikes…insanity. (((They))) are doing it to even people like Mark Dice, who is massively successful, and although never mentions the JQ.” Well, this is why we needed either or as WN-controlled video platforms!.

John de Nugent Why are we amazed when (((Google division Youtube))) deletes WN video channels and shadow-bans WN comments?
I spent a solid year begging for funds for both Trutube and Sonnenrad, which were the only ones to carry my major videos. Now BOTH ARE GONE AND SO ARE MY MAJOR VIDEOS.
 I had 20 hour-long videos designed for conservative normies, dealing especially with race, the JQ and the Founding Fathers.
Walter D. Bialkowski John, do you have your own copies of those videos?
John de Nugent Walter D. Bialkowski Oh, yes, saved many times on several external hard drives.
Johann Kiel I rarely mention the monsters now. Before that, I got suspended over 20 times on jewtube 
Neil A. Bucklew Are you familiar with Jan Lamprecht [a Rhodesian in South Africa]?
John de Nugent Yes. He used to like me, and I him, but now he listens to Alex Linder, who defames me viciously.

John de Nugent And Lamprecht, whom an Afrikaner activist whom I trust told me looks like one of the many Jewish Britsh imself, defames Simon Roche falsely as a Jew, whereas he is a wonderful white South African hero.…/simon-roche-south-africa…/

Neil A. Bucklew lol. It is funny, as he is well aware of people doing that same thing, and advises against it. Yet he can be quite vicious!
John de Nugent Neil A. Bucklew I never attack, but I counter-attack, and factually.
Neil A. Bucklew I am not sure about Simon Roche, but he is not a yahoodi. I have begun reading more about him and listening to what he has to say. Simon Roche is not really part of our circuit; he does not support WN, but the rainbow. I think he thinks it can still work, butSee More
John de Nugent Neil A. Bucklew Linder reads, believes eagerly, and spreads jealously to his circle the disproven defamations of me by the agents Holappa (now an antifa!) and Carlos Porter.

Libelous accusations online against JdN…

ReplyRemove Preview10 hrs


John de Nugent Roche was a moderate and a Christian, and he does not go into race. But in my many discussions with him, and my two radio interviews for, he definitely “gets it.”

Resistance Radio offers inspiring radio content…
Neil A. Bucklew lol, He is in the same position with many in the WN crowd. Such things do not faze me.
Neil A. Bucklew Roche is a decent guy, but he is a political moderate with a conservative Christian background and personal life. Christianity comes before blood for him.
John de Nugent Neil A. Bucklew Well, his audience is Christian, and he plays to that in both RSA and in the States. I think he is more “radical” than he lets on. But his moderate background makes him very credible and useful.
Jon Forestead My channel got terminated today… had 500 videos.
John de Nugent This is why I urged comrades for months with ever greater urgency to financially support and/or And they refused. I found myself sending them money as my electricity and water bill went unpaid. Now we are being shut down. Instant karma. Are we SURPRISED JEWS HATE OUR VIDEOS? Pathetic.
GONE because almost no donations (though I got it $2,600!!)

GONE due to basically no donations (The German-Aussie webmaster spent hundreds of hours building it)



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    But such is life in Weimarica, courtesy of jews  (I do not capitalize this word, any more than I capitalize the word “criminal”) and white race traitors, who are worse than the aforementioned.

    If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

    A deafening roar, a stampede of filthy white race traitors running to fill the empty shoes and take the place of the jews.

    And I am sure of it.

    Interesting times indeed.

    A brave new world where poverty is the price you pay for integrity and the worst sort of low-life is always on top. Duh!

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