(((Youtube))) closes British Renaissance channel after strangling Sonnenrad and Trutube

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YouTube closed without warning the British Renaissance video channel with many high-quality videos produced by us. Given that Sonnenrad.tv and trutube.tv, WN platforms where I also had all my 30 self-made, high-value videos, are both gone — due to lack of donations; it takes bandwidth to host videos — we are pretty much fucked, aren’t we? Hundreds of hours of my and Jack Sen’s work, and thousands of dollars/pounds spent, and no one can see them. Oh well, let’s just drink another beer. 😉 Maybe a miracle will happen. 😉 Maybe Magic Hitler will come and for some unexplained reason save a people who will not help themselves! LOL! Am I pissed? Yes. just an eentsy-weentsy smidgen. 😉

It has all come exactly as I predicted here on this website. (((YouTube))) was on relatively good behavior — just shadow bans, not deletion — while its competition, TruTube and Sonnenrad, were around.

BUT once they went under, (((they))) resumed the outright deletion of huge channels that were full of valuable videos.

Jack Sen The ADL and their alt-right minions flag-bombed loads of pages, getting many taken down. Totally disgraceful, considering ours was a very respectable page. 

So it is not enough for the J-Team to merely shadow-ban us…. to take our vids off the YT search engines …. in order for non-WNs to never know they exist…Nor is it enough that our comments are invisible to non-WNs. No, the entire channel is deleted.

Channel gone where brave Jack Sen interviewed patriot, activist for decades, and fmr MEP Andrew Brons:


Trutube — gone entirely for lack of donations for 1) the bandwidth bill and 2) good software :



Sonnenrad.tv gone:

I wish to thank everyone who never sent a dime. ;-) You thought someone else would send money, but they thought you would. 😉 



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Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

–3 August 2017 check from P in Florida

–2 August 2017 check from K in Ohio

–31 July 2017 check from G in Cicero, Illinois

–25 July 2017 check from G in Nevada

–22 July 2017 PayPal to mhuffstickler@outlook.com from M in Florida

–19 July 2017  book The Chief about press baron Wm. Randolph Hearst from S in Idaho

–17 July 2017 cash from C in North Carolina and a check from J in Utah

–14  July 2017 cash from E in North Carolina

–13 July 2017 cash from M in Oregon

–11 July 2017 donation via PayPal from B in New York

–10 July 2017 check from J in Utah

–9 July 2017 donation from C in Maryland via Stripe

–5 July 2016 50 Euros ($55) via PayPal from C in Germany to mhuffstickler@outlook.com

–5 July 2017 donation via PayPal from J in Australia

–1 July 2017 check and letter from a brave, intelligent comrade and author in San Francisco, California with possible cancer

Also cash from P in Florida and a birthday card! 🙂


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