Young people who respect only money; chemtrail mania over Ontonagon; women show their boobs for a fake Coca Cola contest

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….”Hey guys”

Some young person addressed me and Dr. Fredrick Toeben (in an email asking for our help) as “Hey, guys,” and I replied:

“I would not start out an email with “Hey guys,” unless it is to people your own age. It sounds disrespectful. You could say “Gentlemen” or “comrades”, especially in view of what we have been through for decades. That respect is not asking too much. Nor would I address you in an overly familiar way. Dr. Toeben especially deserves respect.fredrick-toeben-blue-eyes

As you may know, my millionaire father disinherited me before he died in 2012, and my own children sent me a threatening letter via a lawyer demanding I make no reference to them.



(I sent a letter back of devastating counter-threats, which made them pipe down. Snotty kids forget everything their own father knows about them which they do not wish to come out.)

I and Margi were thrown out on the street three times last year when I attempted to run for mayor of Apollo, Pennsylvania, site of the Israeli NUMEC radioactivity/cancer scandal.

My mail was stolen, both ingoing and outgoing, in order to cause me serious financial and legal problems. My credit card processing was cancelled and then a CC service which does work with CODOH [Holocaust revisionism] cancelled me after everything was set up in hours of work.

Finally we got a death threat from the Masons, who run the police force and did no investigation in 2012 when I was embezzled by a federal machination out of $4200, as a result of which we had to sell our one vehicle and walked for six months.

We moved to get free rent and a favorable landlord in September 2014, 587 miles northwest toward Upper Michigan, driving almost straight through the night, and with no money for a motel.”


I hope this information will have a good effect on this young person. I really wish all young men still had to go through military training as earlier generations did. Young people today grow up with no father or other male authority figure in their life. Of course, to keep their job, they would never address their boss and manager as “hey, guys,” or as “dude.” But that is because they want to keep their job and get their MONEY, and that is a sign of how judaized our society is — money is the only “sacred” thing left. 😉 )his is why I must create a new Aryan religion, because one cannot accomplish anything great with people the way they are now.


….. Chemtrail-mania

The whole sky here in isolated Ontonagon, Upper Michigan, which used to be a glorious blue, is now FULL of chemtrails every day as soon as the wind dies down….. and its azure beauty is transformed into one big milky-gray gauze….


Massive chemtrailing begins in Ontonagon after my pedophile-slayer video hits 24K views

by JOHN DE NUGENT on MAI 16, 2015[EDIT]

One sees the trails coming out of four or five directions, this for an economically dead and isolated town of 1600!


I wonder if they are putting some especially intense sauce in it to zombyize or make anxious the victims because of me and Mike Delaney. But I can say that I have now also seen locals discussing chemtrails and I am stirring up more about them.

This is already one very angry town due to incredible utility bills (2-3X normal) and zero jobs. White poverty… A young man either joins the military or becomes a prison guard — and that is about it. Anger, disgust, bitter white combat vets and relentless poverty. I can see why the feds are worried. 😉 They ain’t seen nothing yet!

The two things that have shocked me here in Ontonagon, Upper Michigan are 1) literally destroying copper mines and 2) literally destroying paper mills. They (Wall Street, the feds, the Khazars) flooded a copper mine for two years with Lake Superior water to make its shafts collapse, so as to illegally boost copper prices (price fixing), which “made 100 years of copper ore inaccessible” (quote from an experienced miner there). And they tore down the profitable paper mill, scrapped (destroyed) the million-dollar anti-pollution device, then dynamited the paper mill’s steel-reinforced concrete foundation, and ripped out the railroad tracks, again to reduce production for illegal price-increasing — raise the price of paper by reducing the production of paper. This price-fixing was banned by the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890! They are rolling back all the progress of the 20th century!




WOMEN bearing their breasts to the world have been duped after it was revealed the social media trend has nothing to do with charity.

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I will re-remind people that only those who donate to me, Anglin, Delaney or the Rebel are allowed to post on my FB page or my website. The time for just posting jew and race shit is over. Anyone can send one dollar, euro or pound ( = one can of beer 😉 ) to keep an activist going who is risking everything.


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