Yes, white Americans (with help from amazing Germans) went around the Van Allen Belt and got to the moon!

18 Apr 1969, Houston, Texas, USA --- Space Center, Houston: Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, in training for the projected Apollo 11 lunar landing mission, is being suited up for the first full dress rehearsal of activities he is to perform during the projected moon landing. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS
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Neil Armstrong — commander of Apollo 11, and yes, “we did go to the moon,” but the astronauts were not allowed to say all that they saw!


A brilliant comrade and supporter wrote me:

Good afternoon, John.

I saw the latest posts, and I saw the comment about the Van Allen belts. This is the biggest piece of disinfo, and easiest to fall for, WRT the question of “did we go to the moon?”.

The problem with the people who say we can’t get through the belts is that they really don’t do any investigation into the issue.

A couple of years ago, I found a well-written explanation as to how we got the astronauts through the belts.

The Van Allen belts are a collection of charged particles, gathered in place by Earth’s magnetic field. They can wax and wane in response to incoming energy from the sun, sometimes swelling up enough to expose satellites in low-Earth orbit to damaging radiation.


It’s lengthy, and thorough, but is what is needed to explain in detail how we got to the moon.

First, we developed good shielding. The shielding that was developed is not good enough to prevent radiation over-exposure on a flight to Mars, but it was more than adequate to get astronauts to the moon and back without any harmful exposure.

Second, the Van Allen belts are both torus-shaped. [JdN:  They flare out to either side of the poles.]

The trajectories taken by the Apollo missions, after orbiting Earth to gain speed, did not take the astronauts through the belts at the thickest points, but rather skirted the edges and minimized exposure.

Third, the early statements about the degree of radiation in the belts was just wrong, but those statements keep getting referenced by anyone who says we did not go to the moon. To say we didn’t is to deny the greatest scientific achievement of White science.

JdN: My grandfather, Thomas Colwell, as a federal auditor for 25 years, audited the books of the NASA program in Huntsville, Alabama and met with this great German, Wernher von Braun. Later, I talked with his son by a mistress, David Scott von Braun, an engineer also, who was dogged by Jews on the wrongful suspicion he knew about “secret Nazi gold.”

John Thomas Colwell, my grandfather then, born in Goole, Yorkshire, England and my guardian angel today (seen with my grandmother)

JdN: Later, my daughter Ingrid was friends with his grand-niece, Amrei von Braun, at the Deutsche Schule Washington. Wernher is buried in Alexandria, Virginia, where I and her mother raised Ingrid and my other daughter, Erika.


However, there is much more to the story, and I do agree with what you’ve already hashed-out on the site.

I also found this simple teaching aid PDF


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  1. Interesting explanation of the avoidance of the Van Allen belts, which wasn’t mentioned at the time, and would have required an immmense additional amount of fuel to accomplish. on top of that we have the words of the astronauts themselves….”We just flew straight through them. Never did us any harm.”
    Astronauts back in the sixties, of course were made of the ‘right stuff’, not like today’s degenerate wimps.
    We developed “good shielding”. Tell me more about this shielding. Working with X-rays, myself and my employees would like to know more. Those heavy lead aprons and leaded gloves can be a bit of a pain, especially on hot sweaty days like we’re having here in the UK at the moment.
    We’d much prefer to have American radiation-proof space suits made by Playtex,(purveyors of the legendary cross-your-heart brassiere, I believe)…..and might even introduce a bit of much-needed snazzy style into our otherwise rather drab utilitarian garb that currently features in our Radiology departments,up and down the countries of the British conglomerate called the UK.
    Interesting how old Werner rather faded out of the scene as the moon operation got under way…..but then he did start to say things like ….”The operation to stand any chance of success would require at least three space ship each taller than the empire state building”. Fuel was the problem. Remember, for a rocket in space, if you want to stop or change direction….you’ve got to burn fuel.
    Werner was becoming ….awkward…and beginning to spoil the NASA/ Hollywood space fantasia….and one the greatest swindles of all time, perpetrated on a hapless easily-duped American and world public.

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