Yes, “Lord of the Rings” WAS about the Khazars

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  JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, as his private papers show, was IMHO really about (drumroll) — the Khazars; he said it through fiction to dog-whistle his message past them.

Please bear with me as I make my case. :slight_smile:

…..Famous Hindu guru summons Whites to their duty

Excellent content in this video…. It is rare to see a dark-skinned Indian (a guru) directly call White Europeans and Americans Aryans and remind them that their ancestors once gloriously spread culture and good order throughout the world. (The speaker was the leader of the Hare Krishnas.)

All the swastikas will impress you. 😉

I know for a fact from someone who attended the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, ( that the guru Maharish Mahesh Yogi (who became famous because of the Beatles and other things…)

….privately thought Hitler a very great man, and the Maharishi also perfectly understood the gravity of the Jewish problem.

The Big Jews, these gurus know, are reincarnated demons, as Jesus said in John 8:44.

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

This is something that the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, btw, also said, but in a book his followers which never dared to publish.

The followers of evil, in Hinduism, are “mlecchas,” violent subhumans who choose the dark, left-handed path. (In Latin, the word for left is “sinister.”)

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is about the same thing. Tolkien woke up to the whole truth in the 1950s (he was anti-Hitler in the 1930s and ’40s, then saw how Britain changed through colored migration AFTER the war), but he had to cloak it as adventure novels to get SOME of the truth published……

He was a WWI veteran and was a devout Roman Catholic from an era when that meant awareness of who the real enemy of Christianity was.

You know, I was never “into” LOTR, but when I saw the ring of gold as the source of all evil…heh-heh… 🙂

If Christianity is failing Western society, culture and civilisation – we need to go back to our roots and core cultural identity and beliefs. I think Tolkien knew this and provides plenty of analogy in his works for us.

In his “The Silmarillion,” (, on which he labored for decades, Tolkien shows he was far deeper than just some fantasy storyteller….or some armchair nerd pseudo-warrior (Tolkien served at the front in WWI). He was actually explaining the multiverse, that is, the multidimensional universe.

The Silmarillion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My take on Tolkien is that by the 1950s he really understood that the Jewish banksters were the locus of evil in our time and that they would in the end send a kind of Orc armies — the zombyized humans, bred and trained only to fight and die for their masters — to destroy all human freedom and virtue, the “Aryans” (people of noble character) of all races, and create a brutal slave planet on our corpses, and so we who are aware have no choice but…. to fight and … to win.

He was also an incredible linguist (so I have a special affinity for him) and possessed a vast knowledge of Celtic, Greco-Roman, Old Testament, New Testament, Norse and Finnish myths.

By personal leanings I hate fantasy, and want ACTION in the real world. But now I see that JRR Tolkien was stirring the embers of our heroism in us…. and communicating right past the Jews in Hollywood and in the book-publishing world his message that the good must fight the evil, or else!

Think about what his novels deal with:
…. the Lust-ers after the Power of Gold (= the golden ring) — now guess who they are 😉

… and their Orc-like followers.

*** on Tolkien

(If you can stand the heavy-metal band Metallica, here are some GREAT clips from various parts of the movie “The Lord of the Rings” with Orcs, evil warriors, and nordic heroes and elves, and the innocent yet brave Hobbits)

Saruman is the jew-like servant of Lord Sauron, who is the Devil himself. It amazes me how many WNs do not view EVERYTHING Tolkien was doing as anti-Jewish and pro-Nordic. But to get published, he HAD to disguise it as “fantasy.”


In the end, this vile being, who SYMBOLIZES THE JEWS, IS DEFEATED.


In The Two Towers (1954), the second volume of the story, [Saruman] is the main antagonist. Orcs from Saruman’s army in search of the Ring attack Frodo and his companions. Following Saruman’s orders to capture hobbits, they carry off two of Frodo’s closest friends, Merry and Pippin. The two escape into Fangorn Forest, where they meet the Ents, protectors of the trees, who are outraged at the widespread felling of trees by Saruman’s orcs.[4]

Meanwhile, Saruman’s army has invaded the land of Rohan, [ROHAN MEANS GERMANY] with the effect of preventing the Riders of Rohan from joining the fight against Sauron. Having betrayed Sauron by attempting unsuccessfully to seize the Ring for himself, Saruman is ruined when the Riders of Rohan defeat his army and Merry and Pippin prompt the Ents to destroy Isengard. Saruman himself is not directly involved, and only appears again in chapter 10, “The Voice of Saruman”, by which time he is trapped in Orthanc. He fails in his attempt to negotiate with the Rohirrim and with Gandalf, and rejects Gandalf’s conditional offer to let him go free. Gandalf casts him out of the White Council and the order of the wizards, and breaks Saruman’s staff.[5]

Saruman makes his final appearance at the end of the last volume, The Return of the King (1955), after Sauron’s defeat. After persuading the Ents to release him from Orthanc, he travels north on foot, apparently reduced to begging. He is accompanied by his servant Grma Wormtongue, whom he beats and curses.[6] When they reach the Shire, Saruman’s agents both Hobbits and Menhave already taken it over and started a destructive process of modernization.

Saruman governs the Shire in secret under the name of Sharkey until the events of chapter 8 (“The Scouring of the Shire“) in which Frodo and his companions return and lead a rebellion, defeating the intruders and exposing Saruman’s role. He tries to kill Frodo, who subdues him and allows him to leave. As he turns to leave, he mocks the long-suffering Wormtongue, who snaps and cuts his throat before being felled by Hobbit arrows.[7]

…..This superb article by White South African Stephen Goodson shows what Tolkien really believed

…..Stephen Goodson of South Africa on JRR Tolkien


The Mythos of J. R. R. Tolkien

Stephen Goodson explores the sympathies of the author of The Lord of the Rings

According to a survey by the Folio Society in 1997, as well as a poll by Waterstone’s, the booksellers, in January of that year, The Lord of the Rings was voted readers’ “favourite book of all time.” The recent filming of the book has popularised it once more, and stimulated speculation as to what fuelled this extraordinary work.

While many aficionados are content to treat The Lord of the Rings as an epic fantasy, some have detected an underlying repugnance for the industrialisation of the countryside and the damage of total war.

In June 1997, Ross Shimmon, chief executive of the Library Association, commented:-

 It’s astonishing that The Lord of the Rings has this impact. The idea of a parallel world… I wonder whether it’s something to do with trying to make sense of the world around us.

Candour reader

A 20-year subscription to the patriotic journal Candour and a faithful preservation of its 24 volume, may well provide some clues as to what were Tolkien’s innermost thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

Candour was founded by A. K. Chesterton, a cousin of G. K. Chesterton, as a successor to Truth magazine, of which he had previously been Deputy Editor.

Here is the website today:

A sample issue and cover:

Chesterton, a distinguished veteran of two world wars,

had earlier edited Oswald Mosley’s [Fascist] publications in the Thirties.

In 1954 he established the “League of Empire Loyalists,” whose antics and interventions at Tory meetings proved to be a constant source of irritation and embarrassment to both Eden and Macmillan. In 1967 the League merged with the old “British National Party” (not to be confused with the present party of the same name) and the Racial Preservation Society to form the National Front, with the Greater Britain Movement joining the merger a short time later. Chesterton assumed the role of leader.

In 1973, Tolkien’s copies of Candour were sold out of his estate. In 1997, I inherited these newsletters from Chesterton’s secretary, Moyna Traill-Smith. The quotations from Candour which follow have all been underlined by Tolkien with a red biro [American: ballpoint pen].

Empire tragedy

The dissolution of the British Empire was viewed by Tolkien as a tragedy, which would have permanent negative consequences for its indigenous populations:-

Africa is not peopled by Black Europeans, but it is a continent full of tribes mentally and morally at the dawn of history.

Self-government does not mean democracy – Liberia and Abyssinia are two warning lights. African hegemony would lead to the suicide of the White community in East and Central Africa and to the ruin of African hopes of sustained progress. (3/10 August 1956, page 44)

Tolkien was disillusioned about the effectiveness of modern democracy, and considered both the media and high finance to be inimical to its success:-

The concentration of the power of the Press has long since made a mockery of whatever degree of informed democracy we may have once known… (10 February 1956, page 50)

The true equation is democracy = government by world financiers.

The main mark of modern governments is that we do not know who governs, de facto any more than de jure. We see the politician and not his backer; still less the backer of the backer; or, what is most important of all, the banker of the backer.

Throned above all, in a manner without parallel in all past, is the veiled prophet of finance, swaying all men living by a sort of magic, and delivering oracles in a language not understood of the people. (13 July 1956, page 12)

Monetary reformer

It was in the field of monetary reform that Tolkien displayed his most passionate concern. His indignation about the evil of usury – the creation of money out of nothing and then lending it out at interest – is reflected repeatedly:-

There should only be one source of money: one fountainhead from which flows the nation’s blood to vitalise commerce and industry, ensure economic equity and justice and safeguard the welfare of the people… In other words, it has always been and still is our contention that the prerogative of creating and issuing the money of the nation should be restored to the State. (3/10 August 1956, page 48)

Utilising the above background, a brief exegesis of The Lord of the Rings may be attempted.

The centre of all evil is the Dark Lord Sauron, who has enslaved the people of Middle Earth through the rings of power. There are seven rings for the dwarf lords, five for the elven kings, nine for mortal men, and one to rule and bind them all in darkness and slavery forever.

These gold rings were forged in the fires of Mount Doom and are symbolic of the central banks and their monopolistic powers, which enable them to create money out of nothing and lend it out at interest to the gullible people. With their unlimited financial power, they are able to control the mass media and spellbind the general public with their propaganda.

But eventually good prevails over evil and the Ringwraiths, the Orcs, and the Uruk Hai monsters are defeated.


So who was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien? Did he support the NF [National Front]? Probably not in any meaningful way, but indisputably he was sympathetic to its anti-immigration and anti-Common Market policies, having endorsed Chesterton’s views over two decades.

There is little doubt that Tolkien was a patriot, and that his conviction that the civilising effects of the British Empire were a blessing to be enjoyed by all has been proven correct. The torment of death, debt and destruction, which Africa has subsequently endured bears regrettable testimony to that fact.

Above everything else Tolkien may be judged as an ardent supporter of monetary reform. He understood that money is not a form of wealth, but a medium for the exchange of goods and services. He sought social justice through the adoption of an honest money system, which would distribute the benefits of the technological age to all mankind, and provide a secure basis for a future of progress and prosperity.

Tolkien could have written a treatise on political economy, and, if published, it would in all likelihood have achieved only a limited circulation.

By employing a powerful allegory, he has subconsciously embraced and influenced the minds of untold millions with his mythos.

Stephen Goodson is leader of the Abolition of Income Tax, and Usury Party in South Africa, information about which can be obtained from its website at


It was, in my opinion, his brilliant strategy to tell “mere stories” — USING THE JEWS’ OWN HOLLYWOOD AND BOOK PUBLISHING — that got the message to those of us who are ready to awaken — the message: JEWS RULE THE WORLD BY MONEY TO CREATE A JEW MASTER/GOY SLAVE PLANET!

THE RING OF GOLD WITH THE WEIRD WRITING INSIDE….. Of course, Tolkien could not put Hebrew letters on it…. 😉

Tolkien’s ancestors were German, by the way, who had emigrated to England. Tolkien was just the German name “Tollkühn,” which means “bold” (literally “mad courage” 😉 )

But Tolkien was not just bold — but also very crafty. 😉

As an English soldier, he experienced the horrors of WWI trench warfare and poison gas. In the 1920s he went on to become a world-renowned professor of Germanic and Indo-European linguistics and mythology at OXFORD 1925-59. In the 1950s he saw the non-White immigration into Britain and THEN he finally “got it.” (He had actually said some anti-Hitler stuff in the 1930s, probably to save his professorship.)

But Tolkien stayed “undercover” about it all to the end, and instead wrote mega-bestselling novels about Aryan heroism. The three “Lord of the Ring” movies alone have had TWO BILLION viewers!

Now we see that via chemtrails, fluoride, cell phones affecting young brains, and the spread of homosexuality and pedophilia that there are now hundreds of millions of WHITE zombies of the NWO, many of them, with white skin but a black heart. (And there are some non-Whites who are noble, and would support us against the Jews if we step up to the plate and assume leadership!)

Going back to the video, the photos of so many INDIANS using the swastika is also refreshing and should be a wake-up call to those of Aryan blood. These dark ones await our awakening! Soon this situation will come literally true: demon-led armies will gather against the true Aryans, the Noble Ones, and they are called to eradicate the wicked, cleanse the earth, and then govern it wisely for the good of all and make our planet again a beautiful green and blue jewel among the worlds. WE in a previous life did the glories depicted from 1933 to 1945. WE are called to do it again!

….A reaction to this “Lord of the Rings” blog

Dear John,

I already knew about Tolkien. He was speaking of the goodness of white people and the West, and wrote the famous line in the final Lord of the Rings,

“By all that you hold dear, I bid you stand, men of the West!”

He pointed up the tyrannical ways of eastern peoples that he called “Calormene” (colored men), looking mainly at Turks. And in one of his books, probably The Book of Lost Tales, he declared that the noble race with fairy blood had sunken by mingling its blood with lower races and species. I am glad that you will be making your big move, and wish you all success. May the powers of the sun be with you, my friend.



The lyrics by lead singer John Fogerty about the “tower” refer to the “Lord of the Rings” cycle of novels by Tolkien (who was huge in the 1960s), ands to the ring of gold, to the tower of the evil Lord Sauron, and thus indirectly to THE JEWS.

“Five-Year Plans and New Deals” refer to the fake social programs of both communism and capitalism, both shell games of the JEWS. If you never understood this song, then now you can doubly enjoy it by “getting it” for the first time! 🙂

“Who’ll Stop The Rain”

Long as I remember,
The rain been comin’ down.
Clouds of myst’ry pourin’
Confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages
Tryin’ to find the sun.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who’ll stop the rain?

I went down [to] Virginia,
Seekin’ shelter from the storm.
Caught up in the fable,
I watched the tower grow.

Five-Year Plans [communist/Stalin] and New Deals [Roosevelt/Truman]
Wrapped in golden chains.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who’ll stop the rain?

Heard the singers playin’,
How we cheered for more?
The crowd had rushed together
Tryin’ to keep warm.

Still the rain kept pourin’,
Fallin’ on my ears.
And I wonder,
Still I wonder
Who’ll stop the rain?




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