Wounds of a friend are true; Virginia live-tv shooting — a pistol WILL NOT BLOW YOU AWAY

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….The moment of truth is here for an ancient and glorious race

…..Ponder mistakes and GROW!

A comrade wrote something very good but it needed editing. I worked an hour on it, and cut it by a third — but, not knowing him personally, wondered how he would react.

He replied:

Thanks for taking the time to critique my article, John. Your edit is far crisper. You certainly have X-ray vision,  and of course I appreciate your truncating my work, or even if you’d have just given a thumb up, but you did so much more. 

I replied:

Glad your appreciated my work. And you took it in an evolved, spiritual way, which I appreciate. “The wounds of a friend are true.”

How many waste entire incarnations with minimal spiritual progress…no serious improvement… Just go to a high school reunion! And there realize that most, 25 years later, are EXACTLY the same, flaws and all, as when they were high school seniors! 🙁 Jocks still full of themselves, and bullies, cheerleaders still stuck up, despite now having wrinkles 😉 potheads still potheads… and nerds still nerds. 😉

Yet pondering mistakes, or allowing a genuine friend to point them out, can result in a person rocketing forward karmically in just ONE lifetime and getting immeasurably better karma — possibly in this very life, but definitely in the next go-around! I was glad to spend the time, friend, because you are one of the minority that truly grasps : we are not humans who choose a spiritual journey, but spirits taking a human journey! Immortal beings here to grow under fire!

And in a time of terrible world crisis and degeneracy, like right now, the Indo-Aryan scriptures say a person can grow THIRTY TIMES FASTER than if everything were perfect!

Imagine, for example, that Adolf Hitler had won the war. There would be NO serious temptations, and everything would be Germanic law and order, and function like a clock. 😉






One would need only to swim along with the other fish, and all would be well. Just do what everyone else is doing!

But now, at the nadir of Kali Yuga, it is the strong individuals who are leaving the herd, becoming inner spiritual giants, and how?

By listening only to the quiet inner voice (not to their lower emotions– a big difference), by strengthening their third eye of intuition, by getting the higher chakras of love and wisdom going, and harkening not to the crowd, and the mass of the clueless, gullible doomed, but only to authentic friends!

You will always have my support in your journey, comrade!


The comrade replied:

Gratitude in torrents JdN — you are a true superhero in my eyes.



I hate to say it, but donation have entirely dried up in September. I am working on WN-related audiobooks for pay (I took a thousand dollars worth of lessons in radio and voice in the 1980s), just as I also write for pay on WN topics of special interest to an individual, and edit the WN writings of others for pay. (I used to teach English and was the associate editor of the Barnes Review magazine: www.barnesreview.org)

But all this impedes me time-wise from doing what I really should be doing, starting a new religion for our race. The Jews, Muslims and Masons are POWERED and UNITED against us by their religions!

Blogs and videos about their actions against us are NOT the ultimate solution!

The solution is for an organized, disciplined religion to deprogram whites from the crud, narcissism and degeneracy of the Now, and instead to become true Aryans, noble, strong, wise and heroic, and IMO this is my special calling.

I need now to be about it. With your donation I can stop this time-robbing work which merely, barely, pays most of the bills, though I am happy to say at least that I only accept race-related work, such as this.

The Nameless War, by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay




Comrades, we are heading straight toward a race war, a war WE WILL LOSE, and now whites either must become Aryans — or we will all die.





…..Pistol bullets do NOT drop people instantly!


Shooting of Walter Scott — multiple shots in the back from a .40 caliber Glock — and keeps going for another 15 feet

From the US Concealed Carry Association:  Robber get shot twice by pharmacist, fires back and gets away with two holes in him, though he later dies.)






And yes, the Flanagan live-tv shooting OF THREE WHITES by an enraged, crazy gay black man was 100% REAL. And get ready for lots more murders of whites!

Why the live-tv shooting of three whites in America is real and important



Today, and this is a good thing, people go online within an hour or less, and  begin debunking false flags instantly.

But I am amazed at how many, in our narcissistic, know-it-all, selfie generation who have never held or fired a pistol in their life (neither at a human being, nor at a coke bottle/tin can/paper plate) contradict me as a former Marine Corps NCO, and others, regarding the Veester Flanagan, live-television, Virginia shooting incident.


Here are the seven key “debunking” arguments:

1) The black guy, Veester Flanagan, was clearly firing blanks. 2) Why did the female reporter not go down right away? 3) Where are the blood spatters? 4) How did Flanagan know exactly where the interview would take place? 5)  Her boyfriend was tweeting about her death before she was even shot. 6) Her dad was Jewish. 7) Some politicians afterward called for more gun control.


This is an excellent video, coordinating both the killer’s cell-phone video and the footage shot by the tv station cameraman, whom the gunman murdered also.



THE TRUTH — can you handle it?

1) No, blanks have no kick. I fired even machine guns with blanks in the service (I was an M-60 machine-gunner) and there is NO kick. Only hot air, gas, is flying out, not a slug that generates recoil!

If this 25-pound machine gun, the M-60, has no kick when firing blanks, no pistol does. A blank produces literally hot air. But Flanagan’s gun kicked up!


2) People often do not “go down” right away from two or even three pistol bullets to the mass of their body. (They would — to certain head shots, or a bullet that severs the spine or femur, but such shots are rare. Even a shot straight to the HEART may not stop them. The blood is still full of 30 seconds worth of oxygen, blood sugar and adrenaline. Did you know a decapitated person is conscious for 30 seconds after their head is chopped off? This was proved in the French Revolution!)

It may take a full half-minute for massive blood loss and shock to overcome the adrenaline surging through their veins and making them super-active.

And a pistol is not a rifle! Rifles have usually a much bigger bullet and a longer barrel, for much faster speed. A pistol round usually does NOT have the power to knock you down!

On the left are pistol bullets; on the right, rifle bullets. They contain more gunpowder and fly at a huge speed out a long gun barrel, up to two feet. The longer the barrel, the faster the bullet. The faster the bullet, the more devastating the impact. The 9-millimeter Glock fired by the scumbag Flanagan shoots bullets at 1,250 feet per second. An AR-15 (or M-16) assault rifle bullet flies at 3,500 feet per second, far more than twice the speed. This MAYBE can result in knock-down power. But do not believe Hollywood movies where people fly backwards through the air from being hit by a shotgun or rifle! 



A rifle (buttstock left) and shotgun (r) have a far longer barrel than a pistol. Longer barrels give the gunpowder more time to work on propelling the bullet. A short barrel means the gunpowder has less time to be speeding the bullet up. So while a rifle or shotgun blast MAY knock you back or down, usually, a pistol bullet will NOT. You, as the victim, are still  in 30 seconds of trouble even after shooting the guy!



A rifle shot hits President Kennedy in Dallas, and yes, it throws his head back at 0:20,  but this was a high-powered rifle bullet, NOT A PISTOL SHOT. And no, his head was not torn off, either, just a chunk of brain and skull, which gruesomely landed on the trunk.


A German soldier is hit in the back by a Soviet rifle bullet. Notice there are no theatrics. He drops his rifle and staggers, reflexively throwing his arms up and out. He is not “blown away” like a dry leaf! The bullet does not change his weight from 160 pounds to 1 ounce!


As I stated in my earlier blog, a friend of mine in Florida, a former Marine Corps officer, was mugged by a Puerto Rican criminal while a civilian. He (justifiably) shot the felon with five .45 pistol slugs to the chest (and was cleared by the police), but even the massive .45 pistol [photo] — firing off five rounds to the trunk — did NOT knock the crook down! The miscreant collapsed from his own blood loss after a half-minute!

If the massive .45 cannot guarantee a knock-down (which was its actual intended purpose when developed after the Spanish-American War), no pistol can guarantee it. (I fired expert, btw, with the .45 as an infantry sergeant in the Virgina Army National Guard at Quantico,Virginia in 1980. My father refused to use his in Korea as a Marine captain; it did not knock the Chinese down and it did jam. He used a Smith & Wesson .38 Detective Special and had five notches on it.)



Going on, of course, Alison Parker ran –after being shot! She was not shot in the head, and did not die instantly!

Would you not also RUN, facing death, and recognizing the hate-filled killer, Flanagan, by his face — the feared and disgruntled ex-colleague at the tv station who blamed you for his firing and accused you of “racism”?

But — did you notice – she only got a few feet away?

You do not hear the sounds of many high-heel footsteps; you do NOT hear her running 20 or 30 feet — because she collapsed quickly from her blood loss and shock.

Her collapse was off-camera, because 1) the white cameraman was dead from a head shot, and 2) Flanagan, the black gay killer, who had filmed on his cell phone the beginning of his murder spree, was now busy chasing, and then firing the coup de grace into the head of Alison Parker. 🙁

Mike Delaney of www.Trutube.tv. www.prothink.org, and www.911missinglinks.com, sent me this helpful story about pistol shots NOT dropping people.


Hostage Crisis Broadcast Live in Brazil Ends with Two People Dead

Hostage Crisis Broadcast Live in Brazil Ends with Two People Dead

On Friday September 4, 2015, there was a hostage crisis in front of a Cathedral in São Paulo, Brazil. A balding man with a long criminal record (he had done 22 years in prison) took a woman hostage, and used her as human shield against police.

After a lengthy standoff that was broadcast live on Brazilian TV, a real-life hero in a blue jacket ran over and leapt onto the armed hostage-taker, freed the hostage, and fought bare-handed with the assailant.

The latter had an advantage, holding a pistol in his hand, and fatally shot the hero right in the chest (“the center of body mass,” as they say).

The hero was a homeless man who had been a convict himself. What a way to redeem oneself for his life of sin in front of the church! He lived as a crook and a loser — but he died a MAN and a HERO!

It took this sudden hero a while to realize that he was actually shot. But he had taken a slug right in the middle of the chest.

Blood soon came out of the hero’s mouth, and within seconds of that, he was dead, slumping against the door to God’s temple. I hope the angels welcomed him with a “High-Five”! 😉

Meanwhile, the police gunned down the bad guy, but THE POLICE PISTOL SHOTS DID NOT “BLOW HIM AWAY” either.

He just collapses –he sinks down — on the right side of the steps.


You can ignore the Portuguese-Brazilian commentary, or turn the sound down, and just watch from 2:49 to 3:23, and note how long it takes the hero to collapse! Why? Because he was charged up with adrenaline to rescue the woman and fight the crook!

The fatal shot was at 2:58, so he lived ON HIS FEET for another 25 seconds!

And from 3:01 to 3:05 he actually CHASED the bad guy down the right side of the steps with a bullet in his chest!

And this: The bad guy, on his back, is still waving his arms in the air at 3:43, 42 seconds after he was first shot, bending over in pain at 3:01! 

Can ther be any clearer proof that a pistol bullet does not DROP man full of adrenaline?

And was Alison Parker not full of adrenaline when she saw a handgun pointed at her by a maniac, and gunpowder flames coming out?

The faggot, still not being paid any attention to, at 6:45 am, with no one else around, and the cameraman focusing on the interview,  hesitated after extending the pistol to fire — cold feet ?. But then, his hate and blame surging again, Flanagan the honkey-hater went ahead with it and pulled the trigger.


3)  Flanagan shot Parker initially right into her body mass, her upper body, and she was wearing a jet-black top.

Why would you instantly see blood spatters on a jet-black top? Jeezus, people. 😉



In fact,  the blood would eventually come out more on the other side of her body, at a possible exit wound!

But since Flanagan used hollow-point bullets [photo], which tend to stay inside the body, break up and fan out,  not pass through the body. So the bleeding would be mostly internal, very lethal (multiple wounds inside from just one bullet), and NOT VISIBLE.


4) To learn the interview location, all Flanagan had to do was park his car near the tv station at 6:30 am and just follow the van with the reporter and cameraman.

[Thanks for this and other common-sense insights to a friend named P.]

5) The screenshots of Chris Hurst’s Tweet were taken on the west coast (California/Oregon/Washington State), when it was 6:30 am,  west-coast time — but already 9:30 am east-coast time, the time zone where it happened.


Hurst was tweeting 2.5 hours AFTER the crime.

Yes, even a grieving young person, these days, might want to tweet something 150 minutes later to his friends and the world.

I would not, but this is how young people are.

Hell, teenage boys these days send cell-phone pix of their supposedly impressive, erect penis to potential girlfriends these days. 😉 Weird? Yes. Does it happen. YES….. As soon as anything happens, they gotta tweet it.

6) Sorry, but Parker’s father being Jewish, or a liberal who believes in gun control, or a former actor, in this particular case, seems irrelevant.

Jews are taken for whites, and are shot by blacks here, and in South Africa, every day of the week in urban areas.

(A white, former South African cop under apartheid – he designed my website — confirmed this to me: “Jewish girls get raped and killed by blacks constantly in South Africa. The blacks do not distinguish between them and others who look white. Not all Jews belong to the Rothschild or Oppenheimer families, John, and have bodyguards.” 😉 ) 

7) The gun-control crowd did react — but briefly. They always do. But there was no weeks-long media hysteria this time. The case was just way too embarrassing.




What I am saying is that debunking and false-flagging EVERYTHING is now overboard, a kind of debunking psychosis.

But the amazing thing is how WNs pile in on it, though they more than anyone else should realize that there is nothing improbable or made-up at all about a hate-crazed, homosexual black man and affirmative-action hire — who was repeatedly fired for incompetence and a bad attitude, but rejected all personal responsibilitygoing out in a kill-me-some-crackuhs-rage and shooting three white people.

Do you not remember that “BlackLives Matter” directly advocated that blax do this?

This one was NOT a false flag! Others, yes.

Flanagan was every inch the angry black plus the resentful gay. Here he is seen in a narcissistic selfie photo, defiant, Mr. Insecure Bodybuilder. I have seen blacks pull that pose on me. It is a very hate-filled look, and prone to violence. This is a guy who can “go-off” at any moment.


Joe Bartee's photo.


Further on the topic of what pistol bullets can and cannot do:

I took last Saturday a mandatory $150 NRA pistol training course in Hancock, Michigan to obtain my concealed-carry permit. The course was excellent, low-stress (designed for regular folks, including about 1/5th women), and it went fine.

The first instructor was folksy and helpful, and the second was a Michigan state trooper who had a great knowledge from 30 years experience of 1) actual shooting situations, 2) Michigan and federal gun laws, and 3) experience with how juries react to a gun killing by a homeowner.

(Message: Only use your pistol if rape, serious injury or death are imminent, and someone is within 21 feet and coming at you.  Do not shoot anyone running away, or merely talking crap at you. And do not be drinking and shooting! Juries will wonder “who started it.” Watch out for liberal juries and prosecutors.)


I was happy to score 96% on the written test and I aced the firing-range test — 24 out of 24 shots. (Now I need $105 for the county fee and I get my CPL — “Concealed Pistol License”.) Meantime, I am open-carrying, which I do NOT like to do! 🙁 I am not a “gun nut”; I am carrying for good reasons. http://www.johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/about-john/two-bushes-and-obama-against-jdn/ Homeland Security hates me and just in February sent a German kid home from Chicago O’Hare Airport just because he said he was going to visit me! The Joint Terrorism Task Force has been three times to my house. And I will not be arrested for any political crime or trumped-up regular charge.

At the start of the NRA course, they hand out an excellent kit of material and especially a practical book, the NRA Guide to Personal Protection in the Home. 

This book, with many photos, emphasizes that even three or four pistol bullets shot into the center of mass (the trunk of the body) of the assaillant will not drop him.

After being shot, he may still try to shoot or stab you in the 30 seconds before his own blood loss takes him down! With his adrenaline going, he may not even realize you got him!

In fact, if within 21 feet, he might be up in your face in one more second — and have 29 seconds of fight left in him.

So be prepared to get behind something (a big furniture object or a door), throw something hard at him, and/or run — or you may be wounded AFTER you plugged him good!

Have the combat mindset: 1) shooting him once is just the beginning 2) keep firing at him until he is dead. 3) But be ready for him to charge you after being shot! And think: I will prevail in the end, even if he harms me. 

And no matter how much he groans in agony, do not go and help him! He might be faking it and ready to grab you if you get near!

Look again now at the Brazil shooting  from a different video that was shot with a cell phone, and see how long both the hero and the criminal stay on their feet AFTER being shot!

As I say, comrades, just because you can type does not mean you should post any old thing you think might be right.

Engage brain first, and remove foot from mouth. 😉

Or, better, try this daring idea:

Ask someone who knows what they are talking about,

or research the topic online. 😉

Self-expression is fine, comrades  — for poetry.



Here is a sort-of funny but realistic gun-battle scene from the new “Miami Vice” movie: Everyone is so nervous that the cops and the bad guys all miss. The Michigan state trooper told the NRA pistol course attendees that he has seen experienced cops, in life-and-death shootouts, empty a whole magazine of bullets and hit no one!

How is this possible?

While adrenaline was great in the Stone Age, swinging a heavy club, or in ancient Rome, wielding a heavy sword, adrenaline also makes your hands shake — not very good for aiming carefully.

Hands even tremble from adrenaline after the danger is over — as we all have experienced after a terrifying car wreck or even a near-miss!


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