Willis Carto Library website opens

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This brand-new site honors the great white nationalist/historical revisionist publisher and writer, for whom I did much work 1987-92 and 2005-08 ( 1) estate planning, 2) one big demonstration at the Holocaust Museum opening in 1993, and 3) writing).


Willis was one tough cookie, and he and I (and almost everyone else) had some friction with The Big Boss. 😉 But he was a fireball of energy, systematic, businesslike, cut-to-the-chase, intelligent and imaginative. He always paid his employees on time. And I met many amazing people due to him: Third Reich figures and modern heroes both.

He was a man’s man.

Willis mellowed over the years, and after a 12-year hiatus, I worked for him again starting April 20, 2005.

A great man. 🙂 Rest in Peace, and watch over us who carry on your work. 🙂



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Willis founded, among other things, the Barnes Review history magazine, for which I did several cover stories and over 60 articles, some with Margaret Huffstickler.

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