Will the Jews have Trump shot or poisoned? Now or later? We report, you decide

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Now that he has shown indomitable fighting spirit and fought back from the brink, the Jews will be looking now at Plan B — the Termination of Donald John Trump.

IMO he is the reincarnation, literally, of General George Patton. Read it for yourself:

UPDATED AND EXPANDED I endorse Donald Trump for president, the literal reincarnation of George Patton

And we all know what happened there – the Jews accidented him, in December 1945. Trump was born in June 1946.

An experienced comrade wrote me:

I think the Jewsmedia will smear DJT intensely just before the election, as with the recent bringing up of the 11-year-old candid “sexist” statement he made.
Still, he has worked with Zhids all his life and has even pledged to support Yidsrael! Even if he wins, it might just be “business as jewsual”!!
Or, he might suddenly develop health problems, as STALIN [photo] did when he started going after Zhids using the so-called (planned) “Doctors’ Plot” trial in 1953.



According to the book WOLF OF THE KREMLIN,


…..Kaganovich [photo] had Stalin’s heart medicine tampered with. Stalin even had Molotov’s Jewish wife arrested but she was later released after his death from two strokes.


The nurse who informed on Jew doctors had her “Hero of Soviet Union” award taken away and disappeared suddenly.
Beriya and Malenkov were overthrown by Krushchev and Kaganovich, Kaganovich by K in 1957, and later K. by Brezhnev.

Am presently reading Krushchev’s memoirs. Lots of good stuff. The Jews wanted Crimea then too!

Not just Birobidjan [Stalin had set aside a part of Siberia for the Jews], which is too far away for most of them.

Stalin’s son Vassily lost his position as as lieutenant-general. He was later released from prison and his pension restored (by K) but he was again arrested and imprisoned for publicly stating that the Jews had killed his father.

[Stalin’s foreign minister, Vyacheslav] Molotov, wrote in his memoirs that Beriya told him that he had killed Stalin. (“I bumped him off”) Medical experts now believe that warfarin (used in rat poison; it causes hemmoraging of stomach) was put in Stalin’s wine. This stomach-bleeding by Stalin is not typical of death by a stroke from high blood pressure. According to Krushchev, Beriya also spit on Stalin while he was dying but suddenly got on his knees and begged forgiveness when Stalin seemed to be waking up again.

I have never seen conclusive proof that Beriya was a Zhid. All sources claim he was Georgian. He once replaced all of Stalin’s cooks with Georgians. Stalin quickly reversed this decision.

Beriya was actually shot for abducting and raping women in addition to the political charges. All the accused Jewish doctors were also released after Stalin’s death.

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