Wikijewdia blames black janitor for Leo Frank’s horrid hebrew crime; the hack of this site goes on — because I lack funds for more webmaster help

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Under hook-nosed closet jew Jimmy Wales, the Wiki founder who studied, surprise, surprise, surprise, finance, not journalism or history, Wikipedia is just another avenue for Jews to control the narrative.

They want to unite all the races against White people as a strategy to climb to the top of power.

Jews see Whites as the last barrier between themselves and supreme power over the world’s declining superpower.

The Wiki article below cites ”many historians” — failing to mention they’re mostly Jews and all in their pay or afraid of them.

The widely publicized lynching of Leo Frank, a Jew, in Georgia in 1915 by a mob [sic!] of Southerners caused many Jews to “become acutely conscious of the similarities and differences between themselves and blacks.” Some had an increased sense of solidarity with blacks, as the trial exposed widespread anti-Semitism [lie] in Georgia.[7] The trial also pitted Jews against blacks because Frank’s defense attorneys suggested black janitor Jim Conley was guilty of the murder of the white girl. They called him a “dirty, filthy, black, drunken, lying, nigger.”[8] [true!]

Many historians since the late 20th century have concluded that Jim Conley did murder Phagan.[9][10] [lie]

…..Here is the truth about the loathsome pedophile, rapist, and toilet strangler of the beautiful, innocent little Mary Phagan

……Was my site down last night for you?

Two comrades, one in California and the other in Massachusetts, said they could not see my site last night, though I certainly could and was working on it.

This seems to be a pretty sophisticated hack  – many cannot see the site but some can, I am one of them, and so are 8,000 other people so far today 9:20 pm.

It is also taking 30 seconds for the site to even open. It used to open in three-quarters of a second.

I am trying to finish — for funds and the Cause — this very important online  & audio book:






In any case, the audio editing is 90% done… 5 hours.
In any case, here on the other site I use (European Knights Project) is part 1 of 4 of the online book:
And here is 2 of 4.
I am talking with two other webmasters about this crisis in addition to the one I have had since 2013  — three frigging months of this insanity. 
And as I wrote to a longtime friend and comrade today:
Never have I been more hacked than now, and the Head Negro is still president for five more weeks, he hates my guts, and the FBI got the sheriff to call me! Then the state police came and squatted outside my door.
Remember, I am the one who first ran on a blog the nude pix of his commie-jewess slut mother!
(Margi actually found them for me on Google Images after the Daily Mail referred to them.)
This pic implies Jewbama had a nose job even!
Six weeks after Obongo’s inauguration (1/20/09) as our first non-US-citizen president, the vengeful little cocksucker sent his minions to arrest my assistant Holappa (3/7/09)!

This faggot kike-negro knows exactly who I am.


Heil Hitler. *:) happy

……Contact and support the one the jews and Obama hate and fear for the coming Aryan religion VIRTUS

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


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