Why we need a new Aryan religion

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First, a mere philosophy produces no community of believers. The Jews, Muslims and Freemasons all have a religion, and are conquering the world. Second, people have real questions about suffering, the meaning of life, the baseness in most people, and they ask: “Why am I here? What happens after I die? Is it all over at death? “

….Nice video salute to David Bowie on his passing



…….Icelandic ancient music



She is singing:


Spellbound I am, I am

The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me

Spellbound deep in my soul, in my soul

In my heart burns a sizzling fire, a sizzling fire

Spellbound I am, I am

The wizard has enchanted me, enchanted me

Spellbound in my heart’s root, my heart’s root

My eyes gaze to where the wizard stood.


…… That’s why we need a new religion

All deep religion involves thinking, and all deep thinking involves religion.

In the wake of the Cologne mass sexual assaults on 1,000 German women, the lying, demonic jewspapers over there was already twisting things and blaming German women for it, saying

  1. the victims just  made the assaults up because they are anti-muslim bigots:
  2. they were provoking assault by wearing skimpy clothes and plunging necklines (they were just out partying with fellow German young people on New Years, for God’s sake!)
  3. they were greedy to hang onto their cell phones (which they feared, rightly, being stolen by their accosters) and “being greedy to keep their cell phones, did not dial 911 fast enough”…. [OMG, WTF?]
  4. “the REAL problem” was not muslims, immigrants, Islam or multiculturalism, but MEN IN GENERAL — who, as we man-hating feminists all know, because our lesbian leaders have so taught us, just want to grope and rape us…..



One healthy male reaction on YouTube:

What the fuck is wrong with these people ? If I invite you to my house and you eat my food, piss on my floor, kick my dog, and slap my girlfriend, how do you expect me not to kick your ass ?


As Catherine Austin Fitts has pointed out….


….the NWO uses “positive cover stories.”

It is the official line & the official lie to explain things away.

It “sounds” vaguely “reasonable” –until you scrutinize it, google it, try to verify it and suddenly you see all kinds of people online who know what they are talking about totally dismantling it.

It is so bogus that on one level you know, very concerned, that it is bogus, but in another part of your brain you are wanting to embrace it as the excuse you need to soothe your troubled conscience.

What troubles you is the following:

You know, deep-down, that government is lying and its policies are disastrous.

But you cannot face the disgusting fact that that you are determined to stay silent and do nothing, and THEREFORE you are :

1) A COWARD and

2) committing misprision.

James von Brunn used to explain this misprision concept to people. It is a crime to not stop or report a crime — and this is called misprision.

If you know a child is being molested, and say and do nothing, that is misprision.

If you see a bunch of Israelis or muslims, or a Hispanic drug gang, unloading weapons at night off trucks in a loading dock behind some abandoned factory, and do not call the cops, that is misprision.

You are committing the crime of doing nothing as disaster looms.


Now, unless you are a complete psychopath, your conscience will then BOTHER you.

But along comes the convenient excuse and justification to do nothing:

  1. “It’s probably just nothing.”
  2. “What can I do as one little citizen?”
  3. “The police or government is probably on it already… I don’t want to interfere. They know what they are doing.”
  4. OR you parrot to yourself to soothe that aching conscience what the jewspapers and jewsmedia peddle about the event, the policy or the official lie.

Such as: the German women made the assaults up, it was their own fault, or all men deep-down are rapists.


As the great French WN Maurice Bardèche pointed out 70 years ago in his book about the  Nuremberg “war crimes trials,” when the average golly-gee-willickers GI entered and conquered Germany,

Unidentified American combat engineers stand and eat their meals atop rows of boxes of stockpiled ammunition shells, Stratford-upon-Avon, England, May 1944. (Photo by Frank Scherschel/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

..what he saw was appalling:

  1. The country was so bombed out by the US and Britain that it looked like the moon, and civilians — women, children and old folks — were suffering terribly; starving; living in cellars full of water rats, and with the sickly, evil stench of corpses everywhere. How do you justify, as a good American boy, our aerial massacre of non-soldiers?

No, this is not a German army base, but downtown Nuremberg

Nuremberg-1945- Bombed-margaret-bourke.-white



Hannover ruins

2) Americans, Brits, French and especially Russians were raping (not just “enemy” German women, but also even at least 7,000 French women!!), women were wailing, and if their menfolk tried to intervene, they were being murdered. How do you, as a Christian boy who went to church and was taught to respect his mother and sisters, sleep at night? Beer and whiskey, sure, prostitutes maybe, but that might not be enough.


3) Allies troops were robbing the Germans blind of all their possessions, and killing those who resisted.

So the Jews put out two lines:

  1. GI, you have a right to (wink, wink) “liberate” women and “liberate” German personal property. (I remember hearing this word from my uncles in its cynical misuse.)
  2. “Well, maybe this stuff is sort-a wrong, BUT LOOK WHAT THEY DID. The Krauts started World War Two and they gassed six million Jews. They sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind!”

Now, do you see the concept? Positive cover story…..

As Bardèche pointed out, no decent GI could sleep at night, as he heard German women scream, UNLESS in at lest one part of his brain HE EMBRACED THE LIES JUSTIFYING OR EXCUSING ALLIED ATROCITIES.


Think especially of all the American GIs of German descent — one-third of all Americans in 1945! How could THEY buy into “the German people are brilliant, but they have a bad gene that makes them want to go out every generation and conquer the world.”

german-american-census-map- 1980


And as the founder of modern satanism, Howard Levy (= “Anton Lavey”) wrote:




We all have our favorite lies.

But then we are still on the animal level.

We then choose to believe what deep-down we know is false, and then we do what we know is wrong.

Like the dog who steals your hot, juicy steak off the unguarded dining room table. Oh, he does know it was wrong — by the guilty look on his face — but he did it anyway! 😉

“I’m sorry — especially sorry that I’m gonna get punished!”


What we see here in both the Germans who tell the lies about the Cologne mass sexual assaults, and in those who embrace them, is the will to untruth, the will to lie, unlimited self-hatred as white Germans and infinite, base, despicable, selfish cowardice.

How can German feminists accuse their fellow women of making the groping and rape up?

This is embracing the lie, it is lying to themselves; it is not caring it is a lie. 

Why do so many stay silent?

  1. the state and the media pursue and ruin truthtellers
  2. comforting lies about your own “tolerance,” “goodness” and “humanity”
  3. As a liberal, or a Christian Israel-supporter, you feel your own goodness; in your brain you experience a great moral “high” like cocaine; a sense of your own high morality.

As Henry Hafenmayer (https://www.johndenugent.com/?s=hafenmayer), a German [photo] who is courageously sending out thousands of (illegal!) Holocaust truth emails and CDS all over Germany, found out, those who write back objecting do so very emotionally, enraged that he is bursting their bubble of self-righteousness.



One German, from a high family of the nobility, wrote back:

“Spare me your letters. This letter is a disgusting affront by a sick and [illegible] person! As a Christian and a former refugee from the East German dictatorship, I work as a volunteer in the [] -refugee welcome center — while people like you spread hatred. [signed] von []”

henry-Hafenmayer-negative response-noble


What insights can Frederick Nietzsche offer?

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche called rightly the do-gooders a secular variant of Christianity, which also (his accusation is as an expert, being he son and grandson of pastors), and he said this:

(and I disagree with his vehement spirit)

The Christian religion (quoth Nietzsche) is a completely imaginary brain drug – an offshoot of Judaism – that tells you “I am so good, I am so humane, I am so caring, and I am  so loving.”

Nietzsche said Christianity (and its offshoot, gushing liberalism) is really about me-me-me, experiencing myself as a near-angel – and looking down on all others who reject my views as evil, narrow-minded, hateful rightwingers.

“You’re a devil – compared to me, who am sanctified, chosen for heaven, and loved by the Almighty God. “

When the the Roman Empire persecuted Christians, they were not called liberals but  “You heathens who worship demons, you idolaters.”!


Before Christ was worshiped, Aryan divinities of wisdom, bravery, art and the joys of motherhood reigned.

The obedient, feminine wife and mother of many children was encouraged and glorified, and so was the warlike, courageous man.

Pagan  Aryan religions did not weaken the state or society! (Actually, not all Christianity did either… so Nietzsche was overly fanatic.) 




Apollo Belvedere


But after 300, when Christianity became the tolerated and then the official religion,

it glorified an unheroic god,

who submitted to the violence and injustice of the conquering people, 

and endured and forgave everything.



For this brain drug “I’m good — because I surrender,” the early Christians in Rome were even ready to be burned alive or eaten by lions!



Saint Ignatius rejoiced before the amazed Roman judge that, when the lions chomped down, he would be even faster in heaven with Jesus.


Ignatius Lions colosseum-107-ad


Some ask me – understandably disgusted by the unheroic kind of Christianity we see today and which secretly Hitler despised back then – why do we need a new religion?

First, because a mere philosophy produces no community of believers with any élan. The Jews, Muslims and Freemasons all have a religion, and are welded together in such a way that they are now conquering the world.

Second, people have real questions about suffering, the meaning of life, the baseness in most people, and they ask: 

“Why am I here? What happens after I die? Is it all over at death? “

Thirdly, we need RELIGION because clearly feelings are central to our species.  Without emotion there is no action.

As Diderot said: “Reason without passion is like a king without subjects.” 




Born-Again Christians



To take this man’s religion away is to take away his happy drug.




 (The cartoon refers to an actual 2015 incident in Graz, Austria, the hometown of Arnold Schwarzenegger, btw).


(As this cartoon shows, liberal do-gooders embrace the positive cover stories that “allow” them in their own little cowardly minds, but not in karmic reality,  to say and do N-O-T-H-I-N-G when outrages happen.

Such stories cover their obvious cowardice with a mantle of “understanding.” The same exact people, however, become vicious verbal or legal bullies toward fellow Whites who disagree with them, and show absolutely no “understanding” for THEIR position. Why not? They know that the government and media have their back as they rage in an emotional “high” against “the bigot.”)

So, why do we need a new Aryan religion?

We need a genuine counter-drug.

We need to feel the pride that we have faced the truth, studied it, embraced it and then acted upon it.

We need to feel the love of protecting our homeland and restoring our families, race and nation.

We must expose the rank liberal and Christian-Zionist hypocrisy of those JUNKIES on the addictive, do-gooder, self-murdering brain drug:

“I am so noble and benevolent, like JEEESUS. I love my enemies who are destroying me.”



“Be like this good sheep! I will shear you regularly, and eventually kill you, trusting and obedient to the end.”


BUT love and compassion are powerful and good virtues, and must be taken back from the do-gooders and put to our service again!

Here you can see how true Christianity worked under Adolf (on one of my most beloved videos, really), with people beaming in thanks, love and happiness!

In fact,  some enthusiastic NS orators used to say that what Jesus tried to achieve before He was defamed by the Jew leaders, arrested, given a kangaroo trial, tortured and then judicially murdered, is the very things that Adolf Hitler did achieve on earth, “positive Christianity”as Hitler himself said:

social justice, jobs, safety, family values, self-sacrifice, honor, respect, burying old conflicts and differences,  and love-thy-neighbor.





[edited to here]

But exactly these German people here, wiping away tears of joy and thanks, were the same ones who, from 1919-32, during the “time of struggle” of the Nazi Party during the Weimar Republic, were deaf, dumb and blind toward’s Hitler’s appeals to join him!

In May 1928 the Hitler party, to the Führer’s extreme disappointment, garnered a  measly 2.6% of the electoral votes – despite eight years of his hard work, thousands of speeches, leading marches and organizing work.

Why did his party flop? Because Wall Street suddenly lent the Weimar Republic a ton of money, propping up the economy again. Hitler was well-known for many reasons, such as having tried to overthrow the government in the Beer Hall Putsch and getting a five-years sentence (of which he served 10 months).  He was known for his storm troops, their brawls with communists, and even for his mustache. 😉  Oh, Adolf Hitler was a household word — as an egomaniac, nut, fanatic, and “Jew-eater” (Judenfresser”). 😉


Hitler realized how right the ancient Romans had been, “Mundus decipi vult,” = the world has its favorite lies that it won’t easily let go.

ah-eye-color-deep-blue-peering-plane window

But then came the 1929-32 economic crash of US and the mass starvation.  “Our Last Hope – Hitler.”

our-last-hope-Hitler poster

And now the crisis comes again – rapists armies on Europe’s streets !


And the Royal Bank of Scotland, one of the largest banks in the world, warns of a new economic crisis, as bad as 2008!


It made headlines in Germany too. Https://deutsch.rt.com/wirtschaft/36293-royal-bank-of-scotland-warnt/

Royal Bank Scotland-crash-warning-Jan-2016

I recently found this great American graphic:



So what good is the whole “Enlightenment” – about the Holo, Adolf, races, and Jews – if people are hopelessly cowardly, selfish jerks?

And they are so shamelessly cowardly because they do not realize that they have (Aryan doctrine )  Karma!

Here is my key article on the reality of karma and reincarnation – “evidence of reincarnation”:

Reincarnation Evidence


The new religion will go into these themes:



Comments on German: “Dear John, I’ve just seen your video and I am deeply touched by your words thank you for that, with tears in his eyes … very moving Love, R..”


I replied: “Dear comrade, thank you for this highly enjoyable release John!”


“Very happy, dear John. My words come from the heart. I have never heard a more touching response.” #

– “It has begun on the great battle against the warriors of El (Engel) -Schaddei (shadow) Assemble yourselves, look for allies and crashes this system Heil Hitler DISTRIBUTED this video, share it and help WITH NATIONAL SOCIALISM!!! NOW !!! FOR ALL !!! peoples of the world
Wow That was a real speech, a real President speech and I liked very much, as you have spoken of the Third World “!

……Repairing relationships

This is a nice potpourri of 1940 NS German movies, fun entertainment movies, and showing German women as fun, non-bitter, happy and fulfilled people under the Reich, excelling at their roles, and  being actually compared by temperament to music, an intriguing concept. “Women are like music, ” the narrator says. 🙂

Today male-female relationships are terrible.


Men do not really understand female psychology and why it is supposed to be that way, and vice versa; nor do young parents get the slightest training in child psychology, or couples in marital psychology, the art and science of the opposite sexes living together in peace and love, opposite yet not opposed. 😉

The fundamental problem is there is no connection made between the female’s nature  and the fundamental yin energy of the universe, nor of men for their part with the foundational  yang energy.  The concept of Mars and Venus is extremely important, but people think it is some pop psychology thing from the 1990s. No, the universe itself is split between 25% yang and 75% yin, with female energy (peaceful, non-destructive, conserving and preserving being the major elements of life. There cannot be constant war, change and conflict.


……We imagine we are alone

It is impossible to understand what is going on on this earth if you imagine we are alone, as the so-called Enlightment began deluding us about 200 years ago.

We are very from being alone in this universe. In fact, we are on the low end of intelligent human life.

Read this:


Google Earth picture of the huge, under-sea, eg-shaped object off the Malibu, California coast





and then this:



…….Donations and contact


Eleven years ago (2004) I wrote my Holy Book establishing this religion ,Virtus, the religion of male heroism, but it was far too advanced then for where people were.
As the French would say, “I committed the crime of being ahead of my time.”Wink
Now I want to finish the editing by January 30 20 16 of this book and start this religion for a different world and situation, with people feeling very scared and becoming receptive to radically new ideas.
Your donation is what matters.
If not even “Cologne” radicalized people, then no secular bad news will. And you see now.
When the heart is open, then the head opens, then the whole soul burns, and the body is finally put in motion.
We need, that’s a fact,the mullahs, imams and rabbis o four race to get the Whites worked up!
Fiery-black-sun wheel

…… JdN on Twitter 





  1. Dear Mr. de Nugent,

    Is your 2004 book on Virtus available, or are you working on an update? I am very interested in reading it.

    Thank you for the wonderful and informative article and links above.

    Kind regards,
    Michael Hoogkamer

    • The book was written in 2004 but has been updated to death with four huge, additional topics:

      1) Reincarnation, because polls now show 50% of Americans, a dramatic increase, are open to the idea of reincarnation and especially the facts backing it up;
      2) UFOs, other life in the universe, and non-earthlings actually interfering with us; the same consideration applies as in #1; about 50% of Americans are now open to the idea “we are not alone”, especially due to the “H2 Channel” on cable tv, which is very slanted but provides lots of truth about aliens who are non-human (and almost none about human aliens, many of whom are benevolent because we are their kin, albeit relatively primitive compared to them in technology, morality and unity).

      I just talked with a local gal here in Ontonagon on Lake Superior, Michigan, who saw a white, bright object or craft shoot at a huge speed straight into the earth 15 miles from here one night — and there was no crash, explosion, nothing.

      A retired chemical engineer whom I also know here locally was awoken one morning by a blinding light over Lake Superior that streamed into his bedroom “as bright as a hydrogen bomb”; his wife actually saw it as she was already up.

      Fewer and fewer people today who are solid citizens with good reputations are afraid to talk about what they have seen with their own eyes. Many, in fact, now will admit without hesitation “I saw a UFO, but believe it was some secret government project” — which might indeed be the case (as in the so-called “secret space program”), nor it might not be “ours” at all.

      The main thing is I can talk about such things much more openly than in 2004 — and I need to, because if other species are interfering with us earth-surface humans — some friendly, some neutral, and some very unfriendly toward us — and competing with each other as well — this must be faced and dealt with.

      (In the same way, Britain and Germany cannot possibly solve their problems without dealing with the gigantic power of the US interfering with their politicians, economy, their military — NATO — and their media.)
      3) Whites (Solutreans) were here in America long before the Indians, who wiped THEM out (by sheer numbers); this total reverse of the guilt-genocide trip happened starting around 2006; many white males are cowards today not just due to liberal-feminist brainwashing and fear but also due to literally not being neurochemically as manly as our fathers and grandfathers, and the sperm count and low fertility and high rate of childless couples reflects and proves this.
      4) the manosphere topic — the decline of masculinity and literally of the hormone testosterone itself (23% in 30 years) in white males

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