Why we are in YEAR TEN of the GREAT RECESSION

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This book is by Neil Barofsky, an honest Jew and former Manhattan DA who ran the TARP program, the bank bailout, under Bush and Obama 2008-11. https://johndenugent.com/…/neil-barofsky-good-jew-bailout-t…

He testified under oath to the then chairman of the House Banking Committee, Cong. Dennis Cucinich (whose Congressional District was ELIMINATED in 2012, whereupon the popular six-term congressman lost re-election!), about the real reason why the Great Recession of 2007 continues to this day, ten years later.


“Bailout is a jaw-dropping play-by-play of how the Treasury Department bungled the financial bailouts…With a prosecutor’s logic and copious footnotes, Barofsky makes it…
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John de Nugent

John de Nugent Barofsky says the Fed is bribing the banks, which were bailed out in 2008-09 with $700 BILLION, by offering them a very high interest rate to lend the bank-bailout money RIGHT BACK TO THE FED.

So the banks do not lend it out — as promised — to the people so the country can get out of the Great Recession.

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John de Nugent
John de Nugent Reason? In order to PROLONG the Great Recession as long as possible — so MORE businesses, farms, homes and repossessed cars can get auctioned off, and so (((Wall Street plutocrats))) with tons of cash can scoop them all up for 10 cents on the dollar — while white Americans continue to lose their shirt in what is now YEAR TEN of the Great Recession.
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John de Nugent

John de Nugent Please watch this testimony by Barofsky to Cucinich, especially 1:30-2:42, then 3:49-4:06 and finally 5:04-5:37. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvZRVNZ5zeY

John de Nugent
John de Nugent If you never understood why the Great Recession continues, even under Trump, ten years later, here it is:
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John de Nugent

John de Nugent The banks all over America are being both bribed and also pressured to lend their available loan money RIGHT BACK TO THE FED in Washington DC. https://johndenugent.com/…/fed-rothschild-trump-hillary…



John de Nugent
John de NugentAnd in the end, at the auction of all the bankrupt people, the Jews will buy up the whole country. As Thomas Jefferson said in 1816: “Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”
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