Why Paris? by the Rebel of Oz; did AH over-emphasize race?

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…..White men — natural heroes


…..Stuff white guys do



…..After Paris: Against both Jews and MUDlims




Literally, scientifically speaking, you are both racial neanderthals and thus genetically programmed to be anti-white, because you used to have all of Europe and we, the descendants of the Cro-Magnons, took it from you as the superior and handsomer race. And this will ever stick in your craw. 😉


You hate our achievements, you hate your ugliness and our beauty, and you want our women.











An Arab-muslim warlord  preparing to attack a white, Christian army defending Europe


The Times Square bomber from Pakistan, Faisal Shahzad

….Reactions to this article:_

Andrew Livingston This is the awesomest stuff I have ever read…. Opened my mind and connected a lot of dots.

–columnist Jim Stone (http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/)

Rave review of my “Neanderthals and Semites” piece on Jim Stone’s website. (Stone is a major Fukushima exposer and truth blogger.) http://jimstonefreelance.com/ 1/4 down on January 12, 2014: a rave review of my neanderthal material

It’s THE, single most eye-opening things I have EVER read.


Map showing range of Neandertal existence


“Deus vult” (in Middle French: “God wills it”) were the magic words shouted by the nobles of Europe — who in 1095 began a holy crusade to retake Jerusalem from the Mudlims.

In Spain the white Christians were already on the counteroffensive against this sickening, diabolical “religion” – which is actually just “Talmudism for Arabs” and designed to smash the white world. It was time to no longer BE attacked, but attack, and take the battle right into the heart of their power.


…..Purpose of the Paris massacre


First, for me it was NOT a hoax. I was sent a video about the suicide bomber at a Paris Café. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_QH0WkBeP0

This is too much. Why stage an elaborate hoax when the Jew and Muslims LOVE killing people? Suppose the suicide bomber’s vest failed to fully explode? There was also a maniacal rush to say the Virginia live-tv shooting was a hoax, but it was not. I agree about some hoaxes, and I have blogged on how the Boston Marathon bombing was a hoax and also Sandy Hook, and most of all, the Jewish Holocaust!! BUT are you seriously claiming that every single decapitation, crucifixion, stoning, burning-alive or machine-gunning by ISIS was faked?

Why indeed when both the Koran and the Talmud (not to mention the Old Testament) command to slaughter the outgroup. Look at what the Jews in the bolshevik nightmare did 1917-57. Are you saying the gulag was a hoax? And was 9/11 a hoax? The USS Liberty, and the Kennedy assassination? This is starting to become hoaxmania!



Someone was very depressed about Paris. I replied: In reality what is grimmest is that this Paris massacre proves drastically yet again that earth is a kind of purgatory and overall not such a nice place. … and we were sentenced here, which tells us something about us! We must, in a way, distance ourselves from our self and even from our kids.. We all have our karma… no angels in the lot of us….

I see even “me,” this “John de Nugent” character, just as a blip…. a bundle of fears, desires and blunders…. I just see him as a project 😉


….not as my eternal self. Paris? This too shall pass. Our souls remain.


Why the bombing

    1. The Europeans must be gotten used to martial law — sealed borders and troops everywhere.


  1. to justify NATO sending troops into Syria. “Assad must go so Syria has peace. IS will dry up and blow away once Assad is gone. [Mega-LOL!]”


3. It is about defeating Putin and Russia, which is blocking now the creation of “Greater Israel,”whcih wil drive out all Arabs and seize Saudi and Iraqi oil, becoming a Jewish superpower that no longer needs the despised Goynited States.



From my perspective, only a dictator like Assad can prevent Sunni-Shiite war, Arab-Kurd war, Muslim-Christrian war and Muslim-Yazidi war.

The end of Kaddafi and Saddam Hussein proves that dictators can at least prevent chaos and civil war.

(In Europe there were terrible wars for 150 years between two kinds of Christianity, the Protestants and the Catholics.. shocking atrocities and massacres. 🙁 )

I think that for this sad reason, the country’s exteme diversity (and no, diversity is not a strength; homogeneity and untiy are strengths) Syria needs a dictator, a good one, of course, so the question is which one? Russia is not wedded to Asad, but neither does it want a USrael takeover.

Same situation btw in Japan in the 1500s and 1600s…. They had 100 years of civil war and then they agreed to have a shogun, one man, a military ruler, under the emperor, who was above politics.


Let us remember that Israel and the US want to destroy Turkey and Syria so Greater Israel can conquer the whole Middle East..”divide and conquer”.

The Jews’ goal now:

Benjamin Satanyahu


  1. destroy Syria

  2. and move Syrians to northern Europe and start a race war between blond people and Arabs.

…..Why Paris? by the Rebel of Oz

[source: http://300spartans.com.au/news/rebelofoz/850146-why-paris]



Why would anyone commit such a horrible crime against ordinary Parisians?

The most important question to ask is always who benefits?

Is it ISIS, Israel, France itself, the United States, or the entire Anglo-Judean Axis of Greed?



ISIS, Israel’s bogus-Muslim proxy army, surely benefits from spreading terror. Why else would they publish videos on Youtube, fake or not, depicting how they crucify Christians or cut off their heads. Like their equally psychopathic predecessors, Attila’s Huns, Dschenghis Khan’s Mongols, Joseph Stalin’s Red Army or Benjamin Satanyahu’s “Israeli Defence Forces”, they like to paralyse their enemies with fear. Part of it is probably just good old psychopathic pleasure from making people scream of fear and pain, but part of it is also a military tactic because wide-spread panic is making it harder for the opponent to organise themselves.

The Israelis, ISIS’ masters, benefit too in their own “kosher” ways. It makes them look not quite as bad as “radical Muslims” and manipulates Western sheeple to not oppose Western military intervention for the purpose of destroying ISIS and then handing over the “freed” territory to Israel to economically exploit and police.

Who dunnit?

ISIS and Israel are, of course, both highly suspicious, but let us ask first why the French government did not know in advance. With today’s surveillance technology, you can no longer prepare for terrorist acts like in the good old days of the Basque ETA, Irish IRA or German RAF, without the government knowing, unless, of course, the surveillance technology is provided to them by Israel, the very country that performed the attacks.

I’m sure that sooner or later plenty of evidence will surface, as it always does, that Israel had prior knowledge and, for some twisted reason, did not to pass it on. I wouldn’t be surprised even if Benjamin Satanyahu was in town during the attack, as he was on 9/11 in New York and on 7/7 in London, in all likelihood personally supervising the attacks.

Israel had threatened Europe with “Jihadi Terrorist” Attacks



The attacks don’t come at a surprise. Israel’s ex-head of Shin Bet had warned Europeans that they will have Jihadi’s in their beds and kindergartens.

[JdN: Look at the evil Jewish witch and her smile, to his right in the photo.]


Yisrael Hasson is a Syrian Jew – born in Syria. He a fluent speaker of Arabic, his native tongue.

JdN: His key threat


In other words, the Paris terror attacks could be just a case of good old fashioned vengeance in time-honoured Judaic tradition. Russia’s intervention in Syria and Western failure to intervene on behalf of Israel’s proxy army could be the main reason for the assaults.


Fantastic video as usual by the courageous Australian Brendon O’Connell; done in 2014

But it could also be a NATO psy-op in preparation for a NATO intervention in Syrian on behalf of Israel.

If you think they wouldn’t do something that despicable please reconsider. Kay Griggs explained it all a long time ago:

“They kill 5, 10, 20 people. Men, women and children. Then they blame it on the Arabs, or they blame it on someone else.”

JdN: USMC Chief of Staff Colonel Griggs and his then-wife Kay


Colonel Griggs, Kay Griggs’ husband, was the Marine Corps Chief of Staff and head of NATO psychological operations.


Griggs: This, ah, group, um, which is, which was run out of Paris. It’s still being run out of Paris. This revolutionary terrorist group which is controlling these Marines and Army, Steiner’s group. They all operate together. Um, the, the man who started all this program, um, during Vietnam, um, used communists who were in the Spanish, um, communist movement. They actually promoted communists in the OSS [Office of Strategic Services, the WWII forerunner of the CIA], which was started by this William um, anyway, Donovan. So they were promoting and using communists, who were actually wanting to get rid of our form of government as a stepping stone to world domination. So this group, now, in the Army and in the Marine Corps has communists at the very top who are really, you know, existentialists, which means they, they don’t believe in God. They don’t believe in Christ. They live for the moment. They believe in sort of one world that has no religions in it. They’re the ones that put Napoleon in power. They’re the ones that put Oliver Cromwell in power. They’re the ones probably who actually got.. were, behind the Roman Empire and maybe the Egyptian empire.

There is more horror to come

Either way, I have no doubt that the Paris attacks are only just the beginning. Many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will have to die before the sheeple wakes up and does what is needed to prevent the Jews from turning Western countries into a Gaza or West Bank style outdoor death camp by arming the 1-1.5 million ISIS fighters they have sent to Europe as “Syrian refugees” for the specific purpose to wipe out White man.

The single most important thing for Westerners to protect themselves from the horrible things to come is to lamp-post or put in front of a firing squad all the disgusting “whore and pimp for Israel” traitors in government who facilitated the ISIS invasion, and then put all Jews and their minions in some high-security facility for the criminally insane to buy sufficient time for a thorough case-by-case investigation (and punishment) of their individual guilt.

In the meantime, stay home, avoid crowded place such as train stations, department stores, markets, churches, and avoid any kind of events with lots of people,no matter what it is. The more crowded, the more White and Christian, the more kids, the higher the likelihood that it will be attacked. Those people are monsters, mass-murderous psychopaths.


…..Did Hitler overemphasize race?


Article by French author Guillaume Durocher


Well, did Hitler place too much importance on race?

I would say yes and no. Short term, race is less important than ideology. Long-term, the opposite.

Of the three allied victors, with their ideology of anti-German hate, the USSR, the British Empire and the US, the first two are now gone, and the one that is left is in serious trouble. The racially pure China will someday have troops on US soil unless the US becomes national socialist.




In the end, Hitler will be proven right. Race is extremely important. This Frenchie Durocher objects because the French of today are racially so un-nordic.






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