WHY I RETALIATE; Stormfronter Don Black’s income source — Jewish Fanjul sugar billionaires — has repeated domestic violence and drunkenness scandals

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Fanjul sugar heir Nico Fanjul, arrested on Christmas Day 2013 for beating his white girlfriend.

Victim Tinsley Mortimer


Socialites Ivanka Trump and Tinsley Mortimer in 2008


David Duke’s ex-wife Chloe, mother of their two kids, Erika and Kristin, a woman who is now the wife of Stormfront owner and JdN libeller Don Black, works for the Jewish Fanjul sugar cane billionaires — the Sephardics who own Domino Sugar!






A comrade urged me to focus on the Virtus religion. I replied:


Just a quick note to say, yes, this is very good advice you gave, and btw, I received [YOUR DONATION] today.

(I was hoping it might be UFO tickets to the South Pole, but I guess first I have to save the world. *;) winking )



I know, to explain my tactic, that most people get weary of constant Holappa stuff, but as I keep reiterating, newbies see his filth first-thing on Google. And MY goal is not to purvey racial and jew truth (let Anglin et alia do that), but to be a spiritual leader, but if my character were indeed rotten, as Holappa claims, then no, I can never be accepted — not even by white nationalists — as a spiritual leader.

Still you are right. At some point it goes into “diminishing returns.”

There is one more point to share with you as a friend as well as supporter. And it is the one Trump made to Megyn Kelly, when SHE had the nerve to accuse him of bullying:

(Paraphrase) “If you hit me, if you start it, then I hit back ten times harder, as a matter of policy, so others get the message.” 

Some people are such humanimals that if they do not fear the stick, they will bite and bite and bite you, and out of sheer lust at bullying destroy you completely.

Holappa said to me once : “It is all just psychological warfare.”

To call the couple that took you in the things you did, Holappa, is “just psychological warfare”?

Trash-talking is the “norm” now in this monstrous generation.

Look at this “Epic Rap Battle of History” —  an exchange of insults! It is funny, I admit it,  but sad that this is the new normal — verbal slander!




It is one thing to disagree with my views or not like me, but to betray the people who out of the goodness of their hearts became like his second parents?

But yes, comrade, because of the monstrousness of the world today, of which this Holappa is just one symptom, Virtus MUST be the priority.

A god made you write me this, my friend. *:) happy





Now look on the Google articles on page one on David Duke.

Not one derogatory article on HIS character! No overt mention of his womanizing, fraud conviction and prison term, his gambling addiction, or his drunken, bribing daughter either.



With me half the first page of Google is character attacks!

Henrik Holappa has now “renounced” white nationalism, he “rejects hate,” and he has married a Chinese. But his word on me, well, that is still to be trusted…. 🙂




Was he always an agent, or even a Manchurian Candidate? Why is the discredited slander by this man put by Jewgle at the top of page one under my name?


And why is NOTHING derogatory on Duke put on page one? Sure, they criticize his “racism” and “antisemitism,” but if anyone has real character issues,  it is Duke.


About 50,900,000 results (0.62 seconds)

That is because his ex-wife and now the wife of Don Black works for the Jewish Fanjul sugar cane billionaires who own Domino Sugar!


The Fanjuls are sephardic Jews, and that is why they run sugar cane (Domino) in America.
And this is the crew that has been blasting me for five years…. and closed my thread “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” on Stormfront that had 264,000 views… and calls ME, via a vast behind-the-scenes email campaign, a con artist, nut, homo and yet a wifebeater! 😉


This book by New Orleans reporter Tyler Bridges, a race-mixing white liberal, unfortunately is virtually 100% accurate in its revelations about Duke’s public life, but does not go into many private issues. (http://www.amazon.com/Rise-David-Duke-Tyler-Bridges/dp/087805684X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1301160140&sr=8-1)  I know these issues from multiple sources. What appalled me when Tyler Bridges contacted ME was how much dirt he and his Jew bosses at the New Orleans Times-Picayune jewspaper had on Duke, all blackmailable material.
This hideous neanderthalic Jew, the publisher S.I Newhouse, has a goldmine of personal-dirt info on Duke.
Willis Carto once told me how angry he was and withdrew from a Duke/EURO conference, and then sighed: “….but David Duke is all we have!”
How would the Jews like it if that was no longer the case? If a white leader arose they could not control?

The goverment agent David Duke’s only “real job” ever, which got him out of Vietnam, was with the Defense Intelligence Agency!

Here is part of my study file on the connection between Don Black, Chloe Black (Black’s wife and Duke’s ex-wife) and the Floridian billionaire Fanjul sugar cane family….

Appendix One:

In March 2009, the day after my then-loyal, then right-hand man Henrik Holappa was arrested by the feds on a bogus “visa violation,” Stormfront.org — by far the largest WN discussion forum, and already suspected of being co-opted — launched a huge campaign insinuating I was a homosexual, pedophile and had “lured” a “poor Finnish kid” Henrik Holappa, into my home.

Then when I objected, Don Black, the owner of Stormfront, banned me and froze my thread, which in the end had reached
one hundred thousand views. (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=469441

* * * on the Fanjuls

Chloe Black — Don’s wife — works for the multibillionaire “Cuban” sugar-processing family Fanjul family, which relocated to Florida after Castro came to power. Chloe is also David Duke’s ex-wife. There was a very brief media scandal about that, in the fall of 2008, then it
very suddenly died down……

I read in several books by Sorbonne graduate and Hervé Ryssen that in the 1500s and 1600s the Jews totally took over two things, 1) the black slave trade and 2) the
sugar refining business. Sugar refining became a SEPHARDIC JEWISH MONOPOLY.


In fact, the psychopathic megalomaniac Oliver Cromwell sent 40,000 anti-Puritan Brits and Irish to Barbados to a JEW’s sugar plantation, where they perished of heat and disease.

I had an exchange of emails with Heidi Beirich, of all people, the infamous collaborator with Mark Potok and Morris Dees at the misnamed “Southern Poverty Law Center,” on Facebook, on the subject of the

I anticipate that when I start my movement that Black (with Duke behind him) will again go on the attack. That is what he did during the initial Henrik Holappa crisis.

If Black is a fed, that is, “turned,” and if he is now a traitor, he will do it again.

Interesting info on the Fanjuls:


Fanjuls funded effort to bring down Elliott Spitzer, Jew NY governor who however as a prosecutor had been vigorously
prosecuting Wall Street Jew fraud and making many enemies:


Here is a rich billionaire Spanish Jewess advised by a Fanjul (fifth paragraph):


Why did the Fanjuls not fire Chloe Black, if they are gentiles, when the SPLC and the rest of the MSM went after them?

And why did the MSM back off this huge story of a
Nazi-Klan-WN woman being executive assistant to a supposedly gentile billionaire? Domino’s sugar is a very famous brand!

The Fanjul power circle: Family interested in business, civic affairs — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
The media sometimes call them the “Sugar Barons.” They’re accused of polluting the Everglades and faulted for making big contributions to politicians and using their clout to get favorable treatment for …
James Pfeifler (note dark hair and neanderthalic, semitic, everted lower lip) is Emilia Fanjul’s husband and the seventh-best “wealth adviser” in the US, according to Barron’s business weekly

Chloe Black, wife of Don Black, works for his mother-in-law.

I wrote Heidi Beirich of the SPLC:


Dear Heidi:

Hmmm, well, I suspect someone URGED you to back off — and I suspect that you learned that the Fanjuls are in fact
marranos, closet sephardic Jews, and they are running an “op” with which your exposé was interfering. You stumbled on a running operation.

I am sure that once you learned that Don Black’s income comes from a Jewish billionaire,you decided, or the FBI urged you, to to back off…..

Benjamin Disraeli: “So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Didn’t that awful nazi Disraeli
😉 write some horrible things?
President Woodrow Wilson wrote something CURIOUS in his 1913 book, The New Freedom:

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately.Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something.
They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breathwhen they speak in condemnation of it.”

* * *
A legitimate question is raised: are the Fanjuls marranos, and are they Don Black’s handlers?

I can only say this: that Black’s attacks came totally out of the blue on me, and with an unparallelled ferocity, in March 2009. They fit the pattern of someone who has been turned and will follow any order.

And we absolutely MUST proceed from the certainty that ZOG would of course want to subvert and take over the biggest WN forum worldwide, which unfortunately is Stormfront.

Is this the real reason why Don Black’s own son Derek quit Stormfront in disgust? Was he floored and disillusioned?  http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2013/07/17/activist-son-of-key-racist-leader-renounces-white-nationalism/


“Controlled opposition” is the Jews’ classic modus operandi, so as to make sure that anything potentially dangerous will be a “dead end.”

And the controlled opposition will defame any true leader who has not sold out.


The Fanjul Brothers (who employ the wife of Don Black, owner of Stormfront.org)

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The Fanjul brothers — Alfonso “Alfy”, José “Pepe”, Alexander, and Andres — are owners of Flo-Sun, Inc., a vast sugar and real estate conglomerate in the United States and Dominican Republic, comprising the subsidiaries Domino Sugar, Florida Crystals, as well as the airport and resorts surrounding La Romana in the Dominican Republic.

The Fanjul brothers’ ancestry is Cuban, and they are descendants of the Spaniard Andres Gomez-Mena who immigrated to Cuba in the 19th century and built up an empire of sugar mills and property by the time he died in 1910. In 1936 his descendant Lillian Gomez-Mena married Alfonso Fanjul, Sr, the heir of the New York-based sugar companies the Czarnikow Rionda Company and the Cuban Trading Company.

[I have a question Why does this article say the Fanjul brothers are descended from a man named Andres Gomez? Should it not say they are descended from someone named “Fanjul”?]
The couple’s holdings were then combined to create a large business of sugar mills, refineries,distilleries, and significant amounts of real estate.

[JdN: All this reeks of Jewyness…  Sugar, alcohol, real estate…. same as Jews dominate Wall Street, Hollywood, law and porn…. or the Irish dominate the cops and fire departments…]

With Fidel Castro‘s 1959 Marxist Cuban Revolution, the family moved to Florida along with other wealthy, dispossessed Cuban families. In 1960 Alfonso Sr., the father of the current CEO of FLO-SUN Alfonso Jr., bought 400 acres (1.6 km2) of property near Lake Okeechobee along with some sugar mills from Louisiana and started over. Alfonso Sr. and his son Alfy got the firm off its feet and Pepe, Alexander and Andres joined in the late 1960s and 1970s.[1] As of 2008, the company owned 450,000 acres (1,800 km2) of property.
All marranos since the Inquisition have regular Spanish names or names of trades. There are no distinctive Spanish-Jewish names in Spain that stand out, such as Goldberg or Kaplan.  The Jews who stayed in Spain after the Edict of Expulsion of 1492 by Queen Isabella converted on paper to Christianity, and took on regular Spanish names.

The name “Fanjul”! appears most often in the province of Asturias, on the Atlantic coast. The highest concentration of Jews in Spain is in Asturias.
* * *
Czarnikow-Rionda Company, Inc. was one of the largest sugar brokers in North America for almost a century, acting as a middleman between growers and refiners of sugarcane, with its principal focus on Cuba. Through affiliated companies, the firm also owned sugarcane farms and processing mills, cattle ranches, and alcoholic distilleries in Cuba and a Philadelphia sugar refinery. Czarnikow-Rionda lost all its Cuban property with the rise of Fidel Castro to power, but remained one of the world’s largest sugar brokers until 1999, when heavy losses on some contracts left it too deeply in debt to continue in business.

Prussian-born Julius Caesar Czarnikow [oh my God, how Jewish a name can you get?] emigrated to England in 1854 [“Jews change fatherlands like others change their shirt” — Treitschke] and became a successful sugar broker, founding the firm of Czarnikow & Co. (later C. Czarnikow, Ltd.) in 1861. Czarnikow, MacDougall & Co., founded in 1891, was the New York-based North American branch of this brokerage house. Joining the firm as a commission agent in 1897 was Manuel Rionda, the younger brother of two Spanish-born brothers who had established a business empire based on Cuban sugar. By the end of 1898 both of Manuel’s brothers were dead, and he was the head of the family’s properties and business. Nevertheless, he continued working for Czarnikow, MacDougall which, by means of his energy and enterprise and the parent firm’s capital, was the dominant power in the Cuban sugar trade by 1903.
Manuel Rionda was an investor in, and first president of, the Cuba Cane Sugar Co., which in 1916 bought 17 mills, making it the largest sugar enterprise in Cuba. Backed by J.P Morgan & Co. [a Rothschild bank], this company controlled 16 percent of Cuba’s sugar production. At its height Cuba Cane Sugar also held over 500,000 acres of purchased or leased land and 500 miles of railroad, complete with rolling stock for transporting sugarcane.
* * *

Sugar Baron: Manuel Rionda and the Fortunes of Pre-Castro Cuba (Hardcover)


pictures of the Fanjul billionaires at a New York social event:http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/socialdiary/2005/01_18_05/socialdiary01_18_05.php

Chloe Black, Duke’s ex-wife, works for the Fanjuls. WHY do they employ her?

The Fanjuls intermarried with this New York/Wall Street Jew, Pfeifler:

Map below of the frequency of the name “Fanjul” in Spain. The highest percentage is in the part of Spain most heavily settled by Jews, Asturias, and in the capital, Madrid. Because of the Spanish Inquisition and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, all marranos today have regular Spanish names…..Gomez, Hernandez, etc. Francisco Franco was a part-marrano, as Leon Degrelle knew. A friend of Pedro Varela sent me this map, showing that the name Fanjul is most frequent in the part of Spain where the Jews heavily settled, and was a name Jews adopted in the 1400s.

If the Fanjuls are Jewish, then they would control Black, who works very closely with Duke, by keeping him/them on a short financial leash. If one pays someone a lot, then they can save up enough money to quit some day. (This is how many bosses operate: never pay your employee enough for him to save any money and then escape you.)

Map of the frequency of the name “Fanjul” in Spain. The highest percentage is in the part of Spain most heavily settled by Jews, Asturias, and in the capital, Madrid, but also in the south, where the Jews and Moors resisted longest the Spanish and Catholic reconquista.  


“Mapa del apellido Fanjul en España”

And now you know why Wikipedia has a huge article on Duke — and none at all on me!


….A comrade who knows all parties involved writes that Holappa was just burned out

I replied:

It was crystal-clear, three days before his “arrest,” that Holappa was up to something. As my blog states, he was caught by Margi, from his perch in the living room, filming us arguing, an incredible and hostile breach of trust for a guest in our house.

He was working for someone. In my opinion, it was Duke and Black. THEY started this war.
Margi, I and Holappa drove 900 miles, one-way, with a 1992 Honda with a bad transmission, to help save the 2008 Duke-Euro confernce in Memphis. We went and we spoke when so many other speakers had cancelled.
And the entire time Duke/Black were plotting to undermine us. Black opened his poison thread on me on the DAY Holappa was arrested, blaming ME for the arrest. 
And Duke categorically refused to intervene, claiming he had no influence on Black.
After three days of Black blasting me as a mentally ill con artist, I told Duke to defend me, or I would take the gloves off on them both. I listed all his personal scandals and Black’s and said: “If you and Black want war, you will have it and you will regret it. The Marines have landed.”
Duke then issued a weak statement that Margi and I were fine people and there is no evidence (duhhh) that I am a homosexual, and we should all get together to help Holappa. 
He absolutely refused to get Black to reinstate my massive thread “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths,”  which was rising by two thousand views a day.
And the two cowards began a gigantic, surreptitious campaign of defamation via phones and emails against me, making me ostracized in much of the movement. 
They both are Manchurian Candidates, and so is Holappa.
As Rahm Emanuel would say, “never waste a good crisis.” Once the feds get custody of a high-value WN, they MC them.
And why would they NOT?  
And why would they NOT?

To reiterate,

— Duke acts listless, and many have remarked on this in his speeches and videos

–the Bob Hoy experience, as detailed here:  https://www.johndenugent.com/english/my-personal-triumph-of-the-will-over-the-secret-federal-mk-ultra-and-manchurian-candidate-programs-for-the-kids-of-the-elite/

And now on to David Duke.

In my close dealings with him 1989-90 and 2006-09, I sometimes found him strangely listless and “not all there.” The brain was working, but he seemed soulless. In the summer of 2006, I discussed him with a mutual friend name Bob Hoy, who had known Duke for 25 years and had actually gotten him to enter politics in 1988. Hoy listened pensively to my story of my own repressed memories, then said suddenly:

“Let me tell you a strange story.” It was related to his then mail-order bride business in the 1990s connecting American bachelors and single Russian girls.

Hoy was in Moscow and so was Duke, on the prowl as usual for women.

“Anyway, I went over to his hotel room to meet with him one morning, and … this is gonna sound strange … he had no idea who he was, or who I was, or that we were in Moscow.”

“Was he drinking?”

“Oh no! Duke is not much of a drinker and it was early morning anyway. No, he was just spaced out, like in another mode or like being another person, just bewildered, not aware of who he was, or of me, or Moscow.”



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