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As a German, he honours sacrifices which would be in vain if we gave up. 




Sometimes I get asked, by well-meaning neighbours, friends, and relatives, why I’m doing this to me. Why have you ruined your career, they ask me, made yourself unemployable? Why are you making it difficult for people to be seen friendly with you?!

Of course, not all of us anti-JWO fighters know right from the start what we are getting ourselves in. I certainly had at first no clue. But does that mean that I regret any of my activism? Not really. If there is anything, I would do differently, I would join the fight younger and I would use a “nom de guerre” right from the start to protect my family as much as I can.

The reason for doing all of this is my sense of duty. The sacrifices and inconveniences I had to endure so far, pale compared to the suffering the generation of my grandparents and their parents had to go through. The men all had to go to war for years, under horrific conditions.


And the women, had to raise children, manage farm and business, with little help, and went through the Hellstorm all by themselves.


I owe not only to my ancestors, but everyone in my people who gave so much in their heroic fight. I MUST do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure their sacrifices weren’t in vain. I also owe to my descendants that I don’t waste what my grandparents did for them, as much as for the generation of my parents, and mine.




Not honouring their sacrifices and not doing whatever it takes to ensure their suffering did not go to waste, would be acting like an heir who inherits a family fortune, the fruits of his forefathers’ hard labour, and blows it all on whores, gambling and drugs.


Yes, fighting the enemy of mankind is no cakewalk. However, humanity had to resist the enemy of mankind for thousands of years, at times under unimaginable sacrifices. It is our duty to do whatever we can, given our personal circumstances, to ensure their suffering was not in vain. Cowardice and laziness are unacceptable.

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This video is the basis for the World Karmic Prayer scheduled to be prayed on 21/03/2016, 1200 GMT. The venue for the prayer, as always, it the “Prayer Room” on therebel.is/en/chat. Meet me there a couple of minutes before the start to receive any new instructions, if required, and watch and pray with me starting exactly at 1200GMT.

The sermon recordings can be viewed on Youtube, Vimeo and Sonnenrad TV.


Please note that this prayer does not suggest or encourage any specific measures. It promotes a vision to be visualised and prayed for, not a method how to get there. In that context, I would like to reiterate that I don’t consider Jewishness an ethnicity, culture or nationality, but the most harmful mental disorder known to man. For a Jew to become a good person he needs to rid himself of all Jewishness and recant.

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