Why Hitler lost the war he could have won — the terrible karma of stubbornness

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I have had birds really approach me as if they wanted my attention. One flew down, perched near me, and serenaded me with eight different warbles. I applauded, he twitched his little tail feathers in pride, then flew happily away: “Mission Accomplished. I made his day brighter!” 🙂



…..Remembering 16 million Germans murdered by the All-Lies on the 70th anniversary of Satan’s temporary victory


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John D. Nugent Remember the WHITES who kept their mouth shut and made this possible!


I provided three of the voices in this film, and Margi three.

1) My voice (Dresden) 21:35-55

2) (Ilya Ehrenburg, yes, that is I) 30:05-37

3) 69:26- 70:00 (on Jewish interrogation of German civilians to force “confessions”




A German friend wrote me, concerning his own grandmother: “She could only feed herself, her young kids and sick mother, if she sold her body to Soviet troops.”


David Garcia Antoñanzas The laughing point is that in general the present Germans are happy with the defeat of their own nation, the Allies are happy, the Jews are happy, even some German victims are happy. Problem is that war made a lot of people unhappy and we the nazis are against that war.

Вук Горски Озринић Just one thing, what did the German soldiers do on the eastern front? And what did the german leadership plan with the easternlands?
–John D. Nugent Hitler made some huge mistakes there:


Margaret performed here:

1) 33:40-34:17

2) 39:03-28.

3) 68:43-69:03 (as Leni Riefenstahl)


–Вук Горски Озринић 25 milion dead russians, 6 million dead poles, 1,5 million dead serbs, cannot be a mistake. It is an extermination. Stop viewing history in a black and white perspective, when It is mostly grey.

Russian future mothers prepare for their happy day



Russian officer in WWII (from the movie “White Tiger”)


Russian tank soldier


John D. Nugent I agree with you it was “gray.” Saying “extermination” goes too far. I disagree with extermination regarding Poles, Russians and Serbs. No one forced the Georgian psychopath and bolshevik Stalin to insist on human-wave attacks for four years, and ordering no retreat. This alone cost millions of unnecessary combat deaths. Also, 20 or 25 million Russians did not die in the war. But let us return to the word “gray.” I would suggest you read my essay, because Hitler did do wrong things. I am one of the very few NS who admit and strongly state that.
Вук Горски Озринић Stalin didn’t have power in poland or in the balkans. If you read hitlers works, extermination and enslavement of slavs is exactly what he wanted. He carved up serbian ethnic space at the same patterns as communists and nato. He wiped poland and czech republic off the map, and planned the same for russia.

He did do very good for his own people, though.




And was right about the jews, like many others before him.

John D. Nugent I strongly disagree with the claimed “extermination of the Slavs,” but yes, he did oppress them and see them as sub-whites — he and most other Germans, btw. AH did not invent slavophobia, and it exists and flourishes today in Anglo-Saxon countries, believe me, and not because of Adolf Hitler. There must be a new Aryan unity now, facing our mortal enemy!

Peter Fenton Appio Clearly, Byk is a little ignorant of history. Stalin did indeed have “power in Poland”. Poland was divided up between Germany and Russia in 1939 when the Russians committed the atrocity of the murder of thousands of Polish officers and intelligensia at the Katyn Forest (later blamed on the Germans at Nueremburg). Stalin was also responsible for the deaths of 30 million of his own people – and made Hitler look like a saint.

Brett Kroeger learn about the German history:  https://www.facebook.com/exulantenhysteria?fref=ts

Вук Горски Озринић Listen, I’m not defending Stalin, I’m just saying he cannot possibly be responsible for the millions of dead Poles, who died by German hands, yes he did kill many Polish officers, but that number barely goes beyond few thousand. So, how can he be responsible for what happened in the Balkans or in Poland, 1941-1945? That’s stupid. I never understood skinheads, or NS people, that period of German history was only 12 years long, what is that compared to thousands of years of German history, why do you cling on it so much? If we, who have lost the most in WWII, could move on, so should you. We have the every right to celebrate the victory in that war, since we avoided extermination and enslavement, whatever the alternative turned out to be.

And we do not trade with our dead and ask for special treatment, like the Jews do. So move on already, all of our nations are dying, and you are arguing, whether von Paulus should have surrendered, or something (banal example).

Amalas Wintha I would lend you my German voice if it was needed.

John D. Nugent I must sadly agree with Byk that Hitler was very anti-Russian and this is why he lost the war. Had he come to liberate the Russian people and partner with them, he would have won in 1941 in six weeks, because every family in Russia had seen loved ones abducted or murdered by bolshevik Jews — 60 million total!

I translated this huge summary of the 2002 book by Solzhenitsyn: Two Hundred Years Together, which details 60 horrifying years of Judeo-Bolshevik genocide of the Slavs.


Hitler rejected repeated offers by General Vlassov to create a 5 mio-man Russian National Liberation Army, even AFTER Stalingrad. (Equally guilty were Bormann, Himmler and Rosenberg. Anti-slavic and anti-Russian views were actually common in Germany and were not invented by Hitler. To this day, Germans do not like Russians or Poles.)

But there was also no extermination of the Poles, Byk. Even General Jaruzelski expressed skepticism about this. The population figures of the Polish government after the war made no sense.


[JdN: The six-million-murdered-Poles figure is as fanciful as the six-million-dead-Jews-number, as Poland’s ruler from 1981-89, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, himself confirmed, and he was certainly a Polish nationalist.


Among other things, General Jaruzelski asked how postwar Poland could have had a baby boom (which totally made up for the supposed six million Nazi-murdered and vanished Poles….] when for years after the war (under communism!) people were starving and “the only item to buy in the supermarket was vinegar?” He strongly implied these six million people never died at all.

From a 2010 interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia with Jaruzelsky, translated and found here http://michaelsantomauro.blogspot.com/2010/02/gen-jaruzelskis-surprise-demjanjuk.html:

“To this day I still do not understand how, after the end of the War [WWII], we had a population of 24 million but at the time of the next census, in 1970, there were suddenly 14 million more Poles.

Then this population explosion suddenly ended at 38 million, as though struck by lightning. 😉

The population has remained at around 38 million to this day.

Apparently there was a powerful aphrodisiac in the land that led to 14 million new Poles, although the food markets in those days had nothing to sell but vinegar… Millions died of starvation in those days.”


So millions of Poles did NOT die, and in fact the insane regime in Warsaw caused WWII with its weird dream of conquering all of what was East Germany up to the Elbe River..

The truth is that there was a pan-Slavic mania in Tsar Nicholas II in 1914, and also a Greater Poland megalomania in Edward Rydz-ÅšmigÅ‚y and his fellow incompetent nuts in 1939 — “Let’s kill the Germans and drive them from land they have had for 700 or 1000 years.”

Time now for whites to stop hating and killing each other!

We know who the real enemy is!


In fact, all races — white and non-white — must learn urgently to bury our differences and focus on this ONE mortal foe!




  • Caelian Viol Sinus Is a good article, thanks John!.
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  • John D. Nugent Hitler was not evil: he was a very great man: but tragically stubborn. His strongest trait was to be unstoppable: his greatness and downfall.
    NS was too fantastic to throw away, it was a bloom of white culture like classical Greece — but it must be universalized and not restricted to Germans or Teutons! It was the ONLY time EVER that people were happy!
  • My video here explains WHY!

…..The Friend of the White Worker

My 2010 video, shot near Brackenridge, Pa. shows why Hitler was loved by the Germans: He brought 1) JOBS, 2) made the streets safe again, 3) stopped drugs and alcoholism, 3) promoted strong families without divorce, abuse, homo marriage or molesting, 4) he demanded good books, music and movies, and 4) he promoted genuine national pride based on success and hard work.

(This video — repeatedly hacked by Jews — deals with the worries real working-class people have about economic and psychological survival TODAY.)

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