Why does David Duke STILL deny something way beyond 19 Arabs did 9/11? Muslim refugees refuse Red Cross food packages since not halal (kosher)

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…..Wisdom about people



…to JdN haters


At 61 you come to recognize this great cosmic truth: no matter how well you treat some people, or try to reason with them, or expain things, some folks are just born assholes. 😉


….David Duke still says idiotically 19 Arabs did it.

So why did New Yorkers see a small, black or gray military plane hit the WTC?

I compiled all the live reactions of witnesses describing the second plane in 1 video. As well as video footage of the planes. FAQ: Why didn’t the CIA paint …


…..Sickening muslims say they are starving, but reject free Red Cross food


, & demand Macedonian police serve them only “halal” (Muslim-kosher) food!



THEN GO BACK to your wonderful muslim SYRIA! The arrogant NERVE! Typical of the muslim attitude. Islam is judaism-for-brown-people!

  • John D. Nugent I bet the cops would like to just drop the food and open up with machine guns on these ungrateful bastards.
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  • John D. Nugent They say they want to come to Europe or America due to the civil war. NO, you have been trying to leave your Muslim-hellhole countries for decades before this civil war!
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  • Sam Thomas Starve them out and they will leave.
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  • John D. Nugent This reminds me of how Massachusetts liberals took over New Hampshire in New England. They moved to NH becaus it was 100% white and conservative, with low taxes, good schools and safe streets. Then the IDIOTS who left the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts vote in the same kinds of Democrap politicians and policies up in NH! This brings of course the SAME CHAOS they were escaping from. The same goes for these muzzies. They flee their muslim hellholes, and then bring their psychopathic, retarded Islam and attitudes with them!
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    • John D. Nugent

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