Why do David Duke and Kevin MacDonald justify the Israeli lie of being genetic Jews returning to their Bible homeland?

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More proof of the treason of Duke and MacDonald, who tell THE LIE ISRAEL and Christian Zionists like John Hagee LOVE, that Israeli Ashkenazis (90% of the population) descend from the semitic Jews of Bible times and are “returning to their Promised Homeland and fulfilling Bible prophecy.”  Here is an Israeli model of Ashkenazi stock. Sofia Mechetner:


This girl is a semite? Duke also says Israel did not do 9/11 — but 19 Arabs with boxcutters did, same thing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney say.  And Duke quotes Jewish scientists as proof of the lie.

Die Israelin Sofia Mechetner läuft bei der Pariser Modewoche 2015 für Dior. Raf Simons hat die 14-Jährige angeheuert – nachdem eine Modelagentur sie als zu jung abgelehnt hatte.

..and in German:



  • Paul DiBenedetto John, it’s best to reduce infighting, especially with WN’s that have a history of decent work despite being wrong on an issue or two. They’re good fellows.
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    • John D. Nugent Then tell the MK-ULTRA Duke to stop calling me via a vast email, phone and whisper campaign, a pedophile, con man, homosexual and mental ill person, as he has done since March 2009.
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    • John D. Nugent You have to grow up, Paul: Of course our WN movement is full of COINTELPRO: controlled opposition.
    • John D. Nugent And I have personally known Duke for 26 years, unlike you.
    • John D. Nugent Have you also dated his ex-girlfriend (of whom there are dozens) and heard what she told me? wink emoticon
    • John D. Nugent I never attacked either Duke or MacDonald, because they write good things, but then found out directly from recipients of their phone calls or emails that they were attacking me. “Why” is the key question.
    • John D. Nugent Divide and conquer.
    • John D. Nugent I repeat: I never attacked THEM.
    • John D. Nugent THEY have defamed my character now for six straight years.
    • John D. Nugent And as a result I have less readers than I DID SIX YEARS AGO; AFTER SIX YEARS OF HARD WORK. This has interfered tremendously with my getting any sort of movement off the ground. No one is going to follow a leader who is believed to be a pedophile, con man, homosexual and mental ill person.
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    • John D. Nugent I was friends with a top ex-FBI official, Ted Gunderson (look him up), who later became a whistleblower exposing the FBI and its tactics, and he actually worked in COINTELPRO. It is all about spreading vicious rumors, and getting dissidents to hate each other.
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    • John D. Nugent Assassination makes martyrs, but defamation creates ruined careers and movements that go nowhere because the leaders are discredited.



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