Why a new religion? and are ETs not demonic beings? Jewish organizations embarrassed by Jewish bible

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Dear Mr.John de Nugent:

Sir, I stumbled some time ago onto your site and took some time in order to explore it. It seems to me that you try to research well the themes for your articles.

I understand that some themes like UFOs and Antarctica don´t lend themselves to easy investigation, but have you thought about the following two points regarding UFOs and Antarctica?:

1) Even simple things like a pencil, or a screw, or a transistor have a enormous and complex infrastructure behind them. The video of the Russian general talking about UFOs and Nazi survival is impressing, but I think they would have to be literally “supernazis” to make a living or even a survival down there.

2) Regarding those blond Pleiadians or “space brothers”, there are two distinct possibilities. One possibility is that they are genuine and want to help – that`s your present investigative line.




But there is also another possibility that deserves to be taken into account. Some UFOs do shapeshift. Also, in all the world there are stories of shapeshifting creatures. Important researchers are of the opinion that the UFO phenomenon is deceptive. Also many religious men have this point of view and speak about demonic manifestations.

If the white blond “pleiadians” or “space brothers” are a shapeshifting fake, then this deception obviously is directed against the white man. In that case, one should also take into consideration that what the people of “white identity” and “Christian Identity” say, that is, that somehow the white man is of God, may have some “beef” in it. They (the Identity people) are of the opinion that the white man is persecuted and genocided by the serpent (basically the same theme as your site).

3) White “space brother” deceptions probably could only serve the purpose of somehow distracting the white man from God, his protector, and thus disempowering him and facilitating the predations of the “serpent”—very interesting stuff.

Please note also that if that is indeed the case, trying to “invent” a new religion (one of your projects) may be a dangerous thing to do. Would that God look at your efforts with sympathy?



I replied:

Dear Mr. G:

RELIGION. I think you will agree with me on these facts:

–The white race is dying out,
–Christianity is not preserving it,
–the Jews and muslims were formed, are united by, and are made militant, focused and sure of eventual victory, by their religions

Ergo, we need a religion that will unite us to fight with optimism for our survival.

I assert that any religion based on worshipping the god of the Jewish enemy is extremely dangerous.

Joseph Farrell’s book here




is absolutely brilliant (Farrell has a PhD from Oxford) and posits that Yahweh is an especially  vicious, demonic alien who uses the Jews and money (usury, fiat money and central banking) to take over the world without destroying it for the sake of an alien people.

Then they carry out the Georgia Guidestones program: depopulation — killing off 90% of us and leaving 500 million slaves behind.




NON-TERRANS. In this dimension, the many species of intelligent life are a mixed bag of moral levels: good, bad, and in-between, just as here on earth. 😉 (Earth is a rare planet in that it has been settled by many kinds of humans, not just one, so it has a lot of conflict, exacerbated by the followers of Yahweh.)

There are much higher dimensions and much lower dimensions. The beings in them are basically what the Bible calls angels or demons. It is just different vocabulary for the same thing.


You write “distracting the white man from God, his protector.” Well, God is not protecting the white race. It is rapidly aging and dying out or being killed (South Africa) in horrible ways.

Therefore, Mr. G., it must be that we are not serving God the right way. My path is to discover and promote a better way, so we are not genocided.

Best to you,




….My essay on non-terrans


…..What is Eternal Solutreanism?



…..Georgia pastor DARES to quote the Bible


Far from the steps of the Supreme Court, a pastor in Milledgeville, Georgia, is using the marriage equality case as an opportunity to denounce homosexuality.

Pastor Robert Lee of the Ten Commandments Church unveiled a new billboard earlier this week calling homosexuality a “death worthy crime.” The message has already drawn the ire of one Milledgeville resident, who worries the marquee could incite violence against LGBT people.

death worthy

“This is the first time that I have ever seen anything that actually crossed the line and was inferring death upon a group,” Robert Owens told local TV station WGXA News.

But Lee is standing by his billboard. He told The Huffington Post it’s his job to “teach people against evil.” He said he didn’t condone violence against the gay community, but called for a judicial statute condemning homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is a terrible thing, it’s an abomination, so we are trying to inform people exactly what scripture says about it,” he said. “Homosexuals are destroying this society.”

Lee said he’ll continue to post the signs — another of which called gays and lesbians “disgraces to humanity” — outside his church. The pastor told WGXA he’d “die” before accepting gay members into his congregation.

This week the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case expected to determine whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Same-sex couples can legally marry in 37 states and the District of Columbia.

death worthy 2

“Homosexuality has to be at least as heinous as murder,” Lee told HuffPost. “My way of thinking comes from scripture, it does not come from any political view. I see a homosexual just like a murderer.”

H/T Daily Kos.


  • John D. Nugent This is tough for the ADL and SPLC, because the pastor is only quoting the Jewish bible. What they cannot say is they want GOYIM to become gay, not themselves.

    Leviticus 20:13: “When a man has sexual intercourse with another man as with a woman, both men are doing something disgusting and must be put to death. They deserve to die.”

    Seems pretty clear to me. 😉

    So this means God is insensitive, bigoted, prejudiced and offensive. And a homophobe. 😉

    Hillary and Barack need to have a talk with this God fellow…. straighten Him out!

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