Who needs ipecac when you have Rabbi Eckstein? And who was this Jesus guy? What’s up with “love thy enemy”? Who was he saying that to?

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While the Christians’ symbols are sheep, a lamb, a fish, and a victim dying patiently on a cross — happy to suffer so he can die and be in heaven — the Jew symbol is worldly and ferocious, the LION.

….”International Fellowship of Christians and Jews”


Note how the good rabbi puts on his faggoty, lovey-dovey voice for the Christians, which a rabbi would never do among his tough-as-nails fellow Jews.



Pope Francis kisses the hand of holocaust survivors Joseph Gottdenker during a ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Monday, May 26, 2014. Francis honored Jews killed in the Holocaust and in terrorist attacks, and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors as he capped his three-day Mideast trip with poignant stops Monday at some of the holiest and most haunting sites for Jews. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)
Pope Francis kisses the hand of holocaust survivors Joseph Gottdenker during a ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Monday, May 26, 2014. Francis honored Jews killed in the Holocaust and in terrorist attacks, and kissed the hands of Holocaust survivors as he capped his three-day Mideast trip with poignant stops Monday at some of the holiest and most haunting sites for Jews. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty)








Telling Christians “your faith has its roots in Judaism” is …..


The good Rabbi Eckstein knows his target audience is sheeplike Pauline Christians.

Saint Paul: “Don’t be angry at the Jews for killing Jesus. God wanted Him to die to erase the sin buried in you from back when Adam ate the apple! If you don’t accept that we are sinners because an ancestor chomped an forbidden apple 6,000 years ago, you will burn forever in hell!”




Hey, sheep for brains, get going and follow your lamb!


Meanwhile, the Jews are proud of the Lion of Judah….



Ancient Jewish floor tile in Palestine


Modern coat of arms of the city of Jerusalem


So guess what happens when a lion meets a sheep or a lamb?

Note how a rabbi supposed interested in “reconciliation” never addresses the one solution that would really reconcile Christians and Jews — apologizing for the reviling, defamation, torture and murder of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christians’ religion!



And Jews still mock and revile Jesus today!


……Mocking and crucifying Jesus monkey “Yeshu” on Israeli comedy tv

Israeli comedy show depicts Jesus as a whining, imbecilic monkey who boasts he can miraculously “turn crickets into cake.” The unimpressed Israeli comedienne in a bikini calls him a “Nazi” and “enemy of the Jewish people,” trying to “destroy the Jews,” then hammers nails into him on a cross, telling him “a few nails don’t hurt.”

Show this to your liberal and Christian friends — I guarantee their jaw will drop. Even agnostics and atheists usually like Jesus for preaching peace and love.




……..As my Virtus cosmogony yesterday said, Jesus was sent to defang the Jews in order to save the Gentiles from them, NOT to pussify the Gentiles themselves with “love thy enemy” and “turn the other cheek”! They needed to be more on their guard!


Who sent Jesus?

His mother was the Jewish woman Mary of the royal house of King David (as the Talmud angrily concedes).

His real father — and this is why she was pregnant before wedlock, an issue that both the New Testament and the Talmud both discuss — was a Pleiadian. Jesus was created to sabotage the Jews from within. Make them accept a Messiah “not of this world,” and learn the ways of peace, love, and service, not conquest, vengeance and domination.



Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople, now a mosque


The Pleiadians knew that the Jews were the puppets of the reptilian enemy. The Jews were sent by the reptilians to destroy and enslave the earth.

This rabbi openly states the Jews are aliens sent here for this purpose. (Excerpt from “UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians,” the most controversial article of all my articles UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians


UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

…..Kabbalistic top rabbi Michael Laitman bluntly asserts Jews come from an alien race to conquer the earth and “earthlings.”

It seems clear to me as a trained one-time interrogator in the United States Marine Corps that his young Jewish audience in Israel, on Israeli Memorial Day in 2011 (May 9 that year), “Yom Hazikaron,”  was a bit surprised by what the rabbi said (though they did not laugh at or mock him, since rabbis are revered in Jewish culture as both holy men and as learned scholars).




I do think Rabbi Laitman was saying unauthorized things.

It is also clear to me by his body language that he was not kidding or joking.

Nor would any Jewish speaker make jokes on Memorial Day, where Israel honors its 23,000 dead (soldiers and “victims of terrorism”) since 1860.

The video begins at 15:20 because that is when the interesting topic of Jews being aliens is first broached.

(So many scoff at Jesus at John 8:44 — but here this Jew admits Jews come from another dimension.)


“You are from your father, THE DEVIL!”


 Off his Facebook page:

I landed back in Israel after a week packed with events that brought more of the good force to the world. Last weekend, some 1300 of my students from Russia and 34 other countries came together for a Kabbalah Convention in Moscow to apply the concepts of mutual guarantee in person. They were joined by tens of thousands of students online who actively participated in the event.

I’m always being asked what is connection? In this gathering, my students discovered and felt the answer to this question.

After the convention I gave two public lectures – one in a large Jewish cultural center in Moscow and the other at an elite club called “Snob”. Each was filled with hundreds of people who surprised me with their interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah. A moment before we boarded our plane, I managed to give a radio interview to Echo of Moscow, one of the most popular radio stations in Russia.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_of_Moscow  This station, owned by the energy giant Gazprom, represents many points of view and has 2.7 million listeners daily, mostly well-educated and affluent people over 40. One third of them reside in the capital, Moscow.

“[It is] one of the most important voices in the country” — Berliner Zeitung, Germany [https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_Moskwy]

    • John D. Nugent His snooty portrait and website: 


      Global Thinker | Dr. Michael Laitman

      Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global…


      (0:05) Host (wearing headset, front row on left, and speaking in Hebrew, with simultaneous English interpretation)


      “Hello, today we are on [Israeli] Memorial Day, honoring those who died for Israel. And we decided to dedicate it to the topic of the Israeli nation. You [listeners and attendees] can ask questions [of the guest speaker] on kav.tv.

      [And now,] Rav [Rabbi] Laitman.”

      [He then talks about Jews being like a squad of commandos ( a small number of warriors) on a mission to learn about and conquer a new place.]03:41 “They are like those reincarnating souls who follow their instructions, cycle after cycle, and when they come to the right place, they need to set themselves up, and align themselves for the Last Battle.”

      ***** Reincarnation amongst Hasidic Jews

      Many Orthodox Jews, especially Hasidim and Lubavitchers, believe in reincarnation, an idea “borrowed” from Aryans. The Orthodox Jews are about 10% of Jewry, but are the most fanatic and committed and therefore have huge power in the Jewish organizations, whereas many other Jews just worry about making money and daily life, and only go to synagogue on the “High Holy Days,” not unlike Christians who only go to church around Easter and Christmas, and to weddings, baptisms and funerals.

      At my Reincarnation Evidence, essay, please scroll way, way down to this comment by a Jew (https://www.johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/#comment-614975) where he writes:

      “Reincarnation – the “revolving” of souls through a succession of lives, or “gilgulim” – is an integral part of Jewish belief.



      5:53-6:53 “We have to succeed in the inner war….. If we win over ourselves, then the external enemy disappears. If not, then we must also fight the external enemy. … We are entering the time zone now [of the Final Battle].”

      He then says that Jews are corrected more and more in each incarnation, and if they are corrected internally the external difficulties [in conquering the earth] will be shortened.

      09:20 [A student asks] “You said that Israel is like a commando unit spent on a special mission.”  Laitman answered yes, inside a hostile country [ = the Gentile world].

      11:18 Laitman makes a drawing, visible on a screen to his audience, showing Israel (the Jewish people) coming from an outside world into a hostile gentile world. [This does not refer merely, as one might expect, to the well-known historical fact of European and American Jews moving to Palestine. He will develop this idea further shortly.]


      13:24 “He [Yahweh] gave them [Jews] the same [outer] form [to look human?] as that hostile land.”

      JdN: Does he mean this?


      15:33-53: “So from this entire planet we are the aliens.  We’re coming [= the ancestors of the Jews] from a different galaxy.

      We receive this ray of light, this awakening, individually, and now we’re gathering as groups and starting to prep[are] ourselves to conquer Earth.

      That’s the mission.

      [Sees a quizzical expression on a student.]rabbi-laitman-student-skeptical-jews-aliens

      “What, you don’t see it?”

      [Student] “How do we conquer it?”How do we conquer it? We’re also sent the method. We’re being shown everything, gradually; we’re being taught — or not taught — being trained, being activated, and then that emotion, in our mind, awakens us.

      It’s new for us [right now] but in fact it is coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original, natural force that we have, we’ll take over those living on Earth.

      [Sees again a quizzical expression in this student.]Why are you looking at me like that? I am telling you that

      16:42 “Having that energy from that planet, we will take over those living on this earth.”

      At 20:42 he refers to “the people of earth” that the Jews must conquer and lead….

      21:39 “Maybe we will throw something into [the goyim’s] water.”


      23:05 “The hard drive with the data is being revealed in you.”

      25:28 Jews at one time were almost dissolved into the “earthlings.”

      25:34-48 “Jews aren’t from this world; they are from another planet. I agree with that.”

      ….Scary report

      Former US Air Force officer describes reptilians; astronomers see strange configuration around star

      ……Head of European Union says “leaders of other planets” upset at the disintegration of the EU


      EU Commission President Juncker says leaders of other planets upset at Brexit

Now scroll down 1/4 here:

The cosmogony of Virtus — how God, various gods, and our world of suffering came into being


Matthew 15:24
Then Jesus said to the [Gentile!] woman, “I was sent only to help the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”

He SAYS He was NOT sent to the Gentiles!

We all know about Jesus. He imagined that He, His miracles, which were real, and His new religion of love and the rejection of the craze for money would soften the Jews and straighten out their hearts! LOL!

And He almost succeeded!





47 Then the chief priests and Pharisees convened the Sanhedrin and said, “What are we to do? This man is performing many signs.

48 If we let Him go on like this, everyone will believe in Him, and then the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.”



His gentle religion was meant to tame the dangerous Jews, not pussify the Gentiles. “Love thy enemy,” “be my sheep and I your shepherd,” and “turn the other cheek” were designed to defang Jewry! Jesus was an advanced being who incarnated in an attempt to save the world by radically detoxifying Judaism.


“The Blessed Mary and Jesus”, by Adolf Hitler, Munich 1912


Jesus was a prodigy as a child, and the grizzled Temple elders stood around him asking him questions and “marveling at His answers.”


“Be like sheep, Jews, not wolves, and I will care for you as the good shepherd.”


(I had to throw this in. 😉 )


“Blessed are the meek, judge not, love thy enemies, for God is love, and pray for those who persecute you. Give Caesar what is Caesar’s, because my kingdom is not of this world.”


This very amusing collection of scenes from “The Life of Brian” by Monty Python, a send-up of the Jesus story, shows the Jews were stark-raving mad, especially the scene “What have the Romans ever done for us? Oh, yeahhh…” It is found at 18:40-20:05

(Spoiler: As the Jewish revolutionary asks rhetorically “What have the Romans ever done for us?!” one by one, his followers start adding up all the benefits: 1) the aqueduct, 2) sanitation, 3) the roads, 4) irrigation 5) medicine, 6) education, 7) the wine, 8) public baths, 9) safe streets, 10) brought peace. 😉 )

The torture and murder of Jesus was unjust, horrific and tragic, but ultimately otherwise a very good thing, because it meant that the founder of a major world religion, and one based on peace, love and brotherhood, was murdered by the Jews.

Think about it:

Krishna, the Buddha, Zoroaster, and Lao Tse (Taoism), were not killed by the Jews.

This is one important reason why Christianity (and its beautiful music and churches) must continue — in some purified form minus the Shaul/Saul/Paul bullcrap that exculpated the Jews, claiming God wanted Jesus to die to de-sin us, all of us having being condemned to hell –somehow — because Adam ate an apple four thousand years before, a doctrine Jesus never enunciated, but Shaul/Saul/Paul did.

Naah, the Jews killed Jesus because this direct descendant of King David (as they concede, JUST AS THEY CONCEDE HE PERFORMED MIRACLES),


and even hardened Roman officers came to him for healings

Men who came to Jesus: The Roman Soldier

…..this membe of the royal house exposed them publicly as murderous, lying, arrogant, hypocritical, thieving bastards whose spiritual father was Satan (John 8:44). THE TALMUD ABSOLUTELY SAYS JESUS WAS REAL.








…..As I said


Pauline Christians (and liberals and “democrats”) don’t care that their beliefs are based on lies and that they actually harm, not help, the people.


It is a form of egotism where you thrill inside at how much more righteous, more caring, and more kind you are than the next guy. This is what Nietzsche, son and grandson of ministers,




acccurately called the perverse will to power of the Christians, the power (inside their head!) of being a loser and weak, but still holier — and judging — the sinners around them, and knowing you go to heaven and they go to hell.




…..Coming soon, YOUNG Adolf Hitler and his mentor Dietrich Eckart on the wicked Old Testament


My ideas on Jesus — the real Jesus, JEW FIGHTER — come from these two men!


Both men hugely admired Jesus




(Unfinished draft)  https://www.johndenugent.com/adolf-hitler-and-his-mentor-dietrich-eckart-bolshevism-from-moses-to-lenin/

Michelangelo’s odd depiction of Moses with horns……………….


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