1. Dear John:

    Trump is no Hitler, he might even be a zionist, or a ziopuppet, but certainly the above map shows the inner feelings of many people.

    As a comment to the picture of Hitler, I want to say that his words are beginning to be mirrored by some people around the world who tell us that all the horrible NWO things we are now seeing and which endanger our liberty and our very survival are a direct consequence of Germany’s fall in ww2.

    Hitler’s Germany was the last obstacle in the way of the NWO, which now rides triumphantly toward completion of its evil designs.

    But many Americans today, who now should know better, insist on Hitler bashing and on Germany bashing. They don’t realize what a great sin they committed.They feel patriotic bashing Hitler and germans. Dumb fools!!
    Thank you “greatest generation” , for murdering your saviors!!

    By the way, the same happened before, to Jesus Christ.



  2. “White working class ready for a new Hitler”

    …and has been the case since the 1930s. I well remember my father telling me, often, with much glee that it was a common expression in Britain in the 1930s…..”What this country needs is a Hitler”

    Of course, what this headline triggers in me are old memories of the SNP(Scottish National Party) and its early characters, like Arthur Donaldson (jailed for objecting to the conscription of Scots women to work in English factories) and now the late (sadly) Gordon Wilson, recently deceased, a great patriot and closet racist.

    I well remember a friend of mine expressing concern to Mr Wilson that Scotland might suffer problems with racism and immigration of the tropical, melanic races.

    “Och nae problem”, he replied, in all sincerity. “The place is tae (too) cauld (cold) an’ gloomy for the likes o’ yon ( for that type)”.

    We retired much assured and comforted by Mr Wilson’s consummate pragmatism and perspicacity.

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