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It is on this solid legal basis that harkens back to the year 1973 that I will be demanding of President Trump, who was elected with almost 60% of the white vote, that WHITE RESERVATIONS be established so our “species of animal life” does not DIE OUT!


(ESA; 16 U.S.C. § 1531 et seq.) is one of the few dozens of US environmental laws passed in the 1970s, and serves as the enacting legislation to carry out the provisions outlined in The Convention on International Trade in Endangered…
John de Nugent
John de NugentWhen Trump reneged on his pre-Republican Convention promise to 1) send all illegals back (and it is 40 mio Mexicans, not 11 mio) and 2) his ban on all muslims entering the U.S., and 3) now he is cozying up to CHINA, and 4) the Jews, I knew that we need to get white reservations  — just like what the Indians have — because with our aging population, and with 70 million Baby Boomers starting to die out NOW, 
….and more and more libtards race-mixing…..
….the white population is going to drop for you young folks to just 20% in another 25 years!!!
You will live in an 80% brown and black country! Then 90% non-white!
Do you feel safe NOW?
Will you be safe THEN?
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent I would like your comments on this.
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent I have blogged a number of times on the topic of WHITE RESERVES https://johndenugent.com/?s=white+reserve
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John de Nugent
John de NugentThere can be NO DOUBT that if the Amerindians have a right to federally recognized reservations so they do not die out, WE do too.
And there is NO DOUBT that we ARE and SHOULD BE protected under the 1973 Endangered Species Act, because we ARE ENDANGERED and DYING OUT.
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John de Nugent
John de NugentAnd there is also no room for doubt that the Deep State will fight this tooth-and-nail, because white genocide is their goal.
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John de Nugent
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent No white will be forced to move there; but every white will want to!
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John de Nugent
John de NugentBut how can (((they)) object? — since they are protecting a jewish homeland called ISRAEL!
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John de Nugent So they then call us Nazis, for lack of a better accusation, but how can we be “Nazis” by even their definition if we OPPOSE GENOCIDE? 😉

…..the first place for a white reservation


White Safety and Heritage Zone — Upper Peninsula of Michigan

….See also

White South African Tragedy

ENGLISH 1,400 white, native English children raped by Muslim immigrants in Rotherham, Yorkshire – police arrest frantic parents trying to rescue them

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  1. White reservations sounds like a good idea, but you know that the Jews who own our government will never allow it. In fact, they are currently flooding formerly all-white areas like Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, etc. with African and Arab “refugees,” with the help of Christian organizations, so that white people have nowhere to run to, to escape “diversity.” So, white reservations will never happen unless Jewish control of the U.S. is ended, and that is a huge and very dangerous undertaking, because the Jews will never relinquish control of the U.S. voluntarily. If a white nationalist movement somehow regained control of the U.S. government as Hitler’s NSDAP did in Germany in 1933, the Jews would mobilize the rest of the world against the “evil Nazis” who had “destroyed democracy in America.” We would then suffer the fate of Germany in 1945, only worse, because nuclear ICBMs would rain down on all of our cities. Not trying to be pessimistic, but you know this is what would happen, because the Rothschilds control nearly every country on Earth through their central banks, and dictate those countries’ foreign policy actions. The U.S. is currently trying to take down Syria, Iran, and North Korea because those are the only countries which do not yet have a Rothschild-controlled central bank.

    On a lighter (and weirder) note, I found this 1958 Western TV show episode about a con-man named Trump who comes to a small Texas town and promises to build a wall to avert imminent disaster, but is exposed as a liar, and then tries to leave town, but is arrested by the sheriff. Weird! Trump was only 12 years old and completely unknown in 1958, so it’s not a case of predictive programming. A case of the “Universal Mind” foreshadowing the Trump betrayal? Maybe Trump will end up being arrested for something?


    • Thanks for the spooky Trump video!

      As my blog says, the Jews will oppose this white-reservation demand tooth-and-nail.

      We have to fire the masses up with skilful, agitational propaganda so that when they do refuse it, their argument will look so fraudulent and flimsy that the next step will become inevitable.

      Get them to refuse a perfectly reasonable demand, and then say:


      Remember, we still have 300 million guns in this country.

      And a white religion will arise that will fire our people up.

      Actually, my fear would be that they do not refuse it, but accede to the demand —
      and then try to sabotage the reservation by bureaucratic chicanery, red tape, federal court judges blocking this and that, etc.

      No, let the Jew-Feds outright refuse white reservations.

      • Of course the Jew-Feds will refuse white reservations, and if the demand is serious enough, will use their media to mock and ridicule the idea that “privileged white people” need such reservations. I can see Jewish comedians like Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher having a field day mocking and ridiculing this idea, along with all of the Jewish “intelligentsia.” But even on the slim chance that ZOG allowed a white reservation, would it even be a good idea to have all conservative, nationalist white people gathered together in one area, like cattle in a slaughter pen? As you alluded to, it would be very easy for ZOG to sabotage such a white reservation by blocking food delivery, cutting off water and electricity, launching terrorist attacks against it, etc., just as Israel does to the Palestinians on a regular basis. Then, we would become Palestinians in our own country. I just don’t see how this idea would work, as long as the Jews (Rothschilds) control the U.S. government through the “Federal” Reserve Bank. White reservations seems to be begging for leftover crumbs of our once-great country, when we should be demanding our entire country back from the Jews (Rothschilds) who stole it from us.

        • Well, we can just wait for War President-Wannabe Trump to start WWIII with Putin, and then all our problems will be over anyway. 😉

          But seriously, your objections are things that occurred to me as well.

          It has to become OBVIOUS to the ten percent who know and care (the same amount that supported the American Revolution) that this government intends literal white genocide.

          Refusing us the reservations they give to Indians, while braying about “white privilege” to broke rednecks with pickups and shotguns will licit only outrage in the white working class, the bitter, abandoned, betrayed men and women who voted for Trump, got very fired up and got their hopes up, and now feel betrayed.

          I spoke with a trucker and WN yesterday, who said he always talks with other truckers at truck stops.

          “They are really disappointed in Trump. They were SO MUCH for him, and now they feel very let down.”

          In the end, it will come down to divine aid.

          Who would have thought that a corporal and high-school drop-out from Austria would create a gigantic political movement, come to absolute power, and then take a country not even technically his own from the depths of the Great Depression to superpower status, to unequaled achievements in every domain, and that it would take the whole Jew-manipulated world six years to crush one country??

          Look: If we do nothing but more blogging, we will ALL be genocided. You will concede that point.

          This white-reservations idea can and will work, together with a new Aryan faith that makes us willing to fight if they do not SIMPLY LEAVE US ALONE.

          And remember, all around the world are those who hate the US Deep State and its domineering of other countries, and they want any rebels against it to prosper for their own reasons.

          Two can play the game of supporting “moderate rebels.” 😉


  2. A comrade wrote, after reading the article above on white reservations (https://johndenugent.com/english/white-reservations-an-idea-whose-time-has-come/), my WN bio (https://www.jdnmirror.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/) and article on White Safety Zones (https://johndenugent.com/white-safety-and-heritage-zone-upper-peninsula-of-michigan/):

    You wrote, John:

    “The [Mackinac] bridge [which leads to the UP of Michigan] is a whopping 8,614 feet (2,626 meters) long, and is located where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron.”

    2626 meters is 2 + 6 + 2 + 6, which equals 88, and the Germans of course use meters.

    Well, I suppose not every ’88’ is some synchronicity, but it does seem to happen quite a lot. 😉

  3. Double A over at the DS is pushing White Sharia, which he claims was Persian law that was borrowed by Arabs when they conquered Persia. What is your take on this, Mr. de Nugent? Just curious…

  4. Hi John,
    Really having a hard time with this story about Massey. Getting her petticoat? Really? I love your articles. I’m green-eyed with reddish hair, but this article seems too much to believe. My grandmother had 16 children, and I doubt whether she would have thought about her undergarments at that particular time.

    • Hmm, well, why would she NOT try to put on a petticoat for a twenty-mile trip in the middle of a possibly very cool night in frontier Pennsylvania? All the settlers knew where the Seneca Indian encampment was, up near what is now Butler, Pa. I lived in this immediate area from 2008-2014.

  5. You wrote:

    “Who would have thought that a corporal and high-school drop-out from Austria would create a gigantic political movement, come to absolute power, and then take a country not even technically his own from the depths of the Great Depression to superpower status, to unequaled achievements in every domain, and that it would take the whole Jew-manipulated world six years to crush one country??”

    Yes!! And the key to this miracle was the deep interest Hitler and his top associates had in occult practices. You may ban me for saying this, but I’ve done a lot of research into it, and it’s clear to me that the top NSDAP leadership realized the deleterious long-term effects of Christianity on Aryans, and were in the process of replacing it with a racially-based, “pagan” religion focused on “occult” (hidden) practices like meditation, etc. Himmler and the SS, in particular, were the spearhead of this occult movement, which is why there was (and still is, to my knowledge), a large “Black Sun” symbol on the floor of Wewelsburg Castle, where the SS is said to have conducted occult meetings involving trance meditation, contact with extraterrestrials, etc. All of Germany’s high technology development, including saucer-shaped anti-gravity craft, were under the control of the SS and SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Hans Kammler, who is rumored to have survived the end of the war.

    But you know all of this already – I was the one who turned you on to Joseph P. Farrell’s excellent books on these subjects, years ago now. Apparently, Farrell’s books were as eye-opening for you as they were for me, because you then began to blog regularly about these topics. So, you’re welcome!

    I lean more towards Vedanta – the original Aryan religion –and see “Christianity” as a program to remove true spirituality and occult knowledge from Aryans and replace it with Semitic fairy tales about Jesus, Moses, Noah, etc.

    The ancient Aryans, like the Druids for example, possessed true occult and spiritual knowledge which “Christianity” was designed to wipe out and replace with non-spiritual garbage.

    Now, with Christian and Jewish organizations like Catholic Charities Immigration Services, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and of course, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society dedicated to flooding all white nations with millions of non-whites, you see the end results of 2000 years of Christian “turn the other cheek” and “love thy enemies” programming by the Jews:




    Powerful video about the non-white immigration disaster facing all white nations – I can hardly watch this again, because it makes me so angry:


    • I approved your comment after editing it.

      I have mentioned or featured Farrell 115 times: https://johndenugent.com/?s=joseph+farrell If you did first tell me about Farrell, I sincerely thank you for that. 🙂

      But since Hitler was not a completely evolved being, for all his greatness, what he only partly grasped then does not, cannot, and must not dictate what I do now. After all, he lost.

  6. I understand all of the concerns about white reservations and what the Jews will certainly try and do to us after we’re there, but we have to try.

    I don’t believe we’ll end up quite like the Palestinians, because we’re a lot more noble and resourceful than the Arabs or any other race. Our accomplishments over the last 400 years have been unparalleled, and they will be again when we’re allowed to stand on our own. But I suspect that the rest of the country will crash and burn when the white folks that they hate so much are no longer around to hold them up with our labor. 😉 Sorry, kids! Mommy and Daddy are moving out and you’re on your own now. Good luck. 🙂

    Lately, I’ve been seriously considering learning Russian, so that if the country starts getting too dangerous for whites to stick around, I can move to Russia, which seems to be the last great white hope. (That is, if they don’t nuke it.) But if white reservations can become a reality, I won’t have to leave behind this great land that was ours.

    Let all the white liberals stay behind with their colored friends, and see how grateful those friends are to them for all of their selfless self-flagellation at the expense of their own people.

    • White reservations would flourish and become a magnet to white outmigration from the liberal areas.

      In the end, the white liberals also would have to also flee to a white reservation — or face black-brown crime in a South African-type situation where they are 8% of the region.

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