White race not at all dying out, except HERE; nordics not Cro Magnons; Smithsonian is hiding bones of giants; huge ancient Egyptian cemetery with segregated blond and red-haired mummies

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(This weblog entry is a recycling with major editing and additions to a January 2015 blog. I am meanwhile trying to write my sacred book.)

……One MILLION mummies, many BLOND and red-headed, found in Egypt!


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  1. Hi Mr.de Nugent,

    I am currently reading a book called the “Pale Abyssinian” by author Miles Bredin about James Bruce, the 18th century Scottish born explorer of Ethiopia, wherein on page 95, it states that according to Ethiopian legend, the underground churches of Lalibela “were built with the help of tall, white angels with red hair.”

    On the same page it also mentions that Abu Salih, an Armenian traveller to Ethiopia during the reign of king Lalibela, saw the Ark of the Covenant being carried by men who were “white and red in complexion with red hair.”

    According to ancient Greek “mythology” the Olympian gods lived among the Aethiopians when not on Mount Olympus. There is a Wikipedia article entitled “White Aethiopians” that might interest you with links at the bottom to a good book called the “The Eastern Libyans”.

    All the best.

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