WHITE people elected Trump; don’t forget that, Mr. Ego with the three kids married to Jews!

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White people voted to elect Donald Trump

CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 19: Delegates yell "guilty" as they participate during New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's speech on the second day of the Republican National Convention on July 19, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Republican National Convention kicked off on July 18. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In the run-up to Election Day, most discussion of demographics emphasized growing turnout among Latino voters and hand-wringing over whether Democrats could turn out black voters. But by early Wednesday, white voters’ resounding support for Republican Donald Trump — including a majority of white women — was the clearest trend at the voting booth.

That’s according to the results of Edison Research’s national election poll, which was collected from a sample of 24,537 respondents at 350 polling places.

The exit poll isn’t perfect — in part because it relies on human survey-takers at pre-selected precincts. In 2012, for example, it significantly oversampled black voters. And little under one-fifth of the respondents to the poll were early and absentee voters this year, when early voting turnout is expected to record an unprecedented share.

We’ll eventually get more rigorous data on who voted, and how, from the Census Bureau. But the exit poll does offer some early insights into the demographics of the electorate.

Based on this data, across the board, white people of nearly all ages, genders, and education levels chose Trump. The only exception: college-educated white women.

Whites vs. nonwhite voters

  • Whites made up 70 percent of voters
  • 58 percent of all whites voted for Trump
  • 21 percent of nonwhites voted for Trump

White men

  • White men made up 34 percent of voters
  • 63 percent of them voted Trump
  • 31 percent voted Clinton

White women

  • White women made up 37 percent of voters
  • 53 percent of them voted Trump
  • 43 percent voted Clinton
  • white-woman-trump-supporter-hands-prayer
  • babes-for-trump-hagmayer-sisters

Egged by Soros-financed BLM negroes for demonstrating for Trump

  • white-woman-trump-supporter-egged-san-jose-june-2016

Young whites (ages 18-29)

  • Young white people made up 12 percent of voters
  • 48 percent of them voted Trump
  • 43 percent voted Clinton
  • In comparison, 9 percent of young blacks and 24 percent of young Latinos voted for Trump.
  • trump-holds-latinas-sign

College-educated whites

  • White college graduates made up 37 percent of voters
  • 49 percent of them voted for Trump, while 45 percent voted for Clinton.
  • 54 percent of college-educated white men voted Trump.
  • 45 percent of college-educated white women chose Trump, while 51 percent chose Clinton. This is the only white demographic tracked by the exit poll that Trump didn’t win.

Non-college-educated whites

  • Whites without a college degree made up 34 percent of voters
  • 67 percent of them voted for Trump
  • Trump supporter gives jewsmedia reporters the finger
  • trump-supporter-finger-to-cnn-aug-2016-2
  • Of the women in this group, 62 percent voted for Trump
  • And men voted 72 percent for Trump

These women raped by Bill Clinton or destroyed by Hillary sure voted for Trump 




Data for white women 18-29 and white men 18-29 weren’t reported.


…I COULD be bitter about this, and, well, yes, for the lost opportunities for our race, I really, really am….

The county in western Pennsylvania which I moved heaven and earth to run for first, sheriff (2013) and second, mayor of the town of Apollo (2014), gave Trump 74% of the vote.


98% white is the racial breakdown for Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. The county is Appalachian redneck (German and Scotch-Irish) and it just hates blacks; it landslided in 2008 and 2012 against Obongo, even though McCain and Romney were, frankly, pitiful.


Fatso Chris Christie for Romney in 2012


Had I gotten just a thousand in donations, logically very doable with thousands of readers daily, I could have bought a car and run. You cannot run for sheriff, especially not in a very rural county with no car. 😉

When some tightwad suggested I campaign on a bicycle, I replied; ”Oh, you mean like Mr Bean?”



But the peepul decided to be defeatist and also to believe the vile slanders against me by the Carlos Porters and Henrik Holappas, who NOW are discredited (but too late for me!) since Holappa announced this year he was now an open antifa! He abandoned his white wife and kids, he renounced the cause, he literally works for ”Hate-Speech International,” and he married a Chinese! Now there is someone you can really believe in! 😉


……Why does defamation always work?

Because 1) the jews spread it energetically (they had Holappa on page one under my name for five straight years, 2011-2016),

and 2) because, most of all, and deep-down, the majority consists of physical and moral cowards.

Without the draft, face it, most men would not fight at all, just run, and this chemtrailed, flouridated, low-T generation of fag-voiced ”males” (testosterone is down 23% in 30 years) would even abandon their women and children.

And while some cowards do admire heroes….

….. many others who are basically cowards secretly, enviously, resent heroes, their fame, their prominence, and most of all, their constant calls to the individual to HIMSELF ALSO engage in action, sacrifice and serious danger. 


So when someone (FBI, Jews, ADL, SPLC, etc.) spoon-feeds the MASSES OBSERVING A HERO with garbage about someone who is trying desperately with no money to wake the masses up and to lead them out of peril, out of even GENOCIDE, they readily embrace any ”dirt” they read or hear about that person, assertions which have no foundation whatsoever.

”the secret person of the heart”..

The psychic benny for them: this means they now have a ”positive cover story” (Catherin Austin Fitts term) to do absolutely nothing while not facing the fact that they gobble up unverified gossip-crap because they are a cowardly, selfish, stupid sack of shit that wants to justify to themselves their basic instinct to hang back and do N/O/T/H/I/N/G.

(How many readers go to my website and read my detailed articles refuting, point-by-point, the garbage out there against me? Bo-o-o-r-i-n-g! And what they also lack is called ”critical thinking skills” and ”the scientific method.” You must demand PROOF of any huge accusation, and as the scientific community agrees, ”extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”)

Libelous accusations online against JdN

While the hero demands action in the real world, not the virtual one, the Internet becomes, for born trolls and cowards, their favorite method of ersatz heroism.


They click their little ”likes” on Facebook, or they make cute or funny graphics up and post them to other WNs on Daily Stormer, of course. 🙂

(But I like Stormer a lot…. lots of fun and energy. Anglin is amazing. But how many of these DS dorks actually sent Trump MONEY, cash money, or worked a phone bank, or put up a Trump yard sign, or drove white people to the polls? One percent??? Maybe…. 🙂 )

Once again, as the Trump phenomenon demonstrates, the people are literally sheep, reincarnated sheep, or cattle, rabbits, house cats and other forms of prey, animal life best known for running when danger approaches.

The decorated German Luftwaffe gunner was shot down over England in 1942, and came back as an Englishman.


Lieutenant James Huston of Pennsylvania — and James Leininger of Louisiana




James Leininger with his own sister in another life…. The boy knew all sort of exact details about her, including an intimate family nickname, and they both agreed how he loved fixing up his first and only car, a Studebaker. 🙂 (He was killed as a young, brave Navy pilot in 1945 in a battle connected with Iwo Jima.)


James as a tyke at a gathering of veterans of the USS Natoma Bay; he knew many of their nicknames



The task of my new religion is full humanization — taking men from white paleface to full Aryan — so they stop being just a fearful, self-centered, belly- and genitals-focused animal….to rise higher and be braver, noble and better, especially the men, every day we wake up.

Donald Trump has given the white race (because WE supported him, including me, in his campaign) a stay of execution for as along as he stays alive, which might be a day, a month or a year.





But for the Jews, he is, as I wrote in this blog entry, another Peter Stolypin…..and the Jews tried twelve times to assassinate him and finally they succeeded.


36-HOUR ”ELECTION-DAY” HACK OF MY SITE OVER; sad libtards mourn defeat (PHOTOS); Patton-Trump’s grand victory through us whites; how I bit my tongue hard until it bled over Jeffrey Epstein and regarding a key Trump friend — so Donald Trump would win last night; remembering 9 November 1923 in Munich

The goal is this, via a new religion, Virtus, for whites to become Aryans, noble and strong, and create a new, benevolent, paternalistic, overt and blatant white supremacy, not throwing the brownies out (watch the classic 1999 Chris Rock comedy video and then decide if blax want to ”go back to Africa” — quote, ”F— no!”!) but instead assigning them to reservations under clear and open white rule, and using defiantly those very words over and over:



The masses in all races want the obviously superior whites to not die out but to resurge, and take back power from the accursed jews. That is, deep-down, why Trump won…

The 6’2” Trump, with his parents, at the very strict New York Military Academy, where he was sent for hitting a teacher. I had a friend who was sent there named Gordie McAlpin. Rich parents with out-of-control sons sent them there.   


Trump has very deliberately fulfilled the Jungian archetype of the superior, blond, tall, powerful, intelligent, masterful Aryan male. 

After Trump; the goal is benevolent, OPEN white supremacy; how Hitler lost in Russia

A comrade and donor wrote me on Skype the following:

Your article on reincarnation with Trump really seems like it could make a big impact. The resemblance between him and Patton is insane! They have almost exactly the same face.


But the part that really made an impact for me was thinking about how reincarnation could really seem to give a more complete diagram of our history in being alive.

Do you have a source on the more precise nature of how people reincarnate from the most simple forms of life, eventually all the way to human? That seems like it would be a big breakthrough in showing a concise picture of how life works on the large scale, and what our real individual pasts are in reincarnating all the way throughout thousands of years.

I also think the past life bit really helps with giving a purpose, since if I could only know what my purpose in reincarnating was back then, I’d probably have a better idea of what I need to do now.

It counteracts that trend […] of atheist nihilism and despair, and that hippie-type of ”spirituality” that can sort-of give us a mental space of complacency, that mindset of ‘Everything will be all right eventually anyways, since nothing will really risk my existence’.

On the philosophy angle, that sort of mentality is actually countered by this — not having principles somewhat means there is not much of a real ‘you’ that is surviving at all, since you don’t define yourself by anything.

I think that reincarnation really helps there.


My reply:

Books such as these PROVE reincarnation is real, but not the details of how and the why.

  Ian Stevenson, MDian-stevenson-md


Jim Tucker, MD


Tucker with this kid, who  used to be an arrogant, obnoxious Hollywood Jew, and got taken down several pegs as an Oklahoma kid with a cop father and a mixed-race mother.


tucker life_before_life



But as for the details and the why of it all, that requires me to finish editing this book in German, The Spiritual World. It is 95% translated, mostly by Germans who are fluent in English, but it needs lots of editing because their style is a bit awkward, not natural American English — ”not how we would say it.”


…..Contact and support

If or WHEN the Jews murder Trump to get in Pence, the incarnation of no-con Republican evil, — Dubya with a Brain — the religion ”Virtus” better be ready.

Trump lost the popular vote. He barely squeaked in. He only won big one single swing state, Ohio, and that was by just ten points.


Contact/Supporting VIRTUS

Received yesterday from my friend Stan….in paperback, in hardcopy, in a real, tangible-book version of this magnificent novel by East Indian Frank Raymond of Canada, Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells, telling of non-whites who oppose the jews (ahem, the novel in ”hate-speech”-banning Canada calls them “the Scorpion people”), they love the whites, and they bravely want to help the whites to survive. 

East Indian in Vancouver, Canada on Red Ice praises dying-out Whites, wants them to awake up!


You know, folks, it took my two paid webmasters months to unhack my Stripe donations system, and since then, since September, a whopping two people have used it. 🙂


Yet, you know, as we saw with Trump, without money nothing can be done.

I got three emails a day from him, his son Eric, or his staff, such as Kellyanne Conway.

As David Duck or Don Blackguard would say about me, of course they were

begging for money instead of going out and getting a job.”


Actually, being an activist IS a job.

And being an anti-Jewish activist is truly being a soldier under FIRE.

Your move, reader. Yeah, you. 🙂

For most of you, now it is sitting back and hoping Trump will save us.

Like Stolypin, whom the ever-persistent Jews killed, on the twelfth try.

It is Else-ism.  As in ”I sure hope someone else does something.” 🙂

And if you think that way, you are, sorry, just a cringing, scheming, scurrying, nibbling little animal. You take; you do not make.

Sound bitter of me? Yeah, like the first title this guy gave his book…

Before he changed it to ”Mein Kampf” ( = ”My Struggle”), it was an expression of rage and disgust at the masses he was trying to save: ”Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_Kampf 


Do you know what the greatest thing about the hero is?

He loves people who do not deserve it. 🙂

He loves people just as he was once loved, by a mentor, back when HE was still primitive, and then he decides to also be noble, and to pay it forward to the next guy and the next generation of our people.



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