White Democrat grandma does inspired rant on Hillary outside Demoncratic convention; Bill wears Hebrew Hillary pin; prophetic scene of Jewish doom from Coen brothers movie

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….Bill supports Hillary pin in Hebrew


…..And why not? Crooked Hillary’s dad, Hugh Rodham, was Jewish

https://www.johndenugent.com/english/hillary-rodham-clinton-closet-jewess-among-other-coverups/ (Just click on the photos; Facebook broke the display of the photos when it deleted my account, but the links work.)


Hillary’s half-brother Hugh Rodham, who looks just like the Jew father. This is not a WASP face. (I am of almost pure British stock and grew up in a British-American family in New England.)


Hillary, sibling and parents



……In “‘A Serious Man,” the Coen brothers use symbolism to express their dread that Heartland America will wake up to Jewish corruption.



…..See also

Back in Whitelandia (Upper Michigan)

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