White baby tortured and killed in all-black Baltimore daycare

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White baby tortured and killed ….. All-black daycare… What kind of libtard idiot is that mother? Baltimore had huge, violent race riots, with blacks beating whites, just two years ago!


Police say daycare worker tortured baby to death on camera

Reese Bowman, an eight-month-old white baby, was killed at the Rocket Tiers Daycare in Baltimore, MD. Police say that Leah Waldon, a 23-year-old black female, was caught on camera intentionally killing the baby.

[source: http://narrative-collapse.com/2017/05/28/police-say-daycare-worker-tortured-baby-to-death-on-camera/]

Waldon has been charged with 1st-degree murder. Col. Stanley Branford of the Baltimore City Police described the incident as “torture.” He says that Walden can be seen striking, bodyslamming, and swinging the baby by one arm. She also appears to be smothering the baby with blankets and pillows. Brandford says that Bowman keeps looking around to make sure no one else can see what she is doing.

The murder has been a leading story in Baltimore for several days, but no media outlets are showing a picture of the baby or disclosing that the baby is white. Compare this to the murder of a black college student by a white college student at the University of Maryland. The same media outlets begin their articles by stating the race the of the perpetrator and the victim. Then they aggressively speculate about a possible racial motive.

The staff at Rocket Tiers is all black, so most of the children are probably black. Local media have featured reactions from black people almost exclusively. However, the victim is definitely white.




…..My comment

White baby tortured and killed ….. All-black daycare… What kind of libtard idiot is that mother?

This is Baltimore, that two years ago had huge race riots with many whites assaulted! What kind of mother and father would entrust their precious baby, their flesh and blood, to black daycare?

My friend Jack Sen may be interviewing a Filipino who knows and admires President Duterte. …. Let’s face it — as we see with Mexico and Colombia, and in pre-Mao Tse Tung China, drug addiction and drug lords can destroy all civilization.

Again, I would go back to Adolf: if the patient is wheeled into the ER dying, there is no democracy under the surgeon.

A 1932 sticker: “Hitler the last [possible] rescue/So come to us!” 


The doctor becomes a dictator, orders nurses to give the patient “blood”…..

…..yells out “clamp, sponge, scalpel, suture, scalpel, wipe” (my sweating forehead  ), and HE SAVES the patient’s LIFE.

Nurse handing instrument to surgeon

That is what President Duterte is doing in the Philippines, what Chancellor Adolf Hitler did in Germany, and what we must do to save the West — take power FROM the majority to SAVE the majority.

Bill Nelson Fantastic analysis!

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Genc Newman
Genc Newman Why save those who do not want to be saved and will undermine you again in the future?

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John de Nugent
John de Nugent I read you.
But if WWII offers one clear lesson, it is that the most righteous cause without enough manpower will lose.
The masses are powerful, and among them are rare human jewels who will be the leaders, artists, and inventors of tomorrow.

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  1. It is like a powerful hypnotic influence is affecting minds.
    So powerful it even manages to turn brother against brother in great and murderous hate. Propaganda and conditioning are not alone, there must be something more, that makes people receptive to hate mensajes.

  2. Could in fact be the biblical “spirit that operates upon the sons of disobedience”.
    Sorry for materialistic people, but there are more things around than we can see with our eyes.

  3. Strange, I did not see any news about this black subhuman murdering a white baby anywhere but your website. Where is CNN? Where is MSNBC? What about Drudge?

    In any event, we need to bring back the death penalty in all 50 states and have speedy trials and executions. Of course that is only the beginning of what we need.

    The real problem is still the whites. Too many of us are still in denial. The election of Trump, flawed though he may be, is a sign of some awakening.

    Just wait until Democrats get back in power, which is inevitable given the ongoing demographic shift. Then you will see more attacks against whites and the real race war will begin, because the next anti-white president will feel more empowered than Obongo.

    Meanwhile, keep on preparing.

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