While blacks whine about slavery 160 years ago — some photos of white miners

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I don’t hear whites crying about dangerous, unhealthy, underpaid work in the mines. All we hear about is the blacks picking tobacco and cotton in the Old South. They learned to cry “victim” non-stop from their Jewish slave-ship and plantation masters. Who cares about whites breathing in and dying from black coal dust….or crushed in mine collapses…. or burned to death!

(modified from a FB post by Catherine Anderson)




  1. One hour of race-mixing propaganda video below. I haven’t watched TV in many years now, so I didn’t realize how blatant and persistent it has become. One thing I noticed in the video below is that the Jews really seem to be pushing the white man + black woman propaganda now, even more so than the white woman + black man propaganda. I guess the Jews believe that white women are already thoroughly race-brainwashed, so now they need to start brainwashing white men:


    I live in an area that was over 90% white when I moved here in the early 1990s, but is now well over 50% black, and well on the way to becoming a completely black suburban ghetto, like many of the surrounding suburbs. And unfortunately, my financial and family situation is such that I can’t leave. The other day while grocery shopping, I saw two instances of white women with non-white males, which was no surprise. In fact, I see this nearly every time I leave the house, which isn’t often anymore.

    In the grocery store the other day, I saw something which has become rare in my area – a fairly attractive white woman, and she was smiling at me and eyeing me up in the produce section. So I just gave her a smile back, but then saw her big, stupid-looking mestizo boyfriend walking quickly towards me, who said, “Excuse me!” in a rude way, although I wasn’t even in his way. I later saw him lying on the floor of an aisle, grabbing cans off the lowest shelf while his white trash girlfriend laughed hysterically at his clown antics. I then had to politely maneuver my cart around them because this stupid, ugly spic, who had rudely said “Excuse me!” earlier when I wasn’t even in his way, was now in MY way, lying on the floor and acting like a clown for his white trash girlfriend. For a moment, I felt a surge of anger, and thought about kicking his teeth in, but that would only have gotten me thrown in jail, and would have accomplished nothing. So I just moved on.

    Then, at a different store parking lot, I saw a young white girl about 18 or 19, with dyed blue hair, just standing there in the parking lot, and looking at me as I parked my car nearby (it’s a small parking lot). She looked very sad and forlorn, and she looked at me like she’d never seen a white man before. It turns out she was just waiting for her ugly, ape-like black boyfriend, who pulled up in his car just as I walked past her to the store. Again, no big surprise – it’s gotten to the point where I actually expect to see this every time I leave the house.

    I see this type of thing nearly every day in my area, and it’s always a white woman with a black or mestizo male – never the other way around. I’m a tall, good-looking guy, and never had any problems getting white women when I was younger, but now there are very few white women even in my area anymore, and the few that remain, I’m competing for them with 70 IQ blacks and mestizos. These subhumans feel like they’re entitled to our women now, and our women are encouraging them, and actually seem to prefer them over white men!

    So, I think Andrew Anglin is spot-on with his criticisms of white women.

    They ARE betraying us white men, and they ARE race-traitor little whores who will have sex with whoever the Jew media tells them to, or whoever seems to be winning at the moment. Anglin is right to call for “White Sharia,” even though that name is purposely offensive and attention-getting. White women need to be slapped back into their proper places in the kitchens and bedrooms of white men, because they have gotten way out of control, and are actively helping the Jews destroy the white race’s genetic future with their preference for 70 IQ dark meat.

    JdN:White girl with her future killer, a muslim

    But I’m actually not opposed to white men fucking black or mestizo women outside of marriage – in fact, I think every white man should have, in addition to a white wife and kids, 2800 non-white sex slave women, to paraphrase the Jewish Talmud. All of them tested and STD-free, of course. Why should non-white women be denied the genetic improvement that comes from white sperm? White men should fuck 2800 black or mestizo women each, impregnate them, and send them all back to Africa or Latin America to improve the gene pools there. Black and mestizo males, on the other hand, should all be sterilized at birth, since their sperm can only defile and degrade white women and erase 50,000 years of white evolution, or when ejaculated into their own women, perpetuate the stupidity and violence of their own 70 IQ dead-end races.

    And if white wives complain about these new sexual policies, remind them of what race-traitor little whores they all used to be, and tell them to STFU and get back in the kitchen: “I’m gonna go out back to the sex slave quarters and fuck about ten hot black bitches tonight, hon – have breakfast ready in the morning, ‘kay?” Her (submissively): “Yes, dear.”

    If these sex slave policies were enacted, in a few generations there would be no more blacks or mestizos anywhere, and the problem would be solved by fucking instead of violence. Everyone wins – black and mestizo women get the white sperm their races need to produce progressively whiter, more intelligent babies, and white men get to fulfill their animal instincts whenever they want to. It’s a nonviolent and fun way to make all the dark races white, which is what they all secretly want, anyway. For instance, this is why so many black women straighten their naturally kinky hair and dye it blonde or red – they wish they were white. So, I’m all for non-white sex slave women – 2800 of them for each white man, just like the Talmud says. 😉

    • I both completely understand your rage and frustration — and yet must radically condemn your solutions and your unenlightened, blanket anti-woman attitude, both on real, moral and strategic grounds and also for the vital reason of preventing a truly terrible image for our cause.

      As a person founding a religion, a new spiritual path, I have to take a stand where your, Anglin’s and Weev’s very justified thoughts and feelings go way overboard, while appreciating fully your ire.

      I will explain.

      I was in the local restaurant just last night in this 99% white town of Ontonagon to have a salad, and irony of ironies, there sat down across from me in a booth a dark negro and a foolish white girl.


      I will say, parenthetically, that sometimes the Poles are brilliant scientists, brave soldiers, and, in this town, leading businessmen and -women, and others are really just as dumb and vacuous as in the ethnic Polish jokes. You can see it in the cowlike, bovine look in the eyes. If Poles just used their heads, and some certainly do, they would be what they want and could be, one of the leading nations of Europe, and here in America all these Polish jokes would also cease. 😉

      Anyway…. With this Polish-American girl, all I could think was: “sheep to the slaughter.” 🙁

      I was not going to say anything because 1) it would have caused an uproar, guaranteed, especially with me being an outsider and the “tolerated Nazi”, and 2) I will be saying what needs to be said more effectively through my new religion, which is about creating a new white tribe, and demanding literal, legally recognized white reservations (or else………..).

      Will (((they))) and their lackeys deny us this right?

      Let them deny us publicly the same right to protection which they grant to the American Indians!

      American Indian reservations

      Tribal reservations in just Washington State

      Let them state openly that the 1973 federal Endangered Species Act does not apply to the dying-out white species.

      Or if they refuse, WE WILL.

      Let them state that white genocide is the official agenda of the US federal government and media.

      Or if they refuse, WE WILL.

      Some Daily Stormer types hoped something like this might happen under Trump

      But ….


      Then we will go to the next and inevitable stage — unafraid to die and kill if forced to prevent white genocide.


      We will not go quietly into that good night, but rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      We need, and my religion will do this, a new kind of white man, woman and child who is not doomed by our own stupidity, selfishness and cowardice, traits which the Jew has not created but merely taken the fullest possible advantage of.

      To now briefly address your solution:

      1) I do not want to create brighter blacks if they still have the same issues of a) lesser development of the frontal lobes of the brain, and thus less self-control, b) higher testosterone levels, c) a higher degree of psychopathy (sadistic and amoral impulses to destroy, torture, rape and harm) as well as, to be blunt, a real problem d) with indolence, that is, sheer laziness.

      A comrade posted on Facebook that supposedly Idi Amin, who had also been an NCO in African British troops under the Empire, once said that

      “Africans will not work unless they have a boot up their arse.” 😉

      Look how dangerous the mulatto Barack Obama was.

      We do NOT want to increase the IQ of a race that has very high levels of psychopathy, indolence, lack of self-control and testosterone, making both men and women highly prone to aggression and physical violence.

      Robert E. Lee, in a letter to his wife, wrote:

      “Everywhere you see the black man, things are going down, and everywhere you see the white man, things are going up.”

      2) Every generalization you can make, with some accuracy, about white women can be said — to a lesser extent — about average white men, regardless of their IQ or education.

      I see white male race traitors every day, selling out to the Jews, letting their daughters marry Jews, or blacks, or themselves marrying East Asians.

      Look at Donald Trump and Ivanka, with her husband, Jared Kushner. Here is “our president” with one of their kids, cucking to the max.

      Is Trump a white woman? 😉

      He is letting a Jew breed more Jews with his daughter.

      Look at the white on the right. A woman?

      Think of Joan of Arc, a 19-year-old white woman who led her nation to smash the nearly completed British conquest of France, then braved the FLAMES rather than renounce her views.

      Remember Belle Boyd, the great spy for the Confederacy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belle_Boyd):

      Recall Hanna Reitsch, test pilot for the Luftwaffe:

      Or Countess Melitta von Stauffenberg, also a test pilot, shot down by the Americans at the end of the war:

      Margaret Huffstickler, who was a national socialist BEFORE she met me, has stood by me through thick and thin, and why?

      Out of love, out of the principle of loyalty, and from a profound, clear, rational, and considered commitment to our race — and to the only thing that can save it, a new rebirth — in a new form for our times — of our glorious national socialism.


      Am I a “white knight,” to borrow the women-bashing “MGTOW” parlance, rushing to defend white women from insults and abuse?

      You’re God-damn right I am. 🙂

      Am I “virtue-signalling”? I’ll virtue-signal with my fist.

       photo 2817c777-bbba-4b76-9d37-276afae2fd5b_zpsejrya9iy.jpg

      Most humans, I repeat, most humans, and I refer to both sexes, are young souls, full of willful apathy, ignorance and cowardice.

      They are here to grow and evolve to a higher stage. Most now fail to grasp that, and lead lives of dark and bitter despair, unaware that their life has any higher purpose. (And no, hating others is not that higher purpose, but improving ourselves.)

      Please see my essay on reincarnation and on young souls, from about one-tenth down (“on really homely people in all races”) to 1/5th down (“One Hundred Cases of Survival After Death”):


      We must abolish forever the profoundly toxic myth of “democracy,” which means only one thing:

      rule by the jew-manipulated, blind, young-soul majority


      the wise and noble,

      whom they VASTLY o-u-t-n-u-m-b-e-r.

      The esteemed carmaker Henry Ford and the aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, national and respected figure, screeched their lungs out to keep us out of Roosevelt’s planned war.

      But the humanimal majority voted four times for FDR, an overt liar, and trooped off with joy to slaughter – and be slaughtered – in WWII.

      The “Greatest Generation” is off to die for Jewry  (from “Saving Private Ryan”)

      Good job, boys… and remember, from a safe 10,000 feet up, you can courageously bomb them dangerous kraut women and children.

      We must establish a clear, top-down rule by a genuine, authentic, caring elite who will lead their lives in a spirit of service and self-sacrifice — not, as today, in arrogance, vanity, jealousy, ego and exploitation of those who trust them.

      That is my purpose.

      With sacrifice by donors, I will complete this religion.

      If I do not, we will die. If that is what you want, keep hating on white women, blacks, jews, mexicans, muslims and queers. But THEY did not make us into the stupidly selfish cowards we are now. As Edward de Vere (AKA Shakespeare) said: “the fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves.”

      And now things are getting really serious.


      This arms deal is the trigger for World War Three, because the Saudi royal family that we are arming are crypto-Jews, and that is why they hate Iran and its shield, Russia.


      We are being sucked into a Sunni-Shiite war amongst the Muslims, faraway semitic-neanderthalic peoples with whom we should have no significant contact.



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