When Britain went dark; UKIP no solution

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Tony Blair, the genocidal war criminal who has also committed crimes against his own people, was surrounded by people of a certain tribe during his time as the Prime Minister of Britain. This worst kind of traitor opened our borders, he took us into an illegal war for Israel based on lies. He deceived the British people and let our troops die fighting another nations war.

Some of the people closest to Blair:

Lord Levy (Jewish), chief fundraiser for the UK Labour Party. A long-standing friend of the former Prime Minister, and spent nine years as Tony Blair’s special envoy to the Middle East. Levy first met Tony Blair at a dinner party in 1994, hosted by Israeli diplomat Gideon Meir, the two having a common friend in Eldred Tabachnik, a senior barrister (now a QC and a former president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews).

Levy ran the Labour Leader’s Office Fund to finance Blair’s campaign before the 1997 general election and received substantial contributions from such figures as Alex Bernstein and Robert Gavron, both of whom were ennobled by Blair after he came to power. Levy himself was created a life peer on 23 September 1997 as Baron Levy, of Mill Hill in the London Borough of Barnet.

He has been described by The Jerusalem Post as “undoubtedly the notional leader of British Jewry”. He was a founding member of the Jewish Leadership Council, the leadership of UK Jewish community. Levy has close ties with Israeli political leaders. His son, Daniel Levy, was active in Israeli political life, and has served as an assistant to the former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and to Knesset member Yossi Beilin. Daniel is now based in the UK and is head of the Middle East Department of the European Council of Foreign Relations. Levy has praised Blair for his “solid and committed support of the State of Israel.” **Just a coincidence that he took Britain into a war for Israel just as America went into it at the behest of the Jewish Neocons.**

Jack Straw (Jewish), Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. In office 8 June 2001 – 5 May 2006. (Upto and including the Iraq war).

Barbara Roach (Jewish), Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration. In office 29 July 1999 – 11 June 2001. Minister for immigration under New Labour. Head of ‘The Migration Matters Trust’ an organisation that supports and encourages the ethnic cleansing of the British people.

The Cure of a Sickness Can Only Be Achieved if its Cause is Known.


…..Fake white saviours at UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party)

JdN: UKIP was the latest fake white messiah party, that suggested7hinted/le tit be understood that it would stand up for white people but instead sold them out.

Most shockingly, it ejected its best candidate, Jack Sen, who still got 13% of the vote!




I supported Jack and his family economically to the hilt of my ability as he was running for office.






Sen with the former Home Secretary (second most powerful man in Britain after the prime minister), Alan Johnson



The charismatic Sen gets the voters to open up and express their true feelings about immigrants.






Time for a fire drill — fair damsels must be rescued!



But then Farage and company threw Sen out this past spring after he criticized the leftist Zionist MP (Member of Parliament) Luciana Berger. Now it is Nigel Farage that is a has-been, since he both sold the dream to whtie Brits but then sold it out.  Every time the p.c. crowd demands conformity, he is there — the archetypical spineless politician and weathervane. UKIP is now seen as just another Jewish-puppet party.

Now the EKP article:


UKIP MEPs Ray Finch, Jane Collins and Nigel Farage visit mosque shortly after Lee Rigby murder

UKIP MEPs Ray Finch, Jane Collins and Nigel Farage visit mosque shortly after Lee Rigby murder


“I wonder what UKIP supporters would think if they knew their hero was in a mosque appeasing Muslims within hours of Mr Rigby’s murder. Shame on you Farage. Is money and power so important to you, you’d betray your countrymen?” Jack Sen, former UKIP ppc.

In Lee Rigby’s Shadow: Islam and Ukip’s Collaborators, Cowards and Quislings

by NE Whistle-blower.

All articles submitted under this logo  are written by current members of Ukip or, in some instances, by ex members. To prevent their detection and expulsion or blacklisting, they have had to keep their identities confidential. NE Whistle-blower is a serving Ukip Branch Chairman. ukip-logo

            A distasteful characteristic within Ukip, at once evident to outsiders, is the sanctimony that surrounds a significant element within its membership, as they mindlessly regurgitate the unctuous platitudes of their party leaders.   These are individuals whose thinking is done for them by their leaders. Like those in the Tory Party, they owe their allegiance to their party first, over and above their allegiance to their country.   This malaise in the Tory Party has explained why that organisation has for so long been able to carry out treachery and subversion within the British realm. Simply put, its members have said nothing and analysed nothing and have therefore been complicit with their party’s treacherous activities.

Lenin referred to such people as the ‘useful idiots’.   Robert Louis Stevenson’s observation was apposite when he wrote that ‘it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive’ – in this case into Ukip’s multicultural nirvana.

Let us now recall the case of Lee Rigby, who was brutally hacked to death two years ago, in Woolwich, London, by two muslims wielding knives and a cleaver.   At least one of these, Michael Adebolajo, born in Lambeth to a Christian family, was a second generation ‘Briton’, of African descent. farage in mosque

Immediately after the outrage, Ukip Party Leader, Nigel Farage hurried to a mosque in Leeds to ingratiate himself to local muslims. The event was partly organised by his Party’s Commonwealth spokesman, Mujeeb ur Rehman Bhutto (who is no longer a member)*. Accompanying Farage were South East MEP, Ray Finch and Yorkshire and Humber (North Lincolnshire) MEP, Jane Collins.

According to photos, Bhutto and others from Ukip can be seen meeting up with the MQM secretariat, which in Canada is a designated terror organisation and according to Muslim Labour peer Lord Ahmed has been classified as a Tier III terror organisation by the US authorities (see linkhttp://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/01/31/exclusive-former-mep-says-ukip-chairman-knew-about-bashir/#disqus_thread )

In the photograph, above, Jane Collins sits with a head scarf, between Farage (grinning wildly) and Finch.

Also in the mosque, that day, were Ukip’s leading members, Ray Finch and Jane Collins.   Both now sit in the EU Parliament. Ray Finch – an unprepossessing individual –owes his status to the unacceptable selection procedure for Ukip’s MEPs, which favours those who are approved by the party leadership.   Finch employs Farage’s wife, Kirsten, on his payroll, which ingratiates him to his mentor.

The insensitive appearance of Farage, Finch and Collins in a mosque in the immediate aftermath of the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, was another example of the Ukip leadership’s subservience to the mantra of ‘political-correctness’, which in reality is social Marxism.


Ukip’s Constitution states: “We are a non-racist, non-sectarian party dedicated to freedom, democracy and the right of the UK’s people to govern themselves.”   So, who are the ‘UK’s people’? Clearly, according to Ukip’s leaders, they comprise every minority group in the UK of non-European descent, whose presence is detrimental to the identity, cohesion, culture, heritage, religion and identity of the indigenous people of its islands.


Whether Farage, Finch and Jane Collins are cowards, because – like so many sanctimonious humbugs within the membership – they will not speak out or whether they are also collaborators and quislings, because they are a party to the multicultural ambition to subvert, damage and diminish the essential cultural co-ordinates of their own people, is not difficult to determine. The multicultural society has been imposed without any consultation or consent whatsoever, both within the UK and throughout Western civilisation.

Ukip’s political-correctness is not merely reserved to the UK, however.   In the European Parliament, the party has a long tradition of avoiding politically sensitive votes.   One example of such dereliction of duty, of which there are numerous, will suffice.   Here is a Report, less than two years ago, which speaks for itself:

A7-0418/2013 29.11.2013

REPORT on the Annual Report on Human Rights in the World 2012 and the European Union’s policy on the matter

(2013/2152(INI)) Committee on Foreign Affairs/Rapporteur: Eduard Kukan

  1. Calls for the EU to further protect reproductive rights and stresses the need to place these policies at the heart of development cooperation with third countries;

strongly condemns the disgraceful practice of female genital mutilation in certain parts of Africa, honour killings, gender-based abortion and forced marriage; recalls the important conclusions reached at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo;

Abstaining:   Farage, Nutall, Helmar, Clark, Agnew, Batten.

Voting Results for 11.12.13 can be found here:


In the Report, above, there was a specific vote on the second part of paragraph 116, beginning “strongly condemns…in Cairo.” It relates to female genital mutilation, common in Islamic countries. As the link denotes,  Farage, Nutall, Helmar, Clark, Agnew and Batten abstained.

*Mujeeb Bhutto was involved in a gang behind a high-profile kidnapping in Karachi in 2004 and he later received a £56,000 ransom payment in Manchester.   In 2005 he admitted he was the gang’s “boss” and was jailed for seven years by a UK Court.

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