What's sexier than power? and submerged Solutrean villages

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Robert wrote me:

* * *

Mr. de Nugent, the point is that this meme, blacks are sexiER, is one that is used by our enemies to promote miscegenation between white women and blacks, and its used to demoralize white men. Why would you, on a white nationalist site, perpetuate this destructive meme? Do you think that whites who come here would be heartened or disheartened to hear this insidious mainstream propaganda regurgitated by you?
I will say though, that if it is truly the case that white women en masse find blacks sexiER than their own men, then this race has no business surviving and is better off gone. Such a defective group would certainly have no future. Ironically, were this to be the case, then the black nationalists calling us pink mutants will have been correct. We will have proven to be a genetic evolutionary dead end.

* * *

I replied:

* * *

Dear Robert,

The point for you, me, and all WNs must be victory. Do you want me to “make friends and influence people” by claiming to blacks that they are inferior to whites in every single area?

And not to quibble, but a beaten-down White with no self-confidence is clearly not competing well with a self-confident black man full of black nationalism. I see every day that it is not my “meme” but (immature/overweight) white women themselves who are preferring blacks (at least for flings) because they have cocky self-confidence and self-assurance, and some work out, dance well, know how to make women laugh — and hold steady jobs too. The meme is visible in Walmart every day, and it has nothing to do with John de Nugent’s blogpost.

Once the Solutreans, however, have reestablished white male pride and power, we will see this problem go away.

One of Gorsky's amazing 1915 color photos of Russians.

I will add this: Hitler felt the Slavs were irresponsible slobs and drunkards, and this was a common German attitude…..Well, in April 1945 the Slavs were in Berlin and his Germans were UNDER Berlin, six feet under, i.e., dead or in a bunker waiting to commit suicide. Two-thirds of all German dead fell on the Eastern Front, fighting Slavs who in reality hated the Jews as much as they did….

Three Russian farm girls, photographed by Gorsky before WWI

Let’s ponder that….

My mission is political, Robert, and it involves 1) showing blacks I do not have contempt for them (and remember that American blacks are 1/3 white genetically) and 2) that Solutreans are good for their black interests.

Please consider all this carefully, comrade, and then you will see that we are on the same page — that is, if victory is paramount to you. I really don’t want to be huddled in Obama’s gulag next to you next year debating the issue of black sexiness. 😉 I want to be discussing the building of Solutrea with other white men and women, raising a new generation of Aryans and planning our future far apart from blacks, Jews, Asians, Mexicans, homosexuals and palefaces (my word for deracinated, liberal whites).

Hitler faced the same kind of hot-button issue with Mussolini over South Tyrol, and I know this issue well because my first wife (1977-1990) was a Tyrolean.

The German nationalists said Hitler was a traitor for not preaching war with fascist Italy, which was then forcibly italianizing the Germanic South Tyrol. German nationalists even said Hitler must be an Italian agent to advocate renouncing this German area. Hitler said in both Mein Kampf and in the Second Book that the survival of 80 million Germans must not be jeopardized by 1/4 million South Tyroleans (who, he advocated, should simply move to the Reich, which is what happened and I knew some of them when I lived in Kufstein, Austria).

And Hitler insisted that Germany could not afford another three-front war (east, west, south) as in WWI.

We cannot afford a three-front war either: against 1) palefaces; 2) Jews, and 3) the whole non-white world, which is 92% of the planet.

I do not have the luxury of giving vent to the fantasies of what we want; I must deal with reality, and the reality is that all previous attempts at building a WN movement have built no bridges to anyone. We are the same smallish sect we were in 1978, when I joined, Robert. All we have is a “Cause” — isolated, tiny, out of touch with the white masses, and seen as the enemy by all blacks across the board.

HITLER, however, built a MOVEMENT. And he was pragmatic. Unfortunately, with the Slavs, not pragmatic enough.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans head in 2008-09 to the team's unmatched sixth Super Bowl championship. The Pittsburgh Penguins likewise won hockey's Stanley Cup that same year. The Iron City likes winners.

The sexiest thing is victory. I read a study where men’s testosterone in sports bars shoots up after their favorite sports team wins the championship. Just think of all those throaty baritones roaring after the home team wins the Super Bowl.

All I want is victory. Power, as the Jew Kissinger once said knowingly, is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

We’ll get white women back when we are powerful. Might will get them back– not memes.



For Cape Cod Wind Farm, New Hurdle Is Spiritual

Here is a New York Times article (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/05/science/earth/05wind.html) which is basically liberal nonsense, since the Amerindians are NOT the “First Americans,” NOT “Native Americans” and have no special rights whatsoever on our Solutrean continent. In fact, they are the descendants of the invaders and genociders of the Native Americans, the white Solutreans.

But note first of all how they SELL themselves as being such a spiritual tribe of nature-lovers (which is why they run casinos), and so since all of nature is sacred, any time the white man builds ANYTHING he has to pay reparations to the “First Americans”…..” You just know they have a Jewish PR firm advising them on their victimhood and how to exploit it. I’ve bolded a few choice passages.

* * *

January 5, 2010
For Cape Cod Wind Farm, New Hurdle Is Spiritual [JdN: Oh, good grief…$piritual until they get a financial settlement]

BOSTON In a new setback for a controversial wind farm proposed off Cape Cod, the National Park Service announced Monday that Nantucket Sound [sic] was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, guaranteeing further delays for the project.

Known as Cape Wind, the project is the nations first planned offshore wind farm and would cover 24 square miles in the sound, an area roughly the size of Manhattan. The park service decision came in response to a request from two Massachusetts Indian tribes, who said the 130 proposed wind turbines would thwart their spiritual ritual of greeting the sunrise, which requires unobstructed views across the sound, and disturb ancestral burial grounds.

[Ah, underwater burial grounds….. but in the Ice Age, when the coastline went down much further, the Solutreans were the ones here…..]

The tribes the Mashpee Wampanoag of Cape Cod and the Aquinnah Wampanoag of Marthas Vineyard sought the listing last fall, shortly before a final federal decision on the project was expected. The project has been in the works since 2001 and is strongly supported by Gov. Deval Patrick. [JdN: Taxachusett’s negro governor]

The decision by the National Park Service did not kill the Cape Wind plan, but it erected new hurdles by requiring more negotiations and, possibly, changes to the project, like moving it. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar [JdN: ah-hah] set a deadline of March 1 for the tribes and the projects developer, Energy Management Inc., to reach a compromise.

If they do not a distinct possibility given the acrimony surrounding the project Mr. Salazar can decide the projects future himself after seeking suggestions from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, an independent group. But even if Mr. Salazar lets the project move forward, the park service finding could help the tribes and opponents build a legal case against it.

Cedric Cromwell, chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, said the decision confirmed what the Wampanoag people have known for thousands of years: that Nantucket Sound has significant archaeological, historic and cultural values and is sacred to our people.

[JdN: Well, gee, all of North America is sacred to OUR people whom you genocided with hideous tortures and cannibalism….]

Others said the finding was surprising because Nantucket Sound, which encompasses more than 500 square miles, is by far the largest body of water ever found eligible for listing on the national historic register. Other eligible bodies of water have included Walden Pond in Massachusetts, which covers about 60 acres, and Zuni Salt Lake in New Mexico, which is about 6,500 feet across, said Jeffrey Olson, a spokesman for the park service.

The decision is without precedent in terms of implicating many square miles of what is, legally speaking, the high seas, said Ian A. Bowles, the Massachusetts secretary of energy and environmental affairs. But as a procedural matter, its a good thing a decision was reached, and the secretary is getting personally involved to get it over the finish line.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Salazar said he planned to meet next week with representatives of the tribes and the developer in hopes of speeding a resolution.

The park service decision comes at a time when Mr. Cromwells tribe, which won federal recognition in 2007, is hoping to build a casino.

[JdN: a spiritual casino, in harmony with nature…]

President Obama has championed wind energy during his first year in office, though he has not publicly taken sides in the Cape Wind battle. In addition to the tribes, the projects opponents include homeowners and boaters on Cape Cod, who say it would hurt wildlife, fishing and tourism and spoil the beauty of Nantucket Sound. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, whose family compound in Hyannis Port looks out on the proposed wind farm site, was the projects most powerful opponent until his death last August.

In seeking the historical designation, the Wampanoag tribes whose name translates to people of the first light said their view to the east across Nantucket Sound was integral to their identity and cultural traditions.

Here is where we still arrive to greet the new day, watch for celestial observations in the night sky and follow the migration of the sun and stars in change with the season, wrote Bettina Washington, historic preservation officer for the Aquinnah Wampanoag, in a letter to federal officials.

[JdN: Yes, only Indians watch the sunrise; excuse me, they “follow the migration of the sun and stars”….]

Supporters of Cape Wind have pointed out that the Aquinnah Wampanoags land is on the western side of Marthas Vineyard, which does not face Nantucket Sound. But in its ruling, the National Park Service nonetheless said the sound was significant to both tribes.

The sound is part of a larger, culturally significant landscape treasured by the Wampanoag tribes and inseparably associated with their history, wrote Janet Snyder Matthews, who was the keeper of the National Register of Historic Places until she left the park service in December.

The tribes also argued that the wind turbines, which would be 440 feet tall, could destroy long-submerged tribal artifacts from thousands of years ago, when the sound was dry land. Such artifacts could yield further confirmation of our cultural histories, Ms. Washington wrote.

Katie Zezima contributed reporting.


Actually, the work now of Dr. Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian, as with that of Dr. James Adovasio, is underwater investigation by scuba teams of SOLUTREAN villages offshore, from the Ice Age times when only Solutreans were here and the coastline went TWO HUNDRED MILES FURTHER OUT. (Florida was as fat as a knockwurst.)

For alerting me to this story, my thanks go to “Frank of Queens,” whose fascinating website (TheRightPerspective.org) has many fine Solutrean stories and radio interviews, such as here — http://www.therightperspective.org/2009/02/14/skull-may-prove-solutrean-hypothesis.

The key to sexyhood, I just figgered it out, is to combine being a victim with being powerful — like the Jews.… 😉


  1. Those early Russian color photos totally surprised me. The quality is simple incredible for the time. In fact I believed up to now that it was the Germans who started color photography closer to 1930.

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