“What is the best way to convert parents, friends and others to the truth?”

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Kim Kammler to John de Nugent

6 hrs

John de Nugent Well, Kim, first, never debate anyone with no interest in the truth.
Maybe make one cryptic remark to get them thinking and leave it at that. Plant one seed, then stop. Six months from now, life experiences may cause that seed to sprout.
I have converted a number of people to our cause, and the first thing is:
1) establish a relationship where they like and respect you, and do not want to lose your friendship, so they will at least listen.
2) Find out what about life in the NWO makes them sick, and furious, then discuss THAT issue. It might be crime, guns, Islam, pedophilia, gay this or that, Wall Street, vaccines, chemtrails, police brutality.
3) If possible, given them writings from a renegade Jew, or black, or ex-Muslim, admitting the truth. That gives “cred.”
4) Be and stay a fun, likable person during the conversion process, and never become a preachy, pushy zealot.

5) Be genuinely interested in THEM, and their lives and opinions.
6) Pray to God and His angels for guidance. That person is a soul, and we are not out to win arguments, but cause the person to develop the highest virtue, the LOVE of the TRUTH.
7) This is one of the most powerful conversion tools ever. WARNING: Offensive content to both Christians and ANYONE who even likes or admires Jesus — who was a powerful preacher of love, humility, mercy and forgiveness. Jesus-likers and Christmas-likers is most normal people. I have seen jaws literally drop as people watch this. From the Israeli TV show “Toffee VeHa-Gorillah” — with embedded English subtitles




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  1. White People: Trending Towards Extinction – watch and learn how to wake people up with facts!


    This is a very good presentation.

    Level headed.

    We need more like this.

    More people coming from different approaches.

    It’s very disarming to have someone present these points – these facts – in such a tone.

    Save the video with:


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