Website: homosexuality from bio-parasites transmitted by anal sex; faggotry can be medically cured

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Faggot jew hates the idea of happy white hetero families.
This website is incredible (link below), saying that homosexuality is caused by a parasite, creating toxic plasmosis, and this is consistent with a friend told me and Margi years ago about parasites in the blood.
Here is the website now and btw, the website owner and author is a WN who also knows a lot personally about homosexuals, and he told me how.
So this is a serious website by someone who wants this problem to be solved.

The Myth of Homosexuality Home Page

See also:

This friend I mentioned once got me on some electrically charged copper paddles to get rid of a painful wart on my hand which I had had for years and nothing else had gotten rid of.

He said after it went away:
“There you go, brother. that wart was full of parasites, and the electric frequency zapped them.”
Anyway, that at least opened my mind to the whole parasites question.
I would dearly like to think that this homo-parasite thing is true, because I have met many otherwise good men and women (and good WNs too, some with big names in our cause) who were/are queers.

I would never reveal the names of these gay WNs because they did a lot of good for our cause, they did not flaunt their homosexuality, or promote the gay agenda, or claim fudge-packing by men and carpet-munching by women was normal, beautiful and wonderful 😉 …  And they even denied vociferously they were gay, which however they obviously were. 😉

I also wrote recently in a blog:

I was visiting with a friend, a woman who is a retired interior decorator and operatic singer and who has a gorgeous old Victorian house. We were sitting out on her gorgeous porch, full of flower pots, and wind chimes, and savoring the breeze.

Along came her platonic friend R, whom she has often mentioned, and before my very eyes, he decided to “come out” to her that he was “gay”!!!

I have seen this now more and more — that the Supreme Court approval of “gay marriage” has triggered people to “come out.”

Obama ordered the White House lit in fag colors to celebrate.


Well, actually he is an extremely nice guy, not a liberal at all, btw, and later on he brought me by an extremely valuable book for my religion, so I was in no mood just then to “go off” on him and bash him over the gay thing.

However, I did tell him:

JdN: “Look, I was molested as a kid, john-camp-tokhomeupog-1962

I am an activist on this issue of child abuse, and there is some anti-gay activist named Ryan Sorba who published an undercover video of him asking gays in a gay nightclub what ‘made them gay.’

Many of them, who had been drinking anyway and were totally relaxed, and, on top of it, Sorba put on a sort of swishy voice to gain their confidence, confessed they had been molested (raped! usually anally) as kids.

“Now with me [as I continued telling this guy, R], it made me go quite  the opposite way.


Me and a great gal, Margi Huffstickler


A little Beach Boys song in her honor:



I am extremely against child molestation and I am not at all into the gay thing, but I do try to understand it.

So … R, were you ever …..involved with women?”

R: “Oh yes, married, and I wanted to have kids.”

JdN: “So, ummm….. are you at all attracted to women now?”

R: “Yes, but I am more attracted to men, and I have decided this is who I am.”

I looked at him with some mild sympathy and said:

JdN: “Well, from what you say, it does sound to me as if you are really more confused than purely gay.

If I may ask, did something bad ever happen to you as a child?”

R: “Oh my God, yes. When I was ten.”

I was observing him all this time — sort of a nerdy, skinny guy, a vulnerable sort. In the back of my mind I remember what a friend told me who had been in Vietnam and who said:

“Some guys fought in Nam, and came back perfectly fine. War is hell, but they knew that, and they came back, went to work, raised good families and were relatively okay. 

Others were fragile to begin with, and Vietnam broke them.”

So I looked at R, and with this in mind encouraged him to continue his story. He proceeded.

R: “There were these three big bully kids, about 15.”

JdN: “And you were just ten at the time?”

R: “Right…………. [long silence] When it was over…………………….. my rump was bleeding and I went home, and my father was livid with rage. He wanted to go over and kill those three kids. But…..”


Anyway, the conversation took another turn after that. But I had learned enough to confirm yet again what I have been blogging for years.

Molestation turns un-strong men “gay” who otherwise would have grown up straight and been normal, gotten married and had kids.

Death therefore to the pedophiles

who rape kids gay!



And let us examine this theory that gays can be cured and have happy and normal lives!







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