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I was hoping to present my huge essay “The Normans: England’s Curse and Blessing” today, but we had an unfortunate accident last night at 5:30 pm while walking the dogs — and Margi and I were at the Allegheny-Kiski emergency room until 6 am this morning. (Margi slipped and fell on the ice, causing some as yet undeterminable wrist damage.)

I therefore present in its stead my very important new webpage:


Your help would be much appreciated in corroborating one item:

In 2007 a California sociologist did a study that found that all races — blacks, hispanics, Asians, Amerindians — in the United States ALL considered Whites to be the most honest, reliable and trustworthy people to have as neighbors.

I could not find online the source of this story to verify or even expand on it, but I remember the item very well. ALL races in America prefered WHITES as their neighbors.  If you can help me back up this important claim I would be very grateful to you.

The basis of the outreach below is that

1) there are forty million blacks in the USA

2) they control the streets in many urban areas

3) they are the most antisemitic, anti-asian and anti-mexican demographic in America (Slavs, btw, are the most antisemitic Whites);

4) They admire Adolf Hitler. I repeat, they admire Adolf Hitler, and I know this from very many conversations over a thirty-one year period.

And they admire the great Zulu king Shaka Zulu (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086798/quotes) for the same reason. Blacks respect strength; they respect the basic facts of life and power, not theory. In some ways, they are easier to talk with than Whites.

"Shaka Zulu" was a five-hour 1986 television series about the legendary Zulu warir who created an African empire before the British became supreme.

In fact, give me a black nationalist any day over a white “paleface” moderate afraid of his own shadow. I need to get as many blacks as possible to be at least neutral toward me and some to actively go out and make friends for us, the Eternal Solutreans, as valuable allies.

Abraham Lincoln (not a hero of mine, but brilliant) was once hectored by a Massachusetts liberal, who demanded he punish the South after Union victory. She told me him the South should be “destroyed.” Lincoln replied:

“Madam, do I not destroy the enemy if I make him my friend?”

Indeed. Germany lost because it had too many enemies. We need to move as many enemies as possible into the neutral column, and move as many neutrals as possible into the friends column.

And we have just ONE MORE CHANCE and it is now: the potent combination of Obama Agonistes, worsening Depression — and Eternal Solutreans.

John de Nugent


PS I really need donations. Someone appreciates my work; a six-man film crew from the Discovery Channel is slated to come on January 7th from Washington to Pittsburgh to interview me about Solutrea. I hope to do our race proud.


For African-Americans

[source: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/for-african-americans]

A brainwashed (or psychopathic) person, apparently a male of African ancestry, wrote me the following screed on 12/30/09 (at http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2009/12/29/the-harm-caused-by-non-white-genes-in-white-civilization-i/comment-page-1/#comment-3424):

Youre just
December 30th, 2009 at 8:11 pm · Edit | Delete | Spam

Get buttfucked again as you got molested when you were a little baby Nugent. No one gives a shit about you.



Later, he added:

Hey, motherfucker… fuck yourself, stick your hand in your ass. Fucking gay loser! This world belongs to all races no matter what you motherfucker is saying. The white race will die and we will take all your white sluts.
you dont wanna see the real black power you motherfucker.

* * *

I responded:

* * *

Thanks for your helpful remarks. Every decent white person who reads this will draw his or her own conclusions, especially the “white sluts.”

Here are some of those you call “white sluts,” and they are our mother, sisters, daughters and wives:

YouTube video by “GivenNoQuarter” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suW4-EWutc0

After my three marriages and two kids, and over 20 girlfriends, I think you should lose the gay accusation. It’s a question of your credibility.

Btw, I do not hate black people, but after a hundred blacks claimed “once you’ve tried black you won’t go back,” “white men can’t jump,” “blacks are better endowed” and a dozen articles in Jet or Ebony about how blacks are genetically superior in music, sports and coolness, I do believe that blacks themselves believe (correctly) that they are different from whites.

It may surprise you that I have two avid supporters who are part-black. That’s because they believe the white race is good for this whole planet and as Chris Rock once joked, NO blacks want to go back to Africa.

Do you want to move to Africa? If not — be honest — why not?

In 2007 a California sociologist did a study that found that all races — blacks, hispanics, Asians, Amerindians — in the United States ALL considered Whites to be the most honest, reliable and trustworthy people to have as neighbors.

In fact, I think that there are far more white supremacists among the non-whites than among the whites. What do I mean by that?


My friend Henrik Holappa, who protested against black gang rapists who are immigrants to his country, Finland (a country of mostly blonds next to Sweden, up in Scandinavia), wrote last year:

I say it is the immigrant gang-rapists who are the racists and they are the women-haters by degrading, raping and disrespecting the beautiful white girls and women who are the natives of my nation. I say it is they who hate, who are “extremely dangerous” and should go to prison and then go home immediately. But the Finnish government, which is fanatically “politically correct,” calls me, a 23-year-old Finn, a ‘racist” and “extremely dangerous” for saying out loud what almost all Finns really think and say privately but are now afraid now to say publicly any more. This fear began in 1995 when the media pushed the Finnish parliament into passing so-called “hate-speech laws.”
The “politically correct” government now calls me a “white supremacist,” suggesting I think the white race is best.

But I see black, brown and yellow white supremacists. I see immigrants all moving voluntarily to white countries, to every white country around the world, and to only white countries. They literally crawl through the desert, climb into sweltering metal shipping containers, and paddle rafts and little boats, all to try to enter any white nation they can. Who then by their actions act as if they thought white countries were best? Who shows an absolute preference for white countries, for all white countries, even preferring death to staying in their original country?

I advocate that Third World peoples should instead love, and feel pride in, their own races and fix their own social problems, not import them here.

By the way, Barack Obama had Henrik arrested on March 9, 2009, and he spent 86 days in solitary confinement before a Muslim, Kalias Muhammad, put him on a plane and expelled him back to Finland. He had applied for political asylum here, as in Finland it is illegal for whites to criticize blacks. But blacks can gang-rape whites… and that is NOT racist….

I will NOT let that happen here.

Let’s be honest: Whites, that is, ARYANS, are in fact, and always have been, the ethnic foundation of this country, and its original population. (For the first 400 years, this country was in fact 90% white, and it cleared the forests, tamed the wilderness and became an economic superpower.) All our Founding Fathers were white, and in fact white men.

Other nations see this too. I remember when a Washington DC hotel was trying to get more business from Japanese tourists. They did up a big glossy brochure with a photo of the hotel staff in the gorgeous lobby. The Japanese faxed back: ‘Sorry, we cannot market your hotel this way, with so many black and hispanic faces. Please send another staff photo with more American faces.” By that they meant what they understood under “American,” namely white Aryans. So the hotel put all their white management in chef’s hats and white smocks, and their white female managers in room maid uniforms, and even borrowed whites from other businesses to fill out the new photo!

Ben Franklin, John Adams and the red-haired Thomas Jefferson were three intellectual geniuses, brilliant planners and key Founding Fathers of the United States in 1776. My family came here in 1635, from England, 141 years before. We were Americans LONG BEFORE any United States government, which WE white Americans created to serve us.

Will America still be the same if the original White Americans are gone? Our percentage of the US population has been dropping by one percent every year since 1966. Now we Aryans are a MINORITY of the kindergarten classes and of women of child-bearing age. When the white baby-boomers die out, the white population could drop by seventy-five MILLION.

Will this country stay a world-class nation or, without the Aryans, will it become a yet another Third World nation — and a Tower of Babel of mutually hating, feuding and rival groups? What will happen to a country when the glue holding it together is gone? Who will be the referee when the white man is gone? The Jew? They think only of what is good for their own group.

We are just plain “AMERICANS.” And you are the AFRICAN-Americans. You are on average one-third white, and you have been here with us for almost 400 years. I met many good blacks in the 1970s when I was a Jehovah’s Witness and in the 1980s in the Marines. But Hispanics, Asians and Jews are very late comers; they are NOT the founding races of America. After we BUILT this country, ah, THEN they came.

We whites must now stand up to the Jew. The Jew who sold your ancestors into slavery, and threw your ancestors overboard, as Leon Jeffries and Minister Louis Farrakhan have proved.

Google “Aaron Lopez,” the number-one biggest and worst of all the Jew slave traders, and the most infamous of the “toss the sick n—rs overboard” psychopaths.

Aaron Lopez, Portuguese Jew, from the 1740s to the 1770s controlled (from Newport, Rhode Island) 50% of the black slave trade into the American colonies.


Someone must stand up to the Jew who introduced crack cocaine into the US in the Eighties.

To the Jew who railroaded Marcus Garvey.

The Jew who totally RAN the NAACP until the mid-Sixties and about whom Malcolm X complained.

[source: http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/naacp.htm]

For years W.E.B. DuBois was the only Black officer in the NAACP, which was largely directed, funded, and controlled in its early decades by Jews like Henry Moskowitz and Joel Spingarn. [ARSON, p. 140] (In 1913 Spingarn announced a yearly award named after himself, the “Spingarn Medal,” for the “highest and noblest achievement of an American Negro.” [DINER, p. 138] ) In a later era, and another Black organization, the Southern Leadership Christian Conference, a Jew — Stanley Levison — even wrote Martin Luther King’s speeches for him. [MARTIN, p. 132] Levison has been described as one of King’s “closest personal advisers.” [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 66] This voice of “Christian Leadership,” Levison was also discovered by the FBI to have been a former Communist party member. [KAUFMAN, J., p. 66] Another Jew, Marvin Rich, was the “chief fundraiser and key speech writer for the Congress of Racial Equality — CORE”, [GINZBURG, p. 145] and his position was later filled by another Jewish attorney, Alan Gartner. In the 1960s, “in CORE, younger and more militant members blocked efforts by [James] Farmer to name one of his Jewish advisers president of CORE, insisting the post be filled with a black.” [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 76] In the same era, the Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress, Will Maslow, was also a CORE national board member. (He resigned in outrage when one African-American CORE official, Clifford Brown, angrily declared that Hitler hadn’t “killed enough” Jews). [UROFSKY, M., 1978, p. 327]

The Jew who ordered the FBI hit on Martin Luther King, Junior. (Even the King family itself says James Earl Ray was innocent!) I respect this about King: he was ready to die for his beliefs and for his race. I heard his heroic speech about going up to the mountaintop the night before he was killed. And the Jew-run GOVERNMENT killed him, yes, the part-black HOMOSEXUAL, J. Edgar Hoover, tool of the Jew, who also set up the Panthers.

Hoover as a young FBI director. He did not produce a birth certificate until he was nearly 40, and lived with a man for decades. He crushed Marcus Garvey for his Jewish masters; the Jews ruling the NAACP wanted Blacks to integrate white society and help them destroy it, not build a BLACK-RULED society OF THEIR OWN, as Garvey demanded.

And it is the Jew who is telling Barack Obama what to do, exactly as Reverend Jeremiah Wright said.


In an exclusive interview at the 95th annual Hampton University Ministers’ Conference, Wright told the Daily Press that he has not spoken to his former church member since Obama became president, and he implied that the White House won’t allow Obama to talk to him.

“Them Jews ain’t going to let him talk to me,” Wright said. “I told my baby daughter that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office. …

“They will not let him to talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is. … I said from the beginning: He’s a politician; I’m a pastor. He’s got to do what politicians do.”

Once the white man is gone, you will have lost your last protection. The white liberal is the only thing standing between you and the TOTALLY racist Chinaman, Mexican and the Jew.

And they hate white people too.

“We hate you guys, but there is nothing much we can do.” — Luo Ping, a director general of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission, saying China will keep buying USA Treasury Bonds to prop up the US dollar. (Time magazine December 28, 2009) Other sources: http://www.google.com/search?q=time+%22We+hate+you+guys%2C+but%22+%22Luo+Ping%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:fr:official&client=firefox-a

Luo Ping
Under the puppet Democrat and Republican parties, US jobs have gone to China, which calls this "free trade."

They can’t wait — once we Whites are gone — to eat you up, spit you out and laugh. They are just using you as a battering ram against the Whites. When we’re gone, their use for you will be UP. You want racism? Ask a Chinaman or a Korean what he thinks of blacks. Or ask a Jew what he thinks of schwartzers. Ask a Mexican who just took your job.

Jewish comedian Michael Richards calls blacks "n----rs" and advocates lynching.

Wikipedia on Jewish comedian (Seinfeld) Michael Richards:

“On November 17, 2006, during a performance at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, California, a cell phone video captured Richards[1][8] shouting “Shut up” to a heckler in the audience, followed by repeated shouts of “He’s a nigger!” to the rest of the audience[9] (using the word six times altogether), and also making a reference to lynching.[10] He was addressing a pair of black hecklers.[11]

I know what they think. I KNOW. Do YOU know?

The Jew goal is to replace you all with more docile Mexicans —and then phase us Whites out also with hardworking, bee-like Chinese and Hindus.

Mexicans demand US citizenship, food stamps, public housing and American jobs

In fact, I think Whites and Blacks have the same enemies. And we have a 400-year-history of coexisting. Your sweat is in this soil just like ours.

I am in FAVOR of reparations for blacks for slavery — from the Jew and the English monarchy that started and ran the slave trade and FORCED it on this white country. From the very beginning the majority of Whites were opposed to slavery in North and South, and only 10% even of Southerners had slaves. Yes, 90% of Southerners never owned slaves.

And plenty of Africans had slaves too, yes, over in Black Africa. The biggest slavers of all times were the Muslims. ANYONE, white or black, who refused to convert to Islam could be enslaved and worked to death or put into a harem. Some estimate that Muslims abducted 27 million human beings as slaves. By far the greatest flow of black slaves out of Africa was to the Muslim world, and Muslims are still enslaving blacks in Sudan right now.

And therefore, speaking as an Eternal Solutrean, not as a white liberal b-s-er, we should talk. I propose White Safety and Heritage Zones — just for those specific Whites who agree with me and vote for them. Liberals, blacks — everyone else can keep doing their liberal thing. How do safety zones for whites who fear crime and being overrun threaten the interests of the decent people of the black race?

I am also in favor of the black Cotton Belt becoming an additional two states of the United States.

I have met Stokely Carmichael, I have attended as a special guest a speech by Rev. Farrakhan, and I have always supported Rev. Robert Brock. My black friend Randy Taylor from the Bronx was best man at my wedding at my first marriage. TRUE black nationalists are Garveyites, not integrationist suck-ups, and we fight together the real enemy of all mankind, the Jew.

And down in South Africa, blacks are now miserable under the Jew Oppenheimer, the Jew Slovo, and the others Jews who took control of Nelson Mandela. South Africa under white rule was so rich and safe that blacks swam past the crocodiles across the Limpopo River to get INTO apartheid South Africa.

NOW? It leads the world in crime in rape, in AIDs and in murder.

Whites may be nerdy, but we are good at running things. Blacks are cool, but very spontaneous….

I saw a Martin Lawrence comedy on the old WB network. The girlfriend chides Lawrence as he lets her out of his car: “Now you said you’re gonna pick me up at eight, right?! That means eight o’clock Japanese time, not eight o’clock n—-r time!”

What’s that about?

Btw, this blog is being maintained by a part-Black African. Say what? Yes, I believe the races are different but I respect decent blacks who are not STILL insisting on staying slaves of the Jew. And they respect me.

And as for Adolf Hitler — he was our Shaka Zulu. He NEVER refused to shake Jesse Owens’ hand! Read the TRUTH and stop being the Jews’ slave! If he were your friend, why is he bringing in the Mexicans and Chinese TO REPLACE YOU?

http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v5n1p123.html (What Jesse Owens REALLY said about Hitler!)

Now read this! (And I have this book): http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1934703516?ie=UTF8&seller=A30F9FJTXD6NJ2&sn=JOTRH

And be sure to read this too, about Hitler on race: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/hitlers-real-views-on-race

Learn more about me and you will also see I am no phony, hypocritical white liberal:

I am pro-white and proud of my race. …. If you are truly pro-black, you will consider my frank and honest message, and offer to work as a TRUE black nationalist with me to establish black empowerment, black rule in black areas, and liberation from the invading Chinese, Mexicans and Jews. Or they will eat you up. And you will long for the day of the white man, the ONLY race that has a conscience about blacks.

I am an unarrogant, honest white racist. I will treat any intelligent, decent black man or woman as such. That may fly against all the stereotypes you were trained to believe — by the JEW who is your real master and who is ours too.

And because I respect black people, I will state the truth as I see it, and as most honest people, deep down inside themselves, also see it:

1) It is not “hatred” to say that ever since World War One there has been a difference in black and white scores on IQ tests, usually a 15-point difference, and this even applies in comparing middle-class black kids and middle-class white kids. I did not write or conduct these tests. I merely report what they say. Some of black poverty is indeed due to white racism, but some of it is due to blacks who are just slow. I used to teach high school. We had slow kids and really quick learners too. Did I hate the slower kids? Absurd! But it would be cruel (not kind) to put slower kids in a gifted class!

I was discussing school kids just the other day with a biology teacher and he agreed 100% with what I said: Slower kids, black, white or of any race, should not be forced to sit through high school until almost 18 when they could be in a serious, practical apprenticeship program for the trades as in Germany, and learn a great skill and become genuinely proud of themselves.

Germany has a fabulous economy, and it is because at age 12 they decide if you are cut out for book learning or for the trades, and if the trades are the right path for a kid, then he goes into a first-rate program and ends up even becoming a master baker, master mechanic, master carpenter, etc. (and makes good money too).

A German blue-collar kid has PRIDE. That’s what every child needs — to be proud of who he has become by hard work and of what he DOES. Proud that he is productive, skilled and an expert at what he does. That his work makes a difference in the lives of others.

Adolf Hitler loved the craftsmanship, power and mass of his huge black, gleaming Mercedes. As part of the master mechanic tests, German workers had to dismantle an engine blindfolded and put it back together, blindfolded, plus study and pass rigorous tests in safety, labor, business and accounting law. In Hitler’s Alpine homeland of Austria, each master tradesman gets a glorious certificate signed by the governor of the province, with a title in Germanic letters saying a text such as “Gott schütze das ehrbare Handwerk” (“God save the honor of handwork [of manual labor].”)

I of course do not hate kids who should go into the trades and I most certainly do not hate black people — because tests I never designed have shown for 90 years that there is a 15-point IQ difference between black and white. If someone wants to, then be my guest and be angry at God — for making us different. But I did not cause this difference. As the Book of Job in the Bible shows, God asks Job:

“Where were you when I created the universe?”

“Equality”? I am not equal even to myself when I go from having a good to having a bad day! Nor to my own brother. He was raised in the same house as I was, with the same parents, genes and values, but he is superior to me at business, and I am “superior” to him at writing. Does that make me a “writing supremacist”? Blacks are superior to whites at several things, and vice versa. (For one thing, blacks have a superior ability to shake off sadness or even tragedy, crack some jokes, laugh it up again, see some friends and keep on going — whereas a white may just go off and literally hang or shoot himself in the corner. Whites are much more inclined to be introverted loners and go deep into their own shell — not a good trait at all. Nerd and white are almost synonyms.)

But we all have our special contribution to make, and we must see the hand of God in who we are born to be in this life. The Hindus call it “karma.” It is God’s decision, based on things we need to learn, and I do believe that. I did not like being molested as a kid, but I accept that somehow I had to grow from experiencing suffering. Who knows — I have never been a cruel person at all, and I love children, especially my own, but maybe I was stubborn and made some bad decisions that harmed others…. I just don’t know. In any case, as a result of being molested I can really feel for other people’s misery, and especially for the many Americans who have had a rotten childhood — adult people of all races who need healing and a new chance in life.

(You might consult my YouTube channel for some of my videos and speeches: www.youtube.com/johndenugent)

2) A second fact I did not create: blacks have superior levels of the male hormone called testosterone over orientals or whites. This makes blacks more physical, more aggressive and bolder. This is a trait that obviously cuts both ways. It makes blacks sexier, better flirters, more confident dancers, and great boxers, athletes and sometimes tough marines and soldiers, too. Black men, for the same reason, tend to have deeper voices also. (And while being frank, as for “size,” that is overrated. There is only a small difference — when erect.)

This higher level of testosterone also can lead to social trouble and prison if not kept under control. And neither whites nor blacks today have their lives fully under control; we do not grow up or live in a healthy society….. That needs to change, because the Jew and the Chinaman have targeted both our races for destruction, and destroying our family life, marriage and work ethic are part of their war against us. First, you destroy your enemy psychologically.

3) The last difference that comes from nature, that is, from God, is that blacks have a different degree of development of the frontal lobes of the brain, the part behind the forehead. This means blacks are more spontanous, natural, and quick to act. It also can make a person wild and impulsive. Whites are more prudent — often too prudent. They wait too long before they act. (This trait began in the twenty thousand freezing years of the last Ice Age, when lack of planning or foolish risk-taking meant death.) Blacks, due to this frontal lobe issue, don’t wait long enough. Pure black Africans, by the way, have brains that are pinker in color and whites brains that are grayer in color.

4) And the Orientals have IQs higher than both of us, about 5% higher than whites. They seem to be somewhat impervious to pain as well. I was bowled over to learn from several American combat veterans (of WWII, Korea and Vietnam) that when Asiatics are shot in the gut, they do not scream much or even at all, whereas white and black soldiers scream and holler for their mama and just wail and moan away. Studies comparing even white, Asian and black babies have confirmed this silent, stoic trait. Asiatics tend to be more private, secretive and more like work machines.

Asian men have the least testosterone of any race, and thus little or no beard. Asian women often have very small breast development. These reflect different levels of chemicals in their bodies — and they of course also affect their brains and their personalities. It is what the Germans used to call the Rassenseele, the “racial soul.”

God DID make us different, as different as a chihuahua is from a Great Dane, or a friendly golden retriever from a pitbull. Is it “hate” to see the difference between breeds of dog?

How about differencs between humans? If it is hate, then God is the racist….. and Nature herself, too.

And remember: under the Jew’s economic and television-control boot we Whites are also slaves; we are slaves of the same Jew as you are. I am calling for a revolt of all the slaves against the psychopaths –white, black, Asian, Arabic, Jewish, etc. — that rule all the races, and most of all, against the Jewish master race that founded the NAACP and stuck the great Marcus Garvey in prison, a genuine black leader who did NOT want forced integration but instead black rule of black areas, black pride, and black self-determination.

Why is this Jew at the Federal Reserve who got America and the whole world into a deep depression -- and then bailed out the crooked Jewish bankers with trillions in taxpayer money while Main Street went under -- to be praised as "Person of the Year"? Because Time magazine is JEWS, and HE is a Jew. Thus, it is also okay for blacks to help their fellow blacks and for whites to help their fellow whites. It is time to look out for our own interests, not those of the arrogant Jew. He is the common enemy of all peoples. Jesus said (in John 8:44) to the Jewish leaders: "You are from your father the Devil...and there is no truth in you."

This is my worldview: that the psychopaths out there in society elbow their way to the top of every race, religion, TV network, stock market and government, and they ruthlessly suck our blood out. This world is now ruled by psychopaths, and they must be destroyed before they destroy this planet. http://johndenugent.com/jdn/psychopaths-in-power

Here is the true black leader who back in the 1920s could have saved European-Americans and African-Americans a lot of heartache:

I am a white Marcus Garvey. I do NOT want white rule over black people; I want FREEDOM for my people from the Jew and the greedy white fatcat. I want to leave black people alone and help them only when and where they want it. And likewise I want blacks to leave us alone, and stand together in self-defense against the Jew bankers of Wall Street that are destroying Main Street.

Who is the black Marcus Garvey of today? It’s not Barack Obama. My hand is out to the Marcus Garvey of today.

Finally, I believe in eugenics. Eugenics, from the Greek words meaning “well born,” means that any breed — of dog, cat, horse, cow, bird, flower, potato, tomato or grape — can be improved, lose its defects and become stronger, better and more attractive. For example, if you have every seen crab apples, those scrawny, sour things are what wild apples used to be like thousands of years ago. Today, by eugenics, by breeding, apples today are bigger, healthier, better to look at and more delicious and nutritious.

Today, we can improve all the human races as well, both by natural means — such as the best people having more kids — and by scientific means. We could have children right now that look like one or both their parents — but are much brighter, calmer, steadier, and with almost no risk of birth defects (such as retardation or autism, or a host of other afflictions such as sickle-cell anemia — which attacks blacks — or cystic fibrosis, which attacks whites).

I think the white race could be improved: to be less nerdy, less introverted, and less naive. I think blacks can improve IQ, self-control and planning ahead. I’m not worried about the Orientals; they’re taking over the world as is.

As an aside, I would rather spend an evening with an intelligent, sophisticated black man such as Denzel Washington anytime than with George Bush or Dick Cheney, two white men who are idiots and crooks. A movie with Denzel Washington (based on the real life story of the black sailor Antwone Fisher) helped change my life, as I faced up with the help of that movie, finally at 49, to being molested as a kid.

What do I ask of blacks today, tomorrow and in the dangerous years ahead?

First, understand that I and the Eternal solutreans are pro-white, not anti-black — unless blacks attack me and my people.

Second, understand that I and we are fighting our common enemy, the foe of both blacks and whites — the Eternal, unchanging Jew. He slandered and murdered Christ and now he is robbing and murdering and lying to the whole world.

Third, as blacks, I request that you either stay neutral toward me and let me fight the Jew, or offer to tell the black community how the Eternal Solutreans and John de Nugent can be great for the interests of the black race, now and in the eugenic future, when blacks will finally enjoy the respect of the world. You too are God’s children. We are your allies.

As for Barack Obama, I hate to say it, but he is a sell-out of YOUR race just as most white politicians sell out our race. If he ever intended REAL “change” as he promised, he has given $700 billion to the rich Jew bankers who caused our economic catatrophe. What has Barack Obama done for the average black person? Given him pride? Obama is half-white too, and he is all-politician.

This is the Jew who controls Obama:

This Israeli citizen is incredibly the White House Chief of Staff, and made $200 million in easy money in the subprime mortgage scam.

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff to “Obama,” is an Israeli citizen, like his co-religionist Bernie Madoff, a financial speculator-millionaire, a subprime mortgage money-maker and former congressman from Illinois — from one of America’s most corrupt states. And he arrogantly, defiantly, literally cracks his knuckles right in the black president’s ear to show him who’s the boss. The New York Times, Sunday January 25, 2009 wrote (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/us/politics/25emanuel.html): “(By Mark Leibovich/Washington) Early this month, Barack Obama was meeting with the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers when Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, began nervously cracking a knuckle. Mr. Obama then turned to complain to Mr. Emanuel about his noisy habit. At which point, Mr. Emanuel held the offending knuckle up to Mr. Obama’s left ear and, like an annoying little brother, snapped off a few special cracks. The episode, confirmed by Mr. Emanuel’s office,underscores some essential truths about Mr. Emanuel: He is brash, has a deep comfort level with his new boss, and has been ever-present at Mr. Obama’s side of late, in meetings, on podiums and in photographs. There he was, standing at President Obama’s desk in one of the first Oval Office pictures;

Emanuel talks to Obama on his first day in the White House. As a Marine Corps interrogator, I learned to observe body language…..

….and again, playfully thumbing his nose at his former House colleagues during the inauguration;

Emanuel thumbs his nose at fellow congressmen as he ges ready to enter the White House as Chief of Staff. Never before has any Jew boy acted this arrogant; the Jews now feel they already rule the world. Yes, rule and ruin.

….there he was, accompanying the president to a meeting with Congressional leaders on Friday….”

* * *

In conclusion:

I pray that God will open your hearts as African-Americans and that you will join us European-Americans;

…that you will listen to Jesus Christ, who in all the Book of John in the Bible warns us of the wickedness, slander, lies, thievery and murder by the unchanging Eternal Jew;

…and that together we will liberate OUR country from foreign invaders — Jews, Mexicans and Asians. I am a positive racist, I love my race, and I hope you love your race too. And THAT is why you can join your forces to ours. Aryans, Solutreans, are good for blacks.


PS After I posted this, a young white high school student wrote me:

* * *

Hello, John de Nugent,

I emailed you some months ago and sent you a website and was curious about your opinion on it. I’m sure you don’t recall me emailing as it’s been a while — but I was amazed of how right you were in a recent post on your website about how blacks admire Adolf Hitler and just had to send you this short email. I’m currently 17 and going to High School and were I live it’s well I’d say 90% white, my school being probably 75% white.

We have a very large African-Canadian community where I live and, well, they have to come to one of our biggest schools where I presently go. So what I’m trying to say is we have many Blacks & Whites in our schools, so you get many different voices and opinions in the classroom. A couple of weeks ago in class, out of boredom, WW2 and Nazi Germany became a topic and I couldn’t believe what a random Black youth (typical baggy clothes “gangster” type) was saying about Adolf Hitler.

He was saying things like “Hitler was the man!”, “Hitler should have won the war”, “Hitler was the greatest man in the past 60 years”.

He was also trying to explain what Hitler and the Nazis were really about and surprisingly he changed how some people thought. Of course what he was saying I already agreed to because after much reading and understanding I already looked at Nazi Germany and WW2 much different then before.
I thought it was interesting that there are blacks out there, though small in number, who do think the way you describe in that article. I just thought I’d share my experience because what you say is totally true!


I replied:

* * *

Dear young white brother,

I appreciate very much your letter and I will post it on my website.

I  got a few emails from comrades accusing me of “going soft on the Blacks,” but nothing could be more wrong. I actually, in a tactful way, told the blacks exactly and honestly what we know and have also experienced in a thousand day-to-day interactions with black people — and told them that despite the HUGE differences between us, the common enemy, the Jew, is the key.

And that by eugenics the differences between us can be brought to a minimum. The Eternal Solutreans want to improve our white race and also the black race, starting with supporting the black family and responsible black men as husbands and fathers. (In our current society, in a sicko society I correctly call Jew World, white men too have a lot of things to improve.to do)

I want the Blacks to help us fight the Jews, because it is both 1) the right thing to do (I remember that Spike Lee movie, “Do the right thing”) and 2) it is in their URGENT self-interest to do it.  Most people will act if both reasons are there, and 3) they see a strong leader,  4) a strong plan for victory, and 5) a strong organization.

If Obama had any sense, HE would realize this too, that he should fight the Jew and bite the hand that is right now still feeding him — before the Jews kill him (as they killed Malcolm X using his enemies, and MLK Junior — both FBI operations —  and they ruined Marcus Garvey) and then the Jewesmedia will blame the assassination of Obama on a white loner or even government-zombyized freak who “read white supremacist websites.”

Obama is, to my great and bitter disappointment,  not a true black nationalist at all, but instead, sigh, just the flashiest and latest of the Jews’ house n—-rs; and he is like every other US president, afraid of the Jews eve since John Kennedy was killed by them because he would not let crazy, violent, racist, supremacist Israel get nuclear weapons.

John Kennedy truly cared about blacks, because he had grown up in another despised minority himself, the white minority called the Irish.  But unlike the snake Johnson, whom the Jews replaced him with, he did NOT want to create a welfare state that would encourage black dependency, drugs, illegitimate babies, rampant crime, chaotic housing projects, forced integration and the destruction of the black family. Lyndon Johnson was a crypto-Jew who used the blacks ONLY as a battering ram to 1) crush the South and then 2) the northern Whites, and 3) used the eleven-year, dragged-out Vietnam War to enrich his Jew Wall Street buddies while 4) destroying the black family using welfare handouts.

In history, we know that the Spanish soldier Hernan Cortes got the Indios to rise up against their hated Aztec masters, who were human-sacrificing them (http://johndenugent.com/jdn/mexican-atrocities/; in fact, in the movie Apocalypto’s last scene, you see the Spanish arriving.) That’s how a handful of Spaniards conquered the Aztecs of Mexico, with the aid of the millions of suffering locals!

Unfortunately, Cortes was himself a psychopath, a white psychopath, like a good 4% of the white population.

I will never be turned away from reaching my hand out to all who are enemies of the international, racist, prejudiced, supremacist, greedy, lying, murdering, manipulating, hypocritical, drug-dealing, enslaving  and arrogant Jew.

Please stay in touch, brother!

John de Nugent



Any African-American or person anywhere on earth of African ancestry can contact me and unless they are a time-waster, I will respond. I am a positive racist, who loves his own people and if you as a black person want to REALLY help YOUR people, if you too are a POSITIVE racist, then we have the main things in common. I respect any man or woman who fights positively for his people! And we have a lethal enemy too in common, the International Jew.

The Jew Joel Spingarn founded the NAACP and controlled WEB DuBois so as to exploit blacks as pitbulls against the whites, and to crush Marcus Garvey, who wanted black self-rule, NOT integration. Every single president of the NAACP was a Jew until 1965.

Michael Jackson on the Jews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-v0_bkKNA4

I believe the Jews murdered Jackson because they knew they could make FAR more money off his death and the resulting worldwide publicity, which would sell even his oldest songs, than off the new tour he was planning, and they KNEW how he felt about them. Poisoning people and overdoses are the oldest Jewish trick in the world; they are a people of crooked doctors and of poisoners.


  1. You mystify me Mr. de Nugent. Did you really feel so compelled to write that long essay in response to that nigger’s rant against you? Niggers are the classic psychopathic race-at least as psychopathic as jews. They only see things in terms of dominance and submission and interpret civility as a weakness to be exploited. They’re narcissists who look for weakness, especially in white women, so they can manipulate for their own gratification. Niggers have 0 conscience and would hate whites no matter how much you may try to reason with them. Metzger’s been trying it for years and has given up on the idea. In fact, blacks don’t hate us so much for slavery, which is a convenient excuse, but rather for our good qualities which put them in the shade and excite a hatred born of resentment and envy.
    And what was with the crack about blacks being sexier? Are you well in the head?

  2. Mr. de Nugent, the point is that this meme, “blacks are sexiER”, is one that is used by our enemies to promote miscegenation between white women and blacks, and it’s used to demoralize white men. Why would you, on a white nationalist site, perpetuate this destructive meme? Do you think that whites who come here would be heartened or disheartened to hear this insidious mainstream propaganda regurgitated by you?
    I will say though, that if it is truly the case that white women en masse find blacks sexiER than their own men, then this race has no business surviving and is better off gone. Such a defective group would certainly have no future. Ironically, were this to be the case, then the black nationalists calling us pink “mutants” will have been correct. We will have proven to be a genetic evolutionary dead end.

  3. Just some food for thought. Someday in the not too distant future, we White European Aryan American Citizens of the United States will need to completely and seriously reevaluate just exactly what are the purposes of the presence of black people here in the United States Of America and reevaluate just exactly what are the positive and important values and exactly what are the positive and important benefits that any and all black people contribute of their own free will as a free people to the entire American Citizen taxpayer public and to their own black people for the greater and common good of the United States Of America. We White people will need to look black people straight in their black eyes and seriously ask all black people very candidly, very frankly, very honestly and very realistically, are we White people better and safer with you here in the U.S. or are we White people better and safer without you? We White people also will need to ask all White people, are we White people better and safer with black people here in the U.S. or are we White people better and safer without black people? Black men and black women will need to completely repair, refurbish, rebuild, recreate and reconstruct the black man and the black woman here in the United States to be an exclusively 100% positive, beneficial, constructive, valuable and important member of American society as free men and as free women here in the United States Of America and black people will need to be able and be willing and be prepaired and be ready to offer and to contribute something valuable, beneficial and important of themselves and for themsleves and too themselves and too all of American society as free men and as free women to the entire U.S. American Citizen public for the common and greater good of the United States Of America. Or the alternative will be that black people will not serve and black people will not provide any positive valuable, important or beneficial purpose to remain living here in the United States Of America as citizens of the United States Of America and black people will be asked and perhaps ordered and perhaps if necessary, forced to leave the United States and return and be repatriated back to the traditional and historical African lands of their black African ancestors’ heritage using one way airline tickets back to the African countries of their choice paid for and internationally negotiated for by the much too generous and much too patient White U.S. American Citizen taxpayers. After Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation had finally freed all slaves here in the United States, the entire free black population of the United States was offered the opportunities to leave the United States and be repatriated back to nations or colonies in Africa and Trinidad. After the end of the American Civil War in 1865, no White people ever forced black people to remain living here in what many black people then and now believe was and or is a White racist United States Of America. Black people were given a free choice to either voluntarily leave the United States or to voluntarily stay in the United States AT THEIR OWN RISK and INTO AND DURING AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE FOR THOSE BLACK PEOPLE WHO DECIDED TO GAMBLE AND TAKE THAT UNCERTAIN RISK AND STAY IN THE UNITED STATES, AND FOR ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO WOULD BE BORN IN THE UNITED STATES. It was choice of black people to leave the United States or to stay in the United States. Probably, many White American Citizens would have been very happy and very relieved to see many or all black people leave the United States Of America and be returned and repatriated back to Africa and avoid any and all possible future White and Black racial problems here in the United States Of America for generations and for hundreds of years into the future. Any debt and punishment and justice for the sin of the institutionalized enslavement of any and all black people in the sothern slave states of the United States Of America was paid for in full and with interest by the blood and lives that were sacrificed by approximately 630,000 to approximately 650,000 dead Union soldiers and dead Confederate soldiers during the entire American Civil War from 1861 to 1865. So the debt and justice for the sin of slavery was and has already been paid for in full and with interest long ago by approximately 630,000 to 650,000 White men who were killed during the American Civil War and as a result of the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865. Social Welfare to any black people and to all black people here in the United States should be considered as a very generous gift from White people to black people. So far, most black people seem to be professionals at being extemely wasteful and extremely ungrateful for that Social Welfare gift that was awarded and given to black people by the extremely very generous and the much too patient White Aryan European American Citizen Tax Payer Public since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement which many black people have squandered and wasted. If black people want respect, then black people must earn that respect and black people must never demand respect. Only cowards, tyrants and crminals will demand respect. Respect is not cheap. Respect is always very expensive. Earning respect can only be achieved by performing much honest work and very hard work. One last comment. Illegal Immigration equals 100% PURE COWARDICE by all foreign national illegal aliens running away like COWARDS from their own problems in their own countries rather than staying in their own countries with dignity and with self respect and face and solve their own problems head on in their own countries and therefore all illegal immigrants or illegal aliens are 100% PURE COWARDS. Undocumented workers and Undocumented immigrants and undocumented aliens and illegal immigrants and illegal aliens are all two word phrases that all 100% completely and that all 100% very accurately describes 100% PURE COWARDS. I ask you, is the Constitutional Republic Of The United States Of America a nation composed of immigrants or a nation composed of cheating and law breaking foreign COWARDS(also known as illegal immigrants or illegal aliens)???

  4. Keep up the nice work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future. I think it will be also nice if you add “send to email” tool so people can forward the articles to their friends easily.

  5. “I am in FAVOR of reparations for blacks for slavery – from the Jew and the English monarchy that started and ran the slave trade and FORCED it on this white country. From the very beginning the majority of Whites were opposed to slavery in North and South, and only 10% even of Southerners had slaves. Yes, 90% of Southerners never owned slaves.”

    No one forced Americans to engage in the slave trade, yet many Americans did so, mostly in the northern states, and made tremendous profits from the business.

    Meanwhile, at the peak, up to one in four northern households owned at least one slave. It’s true that most northerners and southerners didn’t own slaves, but they all willingly benefited from slavery.

    Finally, as for the idea that most white opposed slavery, why do you think most northern states weren’t willing to abolish slavery, even once it had mostly died out in the north? Why do you think most southern whites willingly fought a war waged largely to preserve slavery? And why do you think that as late as 1864, the Union-controlled Congress could not muster the votes to abolish slavery in the United States?

    • Good questions — although I doubt very much the guesstimate that one in four northern households owned slaves. Slaves were expensive, as much as a new car, and most whites were poor. My ancestors certainly were; Thomas Angell was GIVEN away by his parents in the 1620s and came to America himself as a servant, like many starving white children in England.

      However, The answer is GREED. Our economies got hooked on slavery, once it started. And tragically, wickedly, both Southern and Northern white men got hooked on having sex on the side with their black female slaves or manual laborers, maids, etc., which undermined both the black and the white family.

      It was wicked and wrong, and it, like drugs, embezzlement, adultery, alcohol abuse, porn and other vices, became a terrible habit.

      We must also recall that once slavery began, any white grower could not stay in business if he kept paying white men a living wage to work his fields — while his competitor was paying enslaved black labor nothing. Slavery, once it began, HAD to spread, just like drugs. And remember, there were no food stamps or any unemployment checks back then if a white grower went bankrupt. He and his family just STARVED.

      The jew has been cunningly peddling vice of all kinds for three thousand years, and that is why Queen Elizabeth I and Francis Drake brought sephardic jews in to finance and run it.

      Thomas Jefferson was faced with this terrible dilemma of what to do with the slaves. He understood that blacks and whites could and would NEVER get along, because they are too different and they have long memories of being hurt by each other. (I just saw the film “Higher Learning” on DVD, confirming this.) Jefferson wrote: “We have a wolf by the ears and we can neither hold on nor let go.”

      In the end, six hundred thousand white men died fighting about slavery (and other issues) from 1861-65, and the violence continues to this very day.

      As a middle school teacher, I saw how, once puberty begins, the races, in the school cafeteria, tend to segregate voluntarily more and more. Why? Because black boys want their black girls to be interested in THEM, and the same with the white boys. They seethe at white girls going with black boys. That is nature at work. You cannot and should not fight it. I believe in the integrity and heritage of the black race, and in our race’s preservation as well.

      Marcus Garvey had the right idea — and that is why the jews railroaded him using the Black Star ocean liner company’s problems. We need a Marcus Garvey for TODAY for the unbrainwashed African American young people of today, and a white Marcus Garvey to lead Whites into an amiable separation on good terms.

      And I am serious — reparations for black slavery. Perhaps 10% from whites, 40% from the jews, 40% British monarchy — and 10% from black African chieftains.

      (Let us never forget that no 5’4″ jewboy went into the jungle or savannah to capture those big, strapping African men. He bribed African kings and chieftains to capture their own fellow blacks — and bring them to the jew on the beach for rum and gold!)

      Further, blacks have been guilty of exterminating the separate African race called pygmies. and whites have had to repeatedly protect pygmies from blacks.

      Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pygmies):

      Reports of genocide

      In 2003, Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of Mbuti pygmies, told the UN’s Indigenous People’s Forum that during the Congo Civil War, his people were hunted down and eaten as though they were game animals. In neighbouring North Kivu province there has been cannibalism by a group known as Les Effaceurs (“the erasers”) who wanted to clear the land of people to open it up for mineral exploitation.[19] Both sides of the war regarded them as “subhuman” and some say their flesh can confer magical powers.[20] Makelo asked the UN Security Council to recognise cannibalism as a crime against humanity and an act of genocide.[21] According to Minority Rights Group International there is extensive evidence of mass killings, cannibalism and rape of Pygmies and have urged the International Criminal Court to investigate a campaign of extermination against pygmies. Although they have been targeted by virtually all the armed groups, much of the violence against Pygmies is attributed to the rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, which is part of the transitional government and still controls much of the north, and their allies.[22]

      [edit] Slavery

      In the Republic of Congo, where Pygmies make up 5 to 10% of the population, many Pygmies live as slaves to Bantu masters. The nation is deeply stratified between these two major ethnic groups. The Pygmy slaves belong from birth to their Bantu masters in a relationship that the Bantus call a time-honored tradition. Even though the Pygmies are responsible for much of the hunting, fishing and manual labor in jungle villages, Pygmies and Bantus alike say Pygmies are often paid at the master’s whim; in cigarettes, used clothing, or even nothing at all. As a result of pressure from UNICEF and human-rights activists, a law that would grant special protections to the Pygmy people is awaiting a vote by the Congo parliament.[23][2


      To avert a race war in South Africa after th end of apartheid, a Truth Aand Reconciliaiotn Commission was set up, where blacks and whites both were to come clean about the atrocities committed against each other and seek forgiveness.

      On the black slavery issue, we need a Truth and Reconciliaiotn Commisison wit five participants:


      –World Jewry

      –the British monarchy

      –the Muslim world

      –white Americans

      Once we have all dealt with the psychopaths in each race and community who are responsible for the terrible tragedy of black slavery, then we can solve the problem we face today.

      And there is only one solution — that white Solutreans work with blacks to create black self-rule for those who want it.

      It is just as Thomas Jefferson said in his Autobiography in 1821:

      “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate, than that these people are to be free; [the inscription on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC leaves off the rest, however] nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.”

      And in his Notes on the State of Virginia (1787):

      “Deep-rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; the thousands recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which Nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into two parties, and produce convulsions, which will probably never end but in the extermination of one or the other race.”

      This is what blacks face — that a race war will occur and in the end whites and blacks will slaughter each other, then jews, hispanics and Chinese will slaughter the survivors and divide up the country over our bodies.

      We need to act, and to act now in concerted action, because we — both the European-Americans and the African-Americans — are on the verge of a jew-caused economic abyss that can trigger this race war. Let us avoid this looming tragedy. My honest hand is out, to fight our common jew enemy and establish black rule over black communities with all the help and managerial skill the white Solutrean community can muster. You can trust an honest white racist ten times more than a hypocritical, treacherous, sweet-talking jew.

      Black people, unlike jews, do not want to rule the world; they want law and order, they want happy family life, work, fun, music, food, vacations, and to beleft alone to live out their lives in freedom and dignity under their own rulers whom they select. That is what Solutreans want for OUR white people also. Self-determination of the peoples.

      “Keeping it real” is a well-known black expression. I embrace that in my dealings with you. Not one word above is mere propaganda.

      Blacks are never going to run America. They are not going to build computers and rockets and take over Wall Street. They are already in third place behind the Hispanics and slipping behind fast as it is.

      And the half-white, all-millionaire Obama is merely a coffee-colored version of Bush, a betrayer of his people to the jew as Bush betrayed whites to the same jew.

      Blacks cannot rule America, but they can be exterminated — by a jew-controlled America.

      Call me: (724) 353-0154 Prove those white nationalists wrong who tell me:

      “You’re wasting your time. The blacks are too stupid to listen to you, John.”

      I KNOW that among the 37 million African-Americans there are true, decent and noble black potential leaders, especially in the younger generation, who have the education, knowledge and street smarts to see where all this is going for them in jewmerica.

      If the jew were your friend, why is he bringing in Mexicans?

      [I put our exchange, James, also on my webpage: “For African-Americans” (http://democratic-republicans.us/jdn/for-african-americans/)]

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