Watson announces he is leaving YouTube; Sonnenrad video platform is back; my 2011 video is returning, proving American whites already became a minority in 2005

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Paul Joseph Watson has had it with Google/Youtube demonetization and shadow-bans.


…..Faceberg just deleted five of my posts on my 2011 video proving whites became a minority in the US back in 2005


This is a very good article. But it is also delusional in its foundational facts. As I proved in a full-length video back in 2011, the country is already minority-white. Why? A forty-million US Census undercount of illegal aliens from Mexico…… Except for a few all-white pockets, always areas of dire poverty, Mexicans, Somalis and others are pouring now even into the smallest white towns. (This is also true of Germany. My American friend Roy lives in a small town in Hessen, which is now ten-percent “Syrian.”)

The white population is dropping now by about 250,000 a year as the WWII and Korean War generations die out, and now we Baby Boomers, 70 million of us, b. 1946-64, are also beginning to die.
Once we Boomers are gone, the country will be 80% black, brown and yellow, and extremely hostile. It will be exactly like South Africa.
There is no more time to lose. And once Trump is removed by Deep-State THUG Robert Mueller or murdered by the JWO,
…..they will move on the First and Second Amendments under the arch-fiend and neo-con Mike Pence.
This is a big reason why the Jews took down TruTube and Sonnenrad.tv (which is now back up, however) and with them my video proving we whites are a minority now, and have been a MINORITY since 2005!!!!!!!
Whites will never relinquish their guns if it is hammered home to them that we are now already outnumbered (not to mention we are rapidly AGING)!
Every time they push amnesty for illegals, they lie that we are talking “11 million illegals.” BULL! It is FORTY MILLION!
Randall Carey I almost NEVER see an extended family in the public setting where all members of the family are White. Seems like every couple I see these days is mixed race. There doesn’t seem to be any viable Aryan DNA basis for any kind of resurgence in Murika….Hitler had it right 80 years ago concerning this country. But we will be soon if we don’t speak up.
I replied:
I really do believe we whites have been a minority since 2005. Virginia Abernethy, professor emerita at Vanderbilt University (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Abernethy) edited for 12 years the most reputable scientific journal on demographics (population studies) in the world for the Springer Verlag publishing house in Germany .which owns 1,000 top scientific journals.
I heard her speak in Washington DC in 2006 and say there is a 40 mio Mexican undercount — on purpose — and whites are therefore a minority.
The real US population is around 400 million.
Look at the traffic congestion. Look at the soaring rents, all signs of an exploding US population, the “Browning of America.” Only the exurbs and rural areas are still white. I talked the other day to a female Navy vet who said her rent in Ohio was $400 three years ago, and now it is $600. It has gone up by 50% in three years. That is due to population pressure!  Where I am, the population is FALLING, and therefore I am able to rent an entire house for $350! 
Population pressure is what drives up all housing prices!
If you won’t pay $600 for a small apartment, next to blacks and browns,someone else will!
Virginia Abernethy (born 1934) is a Cuban-born American academic. She is professor emerita of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She has published research on population demography and immigration. She ran for Vice President of the United States in 2012 alongsid…

…….Sonnenrad is  back; f–k YouTube!

Sonnenrad belongs to a very close friend and ally, an IT specialist who is an Australian of pure German parentage and of German as well as Aussie citizenship. He is now an expat living in a fiercely antizionist country.

I am about to start uploading my key videos and others there, starting with my “American whites are a minority now” video.
I need your financial support, not “likes” on Faceberg, to keep Sonnenrad growing.


…..Idiot Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe spouts the exact opposite of the truth about great Virginian founding fathers  

[Addressing the Charlottesville WNs]

“You pretend that you are patriots – but you’re anything but a patriot. You wanna talk about patriots, talk about Thomas Jefferson, George Washington – who brought our country together. Think about the patriots today who are putting their lives in danger – they are patriots – you are not,” he said. McAuliffe went on to stress that outsiders that had come to Virginia to promote hatred were less than welcome.


“Our message is plain and simple: Go home. You are not wanted in this great Commonwealth. Shame on you.”

Referring to the US being a global melting pot, “the nation of immigrants” since it its early years, McAuliffe argued that“diversity, the mosaic tile of immigrants is what makes us so special.”

“My message is clear – we are stronger than you. You have made our Commonwealth stronger. You will not succeed, there is no place for you here – there is no place for you in America,” he said.

My message to you,  Terry McCaulife,  is that Jefferson and Washington were slave owners —  and, especially Jefferson, overt white supremacists! (And so were Andrew Jackson and Ben Franklin, a nordicist who wrote a famous essay, “America, a Land of Opportunity” in 1750, saying America should take in only NORTHERN Europeans!)

Once my videos go back up on the reborn Sonnenrad.tv, you will see the proof! THE FOUNDING FATHERS AND OTHER PRESIDENTS WERE WHITE NATIONALISTS.


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  1. Give a Nazi salute in Germany, and get assaulted by a brainwashed German, then face 3 years in jail or a heavy fine. Note also the degenerate “anti-Nazi” sculptures of demonic werewolves placed in front of a Dresden church by some liberal “artist” named Rainer Opolka:


    It shows just how worried the Jews are about a resurgence of National Socialism in Germany, that they have to resort to this type of petty tyranny. They want to totally own and control everything and everyone. Coming soon to America and the rest of the world.

    • IMO they are going to lose either way, by the rise of a resolute new Aryan people, or by starting a WWIII that will pave Jew York, TeL Aviv, London and Paris with green … green glass. In the Van Rensburg prophecy, Germans of the Fourth Reich and their experienced junior partners, the Boers, rule and rebuild the world, not the snot-nosed J-Team.

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