Washington Com-Post fake news: John de Nugent and cohorts are defaming poor little Leo Frank!

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Leo Frank was lynched [executed according to law by the sheriff of Cobb County Georgia ] for a murder he didn’t commit [did commit]. Now neo-Nazis are trying  to rewrite history [umm, and succeeding with something called the facts]


I guess they don’t like this! 😉 I am a curator there.
And they hate these Frank-Phagan articles — found on my own site, JohndeNugent.com:
Or my audiobooks such as these:
Margi Huffstickler recorded this audiobook:
and this…
So, yeah, we know something about the case. 😉
What hurts them the most is that I have exposed how what Leo Frank 1) did to Mary Phagan and 2) what said at his trial:

threaten, beat, rape, murder, lie, bribe, and frame and accuse the innocent,

was in strict obedience to the Talmudic injunctions of his Jewish religion!
A colleague at Leofrank.org wrote me:
I found this book on the Internet. It is the biography of the Jewish supremacist and advertising magnate Albert D. Lasker, who with Jewish supremacist and press mogul Adolph Ochs (of New York Times infamy) led the national cause célèbre on Leo Frank’s behalf to rehabilitate his image in the mainstream media. 
I’d like you to read what Albert Lasker actually thought about Leo Frank.
He called him a pervert and a “megalomaniac.”  
The guy who spent millions creating a media circus FOR Frank, in blind loyalty to his fellow Jew, actually, secretly, wished that Leo Frank would “slip on a banana peel, and break his neck.” You have got to see this to believe it.



……Here, now, is the Washington Com-Post article

It contains my bracketed retorts in blue and bold, where I call fake news out as fake when I see it.
May 22 [photos added by me, John de Nugent]

[Gee, Jacob Bogus, excuse me, Bogage, you sure look Jewish, and so IMO should have recused yourself from writing this article about a Jew — the president of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta — out of a lack of objectivity. Furthermore, you are a sports reporter with no expertise in American history ! https://bogageblog.wordpress.com/

Btw, as a no doubt card-carrying liberal, would it perhaps, just maybe, bother you in the slightest that Leo Frank tried to frame two innocent black men, his own employees (the night watchman Newt Lee and the janitor, Jim Conley), and send them to the gallows for the rape and murder he committed?

Atlanta Detective John Black with Newt Lee, who was in terrible danger of being lynched as a black man after the body of the ravished, strangled Mary Phagan was found.

Jim Conley refused Frank’s order to feed the body into the furnace of the pencil factory, and, stricken with pity,  reverently folded the dead girl’s arms in a cross over her chest.She had fought off her rapist-strangler to the last, and her arms were still raised in unnerving rigor mortis when Conley saw the body.

Corpses of Confederate soldiers with rigor mortis and their arms still raised to fend off attacking Northern soldiers.

Did you know that your beloved LeoMaxFrank had his lawyers “play the race card” to the max (in vain, btw) to the Southern, all-white jury — the black-rapist-white- female-victim card — and the NY Times did the same, calling the innocent Jim Conley a “filthy, brutish negro”?]

Their deaths were at once famous and obscure. Their killers were known, well-liked and walked free. One slaying led to the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. The next, the Anti-Defamation League. [Wrong: the ADL was already founded as soon as Frank was convicted, in August, 1915. He was not hanged until August 1915, two years later — and after five levels of the court system and three juries had confirmed his crystal-clear guilt.]

The twin murders of Mary Phagan and Leo Max Frank [Frank was not murdered, but executed in accordance with the judgments of a jury in Fulton County, Georgia; the state court of appeals; the Georgia Supreme court; and twice the US Supreme Court…

confirming the decisions of a coroner’s jury, a grand jury and a petit jury] will always haunt the South, cultural historians [Jews or gentiles married to Jewesses, and highly paid for books spouting their line] say.

Phagan, a 13-year-old child laborer at an Atlanta pencil factory, was found strangled in the facility’s basement in 1913.

[Well, you certainly pass over the victim pretty fast. It’s always about the Jews, isn’t it?

Had Mary, a 13-year-old of legendary beauty and immaculate character, very popular and respected, lived to 20, she would have looked like this young woman, with star-blue eyes and radiant light auburn hair.]


Frank, the factory superintendent and a member of a prominent Jewish family [ummm, are you fake-newsers forgetting Ivy League engineering graduate and “PRESIDENT OF B’NAI B’RITH OF GEORGIA?], was convicted of the crime, then kidnapped from prison and lynched in 1915.

Overwhelming evidence [utterly wrong] implicates Jim Conley, a black factory aide, in Phagan’s murder. Instead, he was the prosecution’s star witness against Frank. A showman under oath, an all white jury relied on his testimony to convict a Jewish industrialist.

[The evidence against Frank was SO overwhelming that even the three Jews on the grand jury voted to indict their fellow Jew. The evidence was so strong that for the first time in Southern history a white man — this German Jew — was condemned to death based partly, though only partly, on the word of a black man. But the OTHER evidence that Frank was lying was also massive — and both detective teams hired by Frank concluded he was guilty!] 

Conley was convicted as an accessory after the fact. He spent the rest of his life in and out of prison, mostly on convictions for violence against women. [unproven]

Today, the murders continue to reverberate in the era of fake news and the alt-right white nationalist movement.

“The Leo Frank case is interesting in that you’re never going to meet a Nazi who doesn’t know about it,” said Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

After Georgia Gov. John Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence in 1915 for a dearth of evidence, a mob of Atlanta’s social elites — the self-declared “Knights of Mary Phagan” — abducted Frank from prison.

The operation was well planned. Machinists cut the prison’s phone lines. Others drained the gas out of police cars so they couldn’t give chase. They posted lookouts in the towns along their 150-mile drive to Marietta from the jail in Milledgeville.

They hanged Frank at dawn in an oak grove owned by Marietta’s former sheriff, pointing him toward Phagan’s house.

The democratically elected sheriff of Cobb County, Georgia, W.W. Swanson, conducted the hanging.

Local prosecutors vowed they’d track down the lynchers. None ever stood trial.

A month later, a crowd of 30 men, including some of the lynchers, convened on Stone Mountain to christen the revival of the Ku Klux Klan.

More than 100 years later, the effort to implicate Frank in the crime continues. The largest and most easily accessible online databases about the case are run by avowed white supremacists Kevin Strom, a [framed] convicted pedophile, and John De [sic:”de”] Nugent, who claims warring species of ancient aliens colonized the planet, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

[I guess the 50% of’Americans who believe we are not alone is all just kooks. Among them have been been Ronald Reagan, FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, and many Apollo astronauts.]

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

They maintain www.leofrank.info, a site branded as “The Leo Frank Case Research Library,” and www.maryphagan.org.The Forward, a national Jewish newspaper, investigated Strom and De Nugent’s links to the sites in 2013.

The Web pages, updated sometimes daily, contain thousands of authentic documents about the Phagan murder, including full evidence briefings from the Georgia Supreme Court and photocopies of newspaper articles.

But the sites, of course, dispute the historical consensus [of Jews] of Frank’s innocence. They include links to white supremacist publications National Vanguard, Occidental Dissent and American Mercury. It links to a photo album that includes fabricated images of Phagan. A page titled “Jewish Reaction to the Guilt of Leo Frank” sends readers to the website “The White Network,” which bills itself as a forum for “Whites talking to Whites about White interests.”

Why does the Frank case continue to galvanize the white supremacist community? For one thing, the trial gave rise to the Anti-Defamation League, linking southern black and northern Jewish communities in a cause for civil rights.

“It’s not the case itself so much but how successfully Jews and Jewish interests organized around it that confirms to white supremacists that all the conspiracies [hunh? you mean “conspiracy theories”] about Jewish control of the media are true,” said Jeffrey Melnick, a professor of American studies at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and author of “Black-Jewish Relations on Trial: Leo Frank and Jim Conley in the New South.”

New York Times owner Adolph Ochs mobilized his newsroom to cover Frank’s trial and crusade on his behalf. Advertising magnate Albert Lasker organized Jews from New York, Chicago, Washington and New Orleans to donate to Frank’s defense and publish articles in his favor, said Steve Oney, author of “And the Dead Shall Rise,” considered [by Jews] the definitive work on the Phagan-Frank case.

The strategy backfired. The Jeffersonian, a popular tabloid, began publishing rebuttals to Ochs’s columns and relied increasingly on anti-Semitic tropes to defend Georgia’s reputation.

[Ummm, this “popular tabloid,” unlike the cruddy Jew tabloids of our time, was high-quality and written by an experienced trial lawyer, Congressman and later United States Senator named Thomas Watson,who has a statue facing the Georgia Capitol!

Some “tabloid”! It was packed with facts! 

Watson as Congressman got “RFD” — Rural Free Delivery –for every farm family in rural America from the US Post Office! Before that, only city folks got their mail delivered free daily!

And this fake-news-paper Jew omits that Watson also had a first-class magazine for the highly educated, Watsons’s Magazine, where he won over the elite of Georgia to the cause of punishing Frank for his rape and murder! 




Another retold accounts of Jewish blood libel, myths of Jews using the blood of gentile children in sacrifice rituals, in medieval Russian villages.

[What? Watson was discussing the then current 1913 case of proven ritual murder by Menachem Beilis!

Little Andrew Yushchinksky of Ukraine was found with every drop of blood drained from his body and a hundred puncture wounds all over. I guess blood-slurping squirrels did it. 

But this Jew, professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel,

….son of Eli Toaff, the Grand Rabbi of Rome …..

says the Jews DID do ritual murder of Christian children!

BLOOD PASSOVER Ariel Toaff 2007This is his book!]

The trumped-up anti-Semitism [no, because no other Jews were harmed!] led to the lynch party’s formation, Oney said, and the slow withdrawal of Jews from southern life. These Web pages try to do the same thing to stoke fears and stereotypes of Jews from a century-old crime, Oney said.

“It’s something I don’t think the Jewish community takes seriously enough,” he said. “The scary thing about it to me is that it portrays itself as a fair and straightforward account of the Frank case.”

It’s old news. And still fake.

[end of article]

[Ummm, Oney himself [photo] has backtracked on this and has been factually hammered by Leofrank.org, me and Strom — for years now on many details. 

For one example:

JdN: The number of lies told about this case by various Jews — or sold-out authors married to Jews such as Steve Oney — are just about infinite. Oney (and Jewish author Albert Lindemann — both claim Frank was a scrawny five-foot-six, thus making him less likely to physically dominate, “KO” and rape the four-foot-eleven Mary Phagan.

But Frank’s own application for a US passport shows clearly that Frank stood five-foot-eight tall,  nine inches taller than his female child victim.  Chances are that seven years after college and then marriage, and becoming a factory manager, his weight climbed to 150 to 155 lbs.  Plenty of power for slugging a 13-year-old, 4’11” girl!




This source, https://archive.org/details/CornellSeniorClassBook1906, the 1906 Cornell Senior Class Book, pp 344 and 345, lists Leo Frank as 5’8″ and 145 lbs. 


Mary Phagan, 13


Four-foot-eleven and eyes of blue, 13, a perfect Christian girl who had never dated any boy. Her only sexual experience,  occurring at the end of her brief life, was being slugged, raped and strangled by a hate-filled Jew boss whose disgusting demands for sex (and he loved anal) she had for months coldly, and finally furiously rejected!




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  1. They go the whole article without citing a single specific piece of evidence in-article. “Read this book, believe us”.

  2. These jews just can’t stop lying.
    It is naturally in them, in their blood, just as Jesus said.
    And the worst is all that ORGANIZED LYING.
    Jews are natural, organized liars of the worst kind.
    Woe to countries “blessed” with them.
    Regards, J

  3. People, accustomed to be small liars in everyday life, don’t imagine or realize what a powerful venom organized lying is.
    So, our sins facilitate the workings of our enemy.
    In a morally highstanding society, this kind of enemy that thrives on every kind of rottenness, would have little chance to succeed.
    A Little lying here, another Little stealing there, a bit of cheating, a some Little unfaithfulness….it doesn’t hurt, the sheeple think. But Little by Little they open the doors to the enemy, and give him fertile ground to work.
    Regards, J

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