UPDATED Was Germanwings death pilot a psycho gay Jew?

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Was psycho death pilot on Germanwings a homosexual Jew?

“Lubitz” is DEFINITELY



(created in collaboration with Giacomo Vallone, founder and director of www.EuropeanKnightsProject.com)


Twitter photo: The dark-haired, Jewish-named Andreas Lubitz, 28 and unmarried, at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, the mecca of American homosexuals. Very dark-looking for a northern German, This is the psycho human turd who deliberately crashed the Germanwings jet, killing 150 innocent people.. a closet gay outraged at homophobia??  AIDS test came back positive?



Very swarthy for a “German,” here is the body-building, possible gay Lubitz — jogging in a 2009 marathon in Hamburg



*** Update

To the extent one can believe anything in the jewsmedia….


This Jew was a total narcissist .. The article claims he had a girlfriend…. true or not, who knows? The powerful gay lobby certainly would not want it to come out that this mass murderer was a queer…. So he was suffering from serious depression, and said he would “someday do something so the world would remember him.”… As far as I am concerned, and unfortunately I have known queers much of my life, and bisexuals (having been molested as a kid) I maintain he could still be “bi.” The visit to San Francisco made me suspicious, and something bitchy, self-centered and whiny about him seems fem-gay to me — bitchy gay hairdresser-style. Many gays are full of rage at a “homophobic world.”



Newest BS from the zioblogs:

DemocracyRules DemocracyRules • 15 hours ago

Associates of Lubitz say he broke off his relationship with his Muslim girlfriend after he pledged to commit Jihad for Allah. [WTF!?]

German police searched Lubitz’s house and found evidence about why he crashed the plane. They wouldn’t say more, but it’s not a suicide note. They seized several computers as well. So much for the “terrorism is ruled out” meme.

More at romancatholicimperialist and jihadwatch.  Search term: “Andreas Lubitz Muslim”

“Lubitz” is as Jewish a name as they get, and post-Hitler Germany unfortunately now has over 119,000 Jews under closet Jewish chancellor Angela Kasner Merkel 


 Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in Israel 2008

Other Lubitzes: 

Robert Lubitz, litigation attorney with Kantrowitz, Goldhamer and Graifman


 Adam Lubitz, actor at Columbia University, New York City 


 Arthur Lubitz, MD, allergy doctor, New York City




A Steve Lubitz, found on Twitter — classic Jewish features


 Spencer Lubitz, tv anchor (http://media.jrn.com/images/Lubitz_Spencer_new.jpg)  (who was actually tweeting about the mass-murdering Andreas Lubitz (a distant relative ?)


Anna Lubitz, Miss New York


German-Jewish movie director and Jew Ernst Lubitsch (very similar name), who worked in pre-Hitler Berlin and then  in Hollywood


And now back to the copilot (and mass murderer?) himself…. Andreas Lubitz…. WELL, he looks faggoty to me.


The Germanwings Airbus 320, flight 9525, which this psycho Jew crashed, killing 150 after a terrorizing descent with the captain pounding frantically in uniform on the cockpit door as passengers freaked and screamed.



Airbus 320 cockpit


cockpit inside locking mechanism

A picture inside a flight simulator shows the door locking system of an Airbus A320 in Vienna

? I can only imagine the deep terror that came over the pilot and passengers as they realized what was happening.


The sadistic, psychopathic bastard did a slow descent and the passengers knew — by the captain standing there in uniform, POUNDING on the cockpit door — that something was very wrong, and were screaming at the end.



  • Crash area in the southern French Alps where by coincidence my second wife Brigitte and I tried to buy a small winter skiing hotel with investor money to make into a year-round resort, because of many summertime activiies, such as hang gliding and hiking
    My second wife (2002-05) was French and had worked in the hotel and cruise-ship business.
    So I somewhat know the area…. We were there often and researched it carefully, but every bank turned us down for the final loan — maybe Rabbi Cohen made a few phone calls to quash the deal?
    Germanwings is a discount spinoff of Lufthansa and has an excellent safety record — but lower prices to compete with Ryan Air and other cut-rate European airlines. Lufthansa was shocked when it first heard a plane traveling at 1) normal cruising speed 2) in perfect weather and 3) under experienced pilots had crashed.
    Some of the 300 French gendarmes (rural police) and 380 firemen on the scene; their goal is to get all the bodies off this high Alpine terrain by the end of the week.
    French Police and Gendarmerie Alpine rescue units gather on a field as they prepare to reach the crash site of an Airbus A320
    A gendarme looks up the mountain and guards the site where many body parts are found. The jet steered by the mad Jew hit the mountain at about 500 mph.
    Germanwings A320 abgestürzt - St. Pierre
    Candles lit in grief and memory at the Joseph Koenig high school (“gymnasium” in German) in Germany for the 16 pupils killed as they innocently flew home.
    Germanwings A320 abgestürzt - Haltern am See
    Principal Ulrich Wessel of Haltern, Germany said: “I hope I never again have such a day in my life as this.”
    Germany France Plane Crash
    Gordon Thompson The fact that his breathing was normal during the descent may mean he was unconscious. There is a possibility that CIA/MOSSAD can take over these planes remotely.  It is hard to maintain normal breathing when you are about to die.
  • John D. Nugent Well, that is indeed a thought, Gordon….
  • John D. Nugent Hmm, and hard to imagine he did not HEAR the captain pounding like hell on the cockpit door.
  • Gordon Thompson ….unless he was immobilized or paralyzed by drugs or some method.
  • John D. Nugent Well, it could be a remove takeover — BUT how was the door locked from inside!? A human had to get up and do that, right?
  • Gordon Thompson Actually, the cockpit door autolocks, and cannot be opened five minutes after being closed unless opened from within.
  • Lena Svensson I hear people say he was a jew. Comments got deleted while I watched on... http://rt.com/news/244265-a320-crash-deliberate-pilot/

    The Germanwings co-pilot seemed to have crashed the…
  • Gordon Thompson If the copilot was unconscious, he could not respond.  Even a jew would not have normal breathing if conscious. 😉  The doors lock automatically and there is a code to re-enter, but it does not work after five minutes.

Well, we shall see.  If the Jew Lubitz did not deliberately do it, was this a Mossad punishment for France, like the January “Charlie Hebdo” attack, for recognizing a Palestinian state in December?

Real or (almost certainly) fake execution of a Paris cop



Was it punishment for both France and Germany for meeting with Vladimir Putin and advocating a peaceful solution to the Ukraine conflict?  (Eastern Ukrainian rebels, backed by Russia, are now holding territory taken away from the Ukrainian army.)

Belarus’ Lukashenko, Russia’s Putin, Germany’s Merkel and France’s Hollande met and agree to a ceasefire.



….Jack the Ripper … turns out to have been a Jew, too

Jack the Ripper a Polish Jew


….Next project to raise funds

I am recording an audiobook today in German and in English — Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin – A Dialogue with Hitler and Me — for pay: https://archive.org/details/DerBolschewismusVonMosesBisLenin in German and http://www.jrbooksonline.com/…/bolshevism_from_moses_to_len…

(German summary) Adolf und Eckart zerreißen das Alte Testament und erklären die jüdische Pöbelvolkstrategie
AH and Dietrich Eckart (photo right) shred the Old Testament and explain the ancient strategy, recently called “bolshevism,” of agitating and LEADING the scum of society with messages of hate, murder, theft and envy.
An early Hitler in 1920 with Bavarian checkered flags
  • As a French print newsletter (by revisionist René-Louis Berclaz) called Courrier du Continent points out, the Left for 30 years now has done NOTHING for the working class.
    The ENTIRE focus of the Left now is “fighting homophobia, antisemitism, male sexism and white racism.” PERIOD.
    The working class can go sell their bodies on the streetcorner as male or female prostitutes, work at McDonald’s, sell heroin, or (like many here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) join the military and (after getting 16 vaccinations, which will make them sterile or cause them to have autistic kids) go off and kill other innocent working-class people in the Middle East.
    The Jews don’t care about anyone. They just want to rile up the lowest instincts and trashiest elements in society, such as gay Jews and goy scum, and overthrow all Gentile society.


My site has been down constantly for the last week.

  • John James Jones John, we know whose handiwork that is.  Real heroes they are, protecting the poor little flock from the truth.
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    They closed my PayPal account, my bank accounts, my Wikipedia article, my gmails accounts, my YouTube accounts, my paid Photobucket account with 3,500 photos, my credit card donations (twice), they arrested or by threat of arrest turned two of my assistants, and got another to embezzle $4,200, and they stole my incoming mail for four months in 2012 and again in the summer of 2014. They even once stole a key piece of outgoing mail,. a payment, so as make me in arrears on paying a $3 parking ticket (which finally went up to $90!), to thus maneuver me into a situation where an arrest warrant would be issued on me for non-payment of $90 — so as to get me into a courthouse — past the metal detectors and of course, then unarmed — and there to arrest me, as they did Matt Hale.
    Mysteriously, after I raised holy hell, the police department claims it DID get and deposit the parking ticket payment, but the US Postal Service sent me a refund on the money order, because it had NOT been cashed! Only conclusion: the police department was COVERING for the postal clerk who had stolen my payment so as set me up to be arrested!

    Entire websites call me a homosexual, pedophile, parasite and con man. I am the most attacked WN in America by FAR.

    And yet you have decided I am a “loser.” It seems the Jews and the US government beg to differ. They are acting far more concerned — not about me now, of course, because their financial strangulation tricks work great and avoid making me into a martyr as a bullet or car bomb would —
    Rockwell lived as man (and my first WN group I joined was his)
    with his Icelandic wife
    …giving it to MLK
    ..and he died like a man of two rifle slugs to the chest
    I talked with Robert Mathews right after his famous 1983 speech about fighting like men


    Mathews went down in an FBI firefight on Whidbey Island in 1984, Washington State, burned alive like Joan of Arc.

    But with ME, the goverment does not want that. No martyrdom — they want to just STARVE me out. Death by a thousand pin pricks.

    All this unending harassment since 2007 suggests they DO worry about my potential to disrupt their rule.
    Here is what two presidents Bush and Obama have done to me: http://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/about-john/two-bushes-and-obama-against-jdn/
    I am glad at least the Enemy respects me; your only sign of life is to criticize. 😉
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Lying bastard Obama up to his old postal tricks again! After protesting, the 50 euro donation mailed to me on March second just arrived now — on March 27th! “Only” 25 days to cross the Atlantic — I guess by kayak!


  • This is because I was screaming bloody murder on my blog and FB, and the comrade in Hungary (who writes to me in German) demanded an investigation in Hungary!
    Obama trick: by the letter arriving, that “proves” I was just IMAGINING he was stealing the US mail.
    So when, Oh Great One, will the two donations from S. and L in Germany and the one from Holland also arrive?

…..WN bio of JdN



…..”How will you financially sustain a movement once you start it?”

Same as Hitler’s NSDAP,


…or the Jews, or the Mormons, the Amish, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or even a fitness club — to create a membership organization that expects due to to be paid every month — or the member is excommunicated/dropped/disfellowshipped/shunned.

People will donate dues if they become MEMBERS of a genuine community and organization that is doing something for them –emotionally, spiritually, psychologically — and for the Cause they believe in.

With the Amish if you break the rules you are excommunicated. Same with Jehovah’a Witnesses, disfellowshipping.

It is not that WNs refuse to send money; it is that there is no membership organization they believe in and want to join.

BUT no one wants to be thrown out of an organization they love and where their friends are found.

And the J-Team goal is to prevent ME, John de Nugent, from ever founding that new spiritual faith and community.

And that is why my website is down right half the time now — and the US Post Office under Barack Hussein Obama is stealing the US Mail. Un-believ-able.

  • John D. Nugent I am glad that Barack thinks of me. 😉 After all, I am the first blogger in America to run in the summer of 2008 the nude glamor pix of his whoring, communist, Khazar mother.
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  • John D. Nugent A few weeks after he became president, he arrested my then assistant — three squad cars, and steel leg, chest and wrist chains. 87 days in solitary, then expelled
  • John D. Nugent The same day he was arrested in March 2009, Don Black and Stormfront
    started attacking me and deleted my thread “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” on Stormfront, which had over 264,000 views.
  • John D. Nugent ( I also ran similar threads on other fora, such as this:http://www.thephora.net/forum/showthread.php…)

    Apocalypse of the Psychopaths Psychology
  • John D. Nugent A comrade suggested I stop all negative attacks I replied:
    1) They are COUNTER-attacks on those trying to destroy me (and us) in every way, including eventually physically.
    I already had a local lady (a Christian Zionist hate zombie) call the sheriff on me! — because I showed her the Star of David on the back of the one-dollar bill when SHE asked ME who I thought ran the country.
    I have had the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) three times to my house.
    2) This dimension is a place of struggle between good and evil…. It is not and never, ever has been a place of peace. Sharks eat seals; Khazars devour goyim.
    3) If you become a sheep, you will attract a wolf.
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  • Peter Sabatini Yes. indeed…( just a little try at humor there, John )

    Peter Sabatini's photo.
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  • John D. Nugent Glad my daughters never dated Wolfie Cohen! 😉 
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