Virtus videos 6, 7 & 8 why people won’t talk about God, death or religion; hard-science studies at U. Virginia of life after death and being reborn back to this earth; Normandy 1944 and 2014

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…..Virtus video 6 — fear of religion, and reluctance to talk or even think about God and if there is an afterlife

John de Nugent interviews Pittsburghers about the faux religion of football (the often champion team called the Steelers), fear to talk about or even think about religion, God, and life after death.

They fear cults, or often have been let down by their church or religion.

And they ask if there is a God, why do really terrible things sometimes happen to good people?

50% of people (and now even 30% of Christians) believe in the possibility of reincarnation, which also means karma — that previous sins may be punished in the next incarnation.

The Gospel of John in the Christian New Testament, at the beginning of chapter nine, touches on both reincarnation and suffering in the case of a man, a beggar, who was born blind. The disciples ask Jesus if he was born blind due to 1) his sins (which in the case of a baby would obviously mean reincarnation or at least some sort of pre-existence where one can sin BEFORE being born on earth) — or 2) was he being punished for his parents’ sins?

Punishment of children and descendants for the sin of an ancestor is a very Jewish notion, reflecting a religion — early Judaism before the Exile to Babylon — that originally had no heaven or hell or any afterlife at all; this is a point (again, regarding EARLY Judaism) which Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists accurately make.

(But later Judaism and Christianity, taking on Aryan, Zoroastrian doctrines from the Persians, the ancient white Iranians, DO preach the possibility or the certainty of a conscious afterlife, judgment of the soul, heavens and hells.)

“Saint” Paul, a top Sanhedrin official and member of the Pharisees (the enemies of Jesus who later composed the vile Talmud) participated in the killing by stoning of the first Christan martyr, Stephen, then announced he had seen a vision of Jesus on the way to Damascus, Syria, he was now an apostle too alongside the key disciples in Jerusalem who had actually known Jesus for years, and proceeded to diabolically rejudaize Christianity, saying we humans have to die because of the sin of Adam in the Garden of Eden in 4000 BC…. and claimed that Jesus’ crucifixion at the demand of the Pharisee leaders was God’s will in order to erase that sin by Adam…but we all, including Christians, still have to die anyway.  (But the crucixion means we go to heaven forever at death just by the act of believing that Jesus’ death washed away the sin of Adam in 4000 BC and that Jesus is our “Lord.”)

The actual Greek of this passage and an English translation



The video ends with the story of Nick Vujicic, a charming, courageous funny and inspiring Australian born with no arms or legs, and a strong Christian (now married, since 2012, and with two children, btw).


…..Virtus video 6 — Ian Stevenson MD, Jim Tucker MD and hard-science reincarnational research at the U. of Virginia


Ian Stevenson MD


Jim Tucker MD



University of Virginia, created by President Thomas Jefferson (my younger daughter Erika has a double bachelor’s degree in nursing and in fine art — realistic/representational, not abstract — from here)

Two superb Tucker books


This one is especially heart-warming while remaining down-to-earth and factual. Children who died traumatically in their last life sometimes carry their grief and fear over into this one, even injury marks.


John de Nugent discusses the work at the University of Virginia on reincarnation by two medical doctors, funded by a bequest from Chester Carlson, the inventor of the photocopy machine and president of Xerox Corporation. Carlson, a practical inventor and businessman, wanted the U. of Virginia to do hard scientific research as to whether reincarnation was real and could be proven.


…..Virtus video 8 — WWII US Navy pilot reincarnates & Harvard Medical School brain surgeon sees “the Core”

Virtus video 8 reincarnated WWII US Navy pilot, shot down in 1945 Iwo Jima battle, returns in 1996

The astounding James Huston/James Leininger story. Andrea and Bruce Leininger of Louisiana relate how their little boy began having flashbacks to drowning in his fighter plane and enthusing and knowing every inch of the WWII Corsair.













…..Eerie D-Day images spliced together — Normandy then and now; Dr. Stevenson on earlier lives

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As the world marks 70 years since the launch of a mission which ultimately led to victory over Nazi Germany during World War Two, these powerful before and after pictures show the true horror and heroism on a day that changed the world.

On June 6, 1944, Allied soldiers descended on the beaches of Normandy for D-Day, in an operation that marked the beginning of the end of a devastating six-year conflict.

In a mission described by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill as “undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult that has ever taken place”, D-Day was the beginning of an 80-day campaign to liberate the region which involved three million troops and cost 250,000 lives.

Few are left to tell the story of the D-Day landings, but today, as we remember the sacrifices and heroism of troops involved in the landings, these pictures of tourists soaking up the sun on Normandy’s beaches stand in stark contrast to haunting images taken around the time of the crucial invasion.

  • Reuters
    Tourists walk by where the body of a dead German soldier [JdN: you can tell he is German by his cylindrical bread container in the background] once lay in the main square of Place du Marché in Trevières after the town was taken by US troops who landed at nearby Omaha Beach in 1944.
  • Reuters
    Beach goers walk past a captured German bunker overlooking Omaha Beach near Saint Laurent sur Mer.
  • Reuters
    Farmer Raymond Bertot, who was 19 when Allied troops came ashore in 1944, stands where US Army troops once made battle plans on his property near the former D-Day landing zone of Utah Beach in Les Dunes de Varreville.
  • Reuters
    Children walk over the remains of a concrete wall on the former Utah Beach D-Day landing zone, once a vital means of defence for US Army soldiers.
  • Reuters
    A farm field remains where German prisoners of war, captured after the D-Day landings in Normandy were once guarded by US troops at a camp in Nonant-le-Pin, France.
  • Reuters
    In 2014, tourists stroll by where the 2nd Battalion US Army Rangers once marched to their landing craft in Weymouth, England June 5, 1944.
  • Reuters
    The former Juno Beach D-Day landing zone, where Canadian forces once came ashore, in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, France. Once a scene of death and destruction, now a tourist’s paradise.
  • Reuters
    Where Canadian troops once patrolled in 1944 after German forces were dislodged from Caen, shoppers now walk along the rebuilt Rue Saint-Pierre in Caen, which was destroyed following the D-Day landings.
  • Reuters
    Where US Army reinforcements once marched on June 18, 1944, tourists now tread the same path to the beach near Colleville sur Mer, France.
  • Reuters
    Tourists top up their tans where the members of an American landing party once assisted troops whose landing craft was sunk by enemy fire off Omaha beach in 1944.
  • Reuters
    Holidaymakers enjoy the sunshine, while on June 6, 1944 US reinforcements landed on Omaha beach during the Normandy D-Day landings near Vierville sur Mer, France.

…….Earlier lives

After reading my essay on the scientific reality of reincarnation

…a comrade wrote:

You did a good job of assembling some excellent material on the issue. I was already familiar with some of it, but I have to admit the Carl Edon case is very striking, as is the resemblance in the photos between him and Heinrich Richter.


Carl Edon and (black-and-white photo) double Iron-Cross winner, Luftwaffe pilot Heinrich Richter


As for the birthmark on Carl’s leg marking the place where Richter’s was severed, here’s an Ian Stevenson page showing photos not only of such birthmarks but of actual birth defects carried over from traumas like lost limbs in the previous life:

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