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The Jewish War on the Kennedys

[11:32:56 AM] P: How will your new religion be formulated?
[11:34:01 AM] John de Nugent: Well, first, I am inspired by the attitude of John Kennedy (who was secretly very antisemitic and planing to take the jews down by abolishing the Fed, the most dangerous institution on this earth.)

JFK, Jackie, Texas governor Connally and his wife in Dallas on 11/22/63. I was threatened by the White House on almost this day in 2015, and the FBI contacted me on this day in 2016.

We must dare greatly: I must dare greatly. If I fail I will be a laughing stock and if I succeed I will be in danger. 🙂 This applies in spades to the Hitler connection.

Second, the procedural model of Christianity is very successful.

Christianity defeated Rome and 230 years of violent persecution.

And it is the religion people are used to, because although Middle-Eastern, it has adapted to our race and our altruistic mindset.

This photo says it all: ”Authority, God and family.” 

[11:34:06 AM] John de Nugent: 1) Christianity also means a good man sent by a good God (not the mere advanced, ancient aliens that were Zeus, Apollo, etc., or the Egyptian gods, mere high-tech humanoids from elsewhere in the galaxy)

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

Jesus, a messiah who died for men and cleansed their sins (played by actor Jim Caviezel as Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”)

Hitler, same idea

[11:34:11 AM | Bearbeitet 11:34:28 AM] John de Nugent: 2) We need a holy scripture that is really holy

But not this one 🙂

[11:34:24 AM] John de Nugent: 3) sermons (nowadays on video as well)
[11:34:46 AM] John de Nugent: 4) even a martyr’s death if necessary
[11:35:16 AM] John de Nugent: 5) of course rituals, music, ceremonies
[11:35:51 AM] John de Nugent: 6) Jesus is in the Virtus pantheon of great Aryan heroes: Hitler revered Him, his mentor Dietrich Eckart revered Him (,

…and I revere Him as seeking to defang Judaism and its genocidal hated of the Gentiles.
[11:36:57 AM] P: sounds intriguing!
[11:47:33 AM | Bearbeitet 11:49:03 AM] John de Nugent: Well, I resigned from Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance, at a time when I was quite prominent ( because I saw already in 1984 that if people are total cowards and degenerates, then even if the masses realize some day (as they do now, in 2016) the fact of white genocide, this still would not lead to a victorious movement. .

You need GOOD white men to win, as per the Marines slogan — ”We’re looking for a few good men” —


or what James von Brunn said to me:

“John, with 150 James Bonds we could change the world in 24 hours.”

Negro-haters and kike-bashers on keyboards are not going to take us to victory!
[11:50:16 AM] John de Nugent: It will take a small ultra-elite, the Navy SEALS of white nationalism, who most of all are unafraid to die.

What I pack when I go into town – after one White House threat and two recent FBI contacts (11/22/ and 12/13/16)


SEALS in an exercise holding their breath for five minutes: 95% are white, as are 80% of Marine Corps infantry

Look at the guy in the center — right out of a Waffen-SS poster.

[11:50:47 AM] John de Nugent: KNOWING that all souls are immortal, and are judged by their bravery and their skill.


[11:51:23 AM] John de Nugent: AND this religion must reach out to all men of all races who hate the Jews as we do.

For African-Americans: Part 1


[11:53:01 AM] John de Nugent: And promise the wogs living in America that we will not expel them but give them homelands that are under our own white rule, as the most ethical race of all (, and thus the best solution for their own interests.
[11:54:01 AM] John de Nugent: The Blacks would fight us to the death if we say we are putting them back in Black Africa. 🙂
[11:55:05 AM] John de Nugent: But if we say we are creating prosperous, law-and-order, drug-free black homelands under Aryan rule, enough WILL go for it if the white leader maing the offer is credible.
[11:55:57 AM] John de Nugent: and the deal is: 1) Fight for us, or stay neutral, and you will get such a homeland. 2) Fight us — and May the Lord have mercy on your soul, because we will not.

Black boards bus, punches blind white lady for the fun of it


This teacher was beaten, raped, a huge tree branch shoved up her vagina, and was strangled after she kindly offered to tutor the black dolt after-hours in the school building in math, which he could not comprehend. Looks a bit like Bill Clinton was his daddy…

This wheel of Virtus is on FIRE for the wicked of all races, most of all our own traitors.

[11:56:17 AM] P: Please make white homelands (confederated states of magna Europa) and white baby boom every generation to two most important prime directives.

[11:56:54 AM] John de Nugent: That is the goal. Here is the map:


[12:53:48 PM] P: I love the map
[12:53:51 PM] P: It’s perfect
[12:54:10 PM] P: though I would give blacks a port on the east coast so they can trade with africa
[12:54:25 PM] P: to help them be financially independent from Whites
[1:42:31 PM] John de Nugent: Oh, no, no independence at all for them, Jews or anyone in our proximity.

That would be a security threat.

Open white supremacy – We run the show! Not one dime for black self-rule on our continent!





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